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The Next Level


It had been a couple of weeks at least since Jade and I had caught up with Paul and Adele, but separately we were still enjoying the aftermath of our various photo-shoots with our respective partners.

My brunette babe and I were fucking most nights, switching roles between the sheets. Some times, I would take her in hand and control her every orgasm over a long period, pretending to teach her a lesson for exhibiting herself in front of my best friend. On other occasions, she would take her role of tease and divulge in detail just what she had done in front of Paul, and what she might do in the future.

It was a similar story with my buddy, who told me on the phone that Adele had become addicted to his cock, and had seemed to have adopted my girl's loose tongue and constantly soaking pussy. Jade had always been lively, but her blonde pal had really opened up since she had been stripped in my bedroom, and it seemed she was very happy to bend over backwards for both her live-in lover and his mate.

However, the big question was, ''what next?''

I had been asking myself this, but had not had a serious discussion with Jade, and as yet I had not seen Paul, but that would change tonight, as we had planned to hook up for a midweek beer and take in a game in a nearby sports bar. I knew, after a few pleasantries and some alcoholic lubrication, talk would turn decidedly smutty, as both of us were obsessed with our four-way project!

It's easy to forget that life does exist away from the bedroom, and it was nice to catch up with each other away from the girls, as we talked about work and life and sport and whatever else boys talk about. Eventually, Paul brought up the burning issue.

''So, which photos do you look at more? The shots I took of Jade, or the shots you took of Adele?''

''Ha,'' I responded openly, ''that's a good question. Probably about even, although talking about the experience is probably even better. Let me ask you this. Did you enjoy receiving the surprise photographs of your lady, or taking photos of mine?''

''Well,'' he reflected, ''I enjoy looking at them both equally, but I enjoyed being the photographer more, because I had longer to build up to it, and it wasn't a bolt from the blue. Plus, I liked being in control of it, and Adele has talked many a time about teasing you in the living room at the same time, and how she has brought herself off thinking about it in the bath.''

''So, what do we do now? Or is that adventure over?''

''I hope not,'' he rapidly beamed back at me. ''Look, don't get me wrong. I have no intention of whoring Adele out to some stranger, but within the four of us it's different. There's trust, and its all so relaxed and natural.''

This was music to my ears, as I knew I want more from our new found openness, but needed to hear Paul say it first, before we could plot more!

''Agreed. When it's you, I am very happy to let go and enjoy things, because I know you will not let me down, and whatever happens we are friends for life, and we'll keep it between ourselves.''

We raised our glasses to that, before ordering another pitcher of beer and turning back to the game, both knowing that we would rather be talking in more detail about the next stage. Eventually, as we both moved beyond tipsy and towards drunk, I was ready to be a little more precise.

''So, this saturday, we could come to yours for dinner and maybe add to our collections?''

''Fuck, two days from now? Why not? Yeah, but we should work something out before then, otherwise the girls will gang up as they do and have it their way! What are you thinking?''

''Well,'' I said, pausing for five seconds to try to fathom out exactly what I was thinking! ''You want to take shots again, and I enjoyed the not knowing, so why don't you have another session with Jade?''

''Sounds good, and you know you can trust me, but isn't that just more of the same? Don't get me wrong, I would snap Jade naked a hundred times, but for you what's the difference?''

''You are in control. Push it further. I will instruct her to obey your every command, and in return I can trust you to know when you have reached the limit, based on how the girls are reading and the night is going. In return, you tell Adele to get ready to tease me again, only this time give her a license to be creative.''

''You have thought about this haven't you?!'' Paul goaded in good spirit.

''And you haven't?''

''Of course I have. We need to make sure we sell this to them tonight, otherwise they might be concocting a plan of their own. Why don't you both stay over as well, then I can give you the photographs before you leave!''

Again, our glasses clinked, and we were both relieved that we had confessed our desire to rekindle our sexual soiree.

As it turned out, selling the idea to Jade was not an issue. When I had returned home that night she had been drinking wine in front of the television, and was straight onto me as soon as I sat down beside her, rubbing my chest and asking me directly what Paul and I had been up to.

This was very unlike my bubble-butted slut, who was rarely this needy out of the bedroom. She had obvious been thinking about the two of us together, and realised our dirty minds would feed off each other. Still, she usually kept her cool and poise. Not tonight. I told her to take my dick out, and pull it while I informed her of her weekend.

''We are going to Paul and Adele's house on Saturday for dinner and drinks. We will be staying over.''

Despite the fact I hadn't said anything of note, she knew a plan was afoot, and she moaned, tightening her grip on my rod and pulling it harder. I told her to climb on top of me, pulling her black silk panties to one side and pushing her down on my thick meat.

''Paul will be taking photographs of you again, and this time you will not disappoint him. Whatever he says, goes, do you understand?''

She answered again with more of a moan than any sensible words, as she ground herself into me, stretching her pussy and riding me like some sort of bucking bronco. While teasing was her talent, I think Jade was discovering that her submissive side was stronger than she thought.

''I said, do you understand?''

''Yes, yes, I will be a good girl. I trust you.''

I could't resist adding, ''It's not me you need to trust.''

This pushed her over the edge as she began screwing me for all she was worth, thumping up and down on my rod, cumming as quick as she ever has with a cock inside her, screaming the house down as she soaked my lap. She tried to slow down but I told her to keep pumping until I had filled her up with my spunk, and she duly obliged, pushing herself onwards past her orgasm, and five minutes later I was holding her still and jetting stream after stream inside her, making sure she could feel every last drop.

The next day was fairly mundane work wise, but I texted Paul to tell him that everything was on for tomorrow night, and he replied immediately.

''Same here. It took her all of two seconds to agree!''

''Ditto. I didn't even ask. She just jumped me the minute I walked through the door!'', I responded, only to be sent an MMS of one of Jade's previous pictures with Paul, namely the one of her licking her fingers. Nice touch.

That evening, I returned home to find an empty house, and by about seven thirty I was just about to call Jade's cellphone when the door opened and she bounded in, running upstairs with some shopping bags, before returning to throw her arms around me.

''Thought I would treat myself baby. I had a tough day and needed some retail therapy!''

We ordered some takeaway and spent a lazy night together on the couch, before turning in early.

Once in bed, I began to make advances on Jade, who had her back to me preparing for sleep. I slipped my hand down the back of her white cotton panties and she moaned, but at the same time moved my hand away and turned to face me.

''Not tonight my lover. I am afraid it's not possible.''

I was pretty much baffled by this comment and reached out for her pert titties, only to have my hand swiped away again.

''No, I can't, not tonight. You will have to wait.''

And there was that wicked grin on her face once again, the one she only got when her pussy was dampening and she knew something that I didn't. I gave her a look that told her to keep talking.

''Paul texted me today and told me I wasn't to touch myself or be touched for a full 24 hours before tomorrow night, and that 24 hours started 4 hours ago.''

''He did what?''

''I know. I told him to fuck off but he texted me back saying that he was in charge and if I wanted an easy time of it, I had better comply with his demands.''

I asked her what she did next.

''Well, I just texted back an apology and told him I would be a good girl, so turn off the light please, Luke.''

With that, she threw me the dirtiest look and turned away from me. I laughed out loud, and turned away from her, feeling my cock stiffen to full hardness. I had to take my hat off to Paul. He was just as deviant, if not more, than I was. Maybe I should take a few notes for when the shoe is on the other foot.

I woke up the next morning to Jade wrapped around me, half dozing, half rubbing against my leg. She had not even woken up yet and she was aroused, so I slipped my hand up her top and lightly played with her nipple, only for her to reach up and remove my digits.

''No baby,'' she muttered, ''that's against the rules.''

She dozed for another half hour as I tried my best to calm my erection. Jade had planned to head to the gym while I took some clients out for a boring round of golf, then I would rush back for five o'clock and get ready for our trip to our favourite couple's house. As it turned out, my golfing yawn went on forever, and my client insisted to a glass of wine and two hours of bullshit afterwards, so I returned home flustered at six thirty, to find Jade calmly waiting on the sofa, her coat on already.

''Gimme ten,'' I said, flashing by her and jumping straight into the shower, scrubbing in two minutes, drying in a flash and throwing on jeans and a shirt, before galloping back to the living room. Mission accomplished, I kissed my partner on the cheek, followed by a warm hug and the sudden realisation that Jade was wearing her black business coat, which fell a few inches above her knee, and was buttoned up to the top.

''Why are you wearing that? It's beautiful outside.''

''Paul told me too. Well, not to wear this, but to cover up the outfit he ordered me to wear tonight.''

''He chose your clothes?''

''Well, you told me to not disobey him and he told me what I needed to buy and I did yesterday. He also told me I wasn't to show you until we arrived.''

Again, I had to admire him, and it was my idea to push things forward, which he certainly was doing. I shrugged with a smile and grabbed the car keys.

On the journey over, I could make out that whatever she was wearing downstairs, it was very short indeed, as she did her best to keep her coat closed, and the glimpses I did get showed nothing but leg. I am sure Paul had a similar taste to my good self! Jade, being the cock-teasing girl she was, turned up the radio loud to avoid any questions!

We arrived at the door half an hour late, and it was Adele who greeted us, leading us into the kitchen where Paul was making food. Once again, the atmosphere was easy and comfortable, and the greetings were enthusiastic and full of love. Paul hugged me before grabbing both of Jade's hands, and exclaiming, ''Look at you! Let me see then.''

She stood back a step, letting go of his hands, then undone her jacket belt, letting it fall from her shoulders to the floor, making a big deal of being the subject of everyone's gaze.

''Good choice!'' blurted Adele, who was wearing a light blue baby-doll dress, with her blonde hair tied back and her nails and lips both painted an innocent shade of pink. ''Well, what do you think?''

Jade was wearing a white semi-transparent t-shirt and no bra. It was tight against her chest, but cut off about an inch below the bottom of her pert mounds. I could see her left blood red nipple, hard and pushing against the thin fabric, but the other one was less obvious, as it was masked by the letter T. Written across the front of the material was the word 'SLUT', not embroidered or printed, but scrawled in thick, black marker pen. And if I was counting on much more material below the waist, I was mistaken, as my obedient girlfriend stood there, hands behind her back, in just a pair of cheap, white panties, not see-through but almost not existent, just covering the middle of her glad folds and stopping above just where her higher, trimmed pubic hair would end.

''I couldn't have chosen better myself,'' was my honest response, as the man in charge told this undressed subject to turn around, which she did immediately, revealing nothing but ass. I am sure there was a thong somewhere inside her ass cleavage, but most of it had disappeared into her peachy darkness.

''Drink?,'' said my right hand man. ''We thought cocktails made sense tonight, all things considered.''

It was clear to me that Paul had already had a few beers, and as we sat down to dinner he was determined to make the night memorable for all concerned, seating Jade beside him and his pale skinned co-conspirator beside me, at either side of their bench table.

''Adele, I am sure Luke is already having trouble down below. Why don't you check?''

She ducked her head between my legs for a few seconds, before surfacing with her report.

''He is okay actually. A little hard but not bursting out like usual!''

We all laughed giddily, with any little incident seeming more funny than it was due to the atmosphere, which was a heady mix of anticipation and sexual tension, all of which Paul was doing his best to stir up.

I must also applaud him for his cooking, as we continued to eat a light summer spread and drank readily, knowing that we were not going anywhere tonight. Before long, Paul was at it again.

''Are you excited about my photographing you again?''

Jade looked away for a split second, a little sheepish, which was hard to do when wearing a t-shirt with SLUT written on it.

''Yeah,'' she breathed quietly.

''Can't hear you. Speak up.''

''Yes!'' she replied as commanded, loud and clear. Adele and I watched across the table, like an enthralled audience at the climax of a movie.

''Are you a little damp below the skimpy underwear I told you to buy?''

''I little. I haven't touched myself, like you said.''

He mock applauded, throwing me a glance to confirm I was enjoying the show.

''Stand up Jade, and put a leg on the bench.''

She looked at me, and I gestured with my eyes, as if to say 'nothing to do with me'.

She took to her feet, raising her left leg, the furthest away from Paul, who greeted it by reaching across and pushing her knee six inches further away from him, spreading Jade slight apart.

''You weren't lying. You have a little damp spot right there. Did your man and I dream up a good night, or what?''

Adele whooped, as Jade retook her seat, blushing with a mixture of embarrassment and arousal.

As easy as that, we were back into our normal back and forth conversation, but for the first time you could tell that all four of us were dying to get this show on the road properly.

My friend was in fine form, asking Jade to clear away the plates so we could watch her wiggle across the long kitchen, from our table to the dishwasher. As she lifted the last bowl, he cooly issued another request.

''Make a round of cocktails while you are there my subject! And I would make yours strong, if I was you. I want to get you up those stairs as soon as possible.''

Yet again, Adele was his cheerleader, and to be honest we were all a little raucous. Paul even held his hand up to me at this point and I high fived him.

Soon enough we were supping on my scantily dressed woman's cocktails, as Paul once again checked out his merchandise!

Casually, he chirped, ''Lift that top up over your nipples will you? They look a little constrained.''

He turned back to me and struck up a conversation about baseball, not even looking at his servant as she peeled her skanky top up over her breasts. She sat in silence, smiling but tormented, fidgeting in her seat and looking more than ready to shed what little clothes she had left. As I said, while she loved being the tease, Paul and I had unlocked a sub-servant side to my future wife.

''Right!'' he almost shouted ten minutes later. ''Let's move next door. Jade, I want you sitting on the chair I have put in front of the three-seater sofa. Guys, you sit on the sofa and I will join you in thirty seconds. And you can pull your top back down.''

My best buddy was full of surprises, as Jade sat down about three yards away from us on a school-like, simple wooden chair with no arms.

''Doesn't she look divine?!'' purred the blonde who would soon be teasing me beyond my senses.

I hadn't time to respond, as Paul strolled confidently back in with a bottle of champagne and three glasses. He popped the cork, pouring the bubbly and handing it to myself and Adele, purposefully leaving Jade without a glass, instead reminding her that she still had her extra strong cocktail if she chose to wet her mouth.

He raised his glass and proposed a toast...

''To Jade, who is playing her part so well tonight, and to the four of us.''

The three of us clinked glasses while Jade smiled and shifted in her seat, as we all took to the sofa and faced her. I knew Paul was unpredictable right now, but even I was a little confused.

''Okay, so before I take you upstairs, I want these guys and myself to interview you. We can ask anything we want and you must answer. If you perform well here, I may go easy on you during the photo-shoot, but if I think you are lying or holding back, I will not be so charitable.''

She nodded, as 'the boss' proceeded to quiz her.

''Did you manage to keep your hands away from your cunt last night?''


''More, please.''

''I kept Luke away, and went to sleep very excited. I have been horny all day. I went to the gym and ran for ages to get rid of a bit of frustration, but it took all my strength not to finger myself in the shower.''

Jade was constantly rosy cheeked, and staring intermittently at the floor. Adele was next.

''What turns you on the most about tonight, and spread your legs while you tell me.'' Slowly, but purposefully, she opened up to her audience, the fabric of her panties wet at the front and covering just enough to hid her juicy lips.

''Well, until I met Luke I was always in control, but he has sometimes taken me in hand and I have always enjoyed it. When he stuck the vibrator in me and sent that picture, I finally allowed myself to be controlled fully, and I was on fire inside. If it was a stranger I would not be sitting here but with the four of us, it's easy. I get off on being taken down a peg or two, rather than in the past when men just allowed me to wrap them around my finger.''

My turn.

''If you do not do what you are told tonight, what should be your punishment?''

She smiled a little but soon snapped back into her bashful character.

''I don't know.''

All of the early teasing and photo-shoots made this highly-charged environment the perfect mix of fun and perversion. I told her to think for a minute, then respond.

''Ehm, well maybe I should be made to sleep on the floor while you all sleep in the same bed.''

We all stayed silent, waiting for her to continue. Surprised and squirming, she was struggling to think.

''If I don't do what I am told, then I should be spanked hard... by all of you.''

That's better.

''Okay, said Paul, ''It's time. Be a good girl and go out to your car and fetch your overnight bag. You forgot it.''

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