The Next Level


She darted a look in my direction, staying seated, knowing that she was being asked to walk ten yards from the front door in a t-shirt saying 'slut' on the front, and in a pair of almost non-existent panties.

''Grab mine while you are there please.''

She climbed to her feet, a little shaky from a mixture of alcohol and sexual excitement, and walked towards the door and out into the long driveway. It was a nice house, with a bit of greenery to provide a little privacy, but not entirely from anyone who chanced to walk by, and the bright security light that popped on would be enough to illuminate her. It took her a full two minutes to return, and once back in sight she was ordered upstairs to wait for her photographer.

Paul poured more champagne and we all talked busily about how excited we all were and how Jade was playing a starring role!

''Okay, girlfriend and best friend, enjoy yourselves.''

With a big grin, he was gone, upstairs to capture my girlfriend in all her glory, in whatever way Paul saw fit.

I took a drink, as Adele stood up and removed her blue dress, just like she was turning on the TV. Her baby blue dress gave way to the very same pair of panties that Jade had been wearing, or at least was wearing before her trip to the bedroom.

She sat beside me, her puffy light nipple brushing against me arm, and purred, ''you know this is all about me, don't you?''

''What do you mean?''

''Come on, Paul is deviant and looks the part when he is acting in control, being more rugged than you, but he is not hugely creative. Who do you think it was came up with the outfit idea? The interview? What he is doing to her upstairs now?''

It certainly made sense. She had changed personality over the past weeks.

''Luke, it's all your fault. I was a good girl until we started swapping photos, and unlike Jade now I realise I like being in control, I like showing myself off too, and I have wasted so many years being a little prudish.''

She reached between my legs and began to rub my cock through my jeans. If she hadn't have spoken I would have moved her hand, but she was quick to explain.

''He knows I am going to rub your cock through your jeans. I told him I wanted to feel something a little thicker than him, but don't get ideas. I won't be directly touching it. Not tonight. It's you and me now Luke. We are in charge. It was your idea to do this tonight, and I told Paul what he can and cannot do upstairs with that little tramp of a girlfriend you have. They are ours to control. I know you are the brains as well.''

As with everything, she had a playful, sly grin on her face, so I knew we were partly playing a game, but was also aware that things had indeed moved to another level. She squeezed my dick forcefully and moaned close to my ear.

''Do you think she is rubbing him as well?''

I nodded.

''Ha,'' she sneered, ''that's the least of your worries. Touching isn't cheating. Just remember that when you see the pictures.'' She moved her hand up and down the length of my shaft, doing her best to lift it a little through the denim.

''I am going to sit on the chair. If you get your cock out and remove your clothes, you can make me doing anything you want, as long as you keep your distance, but you must wank for me.''

I couldn't quite take in everything that was going on. I heard a yelp from upstairs, as Adele covered her mouth in mock horror and giggled. I was out of my mind, but decided to focus on this blonde girl in the panties in front of me on the wooden seat.

''Remove your panties, spread your legs, and slap your pussy until you can't slap it any harder.''

Before she could say anything I stood up, striped naked and sat back down, grabbing my cock as I did. She wasn't expecting this request, but I had to live up to my tag as the 'creative' one.

She shook her ankles to shed her last remaining barrier, then sank to the seat, spreading slowly and bringing her hand down on her pussy with a cautious slap. And again, a little harder, this time, making a definite noise and causing a whimper to leave her mouth. Once more, only this time her ass left the seat in reaction and her noise increased. She looked at me.

''Two more. Harder.''

Thwack. She held in a scream, breathing quite heavily, her clit responding to the punishment, swelling out a little as it reddened.

And one last time, with real purpose, as she stifled a cry once more in pleasure and pain, returning her hand to her pussy to rub it better, but she couldn't stop herself massaging her clit as her pussy looked ready to be filled.

''Would you like me to play with myself? Stick my fingers in? You better keep stroking that beautiful cock of yours.''

She went to work, moving from her clit to her opening, and for the first time I saw her split herself open crudely with two fingers. At times, she would use her entire hand to rub her pussy, from almost her belly button to her asshole, lifting herself of the chair as she did so. Her little trimmed, blonde pubic patch was drenched, and the seat below her was sloppy with her sex.

''I gave Paul some interesting instructions for Jade,'' she said, ''I am sure even your little obedient girl is surprised by what she is being made to do. Never forget its me Luke, not Paul who calls the fucking shots. Keep it our little secret, and I will make it worth your while. Stroke that dick for me, please.''

She turned around and bent over, her ass not far from my knees, snaked her hand between her legs and continued to abuse her cunt. Her head was now nearly touching the seat, just inches away from her own mess, as she continued to talk a good game.

''I have just remembered one of the things Paul will be doing right now.''

Her comments were punctuated by a familiar sound of noise and laughter and silence coming from above, although I could have sworn I heard a low moan.

''I hope she is doing everything she is told. It's not as easy for her as it is for you right now.''

For the next few minutes she went to work on herself, shifting from her current position, back to her seat, where she managed to cram three fingers inside herself, thumping in and out of her hole with unadulterated lust. I hardly recognised this Adele from the one I knew for the past few years, but I wasn't set to complain, and it took my mind off other happenings!

She eventually moved to my side, both her knees on the sofa, as she asked me to touch her tits while she returned to her clit. I paused for a few noticeable seconds.

''It's okay. Paul knows, and Jade will be wishing by now all he had done was touch her breasts.''

I took her in the palm of my hand and, just like my regular lover, they were firm and a perfect handful, but lighter in colour, with smaller nipples. She once again bit her lip and made a delicate noise through her quick breathing, as below me she took care of her impending orgasm.

I had now let go of my length, and was playing with both her nipples, while kneading her breasts from time to time. I caressed them, rolled them, and pinched them, getting harder every time as she responded to my every touch. Soon, she began to shake a little and I grabbed both her nipples and pulled them outwards, rolling them as I sent a short, sharp, pleasurable pain into her body as she exploded to orgasm, her spare hand falling onto my shoulder to keep her upright. She supressed her noise, obviously wanting to keep our groping under wraps, at least for now.

Falling backwards, her feet rested on my leg, as she fell open just a few feet away. As she reached for her champagne, she told me to stroke my dick, watching intently before excusing herself to the bathroom.

I sat listening for any clues as to what was going on above me, but things were eerily silent. Eventually, I heard another loud grunt, which was unmistakably Jade.

Adele was back in double quick time, and she immediately knelt between my legs.

''Okay stud, I want you to cum on your chest for me.''

She reached forward, completely out of the blue, and took my balls in her hands. I tensed a little.

''It's okay. I know what's going on upstairs remember. I won't touch your cock, but let me help get that cum out of you. Hard, Luke. Fast. Cum for me, but be quiet when you do. It's our dirty little secret. I want to see your fat cock explode all over your chest. Do you like my hand on your balls? They feel good. I would love to climb down there and suck them, and lick you like a little whore. Just like Jade. A little whore.''

With that I shot four long jets of sperm onto my chest and the bottom of my neck, before oozing and pulsating at least another five times. Still, she kept her hand on my sack.

''I could feel it Luke. Fuck. So much cum!''

We both began to relax, and smiled a little, as she reluctantly stood up and fetched a towel, before watching with wide eyes as I wiped up my mess.

''Why don't you head to the downstairs sports room and use the shower there, and maybe cool off a little. I think you need it!''

Good idea, and I spent the next ten minutes under water, clearing my head and happy for a little release. The sound of the strong jets also masked any noises that might stir my dick once again.''

When I returned, Adele was back in her blue dress and making cocktails for four, greeting me with a smile as she beckoned me to work as her assistant, grabbing bottles and limes and mixer and, after about five minutes, we were back on the sofa, and upstairs was the sound of feet.

''Thats been about 45 minutes now. I told him that was his limit,'' she said with a wink, and before long Paul appeared, with Jade behind him, wearing only her panties, which were soaked through and wedged a little inside her. While not totally revealing her pussy, it must have been only providing about in inch and a half of coverage. Her hair was unsettled, she looked a spent and she said nothing.

Paul spoke immediately.

''Hey dude, did you get a fucking shower? Shit. Jade? What did I tell you to do?''

Immediately, she came onto my lap and kissed me deeply, before moving to the wooden chair again and sitting down, rather gingerly on her own. I notice as she turned, her ass had marks on both sides. Adele handed out the cocktails and we all, including Jade, brought our glasses together.

''Luke, I have told Jade she will stay in her panties until we go to bed, and also do as I tell her until then. That okay?''

I looked to Jade who smiled a little towards me, so I knew all was good.

''Yeah, of course. I hope you guys had fun.''

We drank and chatted about such mundane things for the next half an hour or so, as my girlfriend sat opposite us, never once closing her legs fully. This had obviously been an order from Paul, or maybe this was another one of Adele's wicked plans. After her next comment, I decided it was!

''So, my man and master, what shall we do with Jade before turning in for the night. I am a little tired.''

He answered straight away, confirming that this was not a spontaneous act.

''Slut, remove your little panties, keep them in your hand, then return to the seat and spread wide open.

She did so without question, seemingly mesmerised by tonight and totally in the hands of her controller. I looked at her spread cunt, which was open and swollen. I knew it had been used in some way or another already.

''Now,'' Paul continued, ''feed what little there is of those panties inside this wet cunt of yours. Make sure your fingers go all the way in as you do it. Show your boyfriend just how willing you are to please me.''

Without as much as a questioning look, Jade eagerly set about her challenge, pushing the gusset into her squelching gap, her fingers disappearing as she did so. This was a far cry from our 'slap and tickle' photo sessions that began our deviant nights together. Still, we were all on the same page, and embracing what was unfolding tonight.

''That's it, use those fingers to get them all the way in.''

Our brunette whore starting plugging her hole, even after all of the material had slipped inside. She stopped, once sure, and sat spread, motionless and waiting for further instruction.

''Now, walk over here and squeeze in between Luke and I, and spread open again.''

Adele shifted slightly, I move a little into the extra space that created,and Jade's ass just fitting between Paul and I, as her legs went either side onto our laps.

''Pull them out, Jade, and put them over your face and sniff them in.''

This was now something I had never done with my own girlfriend, but I felt very much part of it, and enjoyed watching her vulgarly reach into her gap and retrieve the panties. She not only placed them onto her face, but held them to her nose and mouth, taking deep breaths and moaning noises of appreciation at the same time. I glanced at Adele, who was just silently admiring her controlling handiwork.

''Now put them into your mouth Jade and suck your juice out of them.'' said my friend, knowing that she would fulfil his every command.

She did so with real enthusiasm, her hand moving down onto her pussy, where she began to rub her clit. She was possessed, completely under the spell of the occasion, and totally committed to seeing it through. The three of us had conspired to release a devil from inside my already adventurous lover.

First Paul encouraged her to bring herself off, then Adele joined in, and soon all three of us were spurring her on, as she lay spread eagled between us, her mouth sucking at the panties she had soaked over many hours previously. She came with a muffled scream, breathing as best she could and clamping her legs to both Paul and I. Remarkably, as we cheered, she settled down and didn't remove the panties form her mouth until Paul told her to do so, taking them from her and putting them into his pocket as she returned to her seat, taking a long deep drink on her latest cocktail.

''I think,'' mused Adele, ''That's enough for one night, although what you do in your own bedroom is not our concern. We will clean up in the morning.''

We all headed up to our rooms and all hugged on the top of the stairs and said our goodnights, and it seemed we had snapped back into some sort of normality.

As we turned to walk away, Paul said, ''Jade, aren't you forgetting something?''

''Sorry. Thank you for tonight.''

They laughed and we were now alone.

Jade collapsed on the bed and I stripped my clothes off and lay beside her exhausted, marked body. I couldn't help but stick two fingers inside that cunt of hers, as she continued to relent to the ways of any man who commanded her this evening. She was warm inside, and still wet and responding to my movements.

''Did you enjoy yourself, my love?''

''Fuck, Luke, I was turned on all night. I never thought I would enjoy being controlled as much. It was amazing.''

I withdrew my fingers, telling her that I think she had endured enough punishment tonight, only for her to respond, ''What about you? You must be bursting.''

''Not really,'' I said slyly, ''You are not the only one who had fun tonight.''

She laughed.

''Fuck, my brain can't take any more tonight. We need to swap stories in the morning.''

She crawled onto my chest and we began to fall asleep together.

We awoke the next morning in the spare bedroom of Paul and Adele. Jade, back to her usual smiling self, had hardly opened her eyes before the questioning began.

''So, want to tell me what happened with Adele in the living room?''

''Really? Surely you should go first after the bit I did witness?''

''No, because you will get the pictures this morning. Paul promised. You go first.''

I started from the very beginning, leaving out the crafty blonde's confession that she was calling the shots when it came to Paul's control of Jade. I told her about her stepping out of her dress, fingering herself, and playing with my balls.

''Tell me more about that!'' demanded Jade, burying her hand between her legs. I turned to face her, rubbing her tits, as I confessed all about spurting over my chest as her best friend told me how much she loved my thicker cock. Jade was insatiable. After last night, I assumed she would be a little tired this morning, but here she was having her first orgasm of the day, and a little loudly at that!

''That bitch is going to get it now Luke!'' she beamed mischeiveiously. ''We are in charge now! It's our turn.''

We threw on some clothes, with Jade opting for jeans and a t-shirt, rather than last night's less suitable attire, and we converged on our fiends in their kitchen.

''Morning!,'' said Paul. ''Jade, did I say you could get dressed?''

We all laughed.

''Game over Paul. Remember it well, because that's all you have now. Memories!''

He feigned hurt, before we all relaxed into a long, reflective and jovial breakfast, then all headed to shower and freshen up for the day ahead.

I was last to shower, due to spending a little extra time drinking coffee with Adele, who reminded me not to say anything to Paul about her claims that she had him wrapped around her finger. I was fine with that. It wasn't like it would make a difference if I told him, and why should I break up the party, especially right now?

I took my time in the bathroom, and came out to see Jade on the edge of the bed, which she had just made.

''Paul and Adele have gone. They will be away for an hour at least and have left the photos on his open laptop downstairs. He got up early this morning to pick out the best, and he said you shouldn't have to wait. Shall I come with you?''

I grabbed her by the hand and led her to the table, and there was the laptop, and fourteen mysterious thumbnails numbered and ready to be revealed. After that, was a separate folder, entitled 'open last'. Not a problem.

''Right,'' I said ''Go grab a cushion from the living room first.''

She did so, returning in seconds. I placed the cushion beside me on the bench seat and told her to drop her jeans and panties. She asked would it be easier if she removed them, but I told her not to ask questions, then helped her knees onto the cushion, bending her over onto the table. To my left, a cup of coffee... in front of me, a photographic testimony to my girlfriends misadventure... and to my right, her naked ass to use as I see fit, and a pussy to abuse if and when the mood takes me. I selected all fourteen files and opted for a slideshow function, knowing that I could pause the show for each frame. Deep breath.

Okay. Picture one. As I expected. Straight to business, given that there are only fourteen shots. The brunette slut in the picture is naked, spread open, and filled with two of her fingers. Her head is tilted and she is somewhere else. This wasn't a posed shot, but one of many taken as she drunkenly hammered her own pussy.

Beside me, Jade was breathing quite hard, bent over awaiting my verdict.

''You are loving this, aren't you?''

''Yes!'' she spat out. ''My stomach is fluttering and I can't wait for you to see what you made me do last night! I deserve everything you give me.''

I flicked to the next picture, choosing to leave her in her current state for a while longer.

Jade was now grabbing the bed frame with both hands, and wedged inside her pussy was the very same favourite vibrator that she had refused to insert for Paul last time he photographed her, only this time the hand controlling it was not hers. Again, the shot was taken as part of a sequence of action, rather than as a staged still. Her eyes were closed, her hips were pushing upwards, and four inches of the toy were jammed inside her. I lifted my hand and made contact with her ass for the first time. The noise she made seemed more like one of relief than pain.

''Tell me about the dildo, slut.''

''He asked me to bring it. He was texting me all day friday with instructions. What to wear, what to bring, not to fuck or touch myself. I fucking loved being ordered behind your back.'' I swatted her backside again, and she almost bucked backwards, as if begging for more.

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