The Next Level



''He told me I was only in this mess because I had disobeyed him last time, and that anything he said was just the same as you saying it. He made me squeeze the entire thing inside me inch by inch, never coming back the ways, then he told me to grab onto the bed frame above me. Then he fucked me with it, but without any care. He used me like I deserved.''

All the time Jade was recounting the story she could hardly stay still, her hips moving an inch side to side or up and down.

''Anything else?''

''I came. I fucking came all over the place. He laughed at me when I did.''

I struck her reddening ass once more and she whimpered, again enjoying the punishment.

The next picture again involved the vibrator, as it glistened beside her face, her tongue extended onto it, the majority of it pressed against it, as she obviously licked her own cum from her toy. A nice follow up shot, but no time to dwell.

''What are you looking at baby? Please tell me.''

I slapped her hard once more, without saying a word and she fell silent again.

Now this trainee slave was on all fours, and Paul had crossed a new boundary, slipping his finger inside my girlfriend's now used cunt. I responded by reaching to my right and slipping a finger inside Jade's pussy, simulating what I was seeing in front of me.

Unlike last time, I felt much more in control of proceedings, despite the fact things had gone much further. I was rock hard, but also realising that using and abusing Jade was more fun for the time being.

Jade heard the click of the computer through the silence and I saw a similar picture, only this time an extra finger had disappeared inside her. I added another of my own to equal things up, as she gasped. These pictures had no art to them at all. The were point-of-view, with Paul obviously moving the camera around, high and low, to get the shot he wanted. Time to move on.

Wow, three fingers now. He was splitting her open, as I repeated the feat, using my thumb to open up a bent over Jade, and sticking another digit inside. She was bucking back, urging me to move in and out of her, but I stayed still. using my other hand to leave another hand print on her ass, sending a message to her to behave.

Quickly, I needed to see more. This picture was a complete close up of Jade's pussy, and wedged inside were four fingers, stretching her to breaking point.

''Tell me about the fingers,'' I commanded, as I began to move my hand, slowly adding my fourth finger, her extra wetness just about allowing the feat to take place.

Breathlessly, she began her tale.

''The first was posed. I jumped when he put it in but I was totally under his control. He started fingering me when he added the second and just clicked so many pictures as he added his third and his fourth. I felt like I was being stretched baby, and he put the camera down and started to really jam them into me. It was a little sore but because I had no choice I almost wanted him to add his thumb. I came again baby. All over his hand. Have you seen that?''

I continued to hammer into Jade from behind, using my other hand to flick to the next picture, which saw a close up of Jade's face sucking on all four of Paul's fingers as he forced them into her mouth. She was staring directly down the camera lens.

''Tell me more.''

''I felt so embarrassed, cumming every time he degraded me...''

She stopped talking as I moved my fingers around inside her, brushing against her most sensitive hidden parts.

''Talk as you cum, slut.''

''He nearly choked me with his fingers... and... made.. me lick every bit... of... Ahhhhhh!!!''

She nearly fell off the table as she convulsed in ecstasy. I removed my fingers, and wiped away the juice on her ass, before wondering what was coming in the next photo, number eight, and over the half way point.

Now, this was not what I was expecting. Jade was on her back, legs bent back fully over her head, so that her own head was poking through her knees, and her ass was naturally stretched wide. Paul's finger had now moved into her tight hole as Jade licked her lips. Now, I had enjoyed my girlfriend's ass on a few special occasions, but for some reason I had not even thought that Paul would go there.

I spread Jade's ass, and rubbed against her butt, letting her know that I had seen the picture. I struck her right ass cheek three times in quick succession, evening up the soreness on both sides of her violated hole.

''Tell me how he fingered your ass?''

''Mmm, he didn't. This one was a staged shot, although he did take it half the way out and back in again before moving on. He used my pussy for lubrication.''

I left her expecting more spanking, but instead moved on. The next picture was all change, and instead it was Paul in his back, fully clothed and all I could see was Jade's face an inch away from his bulge and her hand rubbing it through the material, just like Adele had done for me. After what I had seen to far, this was a little tame, but I suppose it was telling a story. On I moved.

My friend was now in just his tight boxer shorts and nothing else. He must have held the camera away from his body but at waist height, as only Jade's head and shoulders were in the picture, and she had her mouth wrapped around the middle of his dick, almost biting it through the material. I knew what was coming next.

I was right. The picture was taken from a standing position, and there on her knees was my new found submissive, her face looking up and her hand wrapped around the base of Paul's cock. Her tongue was jutting out, stopping just an centimetre from his swollen head.

''Tell me what you did to Paul.'' I ordered, slapping her upturned ass a few times for good measure. I could tell Jade was ready to be brought off again, but there was no chance of that just yet.

''He made me rub it through his jeans, then made me take them off. He then made me bite his dick through his pants. Please touch my cunt, baby.''

''No. Now, continue or I will not allow you to cum for a week.''

''He then made me remove his pants while on my knees. His cock flopped out and struck my face. He told me to hold it at the base, and started to snap pictures. I moved my hand up and down his length. He didn't ask me to. I went slow as I knew he would cum quickly, and he hadn't told me to. Then he asked me did I want to suck it?''

I placed two fingers inside her once again, and she was drenched. Fuck, was it possible to satisfy her this weekend? I removed them, causing her to sigh. I flicked the picture, half expecting to see Jade's mouth wrapped around Paul's eight inches, which I wasn't sure was the right side of our new boundaries. Instead, this was a strange shot, with them standing facing each other, fairly close, and both Jade's hands between them, one out of sight and the other back on wanking duties.

''Well, you aren't sucking it in this picture. You are touching him with both hands. Explain.

''I told him I would do what he ordered, as anything he said was just the same as you saying it, but he said I would not be sucking his dick, and that I would have to wait for that. He stood me up and I played with his cock and balls at the same time as he pinched my nipples hard. He couldn't get the picture of his hands pulling on me at the same time as they were in the way.

Okay, two more pictures to go, and the first was Jade back on all fours, only this time she had red marks on her ass, just like she had now. and buried in her pussy was her vibrator. Her hands were stretched in front of her and handcuffed to the bed frame.

''Looks like somebody didn't do what they were told.''

''Baby, he asked me to do something for the last picture, and I said I wasn't sure. I was loving my situation but even we had never done what he was asking. I just said I wasn't sure, and he calmly told me to go on all fours and then handcuffed me. He punished me. He used my pussy juice to make my ass cheeks wet and slapped me hard so many times I have no idea how many. He then got the vibrator and stuffed it inside me and started fucking me roughly, spanking me just as hard. I fucking came again baby, like a trashy whore. He made me beg to cum when he realised I was enjoying being taken in hand. He only took one picture after I had came. Just after.''

''What would have been worse, doing the picture he asked you to, or the punishment?''

''That's not it baby. He moved the vibrator to my asshole, and said he would stick it inside if I didn't do the picture. I was unable to move, so I agreed to the picture he ordered me to do in the first place. And I am glad he punished me. I learnt my lesson.''

So, a picture that Jade didn't want to do, after being filled full of fingers, having her ass invaded and wanking my best friend's dick? Wow, surely he didn't fuck her? Only one way to find out. Click.

Jade was no longer in the bedroom, but instead was squatting over the toilet in the ensuite bathroom, separated from the seat by about four inches. Her hand was between her legs, pulling her lips apart, and a steady stream of piss was streaming down into the water below. Now, I know Paul didn't think of that. It turns out, in Adele, I had a more than worthy adversary, or partner in crime, depending on how I wanted to play this.

''Tell me about taking this.''

''When he suggested it, I questioned him, but he was right. As I was pissing I could feel myself going bright red with shame, which I have learnt makes me want to cum. When I finished I started rubbing my clit and he stopped me, and told me I was showing just how much of a dirty slut I was. He was very crude.''

I returned to the main page and opened the folder marked 'open last', and rather than being greeted by a picture, it was a movie clip. Again, very clever. Modern cameras, eh? This really was taking it to another level.

''Should I fuck you while I watch this video clip?''

''Please do. I will do anything you want. I just need your thick cock inside me, not a vibrator.''

I moved the bench out of the way and moved the computer screen to a suitable position, so I could fuck Jade and still see every second. I didn't even bother with easing inside her, as she was open, wet and well used already. I noticed her head was also turned, as she strained to see the screen also, but I made her turn the other way and she obliged first time.

'The clip was only two and a half minutes long, and it was Jade on her back, with Paul's legs either side of her waist, maybe a little higher, her tits in frame but disappearing every time her hand moved up and down Paul's meat. Jade was talking to him, so I turned it up to hear her profanities loud and clear, as she begged him to cum on her. As Jade heard her words from the night before, she began to tighten around my cock. I couldn't believe it. She was building to a climax already.

Back to the video.

''I am a slut slave. I will do anything you ask, just please don't punish me. Please cum on me. I can bend in any position you want me. I am just here to use. My boyfriend wanted me to be good for you. Please spurt all over me. In my mouth, on my face, on my tits.''

Paul was now breathing heavily, but suddenly the picture went crazy, refocusing five seconds later, now from Jade's perspective, as Paul knelt between her open legs. His balls must have been close to resting on her clit as he pumped his own dick fast, almost shaking as he offloaded all over Jade, who was holding the camera to show the shots close up as they splashed onto her belly and up onto her tits. I am not sure if any hit higher, but was aware that, right now, Jade was tensing and about to release again.

The video camera was taken back by Paul who turned it onto Jade once more, who signed off with, ''Thank you. I am sorry I disobeyed you once. It won't happen again. Anything else?''

The picture went dead and Jade began to climax around my cock, bringing me to the point of no return, as I filled her with a monster load of my seed, before spinning her around and pulling her to the floor, bringing her mouth to my cock, which she greedily accepted and cleaned. She looked up at me with that wicked smile on her face.

''Well, was that too far baby?''

''No,'' I said. ''We discovered something about you last night, and now it's my turn to plan, after Paul had his night.''

''Are you going to punish Adele? Like Paul punished me? I would like to help you, as she spent all last night smiling at my predicament.'' All the time, Jade licked a mixture of my cum and hers off my cock, dipping down to lick my balls.

''I haven't decided yet. I need to think. The bar has been raised.''

We headed to the living room, pulling our clothes on as we went, relaxed and satisfied. Paul texted.

''Well? All okay? You said to take it to the next level and there was nothing beyond touching and cumming!''

''Very inventive, I must say. Where are you now?''

''Just at the coffee shop. Back in five. Will bring you Lattes.''


After a nice afternoon, we left for home with our overnight bags and a USB drive with our new pictures and video. Paul had suggested we get together in a couple of weeks, once he was back from his next work trip, only this time he would be leaving the evenings entertainment to me!

Time to think.

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by Anonymous10/21/18


I missed this chapter by accident and read Jade’s Weekend Away first.
The whole thing is over the top now, in this section Paul says he wouldn’t want to whore his wife out but other stuff between usmore...

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