tagBDSMThe Next Level Ch. 01

The Next Level Ch. 01


"You just wait, even when you get to where we are meeting, you will still have no idea where I am going to take you!" Her words had haunted him for a monthnow and as he pulled into the parking lot of the hotel he could not help but wonder what she was planning. Taking a deep breath he shut off the engine and exhaled as he opened the door. It took him meremoments to open the trunk and retrieve his suitcase, but his mind felt as if time was slowing down. The last note he saw from her said three things the hotel's location, what to bring and that her name was now Dee and he was now Guy Zerr. He would have chuckled over his old nick name being brought up, but she was up to something and he was excited.

It all started innocently enough during one of their massages. He was working on her legs as she was relaxing across the couch. They were comparing questionaires in their trendy Men's and Women's magazines that were extolling what either sex secretly wanted in bed, but was afraid to share. While she felt the men's magazine didn't touch on anything new since "every guy wants a two women at once" he felt the women's magazine was just silly. She took minor offense to that and gave him an incredulous look.

"C'mon you wouldn't like it if I did any of these things to you?"

He paused for a moment and shrugged.

"No I'd think it was cool if you brought out ice cubes or a feather, but what I am saying is that stuff is pretty harmless. The magazine shouldn't make a claim like it has the inner secret kink of your man, when it's all pretty basic stuff."

She put the magazine down and sat up. Her legs remained in his hands, and his massage did not let up.

"Basic? We have not done a lot of the things listed in either of our magazines, you know?"

His grip tightened a bit as he worked out a knot.

"Maybe that's because everytime I tried to do something new you give me that look."

Her face adopted the 'look', she was not happy.

"Excuse me? When have I said no to anything?"

He realized it was damage control time.

"Remember the first time I said I wanted to lick your ass? It was right after that shower and you said-"

Her legs curled under her body and she sat closer.

"I said go for it and you did it, so?"

She was getting angry and even though she looked hot when she was angry, he had to say something.

"Yes I did, but I couldn't tell if you were into it or if you were just allowing me to do it. I want you to be into what I am into and when you didn't seem to be, I kind of closed up."

Now her anger swayed to disappointment.

"Closed up? So what else have you not told me about?"

This time, he sat up and his body tensed.

"You see this is the problem. I don't want you to just hear it all and go screaming out the door. There is a lot I have be curious about or have wanted to explore. I just don't want you to get the wrong idea."

Her hands went to his shoulders and face.

"Hon, you are the one who told me that nothing is really kinky. So what could be so bad? You can tell me. I won't run away screaming, I'll be quiet when I run for the door."

Her giggles were cut short when he stood up.

"Look, I don't want to make it some sort joke. I want this to be something you would be into as well."

She straightened her self and held his hands.

"You don't trust me? I mean what exactly do you want-"

He knelt down in front of her and smiled.

"I want you to be okay, no more than okay. I want you to be into whatever I am into."

Now she stood up and looked down at him with a stern and inquisitive look.

"It is pretty obvious whatever you want is something important to you, but you are obviously not ready to tell me. If you were you would have already. I have to go, so unless you want to share something now, I'm sorry, this will have to wait."

He held onto her hands and kept her attention.

"I'll make a list. We could make a list, each of us.

Then share them together. Would that work?"

She stroked his cheek and smiled.

"It's a good start and we can take turns so you can learn my interests."

His eyes perked up on her words. He kissed her hands goodbye and noticed the look on her face. She felt his kisses and felt a small rush of power hit her. She liked this, he was opening up to her. Her hope was that this would make them closer not cringe.

When he gave her his letter, she read it intently as he massaged her. Before he got to read hers she sat up and asked him if he was serious about his desires. She gave him a letter that said only "One Friday night, when you come home, you will find a list of instructions waiting for you. Follow them exactly and our fantasies will be fulfilled."

As he walked towards to front desk had felt a little nervous. The woman at the desk smiled at him.

"Good evening Mister Zerr. Miss Dee is waiting for you in room 749 and left this for you."

The woman handed him an envelope and winked. He thanked her and went to the elevator. The doors closed and suddenly the style of this hotel hit him.

The elevator was a combination of brass and mirrors with soft classical music. The doors opened and he made his way to the end of the hallway. He opened the enveloped and read the simple instructions. "You will refer to me as Mistress Dee. You will do as you are told without question or hesitation. Your safe word is Yellow." Inside his stomach his nerves were spinning like a swarm of butterflies. He put the letter in his pocket, took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

The door opened a little to reveala dark room that offered only pocked of light. Night's light created a silohette of her curves as she stood against the balcony window. She shine of the patent leather of her boots, gloves and corset made his nerves tingle. The door closed behind him and suddenly he knew what her words meant.

"Drop your bags."

He instinctively dropped them and took a step, but she stopped him immediately.

"Did I tell you to come closer?"

His body froze as her words hit him.

"No... No you didn-"

Her voice crackled with energy.

"No what?"

His eyes scanned the shadows and he noticed several shapes that he could not recognize in the dark.

"No... No Mistress Dee."

The pleasure of her pause was purr-like.

"You will go into the shower and wash every part of your body three times. Once you exit the shower you will not dry off. You will find a blind fold on the sink. You will secure it and then await my arrival and then you will do as I say? Do you understand?"

There was no ignoring her words and although he could not see her eyes, he felt them on him.

"Yes... Mistress Dee."

As if a spell was broken, he now heard the soft stream of water from the shower. He opened the door and the steam of the room enveloped him. Undressing himself his mind raced and filled with images of his mysterious Mistress. In the back of his head he went through a mental checklist to recall everything he had put in the letter to her. Was she really going to do some of the things he wrote? This was the woman who barely let him lick food off her, so what did all this mean? As the water washed away the third session of shampoo he felt as clean as he had ever been in his life. Shutting off the water he ran his hands through his hair and held onto the shower head. This was it.

He stepped out of the shower and lifted up the midnight blue silk scarf. Quickly testing it revealed that there was now easy way to cheat and see, so he tied it on and took another deep breath. The door opened with a soft click and the click of her heels on the tiled floor caught his ears. She was near him and it made his muscles tighten as he felt her pass him. The sounds of the shower stall doors sliding made him instictively turn his head, but all her saw was darkness. Suddenly his wrists we in her leather clad hands and her voice whispered in his ear. She was close enough to feel her breath.

"Lift your arms up and hold them there."

Her hands guide his higher and a smile trickles across her face as she secures his hands up with two sets of hand cuffs. The cold steel against his skin and clicking of the locks tightening clued him in that he was now hers.

"Keep your legs apart and don't move unless I say."

Leaving the room, her heels clicked on the tiles and she went to the cd player. There a mix cd with some of the songs he had labelled 'mood music' began to fill the room with it's tunes. She knew he was waiting and let him 'drip dry' as he remained locked to the shower. She checked her intricate make up in the mirror and admired her own creativity. A wicked smile eased out of her lips, one she would soon share with her slave.

Her slave. For the first time it hit her, she was really doing this and what was more, she was enjoying it thoroughly. She felt powerful and sexy in the domme ensemble she purchased only weeks ago. She spent weeks researching his entire list and fed her curiosity. As much as she read and saw on line, it was the professional Dominatrix she had exchanged emails with that gave her guidance. Stopping to take in her reflection, she noticed how he eyes stood out surrounded by her face paint. Now it was time to take the next step.

The sounds of her heels clicking on the tile made him straihten up. The sound of shaving cream escaping softly filled his ears and then the feel of that cream hit his body. Her hands spread the cream all over his cock and balls and her touch made him writhe. Her hands massaged his low hanging balls that were now slick and slippery. Using patience and skill, she began to shave them slowly so that each stroke had his full attention. Her eyes went to his face as the razor cut a smooth path from his sac to his ass. Lifting her hand she knelt to the right and slapped him across his still wet ass.

The crackle of her palm landing made him wince, but she was impressed he did not make a noise. She spanked him again and again until his body began to buckle with each landing. A red welt in the shape of her palm formed on him and she admired her work. As his breathing returned to normal, she leaned forward and stuck out her tongue. As she took a long lick her eyes went to his face and his deep sigh spoke of the joy he felt from her forbidden kiss.

She turned on the faucet and let the water run hot as it filled a large cup. Throwing several towels beneath him and turned back and took the cup into her hand. Using her free hands she massaged his freshly shaved areas and then slowly raised the cup until the heat of it lofted over his smooth sac. After a quick test of the tempature, she lifted the cup until his sac began to sink into the water. The air escaped his lungs and his body tensed again as she dunked his entire package for a steam bath. Holding him there allowed his body to relax as the water slightly cooled, but she saw the change and pulled it away.

Raising to her feet she held the cup against his chest and began to pour the contents out. The hot water

cascaded down his bad and washed away all of the remains of the shaving cream.

"How do you feel, Slave?"

Just saying it made her own wetness continue.

"Excellent... Mistress Dee."

Turning she left the room and brought in the bag of goods she had been secretly collecting. When she walked the tiles echoed under the hum and beat of the music. Dropping the bag on the floor with a thud his head tilted to figure out what she was up to.

"Slave, now that your balls are nice and loose, I am going to test your limits. Are you ready for my test?"

He tensed as he responded, curious of her test.

"Yes... Mistress Dee, I am"

She lifted out a weighted leather ballstretcher strap which was filled with lead shot for solid, but compact weight. Dexteriously she snapped on the simple device and watched his sac lengthen as his balls were forced downward. His body didn't flinch too much, but she was prepared for that and brought out the second, heavier ball stretcher. Wasting no time, she strapped that one on as well and now the strain was far more visible, but not nearly as much as he could handle. The second ballstretcher was also equiped with small d-rings that would allow her to attached weights. That was exacly what she was going to do. She began to attched several weighted lead anchors that increased the pulling power. Now the strain was showing and his face showed it. It was nearly time for her to explore some of this more difficult aspects of his letter.

"Slave are you ready to behold your Mistress?"

Under the straining breath, he spoke.

"Yes... my... Mistress Dee... Yes!"

She reached up and untied the blindfold and then slowly pulled on it so it unraveled. She went to her knees and looked into his eyes and the scarf fell to the floor.

His eyes adjusted to the light and when he lookd down her saw something he never expected. Her face was adorned with a beautiful mix of white and midnight blue face paint that made her eyes stand out surrounded by the dark colors. Her lips were inches away from him body and her kisses left marks from the blue lipstick. He hands massaged his cock and traced along his strained balls. With each touch his body shuddered and then he gasped. Not as the strain of the stretching and weights, but as the feel of her tongue running along his exposed sac.

She found herself enjoying the smell of the leather as she licked him. Their eyes remained locked for her mouths journey from his sac to his lust thickened cock. Her tongue became a whirling dervish of passion as it soaked him with her desire. As his moans increased she timed her next move carefully and leaned back.

His eyes traced her body as she leaned back on her heels and took in her lovely view. Black patent boots, with matching gloves and a corset that made her already ample bosom, bubble out further. Her hands stroked him and he could tell that her touch could make him lose control very soon.

As one of her hands clutched this cock, the other came close to his heavily stretched balls and slapped them lightly. She knew this would be a big challenge to tackle. She looked up at his face and his eyes were full of wonder. He enjoyed it! With precision she began to slap his balls and changed speeds and power. His body was now jerking with her blows and she saw his eyes were closed from the combination of pleasure and pain. Her body rushed with excitement and something stirred within her like she had never felt before.

"Slave you were dubbed Guy Zerr in the past due to your ability to produce a lot of cum. I want you to do that for me, now. Are you ready to do that for me now? Tell me Slave, are you ready?"

His body was now bucking and fighting the urge to cum, but he wanted to please her at all costs.

"Yessss! Mistress Dee, yess!"

She softly stroked his cock so that her touch was barely felt, but her slaps were making him mad.

"Give me your cum! I want your cum to fill my hand so I can take you to the next level! Do it now! CUM!"

Her slaps were now making his balls and lengthened sac were swinging as she slapped. His body convulsed and his face contorted as his moans grew louder. The first stream of cum shot up and lands in one long line that stretched from her breast to her neck and chin. Then another landed on her palm as she made sure to catch his cum in her palm as best she could. She lost count after seven shots and noticed that there were several spots of his cum that dotted her body. His body shook violently as waves of post orgasms aftershocks rippled through him. His wet hair still dripped as she rose to her feet and licked the cum from her lip. She was impressed with how much cum he had filled her palms with and he admired the way his cum dripped all over the hands. Inside her she felt closer to him and at the same time, raw and savage with her hands and body splattered with his cum. Her smile faded to a sinister grin.

"Slave, it's time for you to go to the next level. Prove your commitment to me. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Now slave!"

He did as she commanded, his mouth opened and she was suddenly surprised to notice how big his tongue really was. She lifted her cum coated hand and showed it off to him as she bright it to her lips and looked into his eyes. It was then that she leaned in and sucked on his tongue and chewed it softly. The passion of her kiss connected them in a deeper way then they had shared in all the time they had been seeing each other. It was so soulful and yet sinful, the naughtiness of her kiss. She growled softly and was happy to see him leave his tongue stuck out as she pulled away. With a swift spin, she swiped her cum coated hand all over his tongue! The sensation of his warm cum on his cum stunned him and yet he was turned on like never before. His cum spilled over his lips and filled his mouth. He made every effort to please her with his mouth and kept his tongue out.

"Now lap up your cum slave! Clean my gloves of every drop of your seed. Only if they are fully clean will I allow you to go to the next level."

Something inside him made him forget everying else but her words. Her eyes grew wide as his tongue lapped up the mess he had made of her glove. Inside of her, she felt a wetness that made her long for his touch. She never expected that he would be up for this, but watching him polish her gloves made her incredibly horny. She was impressed that he attempted to keep licking her hand clean as she pulled her hand away. She used her clean hand to unlock his arms and he fell to his knees. He attempted to unlock the ball stretchers, but she would have none of that.

"Slave, if you wish to be released from the stretchers, then you must earn it. Clean my body of your remaining cum as you unlock them."

She then took great pleasure in watching him try to clean her off and free himself of the stretchers. His mouth kissed her across the large loop fishnet stocking and found every spot he could. As he began to rise he licked her neck and started to pull away.

"Not so fast slave, you think you got it all, but there's more to clean from a place you love to worship with your tongue."

She turned her body to that her ass was now directly in front of his face. His eyes went to her smooth and curvy bottom, but didn't see anything. Then she brought down her other palm and makde sure to smear in the cum from his palm across her ass. With a look to her eyes, he began to lick and chew her butt in ways she did not expect. She began to feel her wetness seep down her thighs and after he has cleaned her cheeks, she took the remaining traces of cum and left a trail from the deepest region of her ass, across her soaking lips and then left circles of cum on her hard nipples.

"Slave, please me with your tongue. I want to gush all over your face, so please me."

With reckless passion his mouth attacked his deepest regions with the tongue she was so impressed

by. Her heightened sexual energy made her body more responsive than ever and as his mouth worked over his clit his hands delved inside her and began to work. His middle and ring finger quickly found her G spot in a way only a comfortable lover can. Her hands went to the back of his had and drove his face into her sex. She grabbed a handful of his hair and her back arched against the wall. She balanced herself on the edge of the sink and against his shoulders and her legs rested. Suddenly she felt the twinge that meant one thing, she was ready to explode. His hands began to pump into her and the sounds and wetness increased. Her motuh dropped open as his mouth refused to quit. As the first orgasm built, her hands grabbed the sink and held on tight. His mouth refusing to give up brought her to the egde of an explosive orgasm and finally pushed her over it!

The first eruption splashed out of her like a hydrant that had been up capped. His face was soon being bathed by her juices and he kept on pumping and licking. Her body twisted and her hands slammed against the counter and then his shoulders as a gutteral scream escaped her lungs. Splash after splash dripped down his chin and soon left is face a shinning symbol of her sexual pleasure. He refused to yield until she finall commanded him.

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