tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Next Penetration Of Deanna Troi

The Next Penetration Of Deanna Troi


Troi walked down the corridor of the star ship Enterprise. She smiled as she passed fellow crew members. She always was friendly and open emotionally.

But as she continued down the corridor, she sensed strong emotion directed to her from the male crew members. She felt as if she was being watched, as if all their eyes noticed her every movement.

She turned her head and saw every male from ensign to commander gawking at her. As she entered the turbo lift, she sensed a powerful wave of sensual emotion coming from crew members outside the elevator.

A little flustered by this interest shown to her, she closed the doors of the turbo lift.

Walking off the lift, she saw #1 and Data talking in the corner by the operations station. The captain was not on the bridge.

She brightly smiled to the bridge crew waiving her hand. Counselor Troi had a most engaging smile, face as well as personality.

As she strolled past Ensign Crusher, she sensed him eagerly and intensely thinking about her. But this also applied to Jordie and Riker. She felt very uncomfortable. Though, the most carnal and tawdry emotions directed towards her came from Ensign Crusher.

Dr. Crusher came out of the Captain’s ready room. “Deana, good you’re here. Come with me”. They returned to see the Captain.

Has the Dr. told you Deanna? “No, tell me what?” “I need to tell you something. But you must have an open mind”, the Dr. begged.

“The crew, your captain and Star Fleet would consider your service as befitting the high standards of the Federation”, said the Captain beaming with pride.

Humbled by the Captains’ earnestness, she was truly bewildered as to what they discussed and what she would tell her. She was very apprehensive.

In a very soft and uneasy voice she whispered, “Beverly, what do you need to tell me?”

Speaking softly and with a slightly alarmed look on her face Dr. Crusher said, “I think Wesley picked up a virus of some sort when he was on Risa to pick up Commander Riker. Antibiotics won’t work and it’s spreading. Strangely, as far as I can tell, the virus is only affecting male crew members. If kept unchecked, this ship could be in grave danger”.

The Dr. continued, “I believe Wesley infected Will but all members of the senior staff are showing signs of the virus’s effects. An increase in blood pressure, anxiety, testosterone levels, mood swings, being more aroused and a worst case of death”.

Deanna listened intently and did not interrupt the Dr. The Dr. began to pace as she spoke.

“The virus increases the sensitivity of males to the pheromones given off by females”, Dr Crusher explained.

“Medical records from Risa have described such an ailment but outbreaks are very uncommon”.

“This may explain why natives of Risa are so sexually charitable”, Dr. Crusher explained.

Confused, Deanna asked, “Pheromones?”

“I’m sorry, pheromones are a naturally occurring scent exuded by male and females to promote intimacy or attraction”, Dr. Crusher explained.

“All males have certain levels of testosterone but crew members levels are increasing and may reach unhealthy and dangerous levels. Male crew member’s personalities as well as judgments will be affected”, Dr. Crusher said dramatically.

“I can not have members of more than half the crew of my ship impaired”, Captained Picard interjected.

“Yes of course Captain”, Deanna replied, “but I still don’t understand Beverly”.

“We must find a way to lower the testosterone levels and reduce the sensitivity to female pheromones”, Dr. Crusher explained. “I’ve gone through medical histories of Risa and I found a human cure. These records are old but should still apply to our situation Deanna”.

Still confused as to what was expected of her she asked timidly,” how does Risa, pheromones and a cure affect me and my duty to this ship and Star Fleet?”

“Native men of Risa are immune because of their character and that of their women,” Dr. Crusher explained in an insinuating tone.

“Sorry,” Deanna replied bewildered.

“The men of Risa are naturally amorous, as are the women. Their bodies and culture have adapted to fight this illness”, Dr. Crushed explained in a more suggestive tone,

“their immunity as is the cure for this virus is directly tied to their behavior”.

Deanna hesitated before speaking, “How or why exactly can’t we find a cure?”

“Remember on star date 41209:5 the crew was severely affected by a virus that had the effect of severe alcohol intoxication? This virus is very similar but has no medical antidote”, the doctor explained. “Hollow-deck simulations won’t work. It’s all biological Deanna”.

“Are you saying the cure is intimacy? That the people of Risa were cured by being intimate” Deanna said in a despondent and bashful tone of voice.

“Unfortunately, Yes Deanna. By having sex”, the Dr. replied sympathetically. Stunned, Deanna sat down on the couch. Her face became drained of color as she covered her face with her palms.

The room was silent. No one spoke.

After a minute Deanna raised her head, rubbed her eyes and clumsily inquired, “I have to, um, the whole crew Doctor?”

“No, Deanna,” she laughed,” I’ve spoken to female members of the crew in each duty section - medical, security, astronomy, engineering and command – and recruited volunteers to be responsible for only personnel assigned to those areas. Married couples are of course exempted”.

Dr. Crusher continued, ”I believe this way will prevent any rivalry, rank conflicts and crew members will already be familiar”. “You are the only female of command rank and assigned to the bridge crew”.

Staggered, Deanna asked how sex will cure them. “Only during sexual activity will the chemical composition of the blood raise to where it can compensate and dilute the high levels of testosterone and pheromone”, Dr. Crusher replied.

“Deanna, it should go fine,” the Dr. said compassionately with a smile.

Apprehensive, Deanna turned back to the Doctor and whispered, “are you then in charge of doing, you know, your medical staff”.

“No, my nurse Ogawa has volunteered to service the medical staff. I still need to monitor the crew”.

“So, just Will and Jordie? Just those two”, she timidly asked the Doctor. “No, Will, Jordie, Data, Barcaly, the Captain and my son”, she whispered while holding her hand.

“Captain, you look fine,” Deanna hopefully suggested.

“Yes, but I want to be certain Deanna. I would rather not leave the Captain out and chance him reinfecting the crew”, the doctor reluctantly explained.

Dispirited, “yeah, right, what’s one more Doctor,” Deanna said.

“Please, Deanna. This is not for me. This is life and death. You know that. Your young, physically strong, of command rank and because of your emphatic abilities will know if the virus subsides. You’re the most qualified”.

“What about masturbation? Wouldn’t that qualify? That’s really the same thing, isn’t Doctor?” “No, Deanna. For some reason, no, I’m sorry”, Beverly replied, “think of it like this. Would one prefer sex with an attractive person or masturbate”.

“I’m so frustrated commander. I want to go to my quarters”, Wesley demanded. His docile demeanor began to change from the effects of the virus.

“I’m sorry we are under orders. All bridge crew is confined to the bridge”, Riker explained. “Damn! What about the ready room. I need to be alone!” Wesley pleaded.

“Fine, go to the ready room”.

Once in the room, Wesley, exacerbated, began to fondle himself through the lining of his thin spandex uniform. The virus was most acute with him.

“What is your decision counselor?” Captain Picard asked.

In a very professional tone Beverly whispered trying to nudge her along,” Deanna, please, I need you, your captain needs you and you have six crew members out there who desperately need you and your talents”.

“I’m not sure my mind is up to what you ask doctor,” Deanna begged.

Sharply interjecting, “It is not your mind that we need counselor. When their alone with you, the male crew will need a warm and very willing female body,” Picard crudely insinuated.

Embarrassed but determined to do her duty, Deanna slowly raised her head, smiled and softly said, “I won’t let you down. Does the crew know the situation Doctor?”

“Good show!” the captain exclaimed.

“No, I will quickly brief them and then the Captain will order them to meet you in the “ready room”.

“Remember, Deanna, if they talk and act strangely it is the virus’s influence on their personalities”, Beverly said.

“How do I “break the ice” and initiate the, a, you know, doctor”, Deanna mumbled.

Touching her wrist Dr. Crusher said,”Don’t worry Deanna. They’ll be so pent up and sexually frustrated, all we’ll need to do is point them in the right direction and they will charge like bulls”.

“That’s kind of crude”, she thought to herself trying to remain gracious.

“Where is Ensign Crusher?” Picard asked commander Riker. “He is in the ready room sir”.

The door locked, he talked through the door. “Yes, captain”, Wesley replied.

“I want you to speak with Dr. Crusher and I order you to visit with counselor Troi”.

As Dr.Crusher entered the room, she startled Wesley stroking himself.

“Mom!” “Wesley please, I know why you’re frustrated. That's why I and counselor Troi want to help”, she said with her head turned away from him and covering her eyes.

He hid behind a chair. Sweat dripping down his bear chest.

“What! mom! Get out of here damn you”. “Son you need a woman and Troi is available for you”.

Dr. Crusher was always way too involved in his personal life and his life in general.

“I want to help you son. You're ill.”

“I just need someone to help, to give me, mom, it’s embarrassing”, he stammered nervously.

“We want to help you. I know about sex Wesley - blow jobs and hand jobs. Deanna will service you son. I’m your mother. I love you Wesley. I’ll send her in. Don’t worry”.

“Don’t you dare Mom!” he screamed.

“Thanks Deanna. He’s already half undressed and at full attention if know what I mean”, Beverly said very anxiously.

“Remember Deanna, your empathic abilities will know when his pheromones and testosterone levels return to normal”.

“By the way Deanna”, she said pointing to her mouth, “young boys like my little Wesley really like blow jobs”.

“Doctor, please!” Deanna cried out.

Deanna very cautiously walked to the door.

“He’s my only child,” Dr. Crusher emotionally cried,” please help him”.

As the doors closed behind her, Deanna leaned her back against the doors and nervously looked up and saw Wesley in the corner hiding behind a chair.

No one spoke.

She turned her back to him, wet her lips and pinched her nipples, causing them to become engorged with blood and push harder against the paper thin fabric of her skin tight uniform.

She faced him again. Behind the chair with a raging boner, he saw her sultry inviting smile and white teeth. She slowly undid her tight hair bun and let her hair fall to her shoulders.

Softly she whispered,”I’m here for you Wes. Your not well”, she opened her arms, “let me make you well again”.

Staring at her face, chest and her nipples protruding through her uniform, he was like a bull ready to charge.

She lowered herself to the carpet and bent her knees back under her, leaning back against her left arm on the carpet.

“Do you duty Deanna for the good of the crew”, and “do a good job”, were thoughts that ran through her uneasy but determined mind.

She leaned forward and patted the carpet with her right hand and smiled, exuding sexuality.

That was the final enticement needed, as Wesley jumped from behind the chair. He approached her. His sculpted naked body and hardened seven inch tool was primed to fill her mouth.

She saw him deliberately approach her and braced herself emotionally.

She rose up to her knees and smiled. Only five foot four inches, her petite and slender body was no match for his five foot and ten inch muscular frame.

She could sense his powerful sexual rage.

She looked up to him as he firmly grabbed the sides of her head. “Open wide counselor!” he commanded her. This was not the tentative boy she had earlier counseled.

She first grabbed his member but he was intent to stuff her mouth and aimed her mouth squarely towards his crotch.

He forcefully entered and filled her mouth, stretching open her delicate mouth, ruby lips and pink cheeks. Troi was taken aback by his aggressive and commanding demeanor.

As he entered her mouth, he felt the mesmerizing sensation as her pouty delicate lips and tongue snuggly contoured around his rigid member.

She could sense his heightened arousal, as he repeatedly penetrated her mouth and down her throat. She sucked harder causing her pink cheeks to fold in with each thrust of her head.

She quickened the pace, gripping his shaft tighter causing her lipstick to streak down the sides of his cock. He was in ecstasy and she took pride of her performance.

He began to groan louder as she squealed in pleasure. On the bridge, the crew could hear muffled groans through the door.

“Captain, what is happening in the ready room? Should I be aware of the conduct of counselor Troi and ensign Crusher”, Commander Riker pleaded.

The groans from the ready room increased. The bridge crew looked at the door puzzled.

“Commander, this is strictly on a “need to know” basis. I order each of you at the appropriate time to meet individually with the counselor. The good doctor will also speak with you. When Wesley is done with her please confine him to his quarters”, the Captain replied, “That’s all commander”.

“Yes sir, captain”, commander Riker replied.

They began to talk among themselves oblivious to the fact that prim and proper counselor Deanna Troi was on her knees enthusiastically gulping down Wesley cock.

Wesley bit his lip, turned her head and began to thrust himself farther down her throat and against her cheek, causing it to bulge disproportionately out the side of her face. Deanna eagerly complied not wanting to break the rhythm of her head and his hips.

She let out a scream of delight muffled by his cock in her mouth. Then without notice, he repeatedly emptied himself in her mouth. His loads were large causing her to tilt her head back so not to spill his spunk down her chin.

His grunting ended. Deanna rose to get a water cup. On her feet, she spit repeatedly.

They were both drenched with sweat. She sweated through her uniform, down and around her cleavage, ample breasts, arms and waistline.

Wiping the sweat from his face and forehead he turned to the Deanna and declared appreciatively, “Counselor, you give great head. I mean wow!” He continued, ”I mean I know I’ve only gotten head five or six times and about four from hallow-deck simulations but that was great”.

“I remember when I got head from Ensign Kefler. I thought no one could top her. Remember she came aboard briefly when the crew became dangerously addicted from using that optical game that affected higher brain functions. I think I and Data were the only ones who did not become infected”

“Counselor, are you just good at giving head or does it have something to do with Betazoids?”

Troi heard his repeated adorations of her performance and became slightly uneasy. She faced him, regained her composer and tried to change subjects by smiling and saying,”I’m glad. I am. How do you feel?”

“I know, I know counselor but, but, but the pace and the depth and tongue. I never had anyone deep throat me before,” he praised.

“Please, Wesley, I’m glad,” she whispered, “how do you feel?”

Wesley carried on excitedly, “Great! Let’s do it again! Look counselor I’m ready to go,” he said motioning to his waist. “Counselor, undress, please, I want to open you up. Lean over the table. I want to fuck you while looking at the stars.”

His sexual rage had not abated.

His eyes were like saucers. Tapping his foot and cracking his knuckles, he feverously awaited for Troi to undress.

“I dreamed of fucking you counselor. Some days I could taste it. I have three hollow-deck programs dedicated to you. The bynar programmers help me set them up. In one program, you are a nurse that's constantly wants to give me bed baths, another you act as a sexual surrogate that is eager to help Star Fleet cadets confidence in all types all sexual matters and the last program is where you act as a spy to steal the cloaking device by screwing the Romulan high command”.

Staring at her butt, he began to groan.

With a nervous look in her eyes Troi said, “Wesley, I know you’re not yourself. Settle down please. I’m here to help”.

“Ok, ok, just hurry up counselor,” he replied.

She slowly unzipped her soaked uniform, placed it over the chair and walked over to Wesley and asked, “Where do you want me?” with an angelic like smile.

He watched every movement of her body.

He continued to babble on, "I forgot about the program Geordie developed about an engineer he was infatuated on about star date 43205.6. Her name was Leah Brahms. He was able to program not only her scientific knowledge but her personality and represent that information in human form. What surprised both of us was how promiscuous she was. Geordie Hardly got any work done for almost a week. He was in the program fucking her constantly and offered to let me use her. She was very life like.”

She innocently asked, “I didn’t know you were so infatuated with me Wesley?”

“Oh, yes, counselor for years. It has all been practice up until now. But today is game day. I’ve been given a chance and I want no regrets. I’m going to fuck you as hard and as long as I can”

She was speechless. Taken back by not only his demeanor but by his forth rightfulness

He licked his lips and in a commanding voice said, “By the captain’s chair”.

She grabbed his wrist and in her white laced bra and panties, led him across the room.

“Stop there counselor, yes, right there and face the window to start,” he said softy. With her back to him, she leaned over the table, fully exposing herself until her chest rested on the table. He slowly pulled down her white laced thong panties and put them to the side.

One hand on her neck, he positioned himself behind her. Grabbing his cock he forcefully entered her. Troi let out a simultaneous groan, “ooooooh”.

He slowly developed a rhythm, rocking her toursue over the cool table. Their groans were much louder.

Quickening his pace, Troi egged him on, “Yes, faster”.

His pelvic thrust began to forcefully rock her on the table. Pushing up she cried,”please let me brace myself Wesley”. He withdrew out of her, she rose with her hands now spread on the table and shoulders squared off she said, “Ok, ready?”

She squealed as he re-entered her. Like a jack hammer, he forcefully thrusted into her.

“Wesley! She screamed in pleasure, “my god! But not so rough”.

Her small ninety pound frame was being abused by his size, stamina, girth and by the force of his impacts.

His pace developed a rhythm now but his impacts into her were still powerful. She arched her head in bliss smiling, as wave after wave of sexual emotions filled her Betazoid senses.

Impossible to any longer maintain her well-mannered wholesome reputation, she cried out, “fuck me, fuck me harder!” so loud the entire bridge crew heard her cries.

“Doctor I need to know what is going on. I have a duty to this crew and ship,” he unpersuasively complained. “Will, you have you orders,” Doctor Crusher replied.

Observing the crew, she tried to decide who is most critical to prioritize who to send in next. To her shock, Lt. Commander Data’s condition was most pronounced.

Breathing heavily, her hair and face dripping in sweat, she undid her bar exposing her breasts. Wesley reached forward and began to fondle her breasts and nipples.

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