tagGroup SexThe Next Room

The Next Room


"Well at least the company put us in a nice hotel." Rick said. "Not like that dump in Chicago."

Beside me, Fred grunted his agreement.

Rick was right, this hotel was four star. The three of us were standing in the lobby with our bags, having just arrived from the airport for a two day sales convention. The first three floors were open and had glass windows all the way to the roof. The lobby was large, with trees and a fountain. On one side was a small restaurant.

"And the scenery is much nicer too." Fred said.

She came walking out of the restaurant, instantly noticeable in the crowd. Short blonde hair just above the shoulders and wearing sunglasses against the afternoon sun. She was dressed in a dark business suit that showed her figure, short skirt over dark stockings. The kind with a seam up the back. You just knew she had garters under that skirt. No cheap pantyhose for this one. In one hand she held a stylish briefcase. Over her shoulder she had a leather overnight bag and her purse. Everything about her said "expensively hot".

"Definitely nicer," I agreed.

The woman stopped, setting her briefcase down. She reached into the purse and pulled out a cell phone. The three of us watched her as she talked. My eyes traveled up and down her body in appreciation. I'm sure my buddies were doing the same. After a quick minute, she put the cell phone away, picked up her briefcase and walked towards the elevators, disappearing from our sight.

"Definitely nicer."


"So that was a wasted afternoon of boring business seminars," Rick said.

The three of us were in the elevator, heading to our hotel rooms. The elevator stopped on the twelfth floor and we got out. It was a short walk to our rooms. I had 1212, Fred and Rick were across the hall in 1213 and 1215.

"What do you want for dinner?" Rick asked. We paused as the two of them tossed their briefcases in their rooms then entered mine. "Sushi maybe?"

"Damned you got the better view." Fred said.

The maid had apparently opened the curtains. The sun was just going down and the building lights were coming on. From the twelfth floor the downtown looked magical. I tossed my briefcase on the bed and went in to use the restroom.

"We had sushi in Dallas." I said through the bathroom door. "I'm thinking steak, what do you think?"

I didn't hear an answer so I flushed, washed my hands then went out. Fred and Rick were standing next to the connecting door leading to the next room. They had the one on my side open and both had their ears against the door for the other side. I started to say something but Fred put his finger to his lips for quiet and motioned me over.

"Listen to this," he whispered.

At first I didn't hear anything then I started to make something out. Muffled moaning. I turned slightly and they became clearer. Female muffled moaning of the lusty kind. Fred reached down and tried the door handle. We were all surprised when it turned.

"Oh shit, it's unlocked!" he said quietly.

He pushed it slowly open a crack, careful not to make a sound. As it opened, the moaning became clearer. It was a woman's voice alright and it sounded as if she was excited. It sounded like she was having sex. We put our eyes to the crack.

I could see a woman's figure on the bed. She was naked except for dark stockings with the seam up the back and a pair of black high heels. Her body was turned away, so we couldn't see her face. We could though tell she was good looking.

She was on her hands and knees on the bed and between her legs we see her bare pussy. She had a dildo in it and her hand is pushing it slowly in and out. She was moaning quite loudly, clearly excited.

"Fuck, look at that!" Rick mouthed silently.

The three of us watched as the woman masturbated. She slid that dildo in and out at a pretty good pace.

Sometimes she would pull it completely out and rub it up and down between her pussy lips. We can hear then a buzzing from the dildo as it vibrated. Fred opened the door slightly more. From what we could see it appeared the woman was alone.

She continued to masturbate, getting more and more excited as she did. Sometimes she took her hand away, leaving the dildo sticking in her, and ran a finger up and down between her ass cheeks, teasing her anus. After a few times, she let one of her fingers slide into her ass hole to the first joint.

As she was doing this, the dildo began to slowly slide from her pussy. She tried to remove her finger and catch it before it popped out, but didn't succeed. The dildo slid out and dropped on the bed between her legs. I saw her hand reach down to try and find it.

Fred pushed the door soundlessly opened then and walked into the room. She didn't hear him enter. While she was searching, Fred walked up to the bed. He grabbed the dildo, picking it up and moved it forward until the tip is posed at her pussy. Then he pushed it in.

The woman's body gave a start at the dildo's touch and turned to look over her shoulder. I can't see her face because Fred's body was blocking my view, but I can hear her voice. And see his hand on the dildo pushing it slowly into her.

"What...Who...What are you doing?" she stammered.

"Let me do that for you." Fred said as he began to stroke the dildo in and out of her pussy.


She was clearly confused, saying he should stop, yet her body was reacting to his actions. Her hips began moving back and forth, first slowly, then faster as the dildo excited her. It was an amazing sight for me and Rick standing in the door unseen.

"You don't reaaaaalllly want me to stop, do you?" Fred asked.

He pushed the dildo all the way into her and stirred it around. This caused the woman to moan loudly and drop her head to the bed.

"I don't know you, oh god. Stop, no don't stop."

Fred pulled the dildo out and placed it between the lips of the woman's pussy. He slid it up and down, playing the tip across the top of her pussy where her clit was. She moaned deeply at this.

"Now doesn't that feel good?" he asked.

"Oh damned yes! No, don't stop. Don't stop."

It sounded like the woman was close to having an orgasm. She was moaning almost constantly now. But Fred has always been a bastard, so just before she cums, he pulled the dildo out of her and stepped back.

"God don't stop." She said almost pleading. "Put it back in. Fuck me."

Fred chuckled, looked back at Rick and me in the door, and nodded.

"I think you're being too loud." He said. "Maybe you need something in that mouth to shut you up."

It might seem strange but then the three of us were old college buddies from the same fraternity. We'd triple teamed a co-ed or two while in college so sharing wasn't a problem. I just hoped she didn't freak when she saw us. When I saw her face I realized I needn't worry.

It was the gorgeous blonde we'd seen in the lobby. Her eyes were a striking blue. As I walked up I noticed there was a laptop computer on a chair pulled up next to the bed. On it was one of those clip-on video cameras aimed with a view of the bed. Rick and I walked around to stand behind the computer.

Next to the woman was her overnight bag. It was open and on top of the clothes I could see several more sex toys. A couple of more dildos and vibrators of various sizes. An egg vibrator with a controller. A string of anal beads. Even a small riding crop.

"My friends and I heard you from next door." Fred said. He teased her with the dildo, barely touching the tip against her pussy. "I think some hard cock is much better than cold plastic."

He pushed the dildo back into her.

"Don't you?"

"Oh yes, fuck me." She moaned. "All three of you. Fuck me!"

Rick immediately started taking off his clothes. I decided to wait a bit and watch the action. Fred pulled the dildo he held out and tossed it on the bed. Reaching forward he grabbed one of the thinner vibrators from her bag. I can see the woman had her hand on her pussy, and was masturbating with a finger. He took the vibrator and slid the tip between the lips of her pussy. He pushed it around, poking her fingers, getting the vibrator wet with her juices.

"You're a slut, letting a stranger fuck you with a dildo, aren't you?"

He raised the vibrator to her anus, teasing the little brown hole of her ass with the tip.

"A hot little slut." He pushed the vibrator into her ass. "A fucking whore."

He pushed the vibrator in further, until just the base is sticking out. Then he grabbed the base and twisted it, turning the vibrator on.

"That feel good slut? It turn you on?"

He slapped her ass a couple of times.

"Oh yes! I'm a whore. I'm a slut." She moaned.

"Just a worthless piece of fuck meat?" He asked, and slapped her ass again.

"Oh yes, god that's me."

He grabbed the vibrator and began to stroke it in and out of her ass. Rick stepped up and grabbed each side of her head, lifting her face towards his stiff cock. She doesn't hesitate, immediately opening her mouth. Her lips are red and full as they stretch around Rick's cock.

"What's with the camera?" I asked.

"You got a boyfriend? Is he watching you fuck yourself? You doing a bit of cybersex?" I asked as Fred slapped her on the ass again. "Bet he's surprised to see how ready you are to let some strangers fuck his girlfriend."

"God yes." She said as she licked Rick's cock. "He's watching right now."

"What's his name?"

"Bob, his name is Bob."

"Hi Bob." Fred waved to the camera. "Hope you enjoy watching us fuck your girlfriend."

"What's your name?" Rick asked her.

The woman clearly hesitated, looking around. Rick's got one hand on her head. He twisted his fingers in her hair and roughly pulled her head up to look at him. Fred chuckled behind her. He'd taken his cloths off and was on the bed behind her.

"I asked you what your name was bitch!" Rick asked again.

"Barb...Barbara. My name is Barbara."

He lightly slapped her cheek with his cock.

"That's not your name." He said.

I unclip the camera from the laptop. It has several feet of cord. I walk to one side and pan it over her body. Fred had removed the vibrator from her ass and is about to stuff his cock in there instead. I can see that even with the rough treatment she's still fingering herself.

"Tonight your name is Fuck Meat." Rick said slapping her face with his cock again.

I kept the camera pointed at her face, but I can see Fred pushing the head of his cock into her ass.

"Say it!" Rick ordered. "Say, my name is Fuck Meat!"

Fred with the head of his cock firmly in her ass reached forward and grabbed her shoulders.

"Noooo," she moaned.

"Say it bitch!"

Fred shoved his hips forward and pulled her back at the same time, ramming his cock up her ass. He then began fucking her with long deep strokes.

"Come on," I say putting the camera right down in front of her face. "Tell your boyfriend what your new name is."

"My name...my name is...my name is Fuck Meat."

"Good girl." Rick said then pushed his cock into her mouth. "Yeah, that's a nice little slut. Eat my cock."

The two of them double teamed her for a few minutes while I walk around the bed with the camera. Rick and Fred had done a few girls without me, and they knew what they were doing. They got into a rhythm of both pushing forward and pulling back at the same time. Rick held her head firmly and pushed his cock into her mouth to the root while Fred reached under her and took her nipples between his fingers, pulling on them while he fucked her ass. Little gurgling moans escaped around Rick's cock and drool dripped down her chin. Her eyes were fluttering and barely open. Clearly she was enjoying their actions.

"Ready for some of this?" Rick asked me.

I smiled and handed him the camera, then began to undress.

"You're in for a treat now, Fuck Meat." Rick said with a chuckle, pulling his cock from her mouth. "Wait until the 'Treetrunk' gets a hold of you. You'll shit yourself."

Like I'd said, the three of us were frat brothers from college. You do some pretty stupid things when you pledge with a fraternity. Once we'd had to streak the campus cafeteria. That had been the first time we'd all seen each other naked. Now I don't want to brag, since both Fred and Rick were well endowed but there was a reason my frat brothers called me 'Treetrunk'.

Fred pulled out of her ass, got off the bed and came around to her face. "Here, clean me off," he ordered.

Before she could say no, he had his cock, fresh from her ass, down her throat. She struggled a little but since he had her head firmly in his hands she couldn't do anything but suck his cock.

"Look at what you get to take now." He said, turning her head towards me. Her eyes went wide and she mumbled protests around his cock when she saw me. He chuckled. "Eleven inches and thick as your wrists sweetheart. Get ready to be royally fucked."

Like I said there's a reason they call me 'Treetrunk'.

While she sucked Fred, I walked around behind her. I climbed up on the bed between her legs. Fred had done a petty good job of fucking her ass. It still gapped open. She must be really enjoying the treatment we were putting her through because pussy juices are running down both of her legs and wetting the sheets. I decided I would get a little of that myself first.

She gave a jump when the head of my cock made contact with her pussy. Fred laughed from his end and I could see him push his hips forward. She had no choice but to move back and this caused the lips of her pussy to part and wrap themselves around the head of my cock. She's very wet and very warm. I let her move rearward until she's as far back as I think she can get. Then winking at Fred I shove myself forward.

A scream of pure lust rips from her throat, muffled by Fred's cock. I got about half my length in her. I pulled back a bit and grabbing her around the waist push forward again. As I sunk into her I feel her body start to shiver and her pussy got really wet. She wa coming around my cock. I get balls deep and hold it there enjoying the way her pussy milked my cock as she has her orgasm. After a minute or so I started fucking her.

It only took a couple of dozen or strokes and I was moving easily in and out. Her pussy was still tight as a glove one size small, but she'd juiced so much when she'd cum that I almost expected my cock to squeak as it fucked her. She'd had one orgasm but still was highly turned on. Moans and 'oh my gods' kept coming from her mouth.

I had my hands around her waist and then I slid a thumb down the crack of her ass. I rubbed it across her gapping anus then pushed it inside of her. Pushing down I could feel my cock through the flesh of her asshole. Taking my other hand I slipped it under her and put it on her stomach. I could feel my cock there too, under the skin of her belly. I pressed both hands together squeezing her around my cock then really started stoking it in and out. Another scream of lust came out of her mouth and she came again, twitching and bucking around my cock.

Fred had pulled his cock out of her mouth when she had cum. He was standing next to Rick. Both of them were stroking their cocks with their hands. Rick still had the camera and had it pointed towards her face.

"Time for a little face cream, Fuck Meat." Rick said grabbing the back of her head and pulling her face up. "Open wide."

Rick gave a moan and big spurts of cum shot out the head of his cock. It hit her in the face splattering her across the forehead and down her nose. She gasped and her mouth opened and closed. Just as Rick was finishing, Fred gave a moan and stroking his cock rapidly started coming too. His cum hit a little lower, dripping across her lips and into her mouth. I felt her pussy clench around my cock as she came a third time.

All this fucking was getting me close to my own orgasm. Now I liked pussy as much as the next guy, but this girl seemed to be enjoying the rough pace we were putting her through too much to just waste it. I gave her a few more deep strokes then slowly pulled my cock out of her.

Rick and Fred had pulled up chairs next to the computer. Rick grinned when he saw I still had a hard-on.

The girl was still on her hands and knees but she had her head hanging down. I grabbed the back of her head and lifted it so I could look at her face. Rick and Fred must have been saving it up, because there was a hell of a lot of ropy drips of cum across her face. She had a dazed look that only women brought to the edge of sexual frenzy get.

"On your back, Fuck Meat." I ordered her. "I'm gonna get a bit of that mouth."

She laid down on the bed and rolled over. I took her under each arm and pulled her forward until her neck was on the edge of the bed and her head hung over it upside down.

"Ready for a bit of face fucking, slut? I'm gonna shove this dick so far down your throat it comes out of your ass."

I positioned the head of his cock between her lips. They stretched wide and almost don't reach. She struggled a bit at the pressure but didn't try and get away.

"I can't...it's too big." She protested. "It won't fit."

I laughed a little.

"Sure it will," I said. "You're just going to have to work for it."

I started with short strokes, letting the head of my cock pop in and out of her mouth. She may have been hesitant at first but soon I felt her tongue flicking across the head when I pulled almost out.

"How's that taste, bitch?" I asked. "That's your pussy juice you taste."

Soon I'm going deep enough I can feel tightness around the tip of my cock. I can tell I'm approach the entrance of her throat. Occasional my cock causes her to gag and then she pusheded against my hips as she sputters. I put my hands around her head and pull her a little further off the bed. I knew from experience this would line her throat up straight and make it easier for me to go deep.

"Here we go!"

I pushed my hips forward sliding my cock firmly into her mouth. I felt it hit that tightness and I paused.

She gagged and as she did I pushed myself forward. I felt a pop. She coughed and seemed to choke but I kept pushing until my balls hit her nose. I held myself there for a moment.

"See I told you it would fit."

I pulled my hips back and let my cock come completely out of her mouth. She turned her head and coughed several times, gasping big gulps of air. I looked in her eyes and there was a weird mix of lust and apprehension in them. She's clearly turned on by what I was doing to her but scared at the same time. I give her a questioning glance and after a moment she nodded, then turned back and hung her head over the edge of the bed.

"OK then, prepare to suck some cock Fuck Meat"

I begin to fuck her mouth. This isn't a blowjob so much as it's a mouth fuck. I use her throat like I had used her pussy, ramming it again and again down her throat. Spit dribbles out of her mouth and down her face. I face fuck her for several minutes, calling her names and verbally abusing her.

Reaching into the over night bag, I picked up the riding crop. I took it and slapped her tits with the tip. This caused her body to twitch. I do it again, this time shoving my hips forward and my cock down her throat. Her nipples were hard before, now they seem to want to poke out like two little red fingers. I keep hitting her across the breasts as I face fuck her.

I laid the riding crop on her chest and pulled my cock from her mouth. Spit is all over her face and her hair is tousled and wet. Streaks of tear filled mascara run from her eyes. She was breathing heavily, taking big gasps of air. Her eyes positively glow with excitement at the rough treatment.

"Better take a big breath Fuck Meat." I ordered. "Cause when I stick my cock back in there I'm gonna keep it there until I cum!"

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