tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Next Stage of Development Ch. 01

The Next Stage of Development Ch. 01


I woke up on a Saturday morning like most others. I was out with some friends drinking the night before and got home late so I didn't stir until past noon. I lied nude in my bed, as I usually slept, and found my dick rising for some usual morning attention but I didn't feel that good so I avoided my usual morning masturbation routine and opted instead to go to the bathroom for some Tylenol. I slid out of bed and slid on some boxers just before walking out to the hallway to the bathroom. The house was unusually quiet for a Saturday but it was difficult to sum up any attention to the fact.

My name is Alexander and for now, I'm living at home. I'm a young and happy 21 year old college student, but I must admit to never being the "ladies man" if you know what I mean. Throughout high school, I have always been really skinny and nothing much there. I was about 5' 11" and about 125 through high school. I have short brown hair and brown eyes. I do have to say I have a gorgeous girlfriend, Danya. We have only had sex a couple of times. I was a virgin until I met her. I can't say I have had a lot of luck with girls, but it isn't for a lack of trying.

Walking out of the bathroom, I felt my youth bringing me out of my funk and I was a little hungry so I made my way down to the kitchen. Surprisingly, there was no mom, dad, or my sister Kimberly to be found anywhere. On the weekends, they almost always motor around the house doing chores or at least watching TV. Today...nothing. Not a sound. I got to the kitchen and made myself a bowl of cereal and as I sat down to the kitchen table to check my phone for the latest goings on, I found a text from my Mom.

"Good morning dear. You didn't want to wake up this morning so we left without you. Your father and I are going to Aunt Jane's to help her for the weekend because she isn't feeling so good. Kimberly wanted to stay at a friend's house so you are left to yourself. There is $50 on the counter to get something to eat. See you on Monday!"

"Well..." I thought to myself. I guess I didn't have much to do. My friends were all going out of town or working today and my girlfriend Danya was on vacation with her folks. Nothing for me...all weekend.

I finished my cereal and watched TV for a few hours as my headache passed and I felt like my usual self. I didn't want to waste such a weekend with beautiful weather so I got up from the couch and tried to think of things to do. Go to the mall? Go to the park? Nah. Maybe go to a water park? It is a little hot. Nah.

I kept trying to come up with something and then it finally hit me. Camping! Yes! I hadn't gone camping all year and I desperately wanted to go. My friends never want to go so this was the perfect opportunity to do a little hiking and camping where I want to go. I scampered about the house gathering the normal camping gear such as a tent, sleeping bag, stove, clothes, and toilet paper. I put on some boots, shorts, and a light button up shirt.

I loaded everything into my Jeep and headed out with only one stop at the store for some food and most importantly, lots of beer. Even though I turned 21 only a few months ago, I found a quick taste for beer and all sorts of alcoholic drinks.

I started driving up into the mountains. We were only about 30 minutes from the mountains and wilderness. It was great. We could leave the house and be hiking in less than an hour if we wanted to. Even though we were relatively close, I had a special spot I loved to go to which was a few hours from town.

Along the way, I made a few stops for gas and checked out the local scenery. I loved it up here and always felt guilty that I never went as often as I liked. I smelled the fresh cool air and it was always cooler temperatures up here. After a little more driving, I found it. I found this camping spot a few years ago with some friends. It wasn't really an official campground but more of a field or clearing. There was a wide-open meadow surrounded by trees. A dozen or more trails led off in different directions and it was so fun to explore. There was also a lake about a mile off, which made it fun to go swimming in the summer.

The road wasn't really a road to get there. More of a dirt trail that had been somewhat used over the years. My Jeep made it without too much trouble in four-wheel drive and I pulled into the clearing. I hopped out and stretched after the long drive.

I wanted to go running off and explore right away, but I decided to setup the camp first. I started with the tent and then got my sleeping bag, stove, and cooler all setup. I got a pit for a fire ready but didn't light it waiting for later. Finally, I grabbed a small backpack and water and headed off on the first trail I saw.

I must have wandered around for hours just looking at everything. There were huge trees and dozens of critters running about. The air was amazing and the sun felt great. I took off my shirt and tucked it into my bag. I didn't have a great body. Never very athletic and never made any teams in school or even tried, but that was okay to me. My Dad, on the other hand, would say that I was lazy and less of a man since I didn't want to get physical or wasn't very sporty. I always felt that he would have preferred someone else. However, up here, nobody was around to judge me. I could have walked around nude and nobody would know. That was another thing I loved up here. Some real peace and quite so I could just think about everything.

The sun started to set so I made my way back to my camp and lit my fire only after opening my first beer. I cooked a little dinner. Nothing special. Just some beans and hot dogs. Then I quickly made my way through about six beers when I started to feel my buzz come on. I just sat and thought to myself about life, college, girlfriends, work, and sex. I thought about my girlfriend Danya. I often wondered why she hung out with me. She could get any guy she wanted. She was amazing. She had such beautiful long soft hair and she smelled amazing. She had a stunning body and she looked great no matter what she wore.

The combination of Danya and the beer was getting me hard. I opened my shorts and my dick grew with the thoughts of rubbing Danya's breasts. I slipped a hand into my shorts and rubbed myself to the thought of fucking Danya.

After another six beers, I was pretty buzzed. One annoying byproduct of beer is that I also seriously needed to pee. I stumbled my way away from camp to find some place. As I stood there, I looked up in the sky and the bright array of stars was always amazing to see. Far more stars than I can ever see in the city. It looked amazing and I wished I could see this kind of sky all the time. I promised myself to go camping like this more often. Next time I would bring Danya up here. She would love it.

As I looked off in the distance, I saw what looked like a star but it was moving. I thought it may be a satellite, but it was moving too quickly for a satellite and too slow for a plane. It didn't have any flashing lights and then I saw it change directions. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me or that I was more buzzed than I thought but it changed directions several times.

I instinctively walked forward and squinted to see if I could get a better look at it when I saw it dip behind a mountain range.

"Oh well. Must be a helicopter or something. Maybe someone's lost."

The light then poked out from the mountain range and moved in front of it. Looking at it move, it would zip and zag around much differently than a helicopter. It would stop and then start moving again very quickly. It seemed so strange I just had to watch it.

That was when it stopped cold and just hung in the air less than a mile away. I couldn't make out any detail and it just looked like a light from here. Then the light turned off for a few seconds and then turned back on brighter than before. Suddenly, it jerked into motion, zipped across the sky like lightning and stopped cold in the air no more than 50 feet above my head.

I was in shock. It wasn't a helicopter at all. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was silver and highly reflective. It was probably 100 feet long and about 50 feet wide and shaped like an egg. There were no windows or openings and the entire thing looked like one solid piece. The only sound I heard was a soft vibrating hum. It was almost silent. I couldn't move. I was petrified. It hovered over me slightly turning a few degrees to one side and then the other. What was it? What was it doing? What did it want with me?

Before I could find an answer to my questions, a small hole opened near the front and an arm extended. Some type of device extended from the tip and then lit up and flooded the area around me with a bright white light. It blinded me and I lifted my arm to shield my night-adjusted eyes. I couldn't see anything but a numbing bright white light all around me.

I felt myself become lighter and the ground underneath me slipped away. I couldn't see anything but I felt as if I was being lifted into the air. I was stunned and not only from what I was seeing. The light itself paralyzed me. My arms and legs when limp and my body slacked as I rose into the air. I couldn't even bring my arm up to shield my eyes.

Suddenly, the light turned off and I fell. I thought I was going to fall all the way to the ground and hit the dirt but I didn't. Instead, I fell only a few inches and hit a smooth hard metal-like floor. I then felt a crushing sensation of extreme heaviness. I felt pressed into the floor and I felt like I weighed 1,000 pounds. I screamed as I thought my ribs were going to break. This lasted for about a minute or two and then, just as suddenly as the heaviness hit me, I was weightless and flung into the air across the dark hitting a wall, or something.

My eyes had trouble adjusting to the darkness after the blinding light. I floated around and hit another wall, or ceiling, or something. I couldn't tell up from down and I felt sick throwing up several times. It took me quite a while to become accustom to the weightlessness. I finally slowed down and managed to find some handles to hold onto. My eyes adjusted to the dark and while the room was dimly lit, there was dim purple light coming from the corners of the room. There was no sense of up or down but the light came from an oval shape on what could be the floor and what could be the ceiling. The "walls" didn't have corners and instead the room was round with the only corners connecting what looked like the walls to the floor and ceiling.

I slowly explored my room looking for a way out. There had to be a door or a window or something. The handles were in an X shape and were made of the same smooth metal. The room was cold and it had an odd smell to it. Some peculiar combination of copper, salt, and a like something burning. Nothing like I had smelled before. A weird low-pitched humming and pulsing sound emanated from everything around me.

The next thing I knew, the lights on the bottom of the room brightened significantly and climbed up the walls to the ceiling. I couldn't see where the lights actually came from, but they moved up as if to "scan" the room. As the light passed around me and through me but I didn't feel anything.

"Hello! Is there anyone there?! What the hell do you want with me?"

Silence was my answer. Just more of the steady humming.

After several minutes, I heard something mechanical on the bottom of the room followed by a hissing sound. Seconds later, I heard a whirring or sucking sound come from the top of the room and I could feel cold droplets of liquid touch my skin. It was thick and oily. Some hit my lips and at first, I tried to wipe it away not knowing what it was, but it tasted sweet like sugar water. I was surrounded by a mist that floated from one side to the other attaching to my skin if given the chance.

The mist filled the room and sucked out through the top of the room. It covered me and my clothes in a slick oily sheen and seemed innocuous at first. Then, I found what it was there to do. My shorts slowly started to fall apart. They split at the seams and the fabric itself dissolved into the air around me. Even my thick hiking boots completely fell apart and fell off my feet. I watched one of my boots float into the air and completely evaporate in front of my eyes. Everything I was wearing disappeared and I was completely naked.

I freaked out thinking it was going to dissolve me as well and I tried to wipe it off. It was so oily that wiping didn't do any good. I found that it didn't hurt, sting, or burn at all. It only affected my clothes. The spraying sounds stopped and the suction sounds stopped after the mist cleared. My skin was covered in this oily substance.

I rubbed my arm and the hair on my arm completely sloughed off. I gave my skin a soft rub and all the hair bunched up in my hands leaving my skin smooth and bald. I put my hands on my head and pulled back with tufts of hair. At that moment I just knew I was going to die. They were melting me somehow.

"Holy shit. What are you doing to me!?"

Every touch of my skin took more hair away and my body slowly became sleek and hairless. After a few more minutes of silence, the scans and the spraying repeated a second time. The liquid over time changed from oily to more water-like. The lights crawled up and over my naked body and the mist returned. The liquid touched my skin and I felt more hair coming off. I didn't even have to rub at all. It was just washed away.

After two or three more cycles, I was completely nude and there was no hair at all on my body. No hair on the top of my head, no eyebrows, no facial stubble, no chest hair, no pubic hair, and no leg hair. My skin tingled with the new enhanced sensations.

I floated around the room for what seemed like hours or even days. Nothing happened. No lights. No spray. Nothing. I just floated from wall to wall waiting for what was coming next. I started feeling scared, tired, thirsty, and hungry. I think I fell asleep a few times but couldn't tell.

I had no real sense of time in the room. There was no sun and no clocks. Nothing that could give me a sense of how long I had been there. After what could have been days or weeks, lights around the top of the room brightened. I was tired and felt weak and just waited for whatever was coming. I felt powerless to stop them...whoever they were. The top of the room opened like large cargo doors revealing nothing but total darkness.

Something like smooth ropes slowly wrapped around my arms and legs. Their grip was tight and I struggled, but had no strength. I was so tired and hungry. I felt so weak. The ropes pulled me to the bottom of the room and then pulled my arms and legs out until I was in a spread-eagle position.

That was when I finally saw them. I finally saw my abductors. I was expecting small green men or the grays everyone talks about but they looked nothing like them. They didn't even have a human form. Dozens, no hundreds of them floated through the air and propelled themselves like jellyfish. They were round and had small tentacles flowing behind them. Their bodies were like mushrooms or like squished balls about two to four feet across and their tentacles were anywhere from a foot to five feet long. They glowed with a bluish purplish light. Their "skin" seemed smooth and mostly white with a few small grey spots. Their bodies puffed up and pushed themselves through the air. I couldn't make out anything that looked like a face or eyes.

They actually looked rather beautiful and for some strange reason I felt a sudden calming sensation wash over me. My mind settled and focused. I felt no more fear and I was at peace. I was abducted by aliens and God knows what they were going to do with me, but I was as calm as could be and just felt enamored with them.

I felt a twinge of pain in my right arm and looked to find the rope holding me had extended a small tube from the side penetrating my skin. No blood, but I could see where it entered my arm like an IV. In spite of the shocking sight, I still remained completely calm and even somewhat happy. My mood changed and I found myself happy, laughing, and even becoming slightly aroused. I was so exposed, open, and helpless. They could do whatever they wanted to me, but I felt drunk or high and completely consumed with positive emotions.

The creatures floated around and examined me for what seemed like hours. I really had no perception of time. It could have been minutes or days. They examined me and their tentacles brushed against my skin. They had no obvious head or eyes so I couldn't tell what they were looking at, but I felt dozens of tentacles on every inch of my body from my head to my toes. The stimulation was overwhelming at times, even tickled.

After several hours of constant contact and attention, they centralized their focus on my head, as well as my groin. I was surprised, but found myself becoming aroused with their touches and my dick stood at attention. My dick is average at best, but right now, it stood as tall and hard as ever.

Images started flashing through my head. Memories really. I thought about being in school. I thought about being too skinny in high school and getting beat up. I thought about work and then I thought about my girlfriend Danya. I thought about our dates and then about the first time we had sex. I thought about her dancing for me and slowly stripping her clothes. She shook out her long blonde hair and teased me before she sucked my cock. I thought about her pussy and how good it felt to fuck.

The tentacles wrapped around my cock and balls and, while they were tight, it actually felt really good. Their contact combined with my memories and my hips instinctively bucked as I felt myself close to cumming. When it hit me, I let out a grunt and shot cum into the gravity-less environment. The creatures quickly zipped around the room collecting my semen as it floated in the air.

I was surprised to find myself staying hard after cumming. I usually come quickly and then I'm done with sex for hours. But this time was different. My orgasm didn't kill my arousal and I felt like I was ready to fuck again almost immediately.

After the creatures finished collecting my floating semen, they parted and another, larger creature floated into the room. This creature looked the same aside from being larger. It was probably about four feet across and its tentacles were around six feet long. This one floated in and hovered directly above my erect penis. It flared out wrapping its tentacles around my legs and waist. It then pulled itself down on top of me and I could feel my dick press against it before slowly sinking into the creature.

I was inside of the creature and then it actually started fucking me. I was fucking an alien! Or, it was fucking me. Either way, this was incredible. It used its tentacles to pull itself down onto me before pushing up slightly. It felt warm, soft, amazing, and better than any pussy. Its rhythm started slow but very deliberate. Over a few minutes, it sped up and started to pull itself down on me harder and harder.

I felt it. I was going to cum in this alien. It was happening and there was nothing I could do about it not that I wanted to. It was all so erotic and so unknown that I couldn't help myself and my orgasm rocked over me.


This wasn't like any normal orgasm. This one shook me from head to toe and I convulsed and shook as I strained against my restraints pushing my dick as far inside the creature as I could. It seemed to know what to do and it pulled itself down and buried my full six-inches inside. I could feel every pump of my sperm flow deep inside just before I blacked out.

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