The Next Stage of Development Ch. 01


She hung up, took off her sunglasses, and slipped into the back seat. She opened her shorts and slipped them off as I climbed in the back with her. I pulled my shorts down and my cock sprang to life yet again. She gave a look of fear for a moment when she saw my size.

"Do you want to have sex with me?"

"Yes, I want you...I want your...sperms...inside of me."

I couldn't wait any more and I plunged my cock inside of her body. She arched her back and screamed not caring who would hear her. I thrust in and out of her giving her the full length of my monster cock. Our bodies slapped together with each pounding.

"I want you to cum now." I said.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her body shook and screamed again.


I sped up my thrusts and pounded her harder just before I lurched forward and impaled my full length into her cunt and spewed seed inside of her. I was still amazed that in spite of fucking my third girl that I was able to fuck and cum so much. I was consumed with the feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment. I felt I was doing the right thing by fucking these girls. And the more I fucked the more I wanted to fuck.

I pulled out of her cunt with a wet sopping sound as she smiled and looked down. She rubbed herself softly and I could read that she felt happy. She seemed to have the same feelings of accomplishment I had and that she too did the right thing. I climbed out of the car, put my shorts back on, and left her in her car without saying another word.

While driving home I had several urges to pull over and fuck girls I saw along the way. I saw one girl jogging down the street. I immediately pulled over in an empty parking lot and told her to jog towards me. She changed directions and then stopped on the sidewalk behind the car and looked around for a minute before seeing me.

I slid my shorts down allowing my cock to bob up straight into the air as she climbed into the passenger seat. She didn't say a word and she just put my cock into her mouth licking my precum. She knelt on the seat and pushed her tight jogging shorts off onto the floor.

Without a word, she climbed across the middle and straddled me as she carefully aimed my cock at her pussy. I pushed the seat back and reclined as she settled down and sucked my cock deep inside of her. I grabbed her tight ass as she bounced on top of me.

"I want you to cum now..." I commanded her.

She shut her eyes and stopped bouncing as I felt her pussy twinge and pulse around my cock. It pulsed as she gasped and dug her nails into my chest. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard on my cock and came with her pumping my cum inside her womb.

Feeling my cum pump inside of her, started her orgasm all over and she continued to cum harder and harder with each pump of cum. Once we calmed down, she slowly pulled herself off my cock and stepped out of the car half-naked without a care of who was about. She wiped between her legs surprised to find no cum leaking out. I tossed her shorts to her and she slipped them back on. She bent over and sucked the last bit of cum off my cock before smiling at me and winking, before resuming her jog as if nothing happened.

I sat there in the car just amazed at how I felt. Not only did I feel amazing with an amazing body, but I fucked four girls today and I was still horny...and hungry. I got out of the car to put my shorts back on with no regard for anyone seeing my naked body. Feeling this way, I actually wanted people to see me. After getting dressed, I stopped at a fast food joint and got another five double bacon cheeseburgers, three large orders of fries, and a huge drink.

While eating, a cute girl was sitting in the restaurant eating a salad and staring at me. She wasn't trying to be subtle and her eyes were scanning up and down my body. I connected with her and found her thoughts completely consumed with sex.

"Oh God he has a sexy body. I wonder how big his dick is." She thought to herself. She had short blonde hair, glasses, and wore a business outfit. Her blouse hung low and her skirt rode high.

I gave her the mental command, "You are becoming more aroused and your pussy is soaking wet."

I noticed her legs rub together slightly as she shifted in her seat.

"Kick off your shoes and then stand up and take off your stockings and panties."

She sat with a confused look as she bent over and unbuckled the back of her heels kicking them off on the floor. She stood and looked around briefly before she lifted her skirt grabbing the top of her pantyhose rolling them down her thighs before sitting back down. She finished rolling her stockings off and put them in her purse. She looked around again and cautiously stood up again lifting her skirt hooking the sides of her black panties pulling them down to the floor and stepping out of them. She picked them up putting them in her purse with her stockings before she put her heels back on. We weren't alone in the restaurant several others noticed what she was doing but pretended to ignore her.

"You feel warm. Take off your jacket and unbutton the top of your blouse." I commanded.

She fanned herself, shifted in her seat, and then peeled her jacket off and unbuttoned her blouse.

I finished my food and then decided to finish her off too.

"Go to the bathroom and take off all your clothes. I want you to rub your clit until I come in and then we are going to have sex."

She left her food on the table and immediately got up and walked to the bathroom. After just a minute or two, I got up and followed her in. Another girl was in there washing her hands and I heard the other girl in the stall rubbing herself and moaning.

The girl washing her hands just looked at me as I dropped my shorts and then and left without saying a word. I opened the stall and found her flushed and sweating as she frantically rubbed her clit. My cock pointed straight at her. She moved her hands and lifted her legs allowing me direct access. I moved in and plunged in without a moment of hesitation. She gasped and tilted her head back as I started fucking her cunt. She was so wet she made a sloppy wet sound as I thrust in and out.

"You can cum now." I told her.

She bit her lip and let out a soft moan as she shook. I dove my full length inside of her and came with her exploding my load deep into her belly. Shortly thereafter, I pulled my limp cock from her gaping hole as she continued to shake on the seat. I pulled my shorts up and then left the restaurant.

I finally got home at about dinnertime and ate yet another large meal. After a day's worth of fucking, I finally felt a little tired and decided to call it a night.


I woke up the next morning with a raging hard on and a renewed sense of purpose. I also noticed my bed was covered in cum. It would seem that I had a few, vivid dreams, I didn't remember. I felt the urges growing inside me again and I was ready to start my day. I naturally decided to start with some breakfast. My Dad was already gone to work and it was a Friday, so my Mom had a morning walking club. She was out for at least an hour. Kimberly was home and she was getting ready to go to school.

She came strolling into the kitchen and said, "Hey big bro...did you eat all the cereal?"

I was suddenly overwhelmed with an uncontrollable sense of arousal and drive. Kimberly was dressed in a short denim skirt and a tank top with a light sweater over it. My eyes transfixed on her body as she moved about the kitchen gathering food. I connected with her mind and she was thinking about her day.

Her mind said, "I wonder how I'm going to do on that test" and "I hope Tracy remembers to bring my earrings she borrowed."

That was when it came over me. My thoughts focused on her body and my cock grew stiff and ready for action. My thoughts betrayed me and entered Kimberly's mind as well and she too started feeling aroused. In her mind, I could actually feel her pussy moisten. I could feel her labia relax and her body prepare for sex. I tried to resist. She was my sister. I couldn't do this, but the urges to fuck were too great and she was the only girl around.

"Kimberly...I want you to have an orgasm" I thought to her.

She immediately dropped her bowl on the floor as she grabbed the counter, her eyes shut tightly. Her hands groped up her skirt, frantically pulling her panties to the side so that she could touch her pulsing clit. She howled, "HOLY SHIT! OH...MY...GOD...YES!"

I could sense her wetness run down her leg as her pussy throbbed through the orgasmic pleasure she was feeling.

"Kimberly, I want you to lift your skirt, take off your panties, and masturbate."

She immediately complied. She fell to her knees as she rubbed her clit with one hand and fingered her pussy with the other. She came again this time dripping her wetness on the floor as she franticly rubbed her hairless pussy. I could also see she had a small piercing on her labia.

My erection was now at full attention and straining against the fabric of my shorts. I felt compelled and obligated. I felt that I had to fuck her. She was my sister, but more importantly, she was a woman. I wanted her. I wanted to fuck her. I stood and took off my clothes as I walked towards my helpless sister masturbating on the kitchen floor. Her face flushed and she sweated as she tried to catch her breath. My cock bobbed up and down in front of her face and without even telling her to do so, she reached up and took it into her mouth. She too forgot I was her brother and only considered that I was a man. At this time, she desperately needed a man to fuck her and she didn't care who it was. She continued to masturbate as she sucked on my cock. It felt wonderful and like a release was coming.

"Stand up and stop masturbating."

She stood and I saw how wet her hand and the floor were. She was very ready.

I ripped her sweater and tank top tossing them to the side. I picked her up into my arms and she jumped wrapping her legs around me. My dick slid in between her legs but not inside her. We kissed passionately and she rubbed her hands all around me. She slipped a hand down between us to take a hold of my cock.

"I want your cock Alexander. Your...huge...cock! Please fuck me!"

This surprised me because it wasn't my command. She definitely wanted me. She managed to pull it up as she lifted her hips up and settled down on my shaft. She was so tight and at first, she could only take the first two or three inches. She opened her mouth in shock as I penetrated her pussy and she soon settled into a rhythm as she bounced up and down.

"I want you to cum."

She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me as her body clenched around me sinking down on top of my cock taking almost the full length inside. I could feel her whole body shake as she quietly buried her face in my chest and jerked her hips on my cock.

I walked over to the kitchen table and set her bare ass down. She was still convulsing with her orgasm as I separated us and parted her legs to get a good view of my sister's cunt taking my monster cock. Her small labia wrapped tightly around my shaft. She put her hands back on the table to support herself and I held her legs out to the sides as I moved my hips forward and back thrusting into her womanhood. She gasped with each thrust. I took it slow and I soon was able to put most of my cock inside of her.

"I in me..." she said in between thrusts.

That was the only permission I needed and I barely got it in time as I plunged fully inside of her and injected her with my brotherly semen. My body ached as I released. I couldn't believe I was fucking Kimberly, but as before, any regret I had was quickly defeated by my feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. It should feel wrong, but I didn't care.

Before I even finished cumming, I pulled out of her gaping hole and shot my last few ropes of semen on her chest and taut stomach. She opened her mouth as a shot of cum reached her face and draped across her nose and in her hair.

Her pussy refused to close. I had probably stretched her a little and it may take a little time to return to normal. I stuck a finger inside and could feel my warm cum sitting inside of her. It was very sticky as before and I pulled it out and scooped up more from her body before sticking it in her mouth to suck.

"Clean my cock."

She hopped off the table and fell again to her knees gobbling down as much as she could. She managed to clean me off in seconds and left just a little cum sitting on her lip, which she quickly licked up. She also managed to clean all the cum off her body as well gobbling it down her throat.

"Kimberly, I'm sorry. We shouldn't have done that. I'm your brother and I love you but we couldn't help ourselves. I want you to forget what happened this morning. You are going to clean up, get dressed, and then go to school as if nothing happened. You just had sex with your boyfriend last night."

She nodded and then walked over, dressed, and left without saying a word.

I looked down at my cock and thought that while this was a major gift, it is turning out to come with a few challenges. Even though I just had sex, I could already feel the urge again. I knew I was going to have to find more girls today. I found it more difficult to control myself.

I showered and cleaned up before getting dressed. I liked keeping it simple and just put on some loose gym shorts and a tank top. I looked in the mirror and I could see the outline of my cock down my pant leg.

The mall was a great location to find people. It was still morning time before the lunch rush so there were fewer people there. Just as I walked in, another massive headache overwhelmed me. Just like before, it lasted for about a minute and then it disappeared. I figured these headaches brought new powers. The first one allowed me to read thoughts and the second allowed me to control thoughts. What would this give me now?

I found two girls were working in a clothing store. There were no customers in the store at the time when I walked in. One girl was a little taller and had long brown hair. The other had medium length sandy blonde hair.

I casually walked around and immediately heard their thoughts. They were already noticing me and they were both finding me attractive.

"Hello there...can I help you find something?" the brown haired girl asked me.

"Why yes...I think you can. What color panties do you have on?"

"I...I'm not wearing panties" she said changing to an automatic tone.

"Oh...well that is good. Do you like not wearing panties?"

"Yes...I haven't worn them for years."

"What is your name?"

"My name is Nicole."

"How old are you"

"I'm 24.

"Who is your friend over there?"

"That is Tilly."

"How old is she?

"She is 19."

"Does Tilly wear underwear?"

"I don't know."

I looked at Tilly and commanded her to come over to us.

"Hello Tilly, are you wearing panties?"

"Yes." She responded.

"What color are they?"

"They are red."

"Okay. I want you to take them off now."

She kicked off her shoes and stripped her pants and panties in one move.

"I want you both to take off all your clothes."

As they stripped in front of me, I heard a noise from the back of the store.

"Who is back there?"

"That is Michael the manager. He is a douche bag."

I saw Michael walk out and he was shocked to find his two employees standing in the store naked. I instinctively raised my hand and connected with his mind as he was walking towards us making him forget he saw or heard us. I also found a way to make us invisible to him. We continued standing there with the girls naked but he acted as if we weren't even there. I then made him forget about Nicole and Tilly for the time being and to go back about his business.

He stood there confused for a few seconds before turning back around to return to the back room of the store. The girls just looked at me and smiled. I put my hands on their hips and pulled them close to me.

"So do you girls want to fuck?"

They looked at each other and smiled as they responded in unison, "Absolutely!"

"Tilly, suck my cock."

She pulled my shorts down revealing my erect cock to both of them. The tip was covered in pre cum and several drops fell to the floor.

"Oh God you're huge" Tilly said.

She sucked up the tip of my cock as Nicole kissed and caressed my chest. My cock became rock solid and I told Nicole, "Bend over. I'm going to fuck your brains out."

Nicole then turned and presented her ass to me with her pussy lips showing between her legs. I pulled my cock away from Tilly and slipped it cleanly inside Nicole. I had a desperate need to cum so I didn't really take my time. After just a few thrusts, I started to cum. My load pumped into her cunt and squished around inside with my final plunges.

Tilly stared at Nicole's pussy with a mesmerized look and as soon as I pulled out, Tilly dove on top and tounged Nicole's pussy to get any of my cum she could. She then turned her attention to my cock and licked off any remaining spunk.

My cock remained hard and I pushed Tilly back onto the floor where she laid down and spread her legs. My cock kept its stiffness so I knelt down and had no trouble pushing my way inside of her tight pussy. I started to pound her pussy harder than ever before and she clutched her eyes shut and I immediately gave her a command to have an orgasm.

Her body jumped as it hit her and she let out a scream as she reached for me and for Nicole. Nicole leaned over and kissed her as she came and I continued to hammer inside of her. I felt it hit me and I started to cum inside of her. I pulled out as I came and I forcefully shot cum quite a distance. Ropes of cum shot out and lathered all over Tilly's stomach, face, and hair as well as Nicole's face and hair. Some completely shot passed them landing on the floor behind them. Once they realized what was happening, both of them turned towards me and opened their mouths catching the rest. My cum was so thick, they weren't quite ready for it.

" tastes so sweet and delicious! This is much better than my boyfriend's cum. I love this!" Tilly said just as she caught my last pump of semen on her tongue.

Nicole then realized that Tilly was right. "Oh yes! You are right. This tastes wonderful. It is so sweet and delicious."

The girls clamored for my cock to get the last bits of cum slathered on the shaft. Their sucking kept me hard and they managed to suck enough to keep me going. I commanded them to trade off sucking and doing deep throat on my cock. They gagged several times, but Nicole managed to get my entire shaft down her throat twice.

They did a great job and I managed to cum for a third time. This time the girls waited patiently with their mouths open eagerly demanding to eat my cum. It hit me and streams of cum flowed from my cock into each of the girl's mouths.

Nicole got the first chance to literally drink my cum as it came from my cock. I focused my head on my own body and I somehow managed to keep the cum flowing. My orgasm lasted almost three solid minutes with cum gushing and pumping from my cock the whole time. The girls couldn't get enough and each actually got physical with the other to make sure she got as much as she could.

After I finally finished I figured I must have given these girls far more cum than any normal human should. I figured the aliens made me capable of constantly reproducing and that meant that I needed to be able to produce as much sperm as possible. My body was a massive cum factory and there was no end to how much I could produce.

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