tagLesbian SexThe Night Before Checkout

The Night Before Checkout


Grace sighed, sitting at the edge of the hotel pool. It had been a long day, starting from six in the morning, when her older sister's water had broken. From then on, it had been patiently waiting at the hospital with her parents. After her niece was born, an emotional few hours followed, and now she was beat. It was also her last night at the hotel; she would take her flight home in the morning.

Since she had had a few sleepless nights this past week, she had decided to swim a bit before bed. It had worked in the past, exhausting herself physically so she could fall asleep quickly.

So she slipped into the water and set herself to swimming laps.

After a certain point, she realized she was not alone in the hotel's pool room. In the Jacuzzi to the side of the pool was a couple, two women chatting quietly, one's arm around the other. Grace did her best to ignore them, swimming her laps dutifully. After finishing another one, she surfaced unknowingly right in front of the Jacuzzi, to see the two women making out. Something made her watch for a moment, until one of them spotted her. Embarrassed, she spun away to swim more.

She surfaced again, and when she got her bearings, she realized she was again in front of the Jacuzzi, where the two women were still making out. She stared, watching them passionately locking lips, and again the same one as before spotted her. Grace spluttered awkwardly, the other woman smiling slightly before turning her full attention back to her lover. Grace watched for a few more seconds, and then she turned away, to give the two some privacy. She swam a few more laps, deciding that it would be her last set.

When she surfaced, just by the ladder, the two women were standing at the lip of the pool, staring down at her. The one who had spotted her was blonde and petite, the other whose arm was around her brunette and taller.

"Hi," the brunette said.

"Hi," Grace said back.

"So, I'm just gonna come out and say this," the brunette began. "Katie here has been bugging me for a threesome lately, and we both think you're pretty. So if you want to join us, come knock on 214. It may be a shot in the dark, but I figured it couldn't hurt to mention it. No pressure, we get it if you don't swing that way."

With that, they walked out of the pool area, leaving Grace feeling confused and awkward.

After they left, Grace dried off quickly and headed upstairs.

She climbed into bed, but her tactic to tire herself out was not working. Instead, what the brunette had said seemed to stick in the back of her mind. Grace had kissed women before, but only when drunk, and she had never done more than that. However, she could not deny that she had always wondered what sex with another woman would be like. When she turned over, closing her eyes in an attempt to sleep, flashes of the two women from the pool appeared, the duo naked and entangled.

Grace sighed. All she had to do was go downstairs, and knock on 214. If she had a good time, then great. If not, she would never see them again.

It could be fun. And you've always wondered what it would be like. Here's your chance, on a silver platter.

Before she had truly committed to the decision, she was up and dressing, pulling on a t-shirt and shorts. She paused in the room, warring with herself.

Grace decided.

Before heading to their room, she stopped at the front desk.

"Hi," she said.

"How can I help you?" the woman at the desk asked.

"Uh...I'm going to room 214."

The woman scrunched her brow. "Are you asking for me to switch your room?"

"Oh, no, not that," she said, feeling awkward. "I'm, um, meeting people."

She fidgeted, uncomfortable. The woman stared blankly.

"Look," she finally said, leaning towards the other woman, "I'm going to join a couple upstairs."

The woman's eyes widened. "Oh..."

"So, since I don't actually know them, and for all I know they could be, like, serial killers, I was wondering if, if I don't come back here in an hour, could you knock on 214 for me?"

The woman nodded. "Of course," she said, still blinking in shock.

"If I'm back here before an hour, then never mind, but I just want to be safe."

"I understand. I'll knock on 214 in an hour if you're not back by then."

"Thank you," Grace said, turning to head upstairs.

When she got to their door, it took her a good few minutes before she actually knocked.

The door opened, and the brunette grinned as she saw Grace.

"She showed up," she called over her shoulder. The blonde came into view.

"Hi," the blonde chirped, walking up to them.

Grace hesitated, again feeling awkward, these two women staring expectantly at her. They were wearing t-shirts and pajama pants.

The brunette moved aside. "Come in," she said, Grace taking a deep breath as she walked into their room.

"What's your name?" the brunette asked.


"Pretty name. I'm Rachel, this is Katie."

Grace stood in the center of the room. The two women walked closer, and again Grace felt awkward.

"We don't bite," Rachel soothed.

"Unless you want us to," added Katie. Rachel smiled at her, and then looked back to Grace. She walked closer, sizing Grace up.

"Katie and I are going to start off. If it looks fun, just jump in. If at any point you want to leave, feel free. We won't hold it against you. Ok?"

Grace nodded. She watched as the two women embraced, kissing. In seconds, it was as if they had forgotten that she was there. Hands began to travel, and it was obvious that they had been together for a while. Rachel began to kiss at Katie's neck, who loved it, moaning softly.

The two of them made it to the bed, where Rachel began to slide up Katie's t-shirt. Grace watched as her stomach was exposed, Rachel kissing her way up, towards her chest. Her breasts came into view, and Rachel sucked at one, Katie squirming breathlessly. Her shirt was pulled off and thrown off the bed, and Rachel quickly dragged Katie's pajama pants off. Katie was commando underneath, so Grace had a full view of her pussy, a small thatch of hair above it.

Katie locked eyes with Grace as Rachel kissed downwards. She dipped her head to lap at Katie's pussy, and Katie groaned, taking the bedsheets in her grip. Grace felt a bit awkward, watching these two lovers. But Katie's soft sighs, and the view of her toned body, made her feel warm, made her tingle with arousal. Rachel seemed to have forgotten Grace as she dug her tongue into Katie, teasing her way deeper into her lover's channel. Katie, however, was still staring straight at Grace. The intensity of her gaze made Grace shiver, and then she decided, throwing caution to the wind, walking over to the bed. Katie's eyes lit up with delight, and when Grace climbed onto the bed, Rachel dragged herself away from Katie.

Grace was unsure of what to do, but the two women took the lead, Katie coming up onto her knees to kiss her. They locked lips, Grace leaning into the smaller woman, hands running up her sides. Katie took her hands, and directed them to her small breasts, where Grace stroked, feeling the warm flesh. As she caressed and rubbed, Grace felt Katie's tongue poke at her lips. She opened up, Katie's tongue sliding in to move against hers. Grace groaned into the kiss, and felt Katie do the same, a small sigh matching her own expression of delight.

"Now, now, Katie darling, you have to share," Rachel scolded, her voice husky with desire, hand coming onto Grace's shoulder. Katie broke off with a grin, and watched as Rachel swooped in, replacing Katie's lips. Grace turned to Rachel, sliding a hand up her shirt, feeling the firm flesh. Rachel's breasts were larger than Katie's, her skin slightly softer. Nevertheless, the feel of her bare skin excited Grace.

Grace groaned again as she felt Katie kiss at her neck; she shifted, canting her neck slightly to give Katie more access. As she moved, her shirt rose up a bit, revealing a swath of her pale belly. A hand reached out to stroke lazily along the expanse of flesh. Grace shivered at the caress, not knowing and not caring just who was doing it.

Katie began to kiss her way to Grace's shoulder. Pulling her away from Rachel for a moment, she grabbed the hem of Grace's shirt and pulled it over her head. Grace's own modest breasts were revealed, somewhere between the two other women in terms of size. Katie's eyes lit up, and she pounced, sucking at Grace's breasts, sampling the supple flesh. Rachel joined her lover, Grace gasping as the two women devoured her, tongues laving at nipples and teeth nipping at skin. Their hands directed Grace to lie down, where she melted into the bed. She arched her back, those wet tongues and hot mouths sending tremors all through her. Her eyes widened when she felt a hand slide along her belly, dipping into her shorts. Grace had not put on panties, so the hand quickly collided with her dripping sex. She cooed, lifting her lips to press her mound into the touch, glancing down to see that the hand belonged to Katie. The blonde giggled around a mouthful of Grace's breast, sliding her palm along Grace's slit.

As Katie began to slowly stroke Grace's pussy, rubbing softly at her slit, Rachel kissed her way back up, leaving Katie alone at Grace's breasts. Her mouth trailed up Grace's neck until they locked lips again.

Katie's hand took hold of the waistband, and Rachel broke the kiss to watch her slide them down and toss them onto the floor. Grace's pussy was on display, and she could not help but blush as these two stranger ogled her. Her instinct was to close her legs, but Katie put her hands on Grace's thighs, keeping them apart.

"It's beautiful," she said, Grace relaxing a bit. Rachel smiled at her and sat back, watching as Katie went to work.

Her mouth traveled all around Grace's belly and thighs, kissing at the soft flesh, making Grace shiver. The tender touches from Katie's lips made Grace's lower lips wetter, juice slowly seeping out of her. Katie's eyes lit up, and she slid her tongue up the slit, making Grace arch her back and coo in pleasure.

"She tastes good," Katie commented to Rachel. "You taste good," she repeated to Grace, who groaned, pushing her pussy up closer to Katie's mouth.

Katie wasted no further time, attacking Grace's slit with her tongue. It slithered all around her folds, licking up the freely flowing moisture, dipping inside here and there. Grace groaned and sighed at the sparks of pleasure being fired off at her pussy. As Katie licked and lapped, one of her hands trailed up, over Grace's belly, up to her breasts. Grace watched, biting her lip, as the hand reached its destination, rubbing at a breast, teasing the supple flesh. She groaned, reveling in the contact, in the sensation of Katie's warm hand against her own body. Her back arched further, head tossing briefly to the side. She caught a glimpse of Rachel, her hands shoved into her pants, soft moans escaping her lips. The sight was so erotic, seeing this woman pleasure herself to the tableau of her own lover pleasuring another woman. It was wild, to Grace, such a situation she now found herself in, but she loved it, that feeling arcing through her, arousal mounting ever so quickly.

She felt Katie breathe on her clit, and her latest moan caught in her throat. Her eyes flickered back down to see Katie hovering over her clit, wicked smile on her face. Another breath made Grace purr and arch her back. Her head canted back on the pillow, and Katie caught her by surprise, sucking her clit in between her lips. Grace squealed, tensing up, and as Katie sucked harder, fingers sliding all over Grace's wet folds, an orgasm approached, like a train threatening to go off the rails.

The orgasm hit a few seconds later, arcing through her body, Grace groaning softly as she trembled in its grasp. Her sweet cream spilled from her cunt, Katie eagerly lapping it up. None of it escaped from her reach as she drank from Grace's sex.

"How does she taste?" Rachel asked.

Katie did not answer; instead, she went over to Rachel and kissed her. The two women moaned as they kissed, and it was not until they broke apart and Rachel flashed Grace a mouthful of her creamy cum, that Grace realized that Katie was sharing more than just her taste.

Rachel swallowed with a loud gulp.

"Delicious," she commented. Grace blushed.

Katie kissed Rachel again, her hands roving all over Rachel's body. Her mouth quickly separated from Rachel's and dragged down over her breasts and then down further. She slid down Rachel's sweatpants, and now the three women were all stripped equally bare.

"Can I go down on one of you?" Grace asked. The two women glanced over at her.

"Of course," Rachel said. "You first," she told Katie, who giggled excitedly.

Grace watched as Katie laid down, spreading her legs to give Grace a wonderful view of her pussy. It was wet and slick, with dribbles of her juice leaking out copiously.

"Get to it," Rachel told Grace, gesturing to her girlfriend.

Grace took up position in between Katie's legs. Her slit was richly pink, a slight slice of her pussy visible through the lips. Grace leaned down and snuck her tongue out to taste along Katie's folds. The tanginess settled on her tongue, making her shiver as she tasted another woman for the first time. Katie groaned softly, her eyes fixed on Grace.

The piquant flavor made Grace bolder, dragging her tongue along Katie's slit, licking up more of her juices. As she drank up more and more, it inflamed her desire. Her hand slid from Katie's thigh to her own mound, now beginning to drip. She stroked herself, her thirsty tongue lapping up more cream. Grace could not help but moan as she sated her thirst, Katie moaning in response at the sound vibrating into her pussy.

The bed shifted, and Grace felt hands run along her back. Rachel had joined the two of them, her mouth now joining her hands, kissing along Grace's back. Her muscles rolled, reacting to the stimulation. It only encouraged her further, her tongue moving up and flicking against Katie's clit. Katie whimpered, moving her hips, aching for more. Hearing those needy noises made Grace want to give her more, so she slipped her laving tongue along Katie's clit. It made Katie jerk, squealing, and Grace repeated the action, producing another groan from Katie. Rachel laughed from behind Grace, enjoying the view.

Satisfied with having tasted her slit, Grace deftly slipped her tongue inside Katie's pussy. She shivered with delight as she felt those slick walls clutch at her tongue, and she slipped it further inside. Katie's hand came down, and she took a hold of Grace's hair, wanting to keep her rooted at Katie's cunt.

As if I'd leave.

Katie mewled, grinding her mound against Grace's tongue. The soft pressure was delicious, so Grace pushed her tongue as deep as she could, swirling it around. Katie's tight channel felt so wonderful against her tongue.

The bed shifted again, Rachel slowly moving along Grace's body, until she was kissing at her neck, her hands all over Grace. They moved across her breasts, teasing at her nipples, sliding along her warm flesh.

"Doesn't she taste so good?" Rachel whispered at her ear.

Grace gave her a thumbs-up, not wanting to pull away. Rachel understood, chuckling as she continued to kiss at Grace's neck.

As Grace continued to move her tongue inside Katie, Katie started to writhe and wriggle. Her back arched, lips parting for her tongue to run along them. She moaned and whimpered at the pleasure building in her cunt. Grace had to pin her down at the hip as she started to get a bit more unruly, the intense pleasure becoming too much to bear.

Grace was caught between wanting to draw it out, and wanting to make Katie cum, wanting to return the favor.

"You can make her cum now," Rachel said softly, murmuring at Grace's neck, "We'll have plenty of time to explore each other."

She's right.

The choice made, Grace slid her own hand away from her slit. Katie's pleasure was paramount right now. Her hand found Katie's clit, and she rubbed gently, the added stimulation enough to make Katie squeal and squirm, Rachel having to move up alongside Grace to help keep Katie pinned.

"I know I should've warned you about this," Rachel admitted, "but I wanted to see how you would handle her. She's small, but such a squirmer."

Katie heard her, and giggled, but was made to moan again as Grace put the heel of her hand down on her clit. She moved it in a circle, increasing the pressure, her tongue still moving incessantly inside Katie's channel.

The dual sensory attack of Grace's oral administrations and her palm grinding into Katie's clit was too much for Katie to handle. In less than a minute she was groaning, her body tensing, cunt flooding, on the precipice, before a yawning chasm of pleasure.

And then just like that, she tumbled over the edge, whimpering as she came. Her cream rushed out, and Grace drank it down, lapping at Katie's sex. Her hand moved away from Katie's clit, and she put that hand on Katie's other hip, holding the woman down as her orgasm washed over her. Shivers passed through her overwhelmed body as she began to come down.

Grace groaned, some of Katie's cum having stuck to her chin and cheeks. Desirous for more of it, she collected it with her fingers and fed it to herself. Rachel watched, biting her lip, beginning to stroke at her own slit.

"She tastes so good," Grace moaned huskily to Rachel.

Rachel nodded, and her eyes turned to Katie. Grace followed her gaze, and watched as Katie dragged herself up onto her hands and knees. She crawled over to Rachel and kissed her. The two women made out, for a few seconds focusing only on each other.

But then Katie pulled away and beckoned Grace to join them. She quickly did, and the three woman came together. They kissed, rotating around, so that two were always locking lips and the third was licking and sucking at necks and shoulders.

After a good few minutes of this, Rachel and Katie moved together, pushing Grace down onto her back. They turned her onto her side and maneuvered themselves to either side, Katie in front of her, Rachel behind.

Katie leaned in to kiss Grace, and her hand quickly went to Grace's mound, questing fingers slipping in between wet lips. Rachel also moved, pressing herself into Grace, her hard nipples piercing at Grace's back, her hot mouth sucking at Grace's neck. The two women pleasured her, not giving her any quarter as they kissed and sucked and fingered her. Grace could barely keep track of whose fingers were where; she only knew that Katie was kissing her, sucking on her tongue, gliding her own against it, and that Rachel was leaving little marks along her neck and shoulders, bringing her teeth into the equation. All Grace could do was lie there and groan, her body being explored and savored by these two women.

They made her cum quickly, working in concert to push her towards the peak of pleasure. And after Grace recovered, they began again, pushing her towards another orgasm.

It was so close, so close, Grace's cunt so hot and wet, her body being touched and teased, her moans muffled by Katie's mouth on hers.

And then came a knock on the door, and through Grace's lust came the memory of her request of the desk clerk. She quickly shoved Rachel and Katie away from her, their confused faces watching as she dashed to the door. Her hand was on the handle, about to turn it, when she remembered that she was naked.

"Who is it?" Rachel asked from the bed.

"Don't worry, I got it," she answered, and moved behind the door before opening it.

"Hi," she said sheepishly. The desk clerk raised an eyebrow.

"It's been an hour," she reminded Grace.

"Yeah, I know, I'm so sorry," Grace said, "they're not serial killers, I just lost track of time."

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