tagRomanceThe Night For Her

The Night For Her


Elizabeth had had a particularly difficult week; David had been out of town on business since Sunday and talking to him on the phone every night had no satisfied the hunger she felt for him. He was not due to return until Saturday and this week at work had been a nightmare. Her boss had her working on a huge project that had to be completed by Friday night. As Elizabeth sat at her desk Friday morning she felt the tension working knots in her shoulders. It was just after nine in the morning when her phone rang, she hesitated answering it for fear that it might be her boss. Elizabeth was slightly puzzled when she noticed that the caller id displayed her home phone. Elizabeth answered the phone and heard David tell her "Good morning, beautiful." He explained to her that he had heard the stress in her voice and had asked his boss to leave a day earlier. David ended their conversation by telling her "I have a special night planned for you that will take care of all your appetites."

Elizabeth spent the rest of the day wondering what David had planned for her, she fought to concentrate as she put the last few touches on her project. David was always full of very pleasant surprises. He really knew how to get inside her, not just inside her body. Her mind was his favorite place to play and he was already in there now.

The drive home had seemed shorter than usual. David greeted her at the door wearing a sport coat and tie and that evil little grin of his. He gave her a big hug and a passionate kiss. The smells of David's cooking had enticed her when he opened the door for her. David took the brief case from her and led her to the table where she was treated to a candle-lit dinner complete with a bottle of her favorite wine. The meal was gourmet! The meal toyed with all her taste; hot, sour, salty, and even a little bitter. Throughout their meal, David kept giving her that look. They chatted about each others work week as they ate, but she could see by the look deep inside David's eyes that she was in for the night of her life. When Elizabeth had finished the last bite, David cleared the table and told her that the dessert would be served in the living room and that he would meet her there in a few minutes.

Elizabeth went into the living room and found the fireplace glowing, champagne glasses on the hearth, and the big thick blanket and big fluffy pillows spread out in front of the fireplace. She sat in the chair and waited for him to return. Elizabeth's mind raced at the possibilities and wondered what would be next. She could feel the week's tensions beginning to melting away.

Elizabeth heard David's bare feet coming down the hall; he walk into the room wearing his silk bathrobe. He lit a few candles and turned on the stereo; slow sultry jazz poured lightly from the speakers. David went to the kitchen and returned with a beach towel, a bottle of champagne, a bowl of strawberries, a bowl of chocolate, and a bowl of whipped cream. He placed the bowls on the hearth and David poured her a glass of champagne. He proposed a toast to a night of pleasures. She felt his eyes penetrated her as he looked deep into her soul. The room seemed to blur just a bit and the rest of the world was a distant memory; it was just the two of them, right her and now. She was pulled out of the daze as David helped her stand up.

Without a word, David turned her around and started to unbutton her blouse from behind her, while he softly kissed the back of her neck. David helped her out of her blouse and then kissed her gently on the lips. Elizabeth kissed back and wanted more of his mouth, but he pulled back away, smiled at her, spun her back around, and unzipped her skirt. He let it slowly slide to the floor, while David kissed her neck. He sat her back down, knelt in front of her, and kissed his way down each of her legs. He pulled each of her shoes off, as he slowly reached them. David repeated the process as he undid her garters, and slid her hose off. His hands were hot and the feeling of his strong hands sliding down her legs gave her a little quiver.

Next, he reached behind her and undid her bra, letting her breast fall free. He slid the straps off and held her close, just staring in her eyes. David was close enough that she could feel his breath against her mouth, but no kiss was to be had this time. Still kneeling in front of her, he stood her up and gently kissed the wetness of her panties. Elizabeth felt his tongue gently caressing her lips through the silky fabric. She heard David take in a deep breath and gently sighed. His hand moved to the sides of her panties and gently slid them to the floor. He turned her around and kissed the very bottom of the checks of her ass, licking them ever so slightly. He kissed his way up her back and hugged her from behind, gently kissing her neck. She could feel David's hard cock brushing against her. Elizabeth let out a long slow moan and began to grind her hips against his hardness, only to have him pull away. He walked her over to the blanket, spread the towel on the blanket, laid her down, and refreshed her glass.

It was time for dessert. David reached into the bowl, pulled out a strawberry, dipped it in the chocolate, and moved it over her body. She felt the warm chocolate drip on her breast. David took the strawberry and spread the chocolate around her nipple and then presented it to her mouth. As Elizabeth licked the chocolate from the strawberry, he licked her breast. She sucked on the strawberry. He sucked her nipple. She took a bite of the strawberry. David softly nibbled on her nipple. He dipped his finger in his glass and slipped it into her mouth. Elizabeth greedily sucked on his finger. Suddenly, she felt cold champagne spill out on her chest and run down to her belly. David's hot tongue was licking down her chest to her belly button. Elizabeth felt the desire burning from between her legs, she had wanted David long time before this, but she knew that he would make her wait. He reached into the bowl and grabbed another strawberry. David ran it around her nipples, down her belly, and then between her very moist lips. He slowly spread her lips with the cold fruit while watching her squirm with delight. He slid the strawberry deeper inside her, while he dipped his other finger in the chocolate and dripped it all over her belly, nipples and up to her mouth. The chocolate slowly dripped on her lips. Elizabeth opened her lips and let the sweet chocolate drip on her tongue. David dipped his finger in the hot chocolate and gave her his finger, which she took it deep in her throat.

He worked the strawberry in and out of her with the rhythm of her sucking. Elizabeth felt the fruit removed and looked up to see her lover looking back at her smiling. David took the fruit and rubbed it in the pools of chocolate forming in her belly button, put it to his mouth and sucked on the strawberry while looking at her. With his finger still in her mouth, David greedily consumed the fruit.

He spread cold whipped cream all of her breast, down her belly, and to her pubic area. David leaned over her and began to lick the smooth, tasty cream from her firm breast. He licked his way down her belly and ran his tongue deep in her belly button. David's tongue licked her pubic area clean and then he reached for his glass of champagne and poured some between her hot and wet pussy. Elizabeth moaned loudly as he began to lick the outsides of each lip. His tongue lightly ran down just inside her pussy and then he licked that tender flesh between her two holes. She looked down into David's eyes, as he slipped his tongue back over her soft lips. Her eyes shut as she let out a loud groan. His tongue slipped deeper into her, which made her squirm with delight.

David leaned up and took a long slow drink from his glass and then another sip. He went back to her pussy and began to kiss her clit. The cold liquid ran from his mouth and over her hot little button, Elizabeth thought she was going to cumn right then and there. David began to work his tongue inside her deeper and faster. He could tell that she was close, so he grabbed her waist tighter and slid his finger inside her. Her juices flowed freely down her ass, Elizabeth knew it wouldn't be long before he would be fucking her sweet little pussy with his finger.

Sure enough, David slid his finger into her pussy as he licked her with animal lust. She felt her pussy sucking his finger inside her! His tongue had moved up to her clit and began to circle the sensitive little button. David began to suck her clit and flick it with his tongue. His finger was working in and out her with the same rhythm that he was sucking. Elizabeth began to groan and grabbed David's hair and pulled him to her tightly! He curled his finger and found that spot inside her pussy that drove her nuts! Then she felt a gentle pressure against her asshole. Another finger slipped easily into her ass, the fullness sent her over the edge. She felt the spasms starting to grow more intense. David began to gently lick her clit until she screamed out his name, as well as every name for God known to man. The spasms were powerful; she felt her legs begin to tremble. David greedily lapped up the tasty juices that flowed from her, while he looked deep into her eyes. Elizabeth forced herself to keep her eyes open and watch his eyes devour her.

When Elizabeth finished, David smiled at her and got up to pour her another glass of bubbly. He lay down beside her and reached over to kiss her lightly on the lips. He told her that he had another surprise for her and that he would be back for her in a minute. Elizabeth lay there buzzing from the champagne and the orgasm, feeling the warmth of the fire glowing over her naked body. She wondered what else he had in store for her and if she would get that lovely hard cock inside her. Another thought popped into Elizabeth's head as she lay there; how she would torture him when it was her turn to be in charge!

David re-entered the room wearing his silk bath robe. Elizabeth could see his cock full and hard beneath it and wondered how much longer could he go without fucking her or at least let her suck on his hard cock. David's ability to suspend his own sexual satisfaction sometimes drove her right out of her mind, but she knew that this feeling was his ultimate goal. He loved mentally torturing her.

He helped her to her feet, looked deep into her eyes, smiled, and turned her around. She felt him step closer to her and then David reached his arms around her at her waist. Elizabeth felt a silky material as he brushed it against her soft pubic hair, and then slowly ran it up her belly and around her breast. She leaned back against him. Elizabeth could feel David's excitement; he was really enjoying this long slow torture. He kissed her neck and brought a silk scarf up to her neck. He slowly folded the scarf into a long thin strand and placed it over her eyes. David tied it so that it was beneath her hair, she could no longer see anything. He stepped away from her, leaving her feeling naked and very vulnerable, God she loved it!

David took her by the hand and led her down the hall to their bedroom. As she grew nearer, Elizabeth could hear bath water running as he lead her towards the bathroom. She smelled the sweet smell of vanilla and jasmine; Elizabeth thought it was time for her favorite jasmine bubble bath with the candles glowing around their garden tub. She loved a good bath, especially when David joined her!

As they entered the bathroom, full of sweet hot smells, David stopped her and turned off the water. She heard the soft relaxing sounds of classical music floating in the air. Once inside the bathroom, he led her past the bathtub and into their walk-in shower. He was going to make her wait for the bath! David laughed his evil little laugh and Elizabeth let a soft "fuck you!" escape her lips. To which he replied "Good things come to those who wait!" He took a step back and left her standing there naked and blindfolded.

Elizabeth felt a sudden gush of hot water pouring over her breast. The water was at the temperature that was almost burning, but not quite. It was a very pleasant pain, that David knew she enjoyed. The water ran down the front of her body, warming her. Another stream of water flowed on her back. Then she felt him rubbing her back with a hot soft cloth. The silkiness of soap being slid slowly over her back was more than she could take; Elizabeth let out a long slow moan. David's strong hands moved to her butt and he washed each cheek, paying special attention to the tender undersides. He washed slowly down each leg. It all felt glorious. He rinsed her off slowly, so that the hot water flowed down her back and in between her ass, dripping slowly of her pussy lips.

Elizabeth felt the hot soapy cloth on her neck, moving slowly over each shoulder and then down each arm. David raised her arms so that she had to hold on to the shower head and then washed the under sides of her arms. She felt his naked body brush against her, the cloth moved down to her breast and lightly encircling each breast. He worked his way down her belly and over her hips. He moved around her and Elizabeth heard him kneel in front of her, she felt his hot breath against her pussy, and then the washcloth running slowly up her leg to her knee and then up the other leg, then a pause. Next, she felt the very warm and soapy cloth return to her thighs. David slid the hot clothe slowly up her leg and across her pussy, and then back down her other leg. He moved her legs apart and then brought the freshly warmed washcloth to her already hot lips. Elizabeth felt her knees buckle just a little, but held onto the shower head and steadied herself. She felt the hot cloth spread her lips and then the warmth against her very excited clitoris. He moved it back to her inner lips and gently washed each one. After he washed her tender asshole and she heard him stand up.

Knowing what was coming next, didn't make it any less exciting, she felt the rush of hot water slowly running over her shoulder. David rinsed each breast with a generous amount of water, making it hurt just enough. The hot water poured down over her aching pussy, making Elizabeth moan loudly. He poured more water over her breast, moving the slow trickle of water down her belly, and then on her downy fur. Elizabeth felt David spread her lips and then the water rushed over her tender flesh. Her knees buckled again and she slipped, but he caught her in his arms and gave her a long passionate kiss. David pulled off her blindfold and told her it was finally time for her bubble bath.

After helping her to her feet, he opened the door, led her to the tub and helped her in. The candles surrounding the tube gave off a warm, sexy glow. David went back into the shower and retrieved the antique pitcher that he had used earlier. He slowly poured the water over her hair until it was very wet. He put some soap in his hands and began to work it through her hair. David massaged her head as he lathered up the shampoo. He rinsed her hair slowly, letting the water gently run over her head. Once her hair was rinsed, David slipped into the tub behind her and poured her another glass of champagne. He held her close and lightly caressed her in the silky water. Elizabeth could almost fall asleep because the environment was so relaxing. They stayed cuddle up for a long time, listening to the soft flowing music in the candlelight; it was almost heaven indeed! The week from Hell seemed a distant memory.

In spite of her intense desire for him, she drifted off to sleep in his arms. The warm water, music, champagne, and the orgasms had left her sleepy. Elizabeth only woke a little when she felt David slide out of the tub and gently ease her head against a towel. She had just about drifted back to sleep, when he reentered the room, dressed in his silk boxers. He had a large towel and her thick Terri-cloth robe in his hands. Elizabeth tried to apologize for falling asleep, but he placed his finger to her mouth to quite her.

David helped her out of the tub and began to towel her off with the soft warm towel, fresh and hot right out of the dryer. He slowly dried off her back, easing his way down her body. He kissed her soft, freshly washed bottom as he dried the back of her legs. David turned her around and dried his way up her legs. The soft warm towel brushed against her hot sex as he gently toweled her off. When David reached her breast with the towel, the warm towel had a damping effect on her sweet lower lips. After drying her face and hair he gave her a soft wet kiss and whispered "You are so beautiful!" David pulled her close and hugged her for a moment; Elizabeth could feel his hardness through the soft silky boxers and ached to have deep inside her. Instead of taking her and giving her what she knew they both wanted, he reached behind her and helped her into her robe.

He sat her down in her dressing chair and began to carefully comb her wet hair. When her hair was free of tangles, he began to blow dry her hair. Elizabeth sat back and enjoyed all his special attention. Her head was still swimming from the hot bath. David continued until her hair was dry, every once in a while, the hot air would blow down into her robe and warm her nipples. The hot air on her nipples only added to her already damp pussy.

He helped her out of the chair and walked her towards the bed. Vanilla candles surrounded the bed and on the bed side table was a bowel of hot water with a bottle of vanilla lotion floating in it. Elizabeth knew that she was in for one of David's glorious body massages. He helped her out of her robe and laid her on her stomach covering her lower body with the robe. David took the lotion out of the bowl of hot water, let the warm lotion drip onto her flesh, and began to rub her shoulders. She let out a soft moan as David worked out the last of her built up tension from a difficult week. He massaged his way down her back until he reached her butt. He again let the lotion drip into the crack of her ass; his strong powerful hand massaged her butt muscles deeply. David's hands gently brushed her lips as he continued the stroke around her checks. This contact continued to add to her dampness. She looked back to see a knowing grin on his face. Elizabeth thought that she had felt it earlier, but the sensitive flesh of her ass let her know for sure, that he had placed just a touch of cinnamon oil in the lotion. Elizabeth said, "You enjoy this too much!" David replied "What?" with his evil little laugh and moved to the back of her thighs and slowly, but firmly stroked her thighs. The back of her knees was another area he paid special attention to, then moving down to her tired calf muscles.

After massaging the tension from her calves, David had her turn over to her back and moved in between her legs. He again covered her with the robe. He placed her left foot in between his crotch; she could feel his hardness again. David took her right foot in his hand and placed a generous amount of lotion on her foot and began to rub her toes. He used his thumbs to press hard down the center of her foot; this sent a surprising twinge up the middle of her pussy. He repeated this on her other foot; he could see moisture building up on her neither lips. David moved up farther between her legs and massaged her shins and then her knees. He was sitting with her knees draped over his thighs, his legs up close to her. If Elizabeth would be allowed to sit up she could ride his hard cock, while he held her close. But David was not going to let that happen tonight and she knew it now.

He massaged the inside of her thighs on the way up and back down her inner thighs on the way back down. David lightly stroked her outer lips as he crossed from her inner thighs to her outer thighs. This light touch again sent shudders up and down her spine. He brought her closer, close enough that Elizabeth could feel his silky hardness against her. David began to rub her pubic area up along her hipbone and back down her belly. Leaning up, he lightly stroked the area right under her breast, moving up into her armpits and back down the middle of her cleavage. She felt her nipples start to harden even more. David's fingers moved to her nipples and massaged his way outward in circles. Another soft moan escaped her lips, he responded by pushing his hardness against her aching lips. He got up and kissed her lips, sliding his tongue in between her teeth. His hard cock has rubbing her through the silky material, but his pleasure was not in his plains for tonight.

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