tagBDSMThe Night Has Only Just Begun

The Night Has Only Just Begun



The following is a story I wrote for my new submissive. She is a beautiful woman who has opened her mind and body to her long-suppressed submissive and kinky desires.

She enjoys searching Literotica for stories to read while masturbating daily. This is now one of those stories.

I hope you enjoy it as well.



As your fingers grip the sheets tightly, your head is thrown back and your mouth hangs open in a silent cry of ecstasy.

You'd love to put your hands on the back of my head and pull me tighter to your wet pussy, but the leather restraints keep you from moving more than a few inches.

Even your legs are restricted from wrapping themselves around me; with ankle restraints tightly holding you in place.

You are immobile. You are helpless. And you are in your happy place.

You can do nothing but feel the sensation of my tongue flicking your sensitive, hardened clit. Your pussy flows in anticipation of feeling my warm, soft tongue exploring your folds and pressing deep into you, as if I am fucking you with my tongue. The juices dripping between your legs flow down your crack, lubricating your tender, sensitive little rosebud that you hope will soon feel the pressure of my tongue licking you there as well.

Although you have already had two orgasms, you feel another rush of excitement building and beg to be allowed to cum again. "Please, Daddy. May I cum?" You get no response, and know you cannot cum without permission. The pressure is building rapidly, and your hips begin pressing into your Master.

"PLEASE, Daddy. May I cum, sir?".

Again, no response, other than an intensified lapping of a tongue on your pussy. Your juices taste amazing and I want as much of it as I can get. You know how good you taste as well, but right now, you have become desperate for the release that only an orgasm can provide. Your pulse continues to intensify and your heart is beating rapidly in a state of incredible arousal.

"Please, Please, PLEASE, Daddy! I am begging you. PLEASE let your BabyGirl cum for you!"

My lips on your pussy separate from you only for a moment, and you hear the words, "Not yet, my love. You are almost ready".

You can barely breathe as my tongue and lips return to licking, sucking, and biting your clit and pussy. The pleasure of my tongue is almost torture at this point. You are sweating profusely, straining against your bindings. Your orgasm is so close, and you are not sure you can hold it back any longer, but also fear the swift punishment you would receive if you cum without permission. It takes every ounce of your energy to fight back what you know is an incredibly powerful orgasm.

Suddenly, you feel my fingers stroking your clit, rubbing it in a circular motions like you've shown me when you masturbate for your Master. This stimulation of your clit only serves to escalate your pleasure and push you to the very edge of orgasm. As my fingers rub your clit, my tongue descends from your pussy, following the flow of juices to your ass and begins firmly licking that tender area you have been secretly hoping to have explored.

Immediately, the intense pleasure and taboo thought of having your ass licked is too much and you know you can't hold back any longer. Your mouth is dry from panting and you aren't sure you can even speak to beg for the orgasmic relief you need. Sensing you muscles tensing, your clit engorged and throbbing, and your puckered hole suddenly clenching tightly, I whisper, "Cum for me, BabyGirl. Cum for Daddy". Before I can even finish the last syllable, your orgasm erupts from deep within you. Every muscle in your body stiffens, raising your ass off the bed with each violent throb of your pussy as you explode in orgasm and actually begin squirting for me. "YES! YES! FUCK YES!" you scream as one wave of orgasmic pleasure after another rolls through your body. Rather than pull away, I grab your hips and press my face tighter to you and keep licking your ass. You lose all control at this point as you spray my face with your juices and ride out this thunderous orgasm.

As the convulsions begin to slow, and your body comes to a rest, I release my hold on you and give your pussy a single lick, and suck your clit one last time. You fall motionless on the bed, still restrained, spreadeagled, completely exhausted, and covered in a mix of sweat and pussy juice. I slide up your wet body until my face meets yours and press my lips against yours in a passionate kiss.

"Thank you, Daddy" you tell me.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, BabyGirl."

"Oh, Daddy. I loved it! Now, please fuck me. Use me however you like for your pleasure. Fuck my mouth, my pussy, or my ass until you cum. Fuck me however you like. Fill me or cover me in your cum. Whatever my Master desires is His. I am your horny little cumslut and I need you to use me as your fucktoy. Please, Daddy?"

I kiss you again, and you see a devilish smile come across my face. "Yes, BabyGirl. You are such a good girl. You are my cum-hungry little slut, and I am going to use you for my pleasure."

As I slide a blindfold down over your eyes with one hand, you see me reach for the spreader bar, and you smile; knowing the night's activities have only just begun for you...

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