The Night Nurse


I was finding it hard to make ends meet and being a nurse at the old age care home was not the greatest paying job. It was where all young nurses started and being a male nurse it was also a good training ground. I was now well into my training and was on night shift. Tonight I am on duty with Marie who is both a nurse and the recent mother of a baby girl. Marie was a plumpish girl and not because she had recently been pregnant, it was simply that she was a big girl. I was to start at 10pm and as I walked to the change area the sound of voices caught my attention. It was another of the nurses Jackie and Clare who were about to go off shift.

"I made $ 300 today already," boasted Clare.


‘Yeah and that makes $700 this week."

"These old guys love the service and I don't even have to fuck them,"

Claire laughed.

"At $50 per hand job I don't have to do anything at all."

Laughter filled the change room as both began to change out of their uniforms.

"I've noticed your uniform is a bit short," remarked Jackie.

"Yeah and all you do is show them a little stocking and suspender and they are like putty in your hand," Claire again laughed.

She flashed Jackie a quick peak at her white lace top stockings and suspenders along with a sexy pair of white lace panties.

"That would turn me on," laughed Jackie.

"Mr Rogers is my best customer."

"The old guy is horny as hell cums real quick."

"He wants me to give him head only I told him $ 200 to put him off."

"I wouldn't like that monster cock in my mouth."

They both laughed together as I moved to the male change room. My mind began to think as I started to shower and put on my own uniform. If I could make that sort of money I would be debt clear real soon and my financial situation would be fixed. I thought to my self I could offer the same service only would it have the same effect being a guy, then it hit me. I could pretend to be something I'm not. I could wear something sexy and pass my self off as something else and be a woman and only I would know. It would be simple. I would let Marie go and I would dress as a female nurse using some of Claire's things if they were still there or I could purchase some of my own. My mind raced as I thought about the money I would earn and would soon be debt free.

The evening passed quickly and the next day I went shopping for my new things. I purchased some sexy white stockings and suspenders just like Claires along with a small lace bra and panties and some makeup, which included lipstick, foundation eyeliner and lip-gloss. Last would be a wig. I went to the store and told the assistant it was for my sister. I picked out a beautiful soft one strawberry blonde and cut in a bob style. I went back to the ladies dept and moved from stand to stand in the makeup section watching how the different things were applied and used. After an hour or so I had a very good idea of what did what and what looked good. I hurried home and couldn't wait to try my new things on and transform myself in to nurse Butler. I took a long shower and being very fair I had little or no body hair. I shaved and applied the makeup, then my new out fit. Last came my wig and I stood looking at myself in the mirror. I was 5'9 tall and slim. I looked good in my new outfit and felt sexy as well. I also would pass although my makeup needed a little refinement. By the time I went to work my transformation would be complete. I hurried into work and put my things away. Marie had completed the evening rounds and had returned to the nurse's station.

"You look tired Marie."

"Why don't you got to the isolation room and get a couple of hours sleep."

"I wake you if I need help".

"Steve you're a doll I am beat."

She grabbed her bag and headed off down the hall. I gave her a few minutes and the headed for the change room where I applied my makeup and then my pretty things and finally my wig and dress. I took one last look as I headed back to the ward and to Mr Rogers room where I let my self in quietly.

I moved to his bed as my eyes adjusted to the darkness.

"Mr Rogers? I whispered.

"Claire is that you?"

"No it's ah Helen," I replied.

I had liked that name and that is who I now would be.

"Claire said I should give you your special treatment."

My heart was beating so hard I could hear it through my own chest.

"The same price?"

"Yes, "I stammered.

"Give me 5 and I'll be in the shower room," he replied.


I slipped back to the nurse's station and waited until I heard the door to the shower block close and then headed in that direction. My heart was still beating loud and I was so nervous as I slowly turned the handle and let myself inside.

The room was dimmely lit as I walked past the first few cubicles when all of a sudden there was what appeared to be a scaple at my throat.

"Don't make a sound you fucking whore."

I tried to get the words out but it was no use. My throat was restricted and I was unable to speak.

"What did you think bitch that I was going to keep paying you fucking whores for a simple hand job?"

"I want to feel some mouth on my cock and feel some pussy wrapped around it and guess what Helen it's going to be you."

I was pushed toward the centre of the room where a stainless steel trolley awaited me. He pushed me up onto it and there was another pair of hands, which held my upper body as my legs were strapped into the stirrups and then he moved and secured my wrists. My head hung over the end and I so realised that I was positioned so that my mouth and my male pussy would be accessible.

"Mr Rogers please, listen."

"I'm not who or what you think I am."

"Oh I'm sure we will soon find out just what you are."

I struggled against my bindings but it was no use. My uniform by this time had hitched up exposing my stockings, suspenders and a hint of my panties.

The second man grabbed my head and pulled it over the end of the table and secured it then took an oral cavity-opening clamp and pushed it into my mouth. The device was designed to fit between my teeth and when clamped held them apart but still allowed entry into my oral cavity. It was evident he would rape my mouth and I would not be able to stop him. I watched as Mr Rogers took the blade and dragged it down the length of my white nurse's dress and the sharpness easily cut the material. He peeled it back like opening a gift and further exposed my stockings, suspenders and panties. He slide the blade under the white elastic material of the leg of my panties and with a quick flick of his whrist snapped it and it too opened exposing my semi rigid cock.

"Well look what we have here," he smiled, as his fingers wrapped around my shaft which he began to stroke long and hard. My body betrayed me as the attention was making my cock hard.

"We got our selves a sissy boy."

"And cute at that."

I tried to resist but the bindings held tight against my struggles.

"Mmmmm she makes a good looking slut."

"What do you think Frank?"

"Oh yes she is Dave, I'm going to enjoy sticking my cock in her pretty mouth."

"And she will soon be drinking my hot cum"

Both men laughed out loud as the positioned themselves for my rape.

Dave Clarke pushed his cock toward my face and it pressed against my cheek. I watched as it made its way along my lips and over my mouth and I could feel the trail of precum it left behind.

Mr Rogers took some lubricant from the shelf and applied it to the rim of my man pussy. He used his finger to rub it around the tight opening and I could feel my back arch against his touch. I had never had cock in my arse and the thought frightened me. I remember Claire saying that Mr Rogers has a huge cock and that it was thick as well. I know it won't be passion when the uses it on me as he will only be interested in getting himself off and not my pleasure. There was also the thought that when he finished that his partner would also want a piece of me and I hoped I would be well lubricated before that happened.

It was now time for my introduction to cock as Mr Rodgers guided his thick penis toward my opening. Frank grabbed my head and he steered his cock to my oral cavity. The gag made its entry easy and he was soon deep in my mouth. I felt myself gag as it hit the back of my throat and I also fought to breath. He immediately began to fuck my mouth as his balls were soon slapping my chin. My jaw ached as the gag held tight and there was no way I could avoid it. I had at one time tasted my own cum to see what it did taste like and I would be soon swallowing his load against my will. I hoped it wouldn't make me gag and I feared I would choke on it.

Mr Rogers cock now pressed against my opening and there was resistance on my part to accept it. The resistance would be temporary for he would push past that and he would soon fill my anal canal. He held my hip with his fingers digging into my flesh as he pushed further into me stretching my pussy wide. It gripped his cock tight making it swell even more.

"Oh god this bitch's man pussy is so fucking tight."

"I want to cum now only I want her to enjoy some cock before I fill her."

"Yeah her mouth is so hot and moist and I'm going to enjoy shooting my load down her slut throat."

"And just think when we have finished with her the others will also enjoy her openings."

Both men were now well into my rape and and I was being used as their sex toy. My mind drifted, as I was now deep throating Frank Skinner as Dave Rogers pounded my man pussy. I was their bitch and I was fighting hard against my body.

His hand took my clitty as his fingers wrapped around its thickness where he began to stroke me long and hard and I was responding to his touch.

"Yeah baby that's it get that bitch clitty nice and hard."

"I'm going to make you cum just like the slut you are."

"You know you want it bitch don't you?"

Whilst my mind told me no, my body was telling me yes. I wanted to cum, wanted to be used and be pleased. I found my self acknowledging his question and it was in the affirmative. I wanted to be fucked, wanted to be raped and used and I would get my wish.

Frank Skinner was on the brink as he pounded my mouth. His precum dribbled down my throat as he prepared me to receive his love juice. I was also lubricated anally and Dave Rogers was fucking me pushing deeper and deeper inside. My cock was rock hard and the precum oozed from it, as I too was ready to shot my load. His hand masturbated me in rhythm to his cock pushing and pulling in and out of me.

The cry of pleasure came to me throat as my clitty exploded high into the air. My mind was on my own pleasure and I was not prepared for Frank who seeing and hearing me exploded in my mouth. There was so much cum that it spewed from my mouth and into my nose as my head was still bent over the edge. I began to cough and splutter as the waves of my own organism subsided and Franks continued. I tried to gulp it down but it was no use and it ran down my cheek splashing on the floor.

Dave Rogers gave one last thrust as he too came inside me. I felt his cock twitch and buck as he expended his seed deep in my anus. He gripped my hips tight as with one last shove all was filing me. His weight collapsed down as his cock began to soften.

Frank withdrew from my mouth and removed the gag. It would not be required, as I would voluntarily suck any cock that was stuck in my face. He forced me to lick his cock clean and once finished he withdrew and summoned another. This ones cock was in my mouth and I was a willing participant. Another took Daves place and they kept coming until the last one of the ward had had one of my holes. I lay in the dark exhausted with my jaw aching, as did my man pussy. I still was bound and it was early morning when Marie found me and cut my bindings. I staggered to the shower and lay on the floor as the water rained down on my cum covered body. I was now their toy and I would be used again soon and it was then I realised that for me the night shift would never be the same.

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