tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Night of Passion

The Night of Passion


Mistress Celine was to be at the studio all day recording new songs for her next album. She usually insisted on me being there with her but today she had plans for the evening and need me to prepare for them during the day. I was to go do some shopping and pick up her favorite champagne and her choice of supper. Supper was to be steak, baked potatoes, and carrots. The table was to be set and candles were to be lit through out the house. I was to greet her at the door at 6 pm on my knees with nothing on except the dog collar she had bought me especially for this occasion. My Mistress carried the leash in her purse all day to connect to the collar when she walked in the door. I was also instructed not to masturbate at all the day and that I was to wear a mini-skirt with no undies and see through white blouse no bra when I went out of the house. I had everything ready at 5:58 pm and was ready for Mistress Celine to walk through the door.

At exactly 6 pm Mistress Celine walked through the door. I was right there on my knees waiting for her. She connected the leash to the collar and led me to the bedroom where the room was lit with many candles. She then ordered me to lie and the bed on my back and then took the strips out of the top drawer and tied my legs and arms to the posts of the bed. Then she took the blindfold out and put it on me. I heard her leave the room. She returned sometime later with a plate of food. I was to earn the privilege of eating any of the food. I could hear Mistress Celine moving around the room. Then I suddenly felt the drop of hot wax on my left breast. This sent screams of pain and pleasure through out the room. Mistress Celine loved to hear me scream. The unknown of what was to happen combined with the dripping of hot wax was enough to get my cunt completely juicy. Mistress Celine the proceeded and dripped wax on my right breasts which again sent screams of pain and pleasure through out the room. I became even more juicy and felt close to explosion. She then untied my ankles and told me to bring them up around my head. She then took the candle and dripped hot wax all over the hot, wet, juicy cunt and dripped hot wax right in my holes. The intense pain was enough to send me into an instant orgasm. Mistress Celine then untied my hands and removed the blindfold. I was told I had earned the right to eat the carrots, as she was delighted and juicy from my screams of pain during the wax treatment.

Mistress Celine then instructed me that it was her time to cum. She went and lay on the bed and I was to go down on her. I started by softly caressing her neck with my soft lushish lips and worked my way to her left breast. I softly kissed around the nipple then used my teeth to bite her nipple. Mistress Celine screamed in pain and pleasure and I continued to her right breast. On her right breast I took my time kissing and sucking her breast. When I sensed that Mistress Celine was relaxing I bit hard into her right nipple. She screamed from the pain and become even juicier. I then made my way down to the clit. With my fingers inside her fucking her fast and hard I licked and sucked her clit. At precisely the right time I bite the clit and Mistress Celine exploded all over my hand and the socked the sheets. Mistress Celine was pleased with the intense orgasm and then said that I could eat the baked potato, but that I would have to do a lot more to earn the steak.

Mistress Celine then took out her favorite toys, the whip and the strap on cock. I was instructed to bend over the end of the bed and Mistress Celine put the strap on cock on. She then lubed up the strap on and lube up around my asshole. Mistress Celine loved to fuck her sub in the ass. She then rammed the strap on in my ass hard and fast and I screamed in pain and pleasure. Right away my cunt juiced so much that I felt like an explosion had happened. So continued fucking my ass and at the same time took the whip and whipped my back. The welts started and the orgasm was so intense that the floor below my legs was socked with cum.

Mistress Celine then returned to the toy chest and brought out the vibrator. She then lay down on the bed and instructed me to make her cum. I was not to use the vibrator in her ass, as Mistress did not like being fucked in the ass. I fucked her cunt hard with the vibrator. First I shoved it in hard and fast then continued fucking her slowly. Once in a while I would put the vibrator in and twist it around to hit her G-spot. Then I started fucking her hard and fast and at the same time pinch her clit with my nails. She screamed from the pain, and within minutes had an explosive orgasm. Mistress was very pleased with my performance and gave me permission to then eat the steak.

Mistress Celine then left the room and brought in the bottle of chilled champagne and two glasses. I was told that I was now to earn the right to a drink. She handed the vibrator to me and told me to lie on the bed. Mistress Celine loved to sit and have a drink and watch me masturbate into multiple orgasm. I started out by rubbing the vibrator up and down the lips of my cunt. Then went to work on the clit. I rubbed my clit with my fingers and pinched the clit with my fingernails. I then shoved the vibrator in my cunt hard and fast. I continued to fuck my cunt with the vibrator and at the same time pinched and rubbed my clit with the other hand which sent me into the first orgasm. I then started to play with my breasts. I pulled and pinched on my nipples with my nails. Then I figure fucked myself with the other hand, which was enough to send me into a second orgasm. I then took the vibrator and shoved it in my ass and fucked myself in the ass. At the same time I continued to figure fuck myself this sent me into the third and final orgasm. Mistress Celine pasted me a glass of champagne and said that I had pleased her very much. I know that while I was masturbating that Mistress Celine had masturbated at the same time and orgasm herself repeatedly.

We then moved from the bedroom to the livingroom where the candles were going and sat and talked. Mistress Celine loved me to sit at her feet in the livingroom and listen to her day and I loved to hear her talk. Her voice was so soft that it would melt the heart of all that listened.

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