tagIncest/TabooThe Night of the Party Ch. 01

The Night of the Party Ch. 01


All characters are 18 or older.


My name is Robbie and the fantasies of my sister start in high school. Growing up my sister Nancy and I were typical siblings. We hung out, we fought, we knew a lot of the same people, helped each other with homework, and sometimes went out of our way to get the other in trouble. She's my twin but not identical. Nancy was totally Irish with her red hair and pale, lightly freckled skin, while I had brown hair and eyes. My parents didn't plan on having kids but accidents happen and they weren't too eager to have anymore, so it was just the us two.

Our normal routine was to get up, eat breakfast with the folks, and head to school. Nancy and I shared one class and that was anatomy, other than that we may see each other in the halls but otherwise we wouldn't see each other until we rode home together. After arriving back at home we would do our homework, go out with friends or veg around the TV, and eat dinner before going to bed. Nancy never played sports, but she would always come to my football and baseball games. We were my version of normal as far as teenagers went.

During sleepovers my friends would always ask if Nancy had a boyfriend, if I ever saw her naked, if they could trade me something if I would steal her bras or panties, or even take a Polaroid of her in the shower and give the pictures to them. Of course I would get mad and make them change the subject. Who would do something like that to their own sister? That would make me a perv and I couldn't humiliate my sister like that. Everyone knows what high school kids are like. Word would spread like wildfire and everyone would know that some sicko was stealing his own sisters under garments and snapping naked pictures of her ruining both of our lives.

Things changed for me one night on a quiet Saturday. Our parents were out at some fund raiser getting plastered leaving us home alone. We were flipping through channels and came across a movie where two adolescents were trapped on a deserted island and it just so happened that they were having sex with each other, or mating as they put it. This was obviously unnatural and seemed weird to me. I looked at Nancy to gage her reaction and she just raised her eye brows and smirked at the television. Starting that night my fantasies began to change from my sister's friends, especially her friend Becky, to my sister.

The next morning I felt different, not guilty, but definitely different. When I came into the dining room my sister was sitting there in her PJs, one foot on the seat of the chair and one foot on the floor spooning cereal into her mouth while reading a magazine. I noticed things I never gave any thought to before. Her long red hair, deep emerald eyes, full C cup breasts, and tight body. Red heads are a strange species in my opinion, either they're incredibly hot, or not so much. Flat as a board or big breasted. No in between, but that's just my opinion. My sister was very attractive. Then she caught me checking her out!

'What are you looking at, tard?'

'... Just wondering if I should jump in the shower now or risk being late cuz you take forever, thunder thighs.'

She wrinkled her brows and flipped me the bird as I turned around to head to the shower. 'Quick thinking, but thunder thighs?' I thought to myself. 'Stupid!' I muttered as I shook my head. As soon as I got into the shower my hand was wrapped around my dick with the same effect as last night. I almost had to sit down because my legs almost couldn't hold me up.

'Can I drive today?' Nancy asked holding the car keys up on her index finger, twisting her body back and forth.

'Go head' I sighed but all I could think about was her lips against mine. I was going crazy.

On the way out the door all I could do was watch her ass and hips sway from side to side, and I realized I was caught again when she suddenly stopped and I looked up and she was staring into my eyes as if to say 'are you serious?'

'Down perv. Did you remember your wallet? I'm not loaning you any money today'

'Yeah... Take it easy, I thought you had gum on your butt.'

'Pfff! Whatev just get in the car.'

The whole way to school I stole glances, but tried not to overtly stare. Apparently I wasn't very good at it. I was very distracted all day with thoughts of my sister; I even went as far as changing my routes between classes to see her in the hallways. This went on for a week, until my sister confronted me in anatomy.

'Why am I seeing you more and more during the day?' She asked me

'I don't know. I guess I'm just not in a rush to get to class' I answered without looking up from my text book.

'So you take the scenic route? I've also noticed you always seem preoccupied to and from school, at home, and in class... And don't think I haven't noticed that you have to copy homework instead of doing it yourself. What's going with you Robbie?'

I let it hang, scrambling to think of an excuse that would be somewhat believable. 'I'm just thinking about scholarships and schools next year. It's not that big of a deal.'

'You better get your head in the game then' She stated but I wasn't sure she bought it.

The rest of the day wore on and for once I was somewhat dreading seeing Nancy for the trip home, but it turned out to be uneventful. I went straight to my room and didn't come out until it was time for dinner.

At the dinner table it was just my mother and me. My dad wasn't home from work and Nancy was out at the movies. We made small talk until she asked 'What are you planning on doing for your birthday? I know where doing something here, but do you and Nance plan on doing something with your friends this weekend?'

'I guess I haven't really thought about it.'

Which was true since all I could think about was how much my sister had my hormones twisted in a bunch.

'Nance will probably do something with Dana, and I'll probably go out with the guys.'

Dana was Nancy's on and off boyfriend. He wasn't bad until he started talking, then he because very annoying very fast. He made her laugh, but I thought he was as idiot. Just then the gears started to turn...

After I cleaned up I started texting Becky, my sister's very hot best friend.

'Waddup? Has Nance talked about doing ne thing 4 r Bday?' I sent, eagerly waiting for her reply.

One minute seemed like 30 and I was contemplating sending another when I got her reply 'No y? Do u have sumthing in mind?'

'Yeah! Ur rents r outta town that weekend right? Lets have a party! Jason's brother can get us alcohol.' Jason was a long time friend of mine and his brother always hooked us up.

While I waited for her reply I texted Jason 'Can ur bro get us sum alcohol to celebrate mine and Nancy's Bday?'

Jason was the first to answer. 'Yup! It's on my friend!'

'Awesome!' I thought 'one down, one to go.'

My phone beeped with Becky's answer 'I guess, but not 2 many ppl! My rents found bottle caps everywhere last time! And if sum1 pukes in the pool ur cleaning it!'

Later that evening I heard Nancy come home and head straight to my room. She knocked lightly and walked right in.

'So you're making plans for me now?' she asked with a tad bit of annoyance displayed on her face.

'I thought a party for our birthday would be perfect' I answered.

'Dana and I were going to do something, but now Becky and the rest of my friends expect me to be at this party you thought up!'

'It'll be fun! Besides you and Dana can go to dinner or whatever and show up later, and I'm sure there will be a room you can sneak off to when you get there' I chuckled, hoping she would give in.

'Oh shut up! Fine! I'm sure we'll have a good time' she said as she turned to leave.

'Wait!' I said standing up, and without thinking I gave her a hug. She hugged me back, but I held on a little longer than normal.

'OK! That's enough Robbie' she pushed me off giving me a confused and almost uncomfortable look on her face.

I immediately regretted my rash decision to hug her. We don't even hug very often! She walked out without shutting my door. As I went to close the door behind her I noticed two things: she was wear a very short white skirt that immediately got my heart racing, and I my cock was as hard as a steel pipe. Was it that hard when I was hugging her? Could she feel it?

All week I was walking on air. I devised a clever OR very sick plan to get Nancy drunk at the party and see how far I could go. On one side I was so desperate to see what would happen, and on the other I was doomed if things went awry. Thursday night we turned 18! We had a get together consisting of my family and some relatives at the house. For me, it was just a small prelude of what was going to happen tomorrow night. We had cake and ice cream, read a few birthday cards, and opened a few presents. Nancy and I cleared about $300 when we combined the money we received and we agreed to split the alcohol cost evenly.

That night I could barely sleep. I went from excited to nervous and back to excited as I finally fell asleep. I didn't think much about it, but how far did I want to go? Did I want to feel her up, make out, try to slip a finger in her, or actually fuck her? I'm not a virgin, but I sure was as giddy as one. I don't know why I didn't think this through before. If my plan failed my family would probably disown me and everyone would find about the sicko who tried fuck his own sister at their birthday bash. As I started to fall asleep I thought to myself 'that's what shots are for Robbie. She'll be wasted!'

It seemed like 15 minutes later my alarm clock was going off. I was so groggy went I stumbled to bathroom to relieve myself that I didn't even notice anyone was in there. I snapped wide awake as I saw my sister buck naked getting out of the shower, reaching for her towel. She didn't notice me at first and the 10 to 15 seconds it took for her to do so seemed like an eternity, and then her eyes went wide with the realization that she wasn't alone.

'Oh sorry!' I said as I froze.

She covered up, but didn't say anything right away. 'Get out Robbie!' she yelled as she back into shower and slammed the door.

My piss hard-on turned into a rager as the image of her shaved vagina and big, beautiful, perky breasts burned into my mind. I normally go for tanned girls, but her pale ivory skin was perfect to me. I waited in the hallway for her to come with her hair and body wrapped in a towel. She looked at the floor and didn't make a peep as she passed me to go straight to her room. When I showered I came once, but I felt like I could've came three more times thinking about what I had just witnessed. Later, on the way to school it was awkward silence.

'I'm sorry about this morning. I'm not used to you getting to the bathroom before me,' I apologized breaking the silence.

'It's okay, but you could've knocked. I'm just not used to being ogled by my brother,' she said in an even tone.

'You're right, and for the record I was just surprised' I countered.

After a moment of silence I changed the subject 'Are you excited for tonight? I have a feeling it's going to get pretty wild.'

'Yeah, as long as EVERYONE behaves themselves it should be a blast' She was looking at me with one eye brow raised. I'm not sure what she meant, but I let it go at that.

Jason's brother came through with quite a few cases of beer, wine coolers, and liquor. Most of our close friends pitched in so Nancy and I didn't have to spend too much of our birthday money at on our own bash. As people started to arrive some even contributed some of their own alcohol to add to the stuff we brought and Becky raided her parent's stash as well. The party didn't really start going until about 10 o' clock. By that time I was starting to get worried that Nancy bailed on us and decided to do her own thing, until she walked through the door. She was wearing a short jean skirt that barely covered her ass, and tight green top that really accentuated her breasts. Everyone one in the room had to pick their jaws up off the floor including me. Of course Dana was on her heels like a faithful puppy dog. I was going to have to find a way to dislodge him as the night progressed. Lucky for me most of my friends and Nancy's didn't like him.

'The wine coolers are in the bottom of the fridge!' one of the guys yelled at Dana as he went for a beer. This got some laughs.

'Ha Ha! Very funny assholes!' He retorted.

I pulled Jason aside 'get rid of that tool he's already killing the mood,' I didn't want to be the one to piss off my sister that night.

Jason put his arm over Dana's shoulder and let him into another room, probably to threaten him into leaving. I scanned the room and saw Nancy with a few of her girlfriends laughing about something. I strolled over and grabbed Nancy's hand to lead her away from her friends. She followed me for a few steps then pulled her hand out of my grasp with a confused look on her face.

'Come have a birthday shot with me' I said.

'Not right now Robbie I'm talking to my friends' She resisted.

'Quit being a Nancy. It's our birthday celebration!' I smiled and her resistance melted away.

'Ok but no Jaeger!' She smiled, rolling her eyes at my pun.

We had a shot of Wild Turkey and after a cringe and shiver down the spine I filled the shot glasses once more.

'One more' I laughed.

'Ok but no more after that for awhile' she smiled back.

We took that shot with the same result. My belly and throat were on fire but it felt good that she wasn't giving me any uncomfortable stares.

She returned to her friends but I mixed her a stiff vodka and Red Bull and put it in her hand and walked off. I watched her from across the room for most of the night and didn't let her drink get empty. After a couple of hours Becky passed out more shot glasses and made a toast to the birthday boy and girl, and by that time I could tell everyone was pretty well lit.

'Where's Dana?' Nancy asked me

'I think he wondered off upstairs. Want to go look for him?' I answered

'Yeah but hold on to me cuz I'm not sure if I can make it up the stairs on my own' She giggled

I took her hand and led her upstairs.

'What bedroom do you think he went into?' She asked.

'Not sure' I answered as I led her to Becky's parent's room.

It was empty luckily.

'He never came up here did he?' She asked in a low voice as she looked down at the floor.

'I don't think so' I answered as I lifted her chin to look up into her emerald eyes.

'Why did you bring me up here?' Her voice trembled.

I didn't answer I just looked into her eyes and without giving myself time to chicken out I kissed her full on the lips. She didn't pull away, but didn't kiss me back at first. I pulled her into my body and her lips accepted mine, then our tongues met. Before I knew it I was walking her backwards onto the bed. I was on top of her kissing her for what seemed like 10 minutes before she put her hands on my chest and pushed me away.

She swallowed and asked panting 'is this why you've been so distracted?'

I was breathing hard as well but answered right away 'Yes. I don't know why but I have to have you, Nancy.'

'We can't this is wrong Robbie' she whispered.

'I know it is, but I can't help how I feel,' my heart was beating a million miles per hour.

When she didn't answer I said 'if you want me to stop I will. I know this is wrong but I can't help myself'

Her breathing slowed and her hand came up and caressed my face and she brought her lips back up to mine. I began pulling her shirt up and she unbuttoned my jeans. We stopped kissing long enough to pull her shirt off and she began pushing my jeans off with her feet.

'This is so wrong Robbie. We can't tell anyone do you understand?'

I only nodded. I unhooked her bra and sat up on my knees to admire the view. Her breasts were amazing! She put her hands under my shirt and began to gentle drag her nails down my stomach as I took my shirt off and chucked it across the room. I unbutton her skirt and she lifted her hips to allow me to slide it of her. All she had on was a black and red thong.

I lay back down on top of her and kissed her eyes, the tip of her nose, her lips, chin, and neck. I move to her breasts and began sucking on her left nipple and moved to her right after a time. She was running her hands through my hair and slightly moaning.

'Oh Robbie. This feels so good!' She moaned.

I alternated kissing and dragging the tip of my tongue down the center of her stomach. I've never made love before and I had no idea why I was doing all of these things at first. I've always just been quick to get it in and get off. I eventually got down to her panties. Instead of taking them off I started to lick and suck on her crotch. They were already soaked and smelled of her musk, which was not unpleasant in any way. She began to moan louder and grip my hair and release, while caressing my back with her feet. Soon she began arching her back and humping against my face. I pulled her panties to the side and began licking her clit and she began pulling my hair.

'Ok. Ok. Robbie stop' she panted.

I sat back up on my knees, confused. She pulled her panties off and flipped over onto all fours and looked up into my eyes. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of my boxer briefs and pulled them down. My cock almost slapped her in the face before she grabbing a hold of it. She wrapped her lips around the head and began to gently jack me off into her mouth. I put my hand on the top of her head and took a couple of deep breaths. I couldn't believe this was happening! She began taking me deeper into her mouth and speeding up. I was going to cum soon and I didn't want to disappoint her by cumming too quickly, so I withdrew my dick from her mouth. She knew what was going to happen next and moved back to the head of the bed on her back.

I crawled on top of her and looking up at me she said 'This is really going to happen isn't it? I knew this is what you wanted but I denied to myself'

I asked 'Do you want this Nance?'

She answered by pulled me into her. I entered her without any guidance. She was tight but slick with her juices.

'Uhhhhhhhhh' she moaned as we looked into each other's eyes, our faces centimeters apart.

I began slowly thrusting in and out of her as she clawed my back and wrapped her legs around me.

'Oooh Robbie! Fuck me! You feel so good!'

I began thrusting faster and harder into my sister's cunt. She bit my lower lip and squeezed between her legs. I felt myself getting closer to cumming. I knew it was wrong but I wasn't going to pull out. My balls were wet with the juices running out of her and down her crack. Then she stopped kissing me and squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her teeth. Her nails dug into my back and she started bucking underneath me.

'Ahhhhhhhhhh!' She screamed as she began to orgasm.

I could feel her body trembling below me as it started to subside. Her eyes and mouth open, her mouth forming an O. I felt myself starting to expand inside of her and I knew she could feel it as well. My cum travelled through my cock and into my sister's womb and my dick jerked and throbbed in her eager pussy. She had the looked of pure ecstasy as she felt my warm cum invading her insides. I slowed to a stop.

'Oh Robbie you have no idea how good that felt.'

We both were out of breath.

'I have an idea,' I smiled at her.

'I've never let anyone ever cum inside of me before. You know we shouldn't have done that though, no matter how good it was' she stated as her face darkened.

'We're probably going to hell for what we just did' she added after a few seconds had gone by.

I immediately lost whatever bliss I was feeling and it was replaced by a sudden sadness. She pushed me off and began to get dressed as fast as she could.

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