tagFetishThe Night She Used Me Ch. 1

The Night She Used Me Ch. 1


We had this conversation many times. Christine and I have always had some incredibly hot nasty nights of sex. Using her for my enjoyment and doing so many dirty things with her always arouses her. Then we would talk about making one night where I would be hers. Hers to do with as she pleased. The idea was always very appealing. I'd daydream of what she might do to me. I'm sure it has something to do with relinquishing control that was exciting to me. Now after all the talk, tonight was going to be the night. I was to be hers.

It was Friday night and we were both off from work for the weekend. I was prepared to give myself completely to Christine for the night. I had no idea what she had in mind for me. After a quick dinner she led me into the bedroom. I didn't say a word. She began undressing me, first unbuttoning my shirt, slipping my shoes and socks off and then unbuckling my pants. A minute later I was naked. She promptly pulled the set of leather handcuffs from her dresser drawer. They were quite familiar, as I had used them on her many times. Only now it was different. She had them on me.

I was instructed to lie on the bed. I immediately obeyed beginning to enjoy this newfound excitement. Once on the bed Christine grabbed my cuffed hands pulling them over my head and attached them to a strap on the headboard. I hadn't even noticed it was there. Now I was tied to the bed with my hands over my head. I thought about the position I was in. I could move about on the bed but only to a certain degree. With my hands restrained to the headboard above me, I couldn't resist whatever she might want to do to me. I was totally at her mercy to do as she wished. It was a strange feeling having never been in this position before. I began to wonder what she had in store for me tonight.

Christine left the bedroom and went out to the living room. A few moments later I could hear her on the phone. I couldn't quite make out what she was saying or whom she was talking too except the last few words. "I'll see you in a little while then." The apprehension was building in me because whoever Christine was talking to was on their way here.

About ten minutes later I gave a sigh of relief when I saw Christine return to the bedroom with her friend Heather. Heather was a really sweet young blonde with whom Christine and I have had a lot of sexual fun. Perhaps I should say we've used her rather harshly for our pleasure. Now I was really wondering what was in store for me with both girls doing as they desired and I was the object on the receiving end. What would they do to me? Why did Christine invite Heather?

Heather looked at me tied to the bed then glanced over at Christine. "He's agreed to be mine all night and do whatever I want," Christine commented answering Heather's puzzled stare. "I wanted you here to join us." Then they both started undressing, stripping their clothes off till they were both totally naked. My mind was already going crazy. "Fuck," I thought. Two gorgeous young girls in front of me and I can't move or even touch them.

Christine was the first to climb up on the bed next to me. She began running her soft hands over my body and ultimately teasing my cock. I couldn't help but respond. My cock began growing. Christine then stood up and straddled my head. She lowered herself until she was squatting over my face exposing her juicy cunt right in front of me. "Lick it, " she said in a very commanding voice. I could tell she loved this idea of dominating me. I stuck my tongue out and was able to lightly run it across her slit. She was already getting wet. She moaned out, "oh fuck...lick me Lick my cunt."

Then Christine lowered herself all the way down on the bed kneeling over my face. Her cunt was pushed onto my mouth. "Oh God suck it, honey. Suck my cunt. Suck my clit."

I had no problem obliging her. I shoved my tongue into her pussy and probed, licked and sucked on her. Almost instantly she became crazed in a sexual frenzy begging for more. "Oh that's it, suck it. Suck my hot cunt." Since my hands were tied above my head and unable to touch her, all I could do was use my mouth. Oh how I wanted to feel her body, run my hands over her breasts and squeeze them, and spread her asscheeks so I could see her tight asshole.

Then she began moving, shifting her hips back and forth over my mouth. Her cunt was rubbing across my lips. She was making me nuts for her. I licked harder and that made her move even faster on my mouth. I could feel her clit stiffening getting harder and harder. "Oh it's so good honey." She cried out. "I love the way you lick my cunt." And it kept on. Christine used my mouth to massage her cunt and clit.

The whole time Heather must have been just watching. Then suddenly I felt a hand on my cock. Heather was stroking me. That felt so good. "Suck it Heather," Christine instructed. "Suck his cock."

I felt her lips press against the tip of my hard cock. They parted and my cock slid through. Heather's tongue began rapidly licking. She took me deeper to the back of her mouth while she stroked it with her hand. Then in one suddenly motion, my cock was in her throat. I could feel her lips buried between my legs pressing into my groin. "Fuck,...oh fuck," was all that entered my mind as Christine's cunt kept rubbing over my mouth.

Heather pulled away letting my cock out. Then she started taking all of me over and over, deepthroating my cock harder and faster swallowing me completely each time. The tightness of her throat as it clutched my hard cock and slid inside was getting me closer and closer to the edge. "Oh Fuck....." She had me so near cumming. Somehow she knew and stopped momentarily to hold off my orgasm. She was driving me insane.

Heather's tongue began wandering around my crotch. Her lips kissed my balls and then she sucked on them. I felt her hands spreading my asscheeks apart and then the wetness of her tongue licking my asshole. She started using her fingers playing in my crack until finally poking one finger against my anal entrance. She pressed hard forcing my ass open to take it and shoved it all the way in. Then she began feeling and probing around inside me. And the whole time Christine kept fucking her cunt against my mouth while watching Heather. "That's it Heather, finger fuck his ass."

I was in a state of being nearly delirious. My cock felt like it was going to burst if I didn't cum soon. And my face was smeared in Christine's pussy juice as she continued grinding her cunt on my mouth. Suddenly I felt a little more wetness on my lips. As my tongue probed into Christine's slit a warm fluid began running from her into my mouth. She was peeing. It was just a trickle, but it was something she's never done with me before. It was so warm. I could smell the piss odor as it ran from between her legs. "Ohhhh!...God!...." She let out a long moan almost in disbelief as to what she was doing. I think she wanted to do this to me but was still holding back.

"Oh, honey!!!... Oh, honey!!!... Ohhhhhhh!!!!...."

I didn't try to fight it. Actually it was sort of exciting feeling her pee on my tongue. I'd thought of having her do this many times. It just seemed like such an erotic nasty thing to do. Besides, Christine always liked acting dirty for me, so now was my chance to really show her I could be just as dirty. And being tied up made it appear like I was being forced to do it. This was a rather arousing scenario for both of us.

Her pee continued to trickle into my mouth for a few moments. I made a soft moan, "Mmmmmmmmm." I'm not sure if she took my moan as a sign of enjoyment or one of disgust from what she was doing to me. But all of a sudden Christine just let go. Her piss flowed from her cunt pouring into my mouth. And there was nothing I could do about it. I had to take it, like it or not. With my hands tied I couldn't push her away. Her cunt was literally inside my mouth now that she was sitting completely on me. I could feel my tongue become covered with the pungent smelling fluid. It was so warm and the taste made me feel so nasty. She was still going, pissing in my mouth and it was getting full. I sensed Christine was very aroused and turned on by doing this to me as she was politely ordering me.

"Oh honey, take it. Take my piss in your mouth."

"You're being so dirty."

The flow kept going. It began running down the sides of my face. Christine must have known my mouth was getting full so she lifted herself up for a moment. Then she looked down at me seeing her pee spraying from her slit into my face. I was saturated in urine. "Oh my God," she gasped out so aroused.

"You're so dirty for me. So fuckin' dirty."

"Why don't you..." She hesitated a second." ...drink from my cunt like a naughty boy."

Then she lowered herself once again over my mouth smothering my face. She was forcing me to be nasty, to act like her male whore. She wanted me to feel like she owned me and could use me for any of her wild erotic desires.

At that point it was like she totally let go. The piss gushed from her cunt flooding my mouth. "Gulppp!" Oh God...I don't believe I did that. It flushed down my throat. Her piss was so fuckin' hot. I could feel it flow down my throat into my stomach as I swallowed the whole mouthful. It gave me a warm almost burning sensation inside me. And the urine taste made me feel so dirty. Christine heard the gulping sound and immediately responded.

"Oh fuck honey, I don't believe you did that. You swallowed it."

By the time her words were spoken, my mouth filled again to the point of overflowing. She got off me. Her piss was spraying all over my face again. "Just hold it in your mouth," she commanded. Finally finished pissing she knelt next to me looking at my full mouth. She caressed my face. "Such a naughty man." "No...naughty whore. That's what you are, a filthy male whore."

Heather was enjoying herself watching Christine use me like this. She wanted to join in the fun too. She stopped sucking me and quickly squatted on the bed over my hard cock and pissed on it. Instantly my cock and balls were soaked. I felt it running between my legs into my asscrack and the sheets were getting soaked. That's about the dirtiest I ever felt. I had two girls pissing all over me and all I could do was let them do it.

When Heather finished, Christine knelt between my legs. She glanced up at me smiling. I still had her urine in my mouth. Then in one slow methodical motion, my piss-drenched hard cock went right down her throat. She grabbed my erect cock, placed it to her lips and swallowed it into the tight constraints of her throat. She held it there for awhile before withdrawing it,

"I'm going to make you cum right in my throat."

If this was Christine's idea of using me, then she can use me anytime she wants.

I still had the mouthful of her piss. Heather was watching me and teasing my nipples with her mouth. Then Christine deepthroated me again swallowing every inch of me. And she kept at it, down her throat, again... and again... and again. She made slurping noises. She pulled off and let the piss and saliva mixture drool from her mouth. She deliberately began taking it hard, ramming my cock down her throat until she gagged on it. That was enough to do me in. I was already near bursting from Heather's cocksucking. But now...feeling Christine's intense deepthroat blowjob and hearing the sound of her gagging on my piss soaked cock...fuck!..."Oh Fuck!!...what a nasty little slut.

With my mouth full I couldn't even moan out to her. So, I just swallowed it. I gulped the second mouthful of Christine's piss and exploded a massive load of cum deep in her throat at the same time. Between seeing what I did and feeling my throbbing cock she had to quickly pull off. She was choking on my cum. It dribbled from her mouth while she continued to suck my hard spasming cock taking a few more spurts of thick cream.

"Oh, Christine," I cried out completely drained. "You nasty girl."

She licked up the cum with Heather's help. Then it was over. My God what an orgasm. My face was soaked in her pee. I had the taste of piss in my mouth. My hair was all wet and smelly. My legs, my balls, my ass all felt wet and sticky. All I could do was lie there in it. Then the two girls got up and headed out into the living room leaving me a mess. "Just wait honey. We ain't nearly done with you yet," Christine commented walking out of the room.

Continued in... The Night She Used Me - part 2

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