tagErotic HorrorThe Night Walkers: Blood Slave Pt. 05

The Night Walkers: Blood Slave Pt. 05


I listened closely...

Everything was quiet, save for the birds chirping.

I knew where she was.

Spinning around quickly, I swung my sword and blocked a very swift strike from Morgan. I stepped forward and took the offensive, pushing her back with a barrage of slashes from my blade. Morgan deflected every move that I delivered, remaining on the defense but having no problems at all, defending herself.

Finally, our blades collided and became locked together, as I fought to overpower my lover. Morgan smiled, shoving me back and lowering her defenses. "That's enough for today, Sara."

I sighed, the adrenalin still pumping through me, my hands still shaking and gripping my weapon. Slowly but surely, I lowered my sword and tried to settle my nerves.

"Breathe," Morgan whispered, as she moved around behind me.

"Clear your mind, and breathe."

I closed my eyes, listening to what she instructed me to do and feeling myself begin to relax again. This was how we had spent our time, every single day for the last few months...relentless training, and it was so much more intense than I expected.

Since Morgan had turned me into a Vampire, things were much different for me now.

I managed to survive the painful transformation but, it had been anything but easy. I remember waking up the day after she had first bit me, in agonizing pain. My whole body felt like it was on fire; that was because of the 107 fever that I'd developed.

At a hundred and seven, I should have been dead, right?

Well, I was...technically.

So it was quite hard to wrap my brain around the fact that I was wide awake, despite the fact that my heart had stopped beating in my chest.

The fever had led me to a few other very intense side-effects, such as hallucinations, cold sweats, horrific nightmares...the works.

Once I broke the fever though, I started to feel a lot better...then I needed to feed. The first time that I drank blood, I gagged on the coppery substance and nearly threw up. Morgan explained that this was only because I was still holding on to the mortal idea, that blood was not something you were supposed to drink...once I looked past that, I would be okay. Turns out, she was actually right.

It took me some time but, I managed to let go of the idea that this stuff was disgusting...even though it was...and I was able to drink without vomiting.

Morgan gave me a few days to recover, even after the fever broke. She said that I would need as much strength as I could get before we would officially begin training.

When it was finally time to get started...things didn't go too well at first. In the beginning, I was absolutely pathetic.

I couldn't even control simple motor skills, such as running at super speed and putting the breaks on when I was ready to stop. My strength was out of control; I couldn't even pick up a glass of water, without it shattering in my hand. It took time but, Morgan helped me to adjust to all of these things and once I did, everything started to get easier.

We began with the use of my telekinetic abilities.

Moving objects, making them fall over, starting fires with just the use of my mind; according to Morgan, I was unusually strong. I still had a lot of work to do though, before I was strong enough to be on the actual battlefield.

After I got a grip on my abilities, Morgan began training me in the ways of the sword...specifically, the Japanese Katana.

When it came to my swords skills, I was pretty good. The only issue Morgan had was, I was very reckless. She was constantly pointing out that I was overly aggressive and that I focused too much, on taking the offensive. My defense was weak and that was not a good thing, for very obvious reasons.

All of this training could be frustrating, sometimes...but I wasn't giving up on any of it.

Elyse was out there, searching for us and we both knew it...I had to be prepared to fight back when the time finally came.

Morgan and I had fled to New Jersey, right across the river from Philadelphia where I had been born and raised. We had been deep in the wilderness, somewhere near the location of the supposed Jersey Devil; the Pine Barrens. So far, no sight of the devil himself though, so that didn't play on my mind much.

On days that we would train, Morgan and I would also train our minds. We would spend at least an hour and a half, just meditating and focusing our energy, to increase our powers.

At night, we would feed on animals that we found, usually deer since they were larger than most others. This had been my idea to start with, as I didn't exactly like the thought of killing an innocent human being. Morgan was against it at first, claiming that we were Vampires and this was our nature. It took some convincing but, eventually, she agreed to give it a try.

While it didn't do as much good as drinking human blood, it did help us stay strong enough to train on the regular basis that we did.

I knew eventually, I would have to get over my fear of human blood.

Morgan had explained to me, that we could not survive on animal blood forever. We wouldn't be able to achieve our full powers, without human blood and there was just no way around it. I decided to worry about that though when the time came.

We were heading back to the small cabin that Morgan and I had been hiding in for weeks now. The sky above us had begun to turn grey, the wind picking up and blowing the trees all over...a clear sign that a storm was quickly approaching.

We made it back to the cabin, just before the rain started to fall.

I peeled off my tank top, which had been sticking to my breasts with sweat, and threw it to the floor. Morgan did the same and we both stripped down together, before heading for the shower to wash up together. As we stood under the hot water, we began kissing, hands roaming and fingers sliding into more private areas.

The romantic lifestyle that we had been living, had started to improve quite a bit as well. Morgan was the one who had turned me into a Vampire, and according to her, there is a very powerful mental connection between a Vampire and her Mistress. The fact that we had already had feelings for each other to start with, only made our connection even stronger.

Stepping out of the shower, Morgan and I both wrapped ourselves in towels and moved to our bed. This had become routine, just as much as our regular training sessions were. We always liked to relax together, after a long day of practice had come to an end.

"When do you intend to move again?" I asked as I turned to my side, to face her.

"Soon," Morgan replied. "This time a little further."

"Any specific locations, in mind?"

Morgan pondered for a few seconds, before shrugging her shoulders. "Perhaps, New York? Two Vampires in the big city...should be fun, I think."

"You realize, Philadelphia was a big city too..."

"Yes but, we were in the suburbs. Elyse didn't have any interest in the larger neighborhoods, it would have drawn too much attention to us."

"I suppose that's a good point," I agreed.

We were quiet for a moment, then it was Morgan's turn to face me on the bed.

"How have the nightmares been?"

I cringed at the mention of my recent problems...that wasn't something that I really wanted to discuss. Morgan had not asked me about it in a few weeks now though, and I had expected her to bring it up to me at some point. Ever since she first turned me, I had been experiencing these vivid, horrific nightmares. As you know from the beginning of this story, I'm no stranger to weird dreams...this was different though.

These dreams were always the same, always terrifying in nature and they always woke me up screaming...and they were always about one person in particular...they were about Kimberly.

"They haven't stopped," I answered after a long pause.

"And they still play out the same?" Morgan asked.

"Yes. It hasn't changed at all..."

Morgan was quiet. I pushed myself up onto an elbow, staring down at her for a long time and then opening my mouth to speak. "Are they really dreams, Morgan? Or is this something else?"

She hesitated, then sighed. "I don't really know for sure, Sara...they could be visions of the future or even present events."

I hoped to God, that Morgan was wrong about that.

These dreams involved Kimberly being kidnapped by Elyse and the Coven, locked away in some old cellar and treated as Elyse' newest Blood Slave. Every dream played out the same, with Kimberly's parents being murdered and Elyse stealing the girl from her bedroom late at night. It was hard to ignore the images in my head, that repeated themselves to me every time I slept. Morgan knew that it was beginning to affect me, negatively.

"Morgan, if Kimberly is in danger..."

"Don't say it," Morgan interrupted.

"You know, we can't go back there!"

"And you know, that I can't abandon my friend if she is in trouble...especially if she's in trouble with Elyse."

Morgan sat up in frustration, throwing the sheets off and moving off of the mattress. She moved to a chair sitting in the corner of our room, sat down and lit up a cigarette. She sat there tapping her foot nervously, as she took a very long drag and blew smoke out into the air. This was how Morgan reacted, every time that I even suggested going back to rescue Kimberly. It was a ridiculous, over the top reaction, to a hypothetical question...we didn't even know if we would HAVE to go back.

I just needed Morgan to realize, if we were to find out that something WAS happening back there, I couldn't turn a blind eye to it.

It's easy to see, I hadn't completely managed to let go of Kimberly; I probably never would, either.

Kimberly was the one thing from my previous life, that I still could not bring myself to let go of. I wanted to be with her again, I wanted her at my side again...I wanted our friendship back. Morgan reminded me constantly, those days were buried in the past and that I would have to come to understand and accept that. I just couldn't bring myself to do it though.

"They're just dreams, Sara...nothing more," Morgan said from her seat in the corner of the room.

"And you're positive?"


"Then why do you freak out, every time I bring it up?"

Morgan looked away at that, still nervously tapping her foot on the floor. I found this to be a reasonable question, one that she should have no problem answering. If Morgan was so confident that they were just nightmares, then there was no reason why she should look so uncomfortable, so paranoid about it all...this shouldn't be a huge thing for her. "Answer the question," I said softly.

When no response came, it was time for me to lose MY patience. Following her moves from a few minutes earlier, I threw my legs over the side of the bed, stood up and stomped out of the room and into the bathroom. I shut the door and sighed, staring at my reflection in the mirror for a long time.

"Something is just not right," I whispered softly.

"I know it."

Kimberly's POV

I opened my eyes to find myself in a dark room.

It was cold and smelled of soil. I pushed myself up into a sitting position, looking around and trying to adjust my eyes to the darkness. I could hardly see anything,

in front of me.

Looking down at myself though, I could tell that I was naked and sitting on a mattress that was laid out on a concrete floor. The last thing that I remembered, was Elyse showing up at my front door and acting rather strangely.

Then the rest of it came flooding back to me.

The sound of my dog barking angrily in the backyard. Telling Heather to call the police. Rushing outside with a kitchen knife, and coming face to face with Elyse and two other young women...then everything went blank.

Where was Heather?

A chill ran down my spine and I shivered, pulling my legs to my chest and huddling up in a corner, trying to get warm.

I heard footsteps coming from somewhere in the distance. Then the sound of a door creaking open, followed by more footsteps coming down an old, creaky, wooden staircase. A light flickered on above me but, it was very dim and barely lit the entire room.

I looked up, and there she was...Elyse.

Standing at the bottom of a staircase, the former teacher had that same sick, twisted grin on her face that she'd had when she showed up at my house. "So, you're finally awake?"

"What the fuck is going on," I asked, my voice shaking slightly.

"Where the hell am I?"

"Why, you're a guest in my home!"

I looked down at my naked self and tugged at my right wrist, which was handcuffed to a pipe hanging from the wall.

"Is this how you treat all your house guests?"

"Actually, yes...you're not the first and will not be the last."

This woman was clearly, very sick in the head.

"Where is Heather," I asked.

"Oh, your little girlfriend? Don't worry...she's just fine. She is a little busy upstairs right now but, she will be okay."

"Don't hurt her!" I yelled. If they did anything to Heather, anything at all, then I would fucking kill them.

"Relax, Kimberly."

Elyse started across the room and when she reached the foot of my mattress, she knelt down right in front of me and reached out to stroke my cheek. I tried to pull away from her but, I didn't have a whole lot of space between the two of us.

That's when I remembered...just before I blacked out, when she had Heather and I both cornered, Elyse had turned into some sort of monster.

I recalled her eyes glowing crimson red, and a pair of fangs hanging from her mouth. The other two girls had revealed a similar transformation, terrifying both Heather and myself.

"W-What are you?" I asked as the memory flowed through my mind.

"Well, certainly nothing you've ever seen before...we are what you and the rest of humankind would call, Vampires."


No, that wasn't possible; Vampires were supposed to be fake. They were nothing more than folklore, or things that Hollywood made up and used in movies, books even. They weren't an actual THING though, they had never been...Elyse was just out of her fucking mind. "Don't lie to me," I said, not believing a word that she was trying to tell me.

"Oh, I am no liar Kimberly, I assure you..."

There it was again...I gasped, as her eyes suddenly lit up and began to glow that same deep crimson red as before. Fear consumed me, as I watched Elyse open her mouth and reveal her fangs to me once again. It was true, then...

Elyse really was a Vampire.

That's exactly what it looked like, anyway. Specifically, the fangs were what sold her story to me, sharp as they appeared, I could tell they were definitely not fake.

"W-What do you want with me?"

"I already told you," Elyse said softly. "I need you to help me find Sara and Morgan."

I had almost forgotten! Elyse had told me that she knew where Sara was, or at least where she might be. That Sara had run off with Morgan and that Elyse wanted them both back...I didn't understand, however, how I was supposed to help her get them back again. And what really bothered me the most was, what would Elyse do them once she HAD them both back?

What would she do to Sara?

"What are you going to do to her?" I asked outright.

"To Sara? Nothing bad, I assure you. You see, Sara and I got rather close while she was here with me and well...I don't hurt the ones that I love. I intend to turn her into one of my own, then make her my lover for the rest of eternity."

"And how do you know, that's what Sara would want?"

"Well, it most certainly is NOT what she would want...not as a human at least. Once I have changed her though, she will see things the way that I want her to see them."

This was ridiculous. Basically, this bitch wanted me to help her hunt down my best friend and force Sara into becoming a Vampire's lover; there was no way that I could do that! Not to Sara, who had been like family to me for our entire lives. This was wrong, and I would have no part in helping her.

"I'm not going to do this," I said angrily.

"I won't let you hurt Sara, Elyse. You can find another way."

"On the contrary my dear," Elyse laughed.

"You're already helping me, without even knowing it."

"What does that mean?"

"It means, you don't have to DO anything, to help me accomplish my goal in this situation. I intend to inform Sara that I have you here, and when I do...she'll come running to your rescue."


She had me there if that were the case. There was nothing I could do to tell Sara, to stay away. If Elyse told her that she had me, then I knew for sure the girl would come to try and save me...Sara had always been stubborn and thick headed.

I watched as Elyse slowly stood up again, and smirked down at me. "In the meantime," she said with a start.

"It's dinner time."


Elyse snapped her fingers, and I heard more footsteps coming down the creaky wooden staircase. I looked up to see the other two girls from before...Alison and Amanda...making their way down into the cellar. They were smiling at me, as they crossed the floor and climbed onto my mattress with me. Elyse stepped back towards the stairs, the smile never leaving her face, as Amanda and Alison crawled across the mattress towards me.

"W-What are you doing," I asked.

"Get away from me!"

Both girls hissed, eyes glowing yellow. Amanda pushed me onto my back and held me down, as Alison grabbed my left arm and bit down on my wrist. I screamed in pain, as her fangs ripped through the flesh, immediately drawing blood into her mouth.

Amanda laughed, burying her face in the crook of my neck and biting down as well. I cried out once again, as both girls were now sucking the blood from my body. I struggled to push them away for a while but, eventually felt my strength begin to fade...I couldn't keep fighting forever.

Was this the future that I had ahead of me?

Sara's POV

I was sitting in the middle of the floor, legs crossed underneath of me, Indian style. My eyes closed tightly, I focused on my breathing and kept my mind completely cleared of all thoughts and worries. Outside, I could hear the birds chirping faintly and the sound of the wind blowing and the rain tapping the window.

Meditation was something I had grown to enjoy.

Why I had never learned how to do this in my previous life, I did not know but, it would have helped a great deal with my anxiety if I had looked into it much sooner.

Morgan was the one who taught me. It was crucial to our training, as a way to focus our energy and keep our minds clear and at peace. By keeping ourselves at peace, we were more in tune with ourselves, which made us better warriors on the battlefield.

It also helped with the anxiety, for me.

Morgan had gone outside a while ago, after our little disagreement over the nightmares I had been suffering from. We hadn't spoken to each other since, mostly because of Morgan's frustration with the situation. I know she didn't want to accept the possibility, that my dreams could end up being visions. She couldn't accept that, because she was so afraid of going back to face Elyse again.

If Kimberly WAS in danger, I didn't know for sure that Morgan would even fully care about it.

Eventually, we would have to face Elyse anyway.

Morgan knew this to be true. We couldn't run from the Coven forever, sooner or later Elyse would catch up with us. That's the whole reason we were training so hard anyway so that we could defend ourselves when the time finally did come to do so.

If we had to go back and save Kimberly, we would just be speeding up the inevitable fight.

Little did I know, just how right I was in worrying about these things.

My thoughts were disrupted, by what sounded like something vibrating somewhere in the bedroom. Slowly, my eyes fluttered open and I looked around at my surroundings, trying to follow the sound to its source; I couldn't seem to pinpoint it.

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