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The Night Walkers


First, ALL characters in this story, are of legal age.

This is a new genre for me but, one that I have been wanting to play around with, for a long time now. I've had this idea in mind for months and finally got around to writing it. It's been inspired by numerous different things that I have read and watched on TV...was a lot of fun writing this first part. Hopefully, I will continue it, depending on reviews.



The first day back to school; what a beautiful one it was. Sun shining brightly, birds chirping happily. A nice cool breeze swept over her, as she stepped out of her house and looked up at the sky above. With a heavy sigh, Sara brushed a strand of red hair out of her face and slung her book bag, over her shoulder.

"So long, summer vacation..."

The only relief she had, was the fact that she had just turned eighteen years old a few weeks ago and this was her senior year. In just nine months, she would be graduating and then she could forget all about high school and start having some real fun.

Sara stepped off the front porch and started walking, eager to get to school and get the first day over with. As she was walking, she felt a hand on her shoulder and jumped, startled at first.


Sara sighed, the rush of panic starting to subside now. It was just her friend, Kimberly, looking just as bubbly and happy as ever.

"I told you, NOT to scare me like that!"

"Sorry," Kim giggled. "You know, I can't resist."

"Ugh, you drive me crazy sometimes," Sara shook her head. Kimberly laughed, taking Sara's hand and the two girls started walking.

"You got your roster in the mail, right?" Kim asked.

"Mmhm, it came last week."

"Do you have Mr. Bradford, for biology?"

"Uhh, I think so...second period?"

"Ugh, thank god we're together!"

Sara and Kimberly had been friends, since the first grade. They had always been so close to each other, the best of friends really; like sisters. They got even closer, a few years earlier when Sara's mother passed away. Sara remembered that when her mom first died, she had nearly fallen apart.

Her depression has been so intense, that none of her friends knew how to deal with it; so they all walked away. Every one of them, except for Kimberly. She never gave up on Sara, even though she had no clue how to be there for her either. Instead of walking away like everyone else, Kimberly would come over and sit with Sara in her room, for hours sometimes. Most days, they hardly even spoke but, she didn't leave until she had to be home.

Then she would come back the next day, just to do the same thing all over again.

Eventually, Sara started to come around and when she did, she felt a new sense of love towards her friend, for having stood by her side through such a dark time. In the end, it had only served to make them even closer.

They were passing a house, a few doors down from where Sara lived when they both noticed a young girl standing outside. She was leaning against an old Buick, long black hair, face as pale as a ghost and all black clothing. The girl looked up at Sara and Kimberly and grinned, then looked away, as two other girls stepped out of the house.

They were dressed similarly to the first girl, wearing all black and looking whiter than the color white.

"New neighbors?" Kimberly asked.

"Yeah...just moved in two days ago," Sara replied.

"They're kind of strange, don't you think?"

Sara shrugged, turning away from the new neighbors and thought about it. Yeah, it had crossed her mind. They all looked quiet; like the type of quiet, which could turn out to be a serial killer.

"I guess they kind of are; the mother seems nice though."

Her name was Elyse Woodlin. Elyse was a woman in her late thirties, with blonde curly hair and she wore similar clothes to her three teenage daughters...she seemed friendly enough though. "You know, she's actually a new teacher at the school!"

"What? No way," Kimberly exclaimed, shocked by this.

"You get to live next door, to one of the teachers? Man, I feel sorry for you."

"Shut up," Sara laughed. "It's not a big deal, unless I actually have whatever class she happens to teach. Hopefully, I don't."

The two girls continued their walk to the school, and when they arrived, they were reunited with old friends they had not seen that past summer. The first class of the day was Math, which Sara unfortunately did not have with Kimberly. She was seated in the front of the room and as the other students filed into the class, Sara looked to her right and noticed the girl from Ms. Woodlin's house, sitting right next to her.

Up close and personal, she was actually very pretty. She had deep blue eyes, that almost seemed to stare deep into Sara's soul...it gave her a strange feeling. She felt almost as though she had seen this girl somewhere before, though she did not know where.

"Hi," the girl said suddenly, snapping her out of her trance.

"My name is Morgan."

"Uh...h-hi," Sara stammered. "I'm-"


She blinked, surprised that Morgan already seemed to know who she was. "How did you-"

"My mother," she answered, with a smile. "You met her yesterday, remember? She was telling me all about you and how lucky we are, to have a girl like you, as our neighbor."


It made sense, that Ms. Woodlin would have told Morgan about Sara, so she brushed the confusion aside and smiled back at the girl next to her.

"Well...welcome to Taylor High School."

"Thanks; I guess."

"Already hating it here, huh?"

"Ha, you have no idea...it's such a shitty little town. Everyone looks over happy, like they are living some stupid fucking lie or something."

"I know what you're saying," Sara agreed.

She hadn't always felt that way, herself. Not until after her mother had passed away, when people who had never even given her family the time of day, started trying to act like they gave a shit. Her father may have fallen for the kindness that they offered but, Sara knew it was a load of bull shit.

They just felt bad for the father and daughter. Especially, for her father, who had been struggling with alcoholism for years already and surely would slip even deeper into addiction, without his wife by his side.

Sara was once again snapped from her train of thought, when the teacher began to speak up, introducing herself to the classroom and officially starting the first period of the day.

By the time Sara made it to second period, she was already sick of being in school. She was relieved to at least have this period, with her best friend; and apparently, they had the same classes for the whole rest of the day. So that was a huge relief!

After lunch, they made it to English class; fifth period.

Sara was surprised to find, that this was apparently the class that Ms. Woodlin would be teaching. The old teacher, was a guy named Mr. White and Sara thought, he was supposed to be coming back that year; apparently, she must have been wrong.

As Sara and Kimberly took a seat in the middle row, Sara looked up and noticed that Morgan was also in this class with them. Morgan smiled, when she noticed Sara and went for the seat to the left of the girl. "Fancy meeting you again," Morgan joked.

"Fancy indeed," Sara laughed.

Morgan looked past Sara and made direct eye contact, with Kimberly. "Who's your friend?"

"Oh! Kim, this is Morgan; she's my neighbor, the one we walked past this morning, on the way here."

Kimberly instantly had a strange feeling, about Morgan. There was something in the girls eyes, that told her not to trust this person but...she didn't want to be rude or act like a bitch.

"Nice to meet you," Kim said, putting on her best fake smile.

"Likewise," Morgan smiled back.

"Hello class!"

Everyone's attention went to the front of the room, where a tall blonde was standing, beaming with happiness in her eyes. She looked like a ray of sunshine; nice as she was, the look on this woman's face actually made Sara feel quite irritated.

"My name is Ms. Woodlin, I'll be the new English teacher at Taylor this year. Sara; I believe, you and I have already met!"

"Yeah, we're neighbors...and I think, I'm starting to become friends with your daughter."

"Is this true, Morgan?"

Morgan looked away and Sara wondered, why she suddenly seemed to be a bit nervous in front of her mother. She simply nodded her head and mumbled "yes" before looking down at the book in front of her.

"Well, that's good to know," Ms. Woodlin said.

"Anyway, does anyone have any questions for me, before we begin?"

When no one answered, Elyse proceeded to start handing around blank sheets of paper. She wanted everyone in the room, to write down their emergency contact information. Their parents phone numbers, home address; all that good stuff that you had to have on file at schools. It was routine for teachers to ask this sort of thing, at the beginning of every year; especially new teachers.

Once that was all done and over with, Elyse began explaining how she liked to work things, as far as classroom rules were concerned. There were two people in the class however, that did not seem to care very much what our teacher was saying.

Courtney Williams, and Kelly Smith.

Two of the most popular girls in the school, best members of the cheerleading team and of course...very snobby people. Or at least Courtney, was very snobby anyway. Kelly had a tendency to be that way to but, not as bad and not as often as her friend. Courtney was busy yapping away to Kelly, something about her boyfriend James and some girl she thought he was cheating with. They were whispering about it, though apparently, they weren't whispering low enough. Elyse stopped talking suddenly and seemed to become fixated, on the two girls, sitting in the back of the room.



Everyone jumped, startled, by the sound of the ruler smacking against Courtney's desk. Sara turned and looked back, to find Elyse standing over the two girls; she looked pissed.

"Want to share with the class, Ms. Williams?"


"Alright then," Elyse said calmly. "No talking."

She turned and walked back to the front of the class, and we all heard Courtney's heavy sigh of irritation. Elyse turned and looked back at the girl again, looking even more pissed now.

"Ms. Williams...I would like you to stay behind, after class."

Courtney sank back in her seat, looking just as pissed as Elyse now, while everyone quietly laughed and giggled. I looked over at Kimberly, who was trying to hide her own laughter at the moment. I sighed and shook my head, amazed at how brutal Elyse was, when it came to students paying attention. It was only the first day and already, she was telling someone to stay put after class?

When the bell rang, signaling the end of class, everyone filed out of the room. The sound of footsteps and chairs being pushed around, soon faded out and there was nothing left, but the sound of the clock ticking in Courtney's ear. The door slammed shut, as the last student exited the room and now, it was just Courtney and Elyse. Elyse was staring at the girl from the front of the room, tapping her foot on the floor and looking very annoyed.

"Ms. Williams, do you have a hearing problem?"

Courtney blinked, a bit confused at first. Elyse pushed herself away from the desk and started slowly, walking down the middle of the row of desks. "I told you to keep quiet earlier," she said, in a low voice. "And when I did...I hear a pretty aggravated sigh. Did I say something that angered you, Courtney?"

Courtney rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, looking away and offering no response. This seemed to irritate Elyse even further, as she leaned forward and placed both hands on the desk. Then suddenly, her mood seemed to change and she became calmer; focused. Her eyes were completely locked with Courtney's and suddenly, Courtney found herself feeling rather...dizzy. "What's going on..."

"Relax, my dear," Elyse whispered softly. "Stand up."

Without hesitation, Courtney slid the chair out from underneath of her and slowly moved to her feet. It was a strange feeling really, almost like her legs were moving, without her own permission. She stood up and moved around to the front of the desk, standing a few inches away from Elyse now.

"Good girl," Elyse smiled. "Now...come closer."

Again, without any hesitation, Courtney stepped forward and right into the arms of her teacher. Elyse held her close for a few moments, brushing a strand of hair out of the girls face and gently stroking her cheek. "You're perfect," she whispered.

Then with a loud, inhuman hissing sound, Elyse opened her mouth and revealed two razor sharp fangs. Courtney snapped out of her mysterious trance at that exact moment, eyes going wide with horror. Before she could fully react though, Elyse had sunk her fangs into the girl's neck. Courtney gasped and was about to scream but, Elyse covered her mouth, muffling the sound as she began sucking the blood from the girls neck.

Courtney felt her legs shaking, and soon, her entire body was shaking to. She felt the color draining from her own face and it wasn't long, before she had sunk to her knees. Elyse kept her arms wrapped tightly around the girl though, never letting her go. Courtney could hear the rush of blood, as it was pulled through the two tiny bites on her neck. She also heard her own heart beat...becoming slower and slower. As it slowed, her vision went blurry and eventually, everything went black.

Elyse pulled her mouth from the wound on the girls neck, a trail of blood running down her chin. She released the girl, and Courtney fell flat on her back. As Elyse stared down at the lifeless body of her now former student, her eyes flashed a bright yellow and she started to laugh. Her first real victim in this new town, had been absolutely perfect. She looked back down at Courtney and sighed, wiping the blood from her chin.

"To bad you were such a little bitch," Elyse said softly.

"I don't think I'll be turning you."

The rest of the week went by quickly, and initially, no one paid much attention to the fact that Courtney wasn't in school, the next day. By Wednesday though, her friend Kelly had started to worry a little. She hadn't been able to reach Courtney on the phone, and apparently, Courtney's own parents had no clue where she was either. A police report had been filed and an investigation had already begun. By Friday, the word hit the news and everyone in the town was aware, that Courtney Williams had become a missing person.

She would not be the only one reported though.

Just a couple of days later, the news reported three other missing people; all teenagers, from the same town. Then things took an interesting turn of events, when one girls body turned up in a ditch, somewhere near the school. That wasn't the craziest part of it all though; it was the condition, they found the body in.

The girl had two bite marks, on the left side of her neck. She had two similar bite marks, on her right wrist to. The police said, that the marks did not look like they had been made, by any kind of animal; they didn't even know what they could have been from. Then just a day later, two more bodies popped up...in the exact same condition, as the first body.

By the end of that weekend, the town was in a complete panic. It was the beginning of October and people were coming out, with some pretty crazy assumptions; Vampires. People in the neighborhood, had actually started talking about the possibility that there could really be Vampires, in their town. Technically speaking, the bite marks did make it sound pretty logical but, realistically, that just wasn't possible.

Some people took it quite seriously, while others just laughed and joked about it. Whether you believed it had anything to do with Vampires or not, there was one thing that everyone could agree with; this whole situation, was absolutely terrifying.

Sara and Kimberly, had spoken about it on a few different occasions. Kimberly thought the possibility of Vampires, was fascinating. She always had been really big on those sort of things, horror movies and things like that. Sara on the other hand, just found it funny and even funnier, that her friend would entertain the idea. She enjoyed poking fun at Kimberly and teasing her but, it was all in good sport of course. Kimberly didn't take offense.

Then there was Morgan; and her sisters, Carrie and Amanda.

They were as strange and mysterious as ever, often times, seeming very quiet around the school; maybe a little too quiet. Kimberly had joked with Sara one day, that if there really were Vampires, the three Woodlin sisters would match the description perfectly, with their black clothing and pale skin. Sara laughed about it but neither of the two girls, had any idea how close to the truth, they actually were.

On the other hand, Sara also felt that as creepy as they were, Morgan was actually a really nice girl. They had a few different classes together, throughout the day and would often hang out in the bathroom, between classes and share a cigarette together. Sara didn't smoke very often but, when she would run into Morgan, she didn't mind picking one up for the hell of it.

Then at lunch time, Morgan would occasionally ask if she could sit with Sara and Kimberly. Kimberly never said anything about it but, whether she was okay with it or not. Sara was always very quick to let her sit with them.

Kimberly could tell, there was something starting to stir between Sara and Morgan; at least on Morgan's side anyway. It wasn't hard to tell, that the creepy goth chick was obviously very attracted to Sara. What she couldn't figure out though, was whether or not Sara was developing the same feelings towards Morgan. And if she were, what the hell did Sara see in her? Kim had been attracted to Sara for a very long time. She had never had the courage, to say it outright; Sara had never made any indication, that she was even remotely interested in girls.

Kimberly had however, left very subtle hints from time to time. Hoping and praying, that her friend would catch the hint and say something, anything; something positive preferably.

It never seemed to play out that way, though.

So why was it that Sara was so blind to how Kimberly felt about her but, she seemed to be falling for Morgan?

She didn't want to think about it.

One Saturday, Kim was hanging out Sara's house. Sara's father was working overnight, so Kim would be sleeping over, like she often did when George was working the graveyard shift. Kim and Sara would always have so much fun at their sleepovers, watching movies and eating popcorn; the typical girls night kind of stuff. Kim of course, would have loved to do something else...but she kept those thoughts to herself.

It was only around 6:30 in the evening, when they were blasting their favorite band "A Day To Remember" on the stereo system in Sara's bedroom. Dancing and singing along, to the pop-punk/hardcore band, they just barely managed to hear the door bell ringing downstairs. Sara stopped dancing and turned down the volume, listening close, to make sure she hadn't misheard. The bell rang again and she sighed and looked at Kimberly.

"Who the hell is that?" Kim asked.

"I don't know," Sara shrugged. "I'll be right back."

She turned and quickly ran downstairs, unlocking the front door and pulling it open; it was Morgan.

"Hey," Morgan smiled, her eyes sparkling brightly.

"Oh...hey," Sara smiled back. "What's up?"

"Well, it's a Saturday evening and...I'm home alone. Wasn't really having much fun, so I figured I would come and see you. Would you want to hang out maybe?"

"Oh, uh...I'd love to but, Kimberly is here. We're having a sleepover. You can hang with us both, if you're interested."

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