tagErotic CouplingsThe Night We Shot Pool

The Night We Shot Pool


I'd like to thank Linda62953 for editing this for me. All comments are welcome.


It was New Years Eve. We were drinking a little, and had a small buzz going. We had been fooling around and flirting with each other for the better part of the day. She had already sucked my cock and finished me off with cum flowing sweetly down her throat.

We were sitting around the house in comfortable lounging clothes all day, since we'd gotten out of the shower this morning.

"Let's go downstairs and shoot some pool," she said, with a mischievous smile on her gorgeous face and a wink in her pretty, brown eyes.

I replied, "Sure!" Not knowing what she really had in that dirty little mind of hers.

I'm 6' 1" and have a medium build. I would say I have a little bit bigger than the average size dick, at 7" long and 2 ½" around. I hear that I also have a sexy butt. My hair is short, thick and dark brown.

She is, well, how can I say this without making her sound less attractive then she really is? She's 6' tall, (perfect), with incredibly long, smooth legs. Her hair is black, straight and falls a few inches below her shoulders. Her face is cute with nice puffy red lips. (OH, they feel great!). She has one hell of a body, I mean, 38 DD size tits. They are perfectly round and all natural with pencil eraser sized nipples that always seem to be erect when I'm around. Her belly is flat. It's so cute and kissable. She also has a gorgeous little round ass. Damn it looks good. And now, for her mound; AWE! It was very neatly trimmed with a small patch just above her slit. Her pussy lips are, WOW, nice, puffy and round. Well, that's about it, but I don't think I really did her justice.

OK, back to shooting pool. She racked the balls, but as she was doing so, she grabbed them out of the pockets and off the table and kind of rolled them around in her hand seductively before putting them back into the rack.

"OOPPS!!!" She said, as she leaned over to put the balls in the rack and her boobs fell out of her top. "How did that happen?" As she put them back in very slowly, while pinching her nipples as she did it.

I just looked at her with lust and my cock was starting to get hard. I started to laugh a little as I said, "Oh, that's OK."

She finished racking the balls and I broke. I hit a big one into the corner pocket, so I continued to shoot. I went down on my shoot and was leaning pretty far over the table. She quickly, before I even knew what was happening, kneeled down on the floor under me, grabbed my shorts, and pulled them down swiftly. As they were still going down, so was she. I felt her warm wet mouth engulf my semi erect penis all the way down to my balls. "OH FUCK, that feels so incredible!" I declared, as I quickly grew bigger in her mouth. "Damn, you are so FUCKING good at this baby. Please DON'T stop!"

She moaned loudly around my cock, sending multiple vibrations all through my cock and into my balls. She rose off my dick long enough to say, "I love how fucking big your cock is; you fill up my mouth and throat. I love how great your cock feels and I love sucking you off."

Then she dove back down, taking me all the way down her throat and held me there. She started swallowing, making her mouth pump the head of my cock while squeezing my balls as if she was trying to pump my sperm out.

"OH FUCK!!! I'M GOING TOO...." I can't finish saying it. Ropes and ropes of cum splattered the back of her mouth and slid down her throat. She tried swallowing it as fast as she could, but some spilled out the sides of her mouth. She continued sucking to get every drop she could. She finished cleaning me up with her mouth and tongue as I took my shot.

"I don't know if I made my shot, 'cause you blew my mind," I exclaimed.

"Well, let's count the big balls to see," she began to say with a big smile on her face as she was licking her lips. "One, two. Oh, sorry, that's your BIG balls. I'll count the ones on the table. One, two, three, four, five, and you made one on the break, so that means you made it!"

"WOW, that makes four times, just today!" I thought to myself. "This was the greatest, I love this!"

As the pool playing continued, there was a lot more flirting and groping going on by both of us. My cock stayed hard the entire time. I could tell she loved it, because I kept watching her stare at the bulge in my shorts and smiling from ear to ear. Sometimes she would lick her lips or bend over and try to take a little nibble from my cock.

"I can't take it anymore!" She stated, as she was climbing up on the table. "Eat my pussy!"

Without hesitation, I moved between her now, propped up legs and I got on my knees. Her bare feet were up on the rail of the table, and my head was within inches of her womanhood.

"OH, your pussy looks so fucking beautiful," I said.

"Just start licking the damn thing, I need you to eat me, badly!" she said as she was spreading her lips to reveal a pretty good sized pink clit and a nice tight, pink pussy hole.

I started licking up and down from the top of her pussy lips to the bottom where her ass is. I plunged my tongue in her tight hole. I moved my flattened tongue in and out quickly alternating this with a flickering move over her clit. She started moaning loudly, ohhhing and ahhhing.

"Oh fuck, yes that's it, do it baby, suck momma's pussy!" she was crying out, as she was grabbing the back of my head shoving and it into her pussy.

I sucked her swollen clit into my mouth and kept sucking and lightly nibbling on it. She was bucking her hips up at the same time as she was pushing down on my head. I grabbed and squeezed her ass cheeks.

"DAMN, OH FUCK, I'm CUMMING SO HARD," as she squirted all over my face and into my mouth.

"OH FUCKING YES!" I was thinking to myself. "My first 'squirter'. I loved this."

When she had finished cumming, I flipped her over onto her belly. Her long sexy legs were hanging over the edge of the table. I slammed my 'hard as a rock' cock into her as deep as it would go. Damn, she was still so tight. Great!

She screamed out, "OH FUCK, you're so fucking big! Yes, give it to me! Give me your big ass cock, good and hard. Faster, faster! Fucking cum in my pussy!"

I kept slamming harder and faster into her tight wet pussy as she was slamming back onto my cock. She reached under us and started squeezing my balls.

I was getting ready to cum. "Cum with me baby, cum!" I yelled.


I sprayed the inside of her pussy with my seed. I had juice running down my thighs. I think she squirted again.

We lay there for a while with my cock still in her, pulsing.

I backed out of her and she got down off the table and back onto her knees. She put my cock back into her pretty mouth to clean me up and make sure she got every last drop of me she could. I started growing in her mouth again.

Then she stood up and said with a wink, "The night's still young."

"You are a tease," I said smiling.

To be continued...

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