tagBDSMThe Nightingale Agency Pt. 10

The Nightingale Agency Pt. 10


The surprise is evident on Kelly's face when he walks in through the garage door, seeing Eve standing before him in the middle of the kitchen. He sets his briefcase down, letting his eyes wander over her body, seeing her undressed for the first time. The beige, sheer slip beneath her underbust corset doesn't do much to hide her perky, round breasts. The slip's ribbons clip onto her beige thigh high stockings, the sheer fabric extending down past the top of her panties but not covering his view of her lace covered cunt, where he can see a slit in the fabric to denote the crotchlessness of them. Her light green heels barely give her enough height to match his.

The grin on his face is difficult to suppress, "To what do I owe this delectable treat, Eve?" He crosses to her, slowly circling to get the full view of her assets.

"Well, Kelly, you are ten minutes earlier than usual," she offers as an excuse for her undressed figure. She doesn't stop him as he stands in front of her, his hand sliding behind her neck as he pulls her forward, mouth melting into hers. His free hand traces the curves of her front, sliding down across her clit, easily penetrating her with first a single finger, followed by another and another.

He pulls back, his voice husky, "Mmm my, Eve, did my wife not perform up to standards today? No orgasm for you?"

Eve doesn't bother to control her panting, locking her eyes on to his, "No orgasm for me. At least, not yet," her voice is dark, a horse whisper at best.

Kelly doesn't stop sliding his fingers in and out of her wanton, needy cunt. A greedy smile crosses his lips as he steps towards her, slowly pushing her back against the counter, "Perhaps I should correct this error then?"

Eve's eyes drift shut, she can feel the heat building up quickly in her body. She knows it won't take much as she is half way there already. She contemplates stopping him, but the picture of his wife tied up in the play room, plug in her ass, ready to be dominated by them both flashes across her mind. With full intent of giving Farah a good show, she knows that her performance would be drastically short if she doesn't cum beforehand.

She opens her eyes when Kelly's hand tightens around her throat, the man hungrily watching her, his fingers sliding in and out of her faster now. A grin crosses his face, "Come on, Eve, give me this one gift."

She licks her lips, hands clenching the counter top. Eve can feel the muscles in her legs tighten. Relenting, she closes the gap between them, pressing her lips to his, willingly opening her mouth when his tongue darts in.

Kelly doesn't need anything more; he slides one foot between hers, pushing her left one further to the side, before repeating on the other until he has forced her legs open with his, allowing him easier access to her dripping cunt. He adds a fourth finger into the mix, extending his thumb out so that it rubs against her clit each time he slides in and out of her.

When he increases his speed again, it is all Eve can stand. Her legs tense and begin to shake, her body dropping down to grind against his hand. When she pulls away from his mouth, he quickly covers hers with his hand, stifling the moan he knows is coming, not wanting his wife to hear it. Eve tries to quiet herself but as her cunt tightens over his fingers, the ecstasy explodes through her body so fiercely, that if she wasn't clinging to the counter she would have lost her balance. Kelly halts his pace for a moment, before slowly stroking his fingers in and out of her, eliciting as much as he can from her orgasm until she involuntarily convulses against him.

He finally withdraws his hand, picking her up by the waist to sit her on the counter; making sure she is steady and won't fall off, he releases his hold and grabs a towel to wipe off his now drenched hand. He stands slightly back from her, an odd smile on his face as he cleans his hands off.

"This is...very unexpected Eve. Normally you push me off before I get too far but today," he shakes his head, "When was the last time you came?"

Eve rests her head backwards against a cabinet, her body still weak with the bliss drifting through her veins. She gazes upon his brilliant smile, really studying the features of his face for the first time. He has deep brown eyes, the five o'clock shadow across his face gives him a rugged, model feel. Though his black hair is buzzed on the sides, the top is long and slicked back in a slight wave. Eve imagines that when he really gets into a night of domination, his perfect hair starts to become disheveled, long bangs falling over his forehead. When she ponders being able to see it tonight, a grin crosses her face.

"Um, yesterday. I think. Yes," she fumbles, trying to come out of her haze, "a client of mine got one out of me, but when he wanted to try for seconds, I stopped him half way. He's so green, with this lifestyle, I got him to agree to come to the House on Saturday so that I could watch him fuck someone," she waves her hand, getting off the subject, "but earlier yesterday I met with a different client of mine who wants to become a dom, and he's going to debut on Saturday. I fucked up and made a huge mistake."

Kelly tilts his head, brow crinkling as he reaches into a cupboard next to her, taking out a glass. Filling it up with water, he hands it to her, "You? Fuck up? I doubt that. What happened?"

Eve slowly drinks, finally coming down off of her high, "Honestly, Kelly, it's been happening a lot lately. I feel like I'm spiraling out of control. I am always—always—horny. I can cum, but it never seems like it is enough. I know that client wants to fuck me in the worst way and I gave him the opportunity to explore domination, with me," she trails off as she sees the surprised look on Kelly's face, "no penetration, but...christ, I was so close to begging for it. And he's just a gorgeous man." She shakes her head, setting the glass down. "Then, this afternoon with your wife," she draws in a deep breath and stops herself there, letting the anticipation build.

Kelly watches her, waiting, before finally saying, "Did she do something wrong? She didn't start turning inward and pulling away from this world, did she?"

Eve can see the disappointment starting to cross his features, the fear that his wife has decided to terminate her venture into bondage, into submission. She lets it linger for a moment before she speaks, "Um, no. Quite the opposite, actually. I broached the subject of a threesome, between all of us."

"And?" he asks eagerly, placing a hand on the counter either side of her, leaning forward slightly.

"And," a smirk grows over her face, "she's waiting for us in your play room."

His face melts into shock, and as the words sink in, he starts smiling, "Wait—today? Right now? She knows that I plan on fucking you, right?" His brow starts to crinkle as he thinks about it, wondering if his wife fully understands this new path that they will venture down.

Eve leans forward, her lips brushing his, her hand sliding down to rub his hard cock through his trousers, "Oh yes, she completely understands. When we talked about it, she explicitly said, and I quote...while I watch Kelly fuck you hard, oh god, how I want to watch him with you," she smiles, feeling his cock twitch at her words, "and in fact, she requested that I cum on your cock."

Kelly shivers, drawing in a deep breath. Getting a brilliant smile, he says, "All right. Let's go fuck in front of my wife."

Eve opens the door into the play room, letting Kelly walk in first. His eyes wander over his wife, strung up by her wrists to the ceiling, legs held open with a spreader bar by her ankles, perched on red heels, the body harness straps making angular lines across her pale flesh. He walks to her, running his hands down her cheeks, he gently kisses her forehead.

"Hello my love," he says in a tender voice.

"Hello, Master," she says as well as she can with the ball gag in her mouth.

He smiles at her, stroking her cheeks for a moment before stepping back and removing his suit jacket. He sits down on a chair and unlaces his dress shoes.

Eve walks to Farah, locking eyes with her. She raises her hand to the woman's bare breast, teasing her nipples before lightly pinching them, "My pet, I am going to fuck your husband while you watch, and I fully intend on cumming on top of his beautiful cock," she leans down, sucking up a nipple into her mouth, squeezing it with her lips. Withdrawing, she moves to the next, before standing back up and placing a nipple clamp on each. Making sure she looks directly at Farah, she asks one more time, very softly so that Kelly can barely hear it, "This is your last chance to change your mind, are you sure this is what you want?"

Farah intently stares into Eve's eyes, a muffled response, "Yes, please, Mistress."

Eve purrs in response, tugging slightly on the chain while Kelly watches, seeing them interact for the first time. As he gets up and walks towards the bed, Eve rotates Farah around so that she is facing it as well. She releases the chain, slowly running her fingers down the woman's stomach, pressing them through her lower lips to her clit, where she rubs it gently. Farah instantly moans. Eve slides her hand further down through the slick lips, easily easing three inside of the woman's waiting cunt. When Farah tries to fuck Eve's hand, she knows that the woman desperately wants to cum.

Pulling her hand away, she tisks at Farah, "Not yet, not until I give you permission, do you understand?"

Farah nods.

Eve takes a few steps to the bed, standing in front of Kelly. She brings her wet fingers to his mouth, sliding them inside. He sucks the taste of his wife off of her fingers.

When she pulls back her hand and starts to reach for his tie, he catches her off guard by spinning her around so that she faces Farah. He unties the laces on her corset, loosening them while saying, "I would like this more if it were on the ground." He turns her back around, unclasping the busk before discarding it. Eve feels her skin prickle at the sudden cool air as it touches her hot flesh through the slip. He unclips her stockings, his hands sliding between her slip and her skin as he pulls it up and over her head, leaving her breasts free and fully exposed.

"Mmm," he smiles, leaning forward to take a nipple into his mouth.

Eve can hear Farah's breathing increase. She slides her hands down, loosening his tie before discarding it with her corset. She makes short work of unbuttoning his shirt and relieving him of it. Letting go of her nipples, Kelly leans back on his hands so that he can watch Eve remove his belt and unbutton his pants.

She lets her eyes wander over his bare chest, pleasantly surprised to find it immaculately chiseled, his muscles well defined under lightly tanned skin. She slips her fingers between his briefs and his skin, finding herself excited to see his cock for the first time, and even more so that she will feel it deep inside of her. Before she can get much further, he stands up and removes both. Laying back down on the bed, he turns sideways, so that he can allow Farah full view of what goes on between them.

Eve walks over to the side of the bed so that she is at his feet; carefully, she crawls up and over him, lowering her face forward as it hovers over his cock. A nice girth, visible veins under the skin, it is about eight inches long and resembles Farah's favorite dildo. She opens her mouth, running her tongue up the length of it, flicking it over the head. His cock pulses towards her at the attention. Looking up, she sees Kelly propped up on his elbows, watching her. Eve does her best to maintain eye contact while opening her mouth and taking in the tip. She suckles him, her tongue rubbing the ridge at the underside of the head, with each pass she can feel it pulse towards her touch. She slides her lips down the length of it, taking it all slowly in. Kelly involuntarily shudders at the feeling, watching her as she teasingly fucks him with her mouth.

Barely a dozen strokes in, Kelly motions for her to come closer. Eve releases his cock from her mouth, crawling up the length of him. She straddles his hips, lowering her pussy down, pressing his cock between their bodies. She can feel the wet, pulsing dick between her pussy lips, and can't help herself when she starts to slowly slide up and down the length of it, rubbing it against her clit. Kelly tilts his chin up, his mouth meeting hers.

Though she just came, Eve can feel the desire swell up inside of her, she can feel her cunt getting wetter, squeezing tight in anticipation of an invader. Wanting to feel his dick inside of her, she strokes her body a little further up his, prepared to slide back down with his dick deep in her cunt, but before she can, Kelly suddenly grabs her ass, and rolls them both over so that he is now on top. Wanting full control over their first time, he makes it perfectly clear that he is dominating her—that he is in charge of how this evening plays out.

Eve doesn't object, but rather relishes in the fact that he wants it so badly. Kelly's hand tucks behind her knee as he bends it up and pins it down on top of her bicep, rendering both useless for her and undoubtedly giving Farah a full view of the penetration to come. He tucks his other arm under Eve's opposite leg, grasping her wrist so that he has her pinned to the bed. Staring into her eyes, he positions himself at the opening of her cunt, wanting to watch her as she takes him in for the first time. Then, slowly, he presses himself forward, the tip of his cock spreading open her tight pussy. A smile grows on his face while he watches Eve draw in a breath and bite down on her lower lip, squirming under him as he pushes deeper and deeper into her, until he is buried entirely inside.

Eve can't help the moan that escapes her lips, the excitement of a new encounter with a new man sending her heart into overdrive. Though she plays with Octavian, this is the first new cock that has been in her cunt in over a year. The dark sinfulness, the taboo of being dominated by someone new, causes her desires to amplify; she knows it won't take much to get her to cum tonight.

When Kelly slowly pulls out, her ass tightens up, hips raising to meet his cock as it slips back into her again. He presses firmly against her, his pace quickening rapidly as he begins to fuck her hard, each stroke pounding his cock deep inside of her. Eve's eyes drift shut as the oncoming orgasm builds within her.

Kelly's strict voice draws her eyes back open, "You will ask me for permission to cum, do you understand?"

She groans, "Yes, Sir."

"Good," he replies, suddenly stopping his movement, barely a few strokes before Eve cums.

He pulls out and away from her, flopping onto his back before he reaches over and grabs her arm, rolling her over on top of his body. Eve doesn't need any direction as she lines up her hips and eases herself back onto his cock. She grinds her ass against his hips, bringing her knees up so that she can bounce quickly on his dick. Bracing her hands on his chest she wastes no time, lifting her ass before dropping it down hard on top of him, plunging his dick deeper inside of her.

Kelly reaches up and squeezes her breasts, watching her face intently as her orgasm builds back up. When he senses she is close, he starts thrusting upwards, pelvis crashing into her, trying to pound her harder than she does him.

Eve moans softly, her voice airy when she speaks, "Please Sir, can I cum?"

Kelly reaches over, grabbing her hips to steady her body as he fuckers her faster, "Yes, you may."

She ceases her movements, letting him do the work to push her over the edge of her orgasm. Her head drifts back when a moan escapes her lips, her entire body tightening as pleasure explodes through it. Kelly doesn't slow his speed immediately, still fucking her hard, keeping the orgasm going until she starts trembling. Only then does he slow to a stop, letting Eve fall against his chest. He runs his hands tenderly over her back while she tries to recover.

Eve takes a minute to lay there, the sheer bliss echoing over her body. Regaining her bearings, she remembers that Farah is watching and forces herself to sit up, easing her tightly cinched pussy off of the woman's husband. Eve stands slowly, a little wobbly on her bare feet.

Making her way to the wall, she releases the tension on Farah's binds, letting the woman's arms down. Eve walks to her, unclasping her wrist cuffs before unbuckling the ball gag, "Did you enjoy the show?"

Farah's eyes bore into Eve's, a dark, carnal smile on her lips, "Yes, Mistress."

Eve nods, returning the woman's smile, "Well, we aren't finished yet my pet." She clasps the woman's wrists to the body harness, buckling them straight down her sides. Slowly crouching, Eve unbuckles the spreader bar.

"Kneel, and crawl over to your Master."

Farah does as she is told, Kelly now perched in a sitting position at the edge of the bed. When Farah reaches him, she doesn't wait for permission but wraps her lips around her husband's cock and starts to clean off Eve's cum.

Eve takes the opportunity to sit in the chair and watch the beautiful couple interact. She is surprised when Kelly tangles his hands in Farah's hair and begins to forcefully fuck his wife's throat. Farah gags on his large dick, but when he pulls out all she does is spit and open her mouth, ready for some more.

She enjoys the show, but when Kelly starts grunting and fucking his wife's face a little harder, Eve quickly rises from her chair. Kelly's head is tilted back, his eyes closed with both of his hands on Farah's head. Straddling the woman, Eve raises her hand and swiftly slaps Kelly across the face.

It catches him entirely by surprise and he halts, immediately releasing his wife before turning his shocked gaze upon Eve's wicked smile.

"You will ask for permission before cumming, understand?"

Kelly slowly gets a grin on his face, cockily responding, "Yes, Mistress."

Eve nods, enjoying the power struggle between them. She helps Farah to her feet, tugging her back to the spot where the chain dangles from the ceiling. She instructs the woman to kneel and rest her ass on her heels, so that Eve can wrap the straps of the body harness around her thighs and calves, immobilizing Farah in that position. She clips the chain to the back of the harness before pulling the woman up about three feet, leaving her dangling free in the air.

"Now, Kelly, we have a surprise for you," Eve says, looking down at Farah, "Why don't you ask him, my pet?"

Farah's face begins to flush red; Eve isn't sure if it is embarrassment or excitement, but the woman doesn't disappoint. She looks over at her husband and with a high, strained voice she says, "Please, Master, will you fuck my ass?"

Kelly looks blankly from his wife to Eve, and back again, not entirely sure if he heard right. Eve slowly rotates Farah around until her backside is exposed to Kelly, revealing the butt plug wedged between perfectly round, white cheeks.

"Oh," Kelly shudders, "Thank you Mistress Eve." He stands and walks to his wife, gently caressing her ass cheeks. As he reaches for the plug, Eve halts him with a motion of her hand. She kneels down behind the woman before tilting her chin up. Opening her mouth, she drags her tongue over the woman's clit, immediately getting a surprised but pleased yelp from her.

Eve continues to slowly rock her chin back and forth, rubbing her tongue over the engorged nub. When she hears a low moan, she reaches out and slowly unclasps a nipple clamp. A ragged cry of pain comes out of Farah, but soon she is moaning again as Eve continues her teasing. She releases the other clamp, getting the same response, only to bring the woman back towards orgasm. Pulling back and rising, she stands behind the woman, easily sliding three fingers into her sopping wet cunt. Angling them down, she carefully, slowly rubs the woman's g spot while she reaches for the base of the plug and starts to pull it out. It takes a little bit of pressure, but it eases free; yet Eve doesn't pull it out immediately, instead she pushes it back in, alternating the thrusts between her fingers and the plug, fucking the woman with both dangerously close to cumming. When she can feel the cunt start to clamp down on her fingers, Eve withdraws both, leaving the woman gaping and empty.

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