The Nighttime Surprise

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A wife surprises her husband with a desire to be filled...
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It was a lazy Saturday night in suburbia. The children were away at their grandparents for two weeks during that summer, leaving N and I at home to ourselves. While most parents might be jumping for joy and finding something wild to do with all of that spare time, we were spending the night alone just killing time.

The summers were very, very hot that year, and N wasn't wearing very much. She was milling around in her usual relaxation attire: A tank top with no bra, and a skirt with no underwear. "Too hot for drawers," she always said. And I definitely did not mind at all! Motherhood had done all of the right things to her body. While she had the same curvy hips that she had when we first met over 10 years ago in college, her full breasts were even fuller. By her estimate and the last time she went bra shopping she was a full 36EE. I don't know what made other men (and women for that matter) more jealous: Her full bosom, her chocolate brown skin, or her long straight hair that hung nearly down to her butt. N said she didn't enjoy the looks that she got when we were out, but I knew that was a delicious lie.

"Yes, my headlights are on," she said to me as she plopped down on the far end of the couch. N's nipples were always slightly erect, probably from years of me pinching, sucking and nibbling on them every chance I got. I got up and handed her the remote control.

"A drink, my dear? The usual?" I asked.

"You know me too well. Strong, but not too strong, if you don't mind." I went into the kitchen and prepared a vodka and juice with two cubes of ice, and prepared one for myself. Going back into the living room and handing her the glass, I asked her what she wanted to do this evening. It was nearing 11:30pm. I was somewhat hoping for some sex, but we had been running around doing things around the house so I was perfectly fine if she wasn't in the mood. There was always tomorrow.

"Oh, I don't know," she replied, flipping through channels until landing on something on the History Channel. "I'm not quite sleepy yet. Maybe a little TV?"

"Sure," I said. My senses told me that something was on her mind. I had seen that subtle look on her face many times. She was lost in thought about something, but I didn't ask. I knew that she would always tell me when she felt the time was right to do so.

The show was only mildly interesting. Something about ancient history, and I was just absentmindedly sipping on my cocktail and not paying much attention. But she soon certainly got my attention soon enough!

"Darrin," she said slowly and pausing the TV. "I think I want it in my ass tonight."

If I had been drinking at the time, I am sure that I would have shot it across the room onto the TV. "You WHAT?!"

N suddenly got shy, "I want to try it in my ass tonight." The matter of fact way that she said it, almost as if she was saying she wanted to clean out the fridge tomorrow left me with almost nothing to say.

"I...I...ok. What makes you want to do..." She interrupted me with a finger to my lips. "Don't ask, honey. It took all I could say to mouth it. I mean, if you want to. I promise I'll tell you why later, but please, I don't want to overthink it."

I smiled and put my hand on hers. "Of course dear, of course. You know I wouldn't say no to you, especially not that." After an awkward second, I continued, "Now? I mean, do you want to prepare or anything?"

"Well," she said, "This is kind of spur of the moment, so I don't think so. But that being said, would you mind wearing a condom? You know...."

"Oh yes, I know." She didn't want it to be..messy. "But you know we haven't had condoms in what..10 years? I would have to go to the store."

"Would you? If you want to go, I can be ready when you get back." There was NO way I was going to say no to that.

Reaching for my keys and putting on my shoes, "I'll be back before you know it."

I must say, the look on the cashier's face was priceless. Here I am in line at Wal-Mart at 12:30am with a box of condoms, a bottle of K-Y lube, and a Pepsi. As if the bottle of soda somehow made this look any different than what it was. There was no need for explanation. Her eyes basically called me a nasty sinner. If I had been mischievous I would have just said they were for a friend of mine, but I just smiled and went on my way.

The TV was off when I got back, and N's clothes were laying on the couch. The light at the top of the stairs let me know she was in the bedroom. I tried not to look like a kid too eager to open his Christmas presents as I walked in and saw her lying nude across the bed on her stomach, her head resting on her forearms.

"I'm back," I said, dropping the items on the bed. "I just thought of something. Do you want to be restrained?" N and I had dabbled with BDSM in the past, so we had a number of items, such as heavy duty velcro wrist and ankle cuffs, spreader bars, and an assortment of other "toys" indicative of a couple that would occasionally engage in fetish play.

"Yes, I think that would be best. Please do as thou wilt." That was a phrase that she only ever used when she felt herself descending into subspace. It was her signaling without explicitly stating so, that she was in a place where she wanted to be dominated and she had no intention of making any further requests.

"All right then. Go ahead and stand up." I grabbed N by the waist and pulled her close to me, burying my tongue in her mouth for a moment, and with one handful of her long hair pulled her head back and bit her softly on her neck. Her knees buckled slightly and she gasped. I knew that she found that spot irresistible. With my other hand I spread her legs slightly and felt the slickness of her wet pussy. "Is this what you like," I snarled, pinching her clit with just enough force to make her bite her lip.

"Yes...yes..if it pleases you..." She was diving rapidly into that place of surrender that she craved. I placed my now wet finger to her lips. "How do you taste, darling?"

N sucked my finger almost to the second knuckle. "I taste like I am yours..."

"Good. Now turn around." I retrieved the cuffs from the drawer and placed one on each wrist, clicking them tight behind her back. Turning her around, I loved that position made her full heavy breasts jut out at me. I took one nipple and then the other in my mouth, sloppily licking and biting one while twisting and tweaking the other. She tried desperately to stand still but could not, rubbing her thighs against one another, invariably trying to massage and soothe the yearning between her legs.

"Can I have you in my mouth," she pleaded. "Can I please have you in my mouth?"

"No darling. Not tonight." I was tempted to appease her, as my now hard cock was straining against my pants. "As you know there is somewhere else you really want it, isn't it?"

Almost crestfallen, yet excited at the same time. "Yes. Yes there is."

"And where is that?" I pulled my shirt over my head and removed my pants, freeing my erection for her to see.

She looked down at my manhood bobbing, nearly touching her navel, and with almost a hint of fear in her eyes. "In my backside. I want you in my ass."

I kissed her again deeply. "Are you ready?"

"Almost," she nodded. "Can I ask one thing of you?"

"Of course!"

"Slowly? Please? At least at first. I have to admit I'm a little scared."

Hugging her tightly and pressing my cock against her. "I would never hurt you. We don't have to, if you don't want to."

She vigorously shook her head. "I need this, honey."

She stood quietly as I prepared everything. Changing my mind from my original plan, I placed pillows in the middle of the bed to lean her over. I unhooked the wrist cuffs and placed a cuff on each bare ankle. Placing her in the perfect position so that her ass was in the air, I took the spreader bars and attached one on either side, wrist to ankle. They were carefully measured when I hand crafted them, so that the hooks on each end aligned perfectly to have her arms and legs stretched just enough for her to have enough leverage to squirm and nothing more.

Taking a moment to feast my eyes on my naked goddess, exposed and vulnerable, I said, "You know this is quite a vulgar sight, my dear."

"Thank you. I'm ready now."

N yelped as I hungrily attacked her nether regions. I don't think she was expecting me to part her full lips and eat her from behind. The metal clasps rattled, and her hands gripped the sheets as my tongue darted in and out of her hole, slurping and nibbling as if I was a starving, dehydrated man consuming a ripe peach.

"Oh god..." she said, as I spread her cheeks and licked her rim. The strong muscle of her anus clenched, relaxed and clenched again as I swirled around and stuck my tongue in as deeply as I could muster. After a few minutes that left her panting and grinding against the pillows, I stood and wiped my completely wet face with my forearm.

"It is time, dear." I took the lube and the condom from the dresser. "This might be a little cold." I warmed it as best I could, but the generous helping of lube still made her flinch as I applied it slowly around her rim, intentionally tickling and applying more pressure. Her breathing became shallower as I went ever deeper into the tight ring gripping me.

"How is that," I asked. N simply nodded and moved her hips back just a bit. I pulled my finger out slowly until the tight hole closed to a pinpoint. N sighed, perhaps in relief or perhaps in anticipation.

Once I felt that I had lubed myself thoroughly, I positioned myself with my cockhead pressed against her opening. "What do you want?" I asked.

"Invade me, honey," she said almost in a whisper. "My body isn't mine. It's yours. All of my holes. All of my holes want you, especially this one." Her unique way of dirty talk when extremely aroused never ceased to amaze and surprise me, and I craved it.

"Arghhh!" she said, as my head started to push against her, slowly slipping in. She was so tight it was almost uncomfortable on my head.

"Is it ok?" I asked.

"Keep...keep going," she panted, "My ass is on fire. In a good way." One last push and my head broke through. We both sighed as her rim gripped around my shaft in a vice like grip, and I stayed still for a moment in silence until she said, "I feel so full, I beg of you to fuck me. Massage my insides, honey."

I didn't know how long I would last as I slowly began thrusting into her. Every stroke was a glorious struggle as I went deeper and deeper into her, careful not to make too sudden a movement, until I felt my balls against her body.

"Ohhh, that is so good," she purred. "Use this ass.." I placed my hands on her hips and attained a slow, methodical cadence going deeply into her nether, almost to the point of pulling out, but not all of the way. After a few minutes, her anus started to relax and contract, seemingly reflexively. Her hips rocked against my pelvis. She was fucking back at me, just as much as I was fucking her! My mind was in a tailspin, moving on its own as I felt my shaft start to tighten in a way that I can barely describe. The point of no return was rapidly approaching, but her tight anus was keeping me at bay. I couldn't stay in this state forever. I needed to be set free.

"I'm about to cum, honey!" I exclaimed.

"Yes! Yes! Cum in this ass, baby. I want you to cum in your wife's filthy ass!"

My orgasm was more like a seizure. A convulsion or sorts. The intense pressure of her tight walls made every pulse feel like a prisoner breaking free. It seemed to go on forever with her taking the lead role in massaging the pleasure out of me while my body contorted mindlessly. After a long time, I slumped, careful not to rest too much pressure on her. I was sweating and she lay there, a slight, satisfied look on her face.

"What are you thinking, honey?" I whispered in her ear.

"I did it. That's all I'm thinking, sweetheart. I did it."

One thing for certain is that disengaging after anal sex is almost as tender as penetrating in the first place. I eased slowly out and her tight rim clamped closed. She breathed a huge sigh. "I'll be right back." I went to the bathroom and did a quick clean up. Releasing her from the cuffs and contraption, she followed.

"How do you feel?" I asked as she laid down nude in the bed. I pulled the sheet up over her as she rested her head on the pillow. N looked up to me with slightly moist eyes and said, "Deliriously horny and hulled out..."

"Did you cum," I asked, worried that she wasn't satisfied.

She raised up and kissed me. "Just as much as I wanted to. I'm enjoying being on the edge of this new cliff at the moment." Her voice changed a bit and I could tell she was slowly rising from the depths of subspace.

"Good," I replied, placing her head on my chest and wrapping my arms around her. "I must admit, I am dying to know what brought this on. You said you would tell me."

"Indeed I did. Well, let me see how to say this without boring you."

"You never do. I'm all ears."

"Ok," she started, "Do you remember way, way back when we were still living in the dorms in college?"

"Of course, too broke to do much other than fuck."

N laughed, "Yep. Well, and I remember it like it was yesterday, that one day when I started my period, and you know, we kind of didn't do...that."

"Oh yea! And you said..."

"Yea," she interrupted. "Gosh I still remember the silly way I said it. I said, 'Well you can just put it in my butt.'"

"I do remember. I have to be honest, I wasn't sure if you liked it. It's been what, 10 years now? I just figured that you didn't like that sort of thing, so I never mentioned it."

N grew slightly shy. "Well, I was only 19, so I wasn't sure how I felt. What I mean is, I wasn't sure that I should like it as much as I did. You've met my family. Not exactly the most sexually free-spirited environment."

"Oh yeah," I replied. "Or at least they sure wouldn't talk about it. Anyways, what do you mean, you liked it as much as you did?"

N cleared her throat. "That's the part. I really liked it. But I wasn't sure if I liked it because I wasn't supposed to. Like it was taboo, or if it was the physical sensation. I think it really is a mix. But that's not the final answer."

I raised up and looked at her and said, "And that is?"

"It makes me feel vulnerable and present at the same time. I mean think about it, you're at someone's mercy if there's 7 inches of cock in your rear you certainly are paying attention."

I almost laughed at her humor, but I knew she was being serious. "You have quite an eloquent way of describing anal sex."

"EXACTLY!" she exclaimed. "19 year old me would never have been able to sort that out and word it. And plus, we had only been together a few months. I didn't want you to think I was some weird girl that liked weird shit."

I kissed her deeply. "That makes complete sense, darling. Complete sense. So..what do you want to do now?"

"Well we are married. And to be honest, I like this..this feeling. The vulnerable feeling. Maybe not all the time, but sometimes, you know?"

"I think so, I mean I think I get it."

N frowned and slapped my chest playfully. "You can play as dense as a rock when it suits you. Fine, since I know you're just fishing for raunchy talk, I'll indulge. From time to time, I want you to just take me and use me. I'm your wife, no doubt about that. But that doesn't mean I don't like the thrill of just being...well ridden hard and put away wet from time to time."

"Wow. I haven't heard that one in a while. But, I do like this idea of yours." I could feel my cock starting to stir, and N noticed as well.

"Obviously," she said, placing her hand on my cock. "We were kind of 'free use' back in the day, you know."

"True, but of course that was borne from poverty not desire."

"But now we can just do it because we like it.. That is if you want to. Look at me being presumptuous."

I kissed her again and ran my hands down her back. "Who wouldn't be ravenous and not want you all the time? I find myself rather lucky. But there has to be some sort of order around this, right?"

"Well yes," she said, "I've thought about that too. Especially about anal, if or when you want that." She paused, and said, "Gosh, there is no dainty way to put this. I really like the idea of you just taking me that way. The thrill.. the thought of it happening that way just makes it all the more intense. But this condom business just makes it clumsy. So maybe if there was some way of warning me that it 'might' happen, so I could..ahem..make sure I was clean, ya know?"

Honestly my head was reeling. I had no idea that my wife was keenly interested in being a free use anal slut. MY free use anal slut. But I had an idea. "I've got an idea, honey. You remember that anklet that I bought you a long time ago? You know that little cheap souvenir that we got in Vegas? How about whenever you wear that one, I know what mood you're in without you having to announce it to the world."

She frowned. "Announce it to the world? You are so dramatic! I could see myself now, changing my Teams status to "Do Not Disturb. Being anally plundered between 10:00AM-4:00pm."

I laughed loud enough for half the neighborhood to hear. I loved her sarcasm.

"Seriously though," she said, "that is a great idea. I like that. So you'll do this for me? For us?"

"Sealed with a kiss." I squeezed her tightly and we lay there, thinking about what new chapter in our lives had opened.

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TamaboneTamabone2 months ago

I enjoyed the reasoning behind her desire, and the set up for further encounters. The sex scene needed to be expanded and provide much more detail as to what was happening. Would not be opposed to a sequel exploring the use of the anklet at unexpected times. Like maybe a visit to her sexually repressed family.

AnonymousAnonymous2 months ago

Good premise.

But sex was meh.

Needed MUCH more teasing/touching/fingering her asshole before moving on.

Needed her to beg him to insert his cock in her ass while he teased/edged.

Three stars.

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