tagErotic CouplingsThe Nina File Ep. 02

The Nina File Ep. 02

byJames Cody©

Every once in a while, you meet someone you know will drag you down a dangerous road -- a road that'll change the way you view yourself and the world around you. Maybe for the better, maybe for the worse. And you say to yourself: I wouldn't have it any other way.

For me that someone -- that woman -- was Nina.

We were alone in a conference room, waiting for others to show and when they did, we were going to have a conference call with the head office about a change in strategy. The tar sands were going green and I was there to explain how the ad budgets were going to be tributed.

I'd met Nina a few weeks after I started working and the chemistry was there from the beginning, but it took me pulling her from a sticky situation 6 weeks ago for us to realize just what we felt for one another. Since then, we played it cool at work but hot at home -- although I wasn't fool enough to think that our little fling was anything but a secret after co-workers witnessed me get in a fight and then carry her out of a local watering hole.

Now, I could feel her big hazel eyes leering at me from her seat across the table. I peeked over the file I was pretending to review and felt sweat bead at the edge of my hairline and my cock shift as blood flushed from my reason to its core. Nina was a vision in a black skirt and a gray jacket that tapered around her slim waist, just before the flare of her hips. She left her strawberry-blond hair loose today and it just dangled around her head, framing her lovely face and thick, sensual lips just right. I watched her leisurely put a file down and walk over to me and lean against the conference table, her delicious ass just out of arm's reach.

"Mr Zeke Holland," Nina said, her voice mellifluous and hypnotic. "Big day and big presentation. Penny for your thoughts?"

"You usually know what I'm thinking," I answered back. My voice was hoarse as I watched while she crossed her legs.

"But I like the way you say it." Nina pouted a bit.

"Your wish," I said.

"I was thinking how good you'd look, sprawled across this table, your skirt pushed up to your waist."

Nina inched closer to me. "You know how I like your trimmed pussy. I'd pull your little black thong aside and just look at those puffy lips of yours. Maybe I'd touch them, maybe I'd lick them -- but you can be sure I'd make your pussy so wet that you'd end up begging me to fuck you.

"First, I think I'd pull you to the edge of the table, take a seat in this chair and put your knees on my shoulders and just start lapping at those sweet juices of yours. Tongue in, tongue out ... I 'd take your clit and hold it between my teeth to steady it and just run the tip of my tongue across it. I know that drives you crazy -- wouldn't take long and you'd be bucking like a frantic mare. I'd have to hold you down on the table while I slip my middle finger into your snatch.

"You know what I mean, don't you? My finger, moving in and out of you. So fast ... so very fast. Your pussy, just overflowing with its juices all over my hand and down my arm, staining my shirt."

Nina was watching me, a haze across her eyes as she seemed to be entranced by what I was telling her. Or maybe it was how I was telling her.

"After that, I'd step back from the table and you'd know what I want. You'd be staring at my crotch and I'd whip it out for you to see. You'd start playing with yourself while staring at it -- my cock. Long and hard, just for you. By this time, you'd have pushed your shirt up, Nina, and and you'd be pinching your long nipples while you squeeze your thighs so tight around your hand. I know the way you'd moan: little pants followed by a long "Aaaaaahhhh" sound. You'd be making those quick, little circular motions with your index and middle finger across your clit and snatch that're so quick to make you come."

Nina was breathing hard, and her tongue slipped out of her mouth and she absent-mindfully tried to touch her nose.

"The entire floor'd be filled with the sounds of your cum. That's when the magic would happen -- every one on the floor would be hypnotized by the sound of you masturbating and they would just. Go. Crazy! Every combination of man and woman and everything in between would join in the fun. Arlene and Kevin from accounting licking each other's ass. Ray and Don from shipping, giving themselves the double-dutch rudder. The entire building would flare up into a chaotic house of fuck and you would be its finger-fucking sex queen."

Nina leaned her head back and I knew she was hanging on to my every word -- which explained why she turned and faced me and just started to giggle. "Finger-fucking sex queen?"

"It's quite an image," I said, running my fingers through my short, dark blond hair. "By the way, I think there's a meeting about to start."


The conference lasted about an hour and a half and Nina had once again demonstrated that ultra sharp mind of hers, while still stealing me a wanton glance every once and while, full of sexy promise. As for me, well, the army look and the 1000 yard stare and booming voice ensured I held their attention. The occasional joke ensured they weren't bored half to death.

Ever since I left T.O. and a failed relationship as well as other failures, I'd been working to reinvent myself in this new city. But I realized it wasn't an reinvention so much as a reclamation. I'd spent years playing at being who others wanted me to be -- quiet when I wanted to scream; holding back when I wanted to lash out. Walking away when I wanted to pursue.

But here, there were no preconceived expectations about who I was supposed to be and Nina'd been the catalyst to help bring me back to the surface.

I would be forever grateful to her for that.


It was mid-afternoon and I was jotting down my signature on the final approval form and it struck me that I hadn't seen Nina for nearly 20 minutes -- odd, since every task she put her mind to was usually completed efficiently in record time. I put the form in a manila envelope and tossed into the internal mail chute and pulled up my windows outlook when my smartphone vibrated intently. It was an intermittent vibe, telling me it was a vid message. The display flashed Nina's number.

I felt a surge of blood flow to my cock and I shifted in my seat. I looked around surreptitiously and when I was sure no heads were peaking over their respective cubicles and I dashed to the employee lounge -- it was usually empty at this time of day.

I took a deep breath and sat in a lounge chair in a darker corner of the room, plugged my earphones in and pulled up my messaging menu and opened the multimedia message she sent me.

It started slowly. I could hear the rustling of clothing. Then I heard my name: "Zeke." Her voice was husky, like scotch and smoke over velvet. The image came into focus and I watched as Nina looked at the camera, her tongue flowing across her thick lips -- after that, the image drifted downwards till it reached her chest. Nina had opened her jacket and had pulled her shirt up, exposing her back bra. I felt a quiver across y entire body and my cock swelled as I watched her undo the from clasp of her bra and released her firm B-cup tits. The little rose tattoos on the inside edges of her cleavage crashed as she pressed her tits together and pinched her nipples after moistening her fingers.

"Zeke," Nina whispered, almost too softly for the microphone to register. She recorded her hands sliding down her body to the hem of her black skirt -- she pulled it up and exposed a pair of black stocking and garters that I'd seen, perfectly folded in one of her drawers. She also wore black, french-cut lace panties that she pulled aside to expose the puffed and engorged pussy lips I've become addicted to. The image shifted slightly and I realized she was squatting in a bathroom stall -- I watched as she parted her pussy and took her thickened clit between her thumb and forefinger and lightly pinched it, pulling a raspy gasp from her quivering lips.

My pants grew tighter as I watched her thrust her hips forward while pushing her fingers deep into her pussy, making sure they rubbed across her clit -- I could almost smell her pussy juices all the way to here. Nina turned the camera to her face and I saw her beautiful features twisted in bliss as she fought to stay quiet while fingering herself to madness.

"Zeke ... God ..." Nina whispered as the camera shakily showed her hand moving erratically between her thighs as she leaned forward and landed on her knees -- she bucked her wildly the way she did the first night we were together. I crossed my legs in order to stifle my growing erection but anybody who walked in to the lounge was sure to notice my heavy breathing and sweaty forehead. The image on the phone as my earbuds flooded my head with Nina's long moan -- she came quietly but steadily for nearly a minute.

I yanked the earbuds out and I started to breathe in the slow, controlled manner I learned years ago as a way to control anger or fear. Also applied to libido overdrive.

A few seconds later and I felt relatively normal and I left the lounge -- the neon lights in the corridor somehow made every color brighter yet softer and the sounds of voices had a harmonious and organic quality. I wondered if I'd missed a bit of oxygen from holding my breath while watching Nina.

Speaking of the sexy she-devil, I passed her on the way to my cubicle and she nary gave me the time of day, but I noticed she was still flustered and that brought a smile to the corner of my mouth. When I sat down to my desk, I noticed an unmarked manila envelope next to my computer keyboard. I opened it, expecting to see another reclamation form

Instead, I was met by a shear pair of black lace panties that smelled of woman and musk.



Nina was one of the most amazingly sexually adventurous women I had ever had the chance to encounter. But although our first weekend was an ode to passion, the following week consisted more of an exploration of what turned us on.

A sixty-nine in the parking lot of a crowded theater on a Tuesday night.

A game of naked, blindfolded tag around my apartment on a Wednesday.

A reenactment of the kitchen scene from 9 ½ Weeks on a Thursday.

Finally, dinner, a movie and dancing on Friday -- just like regular folk.

While we'd been dancing to the latest club sounds, I came to realize that youth and energy were in the heart and this young filly was filling mine with energized lust as we bobbed and weaved around each other under the pulsing lights. Nina's stroboscopic smile was rapturous as she hooked her arms around my neck and pulled my head downward so I could peek down her low-cut shirt and see the sweat bead in the valley of her cleavage. I felt her lips on my forehead before she turned her back to me and placed my hands on her curvaceous hips and she ground her barely-there, denim skirt covered ass onto my erect cock.

The music had slowed down and we were swaying to a slow, ponderous baseline accompanied angelic vocals. My hands had joined just above her exposed navel and hers had slipped into the back pockets of my loose fitting jeans. To anybody who paid attention, and even those who didn't, it was obvious that we were into each other and everyone knew how the evening was going to end.

We suddenly stopped dancing and Nina faced me and leaned her body into mine like a tango dancer before a slide and entwined her right leg around my left leg, pushing her small skirt to the edge of exposing her pussy -- the heat she emitted crawled up my leg and if my cock had been a live snake, it would have been dancing like a frenzied cobra. And then time stood still -- our fellow dancers appeared to marred in the reverberations as the pounding beats coagulated the air around us and we kissed. Nina's tongue was an insatiable predator as it prowled my mouth, stalking my own willing prey of a tongue. The kiss was one of those where you let it take your breath away but you felt like you could breathe forever.

I felt the eyes of everybody on the dance floor riveted to us as we explored our bodies with roaming hands, leading eyes down Nina's back to her perfectly shaped ass; their eyes were lead up my back as she cupped my ass and then found my broad shoulders before grabbing a handful of my short blond hair and yanking my head back to expose my neck that she showered with her thick, moist lips.

"Everybody's eying you," I whispered as I nibbled her earlobe. The music was pounding so loud that it blended with my heartbeat and every tha-thump drove more blood to my cock.

"It's us, Zeke," Nina said as she licked my ear. "They're applauding us -- or they want to be us or they're jealous."

"What now then?"

Nina smiled a lascivious smile and grabbed my hand and deliberately lead me through the crowd of clubbers to one of the exits at the back of the club -- once outside, the air was fresh and the night had a bite to it that hinted to the autumn to come. The alley itself was like others, with trash containers and puddles of water and other liquids best not to ponder.

It was a cliché from movies like Body Shots but I pushed Nina against the wall and dropped to on knee, like I was about to propose. The aroma from her pussy was my heroine and I pushed her tiny skirt up past the brink -- under flickering neon lights, I saw she wore no underwear and her trimmed pussy glistened from her juices.

The sounds of traffic echoed in the alley when I hoisted Nina's left knee onto my right shoulder, clearing a path to her hot tunnel. She grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face to her blossom. The smell from her cunt overcame the fumes from the alley and my tongue darted across her pussy lips as I explored the silky petals surrounding her warm canal. I lapped and licked and she trembled as the familiar shock of pleasure rippled down her limbs -- Nina smacked her palms against the dirty brick wall time and again when I found her clit and just nibbled it hard enough to make her suck air in through her teeth.

"Shit! Fuck me!" Nina hissed and she pulled me to my feet. I looked into her shadowed eyes and the ferocity of her desire reached down into my gut and pulled the beast to the surface and I growled while I struggled with my belt buckle. With surprising ease, my pants fell and Nina pulled at my jockeys and my cock sprang to readiness.

Nina grabbed my shaft and guided it to her pussy -- I grabbed her thighs and pressed her against the wall while lifting her off the ground. We both gasped as she slid onto my cock -- the feel of her pussy enveloping me was like the embrace of a lustful goddess demanding her bounty. I thrust into her madly, violently even, and she met my every movement with her own sympathetic fuck.

Our faces were close and we shared the same gasping breaths as our bodies exchanged blows of passion -- Nina's nails sank into my shoulders as she bit my lower lip. All the while, the bricks of the wall were scrapping against her thin blouse, sure to bruise her pale flesh and leave welts on her perfect shoulders. We were beasts of passion as we groaned and grunted and moaned our way closer to orgasm.

Nina somehow managed to grab hold of some fencing and wrapped her legs around my thighs -- she used me as leverage and used her powerful legs and toned stomach to give my cock a wild, nearly horizontal ride. Her body was drenched in sweat against the brisk night air as she undulated like she was part of some universal wave of bliss that was traversing the universe. I could feel her pussy somehow twist and contort around my monolithic cock and I saw her face warp into something between a war mask and a death mask. I knew then she came as a gusher of her pussy juices erupted across my thighs.

I held her after her pleasure subsided and she disengaged herself from around me.

I was still hard and stiff and I rested against the grimy brick wall while Nina straightened her clothing. She eyed me with a sly smile before reaching over and patting my cock with a tender touch.

"This big boy is going to have to be patient," Nina whispered into my ear as she tuck my slightly softening cock back into my pants.

"You're driving me crazy -- you know that, right?"

Nina winked and headed up the alley towards the street. "That's my specialty," she said, glancing over her shoulder.

"Cruel and unusual punishment," I muttered as I zipped up and ran to catch up with her.

*Continued ...

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