tagFetishThe Nipple Ring Ch. 02

The Nipple Ring Ch. 02


This is part two of Nicolle's story when she agreed to get a nipple ring. Nicolle's nipple had just been pierced. Then the owner of the tattoo parlor and his assistant used her. In this part of the gangbang story, Nicolle allows her extremely filthy limits to be pushed beyond anything she's done before. (oral, anal, objects, lesb, humil, bd, rim, piercing, ws, scat).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

John went to the backroom for a moment while Nicolle lay there soaked with Lisa's piss. He returned a few minutes later holding a dog leash. Without saying a word he attached it to Nicolle's new nipple ring.

"Get up bitch," he ordered. "On your knees and crawl." And he began pulling the leash and tugging on her tit to make sure she crawled after him. "I've got some friends that want see a real dirty slut." Nicolle followed him on hands and knees like she was ordered to do. I had to join to see what John had planned. Lisa, however, excused herself saying she had to get home.

Nicolle didn't have much of a choice in what she was being forced to do. Her nipple was sore after just having it pierced and I knew how nervous she was in the first place about getting a ring. Now this guy was leading her around by her nipple, yanking on it and pulling her pretty breast out from her chest. I'm sure it hurt, but I'm sure she was experiencing some enjoyment as well with the way he was treating her like his personal piece of flesh.

John led his slut on a leash to the backroom and through a connecting door. The next room was a dark dingy barroom. There were maybe ten men seated around the bar as John entered with Nicolle. "Here's the bitch I was telling you about." Apparently when John went to the backroom earlier he must have been in the bar talking about Nicolle's filthy cravings.

I entered behind John and quickly took a seat. I was curious what would happen to Nicolle. I know how Nicolle loves a good gangbang every so often. And believe it or not her dirty antics actually make for some hot sex when we get back home. I just wanted to be sure she was safe and didn't get hurt.

John was still leading her around the bar so everyone could see his pretty naked slut crawling behind him. Once he had circled the bar they stopped. He looked down at Nicolle.

"Does my slut want more cocks?" And he tugged on the leash pulling her nipple out from her chest again.

"Yessss," Nicolle answered whimpering from the discomfort, yet licking her lips realizing she was in for a treat. There were so many men around the bar and all kinds too, white, black, young, old, and fat.

Everyone was looking at Nicolle, naked on a leash that was attached to her nipple and being humiliated by the owner of the neighboring tattoo parlor. John yanked on her leash again.

"Does my slut want more cum?" He asked.

"Yes. Oh Yes, I love cum," Nicolle answered.

"What about piss? Want these guys to piss all over your pretty face."

"Yes sir," she responded happy to hear that. "I'll be everyone's pisswhore."

"What else do you do, slut?" John questioned.

Nicolle wasn't afraid to tell them the disgusting things she would do for them. "You can all fuck my cunt... and my ass... I'll suck your balls.... and lick your dirty assholes... drink your piss... eat your cum... I'll be a dirty whore for all of you."

"Shit man, where did you find a bitch like that?" The comment came from one of guys. Then a lot of chatter began between all the men.

"Who wants at her first?" John asked.

This heavy set older guy with a beer belly stood up and walked over to Nicolle. "What's all over her?" he asked.

John replied, "that's from me.,, my cum and piss."

This guy looked down at Nicolle cupping her chin in his hand making her look up at him. "You're a nasty little cunt, huh? So what are you going to do for me?"

Nicolle reached up and unbuckled his pants. She pulled them down along with his underwear and grabbed his semi-erect cock. She then glanced back up into his eyes and asked. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Are fuckin' kidding me," he answered. "You're gorgeous."

Nicolle smiled and questioned further. "Do you like having a pretty girl touching your cock?"

Her teasing and fondling was making him nuts. "My God," he moaned out. "I've never had such a beautiful girl touching me like this."

Nicolle's smile got even bigger. "Then let's get this thing hard so you can fuck me." Nicolle took his shaft between her lips and then gobbled his cock completely down to his balls.

"Fuck!!!... Bitch!!!..." The guy yelled out taken by surprise that this girl would engulf his cock and swallow it. He watched as Nicolle sucked it over and over until he was rock hard. And still she was taking it down her throat. She lifted his cock as she stared into his eyes and licked over its entire length. He was eight or maybe nine inches long. "Nice cock," Nicolle commented smiling at the guy.

A couple other men had gotten up from the bar and gathered around Nicolle. They were anxious to get a piece of her too.

Nicolle moved underneath and was now working on this guy's balls. Her face was buried between his legs and she was sucking on his nuts. I wondered if this guy ever had a girl do that to him. He was moaning out, "oh fuck... this bitch has my balls in her mouth."

One of the guys waiting by Nicolle stripped down and began feeling up her ass. "What a fuckin' body," he remarked. "And look at that ass." He was getting impatient waiting his turn. His cock was sticking straight out from between his legs and he was stroking it. He then knelt behind Nicolle. He positioned his hard warm meat between her asscheeks and stuffed it right into her ass. Nicolle yelped out. The whole room heard her grunt as he rammed into her tight back hole. Then he fucked Nicolle hard, ramming his cock deep in her ass over and over.

Between Nicolle's cocksucking and assfucking, the tone of the evening was pretty much set. The guy in her rear end fucked her for a good five minutes before announcing, "Fuck!!! I'm gonna cum in the bitch's ass." Nicolle kept right on sucking the other guy's cock while her ass was being filled. When he finished and pulled from her butt he was quickly replaced by another. This older black man had his pants down in no time and shoved his thick black cock up Nicolle's anal chute. After a few minutes she got another load of sperm pumped in her ass.

It was one cock after another as Nicolle was cunt-fucked and assfucked. During the first half-hour she took four loads in her ass and eventually sucked off the guy in her mouth.

"She must have a lot of cum in her ass," a comment came from the bar. Then John got the idea to find out, "let's see how much."

Three of the men picked Nicolle up and placed her up on the bar. The bartender placed a glass next to her and John ordered, "okay slut. Show us how much cum we pumped up that cute little ass." Nicolle was game as usual. This was something she hadn't done before. Actually she looked excited as she squatted on the bar preparing to shit all the cum out of her ass. The bartender picked up the glass and held it just below her anus. "I can't believe you're doing this," he remarked to Nicolle. "You some nasty little whore."

Nicolle began forcing the cum out of her ass. Her tight anal hole started heaving in and out. At first a thick white stream poured through her asshole into the glass. Then you could see her trying harder attempting to make her anus open more. Another thick glob oozed out followed by a little dribble of cum. The bottom of the glass was completely covered. "Any more in there honey?" They asked. Nicolle gave one last push. Suddenly, she gasped. "OH NO!!!" Her asshole stretched open and a small round piece of shit plopped from her ass splashing into the glass.

"Oh Fuck!!! You filthy whore," a couple of them cried out. "Did you see that?" "What a dirty bitch."

Nicolle knew what happen. There isn't much that humiliates Nicolle. She can usually handle anything that happens at a gangbang. I've seen her clean sweaty balls and lick smelly crotches. She's even gone down on men's dirty assholes and enjoyed it. But with what just happened... I don't know for sure how she felt, but it looked like embarrassment on her face.

She was still squatting on the bar as the bartender held up the glass for all to see. Nicolle looked at it seeing a pretty substantial amount of cum in the bottom of the glass with a one-inch round piece of her shit half covered with sperm. She stared at it while the men teased her. "Is that what you like to do honey; let men watch you shit?" And they all laughed. "We knew you were a filthy little bitch, but you're a fuckin' disgusting little thing aren't you?"

Initially when Nicolle looked at the glass she was completely embarrassed. She had never shit in front of men before. But as they talked and teased, Nicolle's humiliation began to fade away. She realized they loved what she did. She had found a way to become a filthier slut for men even though it was quite a demeaning act.

She got down off the bar and the gangbang continued. She went to the guy nearest to her. She kissed him and then begged. "After that I need an man's ass. Want me to lick your asshole mister?" He wasn't about to refuse that request. He instantly had his trousers pulled down and turned around facing the bar. Nicolle fell to her knees and buried her face in his hairy butt. She spread his cheeks open like I've seen her do before and thoroughly scour his asshole with her tongue. She spent a good ten minutes cleaning this guy's rear end and then turned him around to suck his cock.

After he exploded in her mouth she crawled to the next guy. He was already kneeling on the barstool with his ass out. Nicolle pushed her face to his ass. He didn't know it, but Nicolle still had cum in her mouth from the previous guy. She licked up this guys butt crack spreading the white creamy stuff all over his ass. Then she licked him clean eating all the sperm off him. When his ass was clean she gave this guy a blowjob too. This time when she finished she stood up with the mouthful of cum, walked over to the glass that was still on bar and spit into it.

Then she surprised everybody, including me. She picked up the glass and looked down into it. I could tell she was contemplating something really dirty. She looked around the room. All eyes were on her. Then she put the glass to her lips, tipped it back and began drinking the filthy cum. Even from across the bar I could see her throat muscles swallowing the vile cream. She removed the glass from her lips, licked them, then tilted her head back and dumped the piece of shit right into her opened mouth.

"FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! You Filthy Whore!!!"

All the men were going crazy yelling obscenities at her. She made a face that was obviously one of disgust. She had never done that before. She had told me many times that there were limits to her behavior. Doing this was one of them. I don't know what came over her all of a sudden but as we all watched, she stuck her tongue out showing everyone what was once in her ass and then swallowed it. She started choking and gagging. Tears were forming in her eyes, I'm sure from the vile taste. But a couple minutes later she had recovered from her naughty ordeal and told the group, "that was the first time I've ever done that. It tasted so dirty. I feel so dirty. I hope I'm being a good whore for you?"

After that display these guys figured there were no limits of what they could do to her. John looked at me asking, "mind if we keep her till closing time?"

"That's fine by me," I answered. "Or until she says stop." I always allow Nicolle to have whatever fun she wants. But when she says it time to quit, I like to be there to make sure.

John grabbed her leash and made her crawl up onto one of the barstools. He positioned her leaning forward with elbows on top of the bar and her ass sticking out. John couldn't help remarking again, "doesn't she have a great ass?" and gave her a smack on the bottom. He began probing his fingers into her cunt. "She's really juiced up in there," he commented. Nicolle was moaning as his fingers played with her cum-filled cunt. "This bitch loves anything you do to her. What a slut."

Seeing Nicolle with her head down on the bar enjoying the finger fucking gave John an idea. "This whore needs more than fingers." And he grabbed an empty beer bottle off the bar. He held it by the neck and started twisting the bottom against Nicolle's sloppy cream-filled cunt. As he twisted, he pushed hard trying to stretch her cunt open and force in the fat end of the bottle. "Uhhhh.... Ughhhhh... Ughhhhhh!!!" Nicolle was grunting as this blunt object was being forced into her body. The men gathered behind Nicolle to watch as John pushed harder. Nicolle's pussy lips started to wrap around the thick end of bottle. It was entering her cunt. When John saw that, he shoved it harder still, pushing and jamming it deeper and deeper.

"How's that slut. I bet you like big things stuffed up that hot little fuckhole of yours? Don't you?"

"Ohhh Fuck!!!... Ohhh Fuck!!!... Ohhh My God...." Nicolle was screaming out. But she did love it. Not only was it arousing her physically, but also knowing that these men thought she was a dirty slut added to her enjoyment. John kept going; twisting it until the entire bottle was deep in her hole. Only the neck was protruding from between her legs.

They wanted to see how turned on they could get Nicolle, so they took turns grabbing the bottle, pulling it out most of way and then ramming it back it. Every time time the bottle had her cunt stretched wide, Nicolle moaned out. "Oh yes..., fuck my cunt..." Then they would drive that bottle in again so deep that it wouldn't go anymore. Nicolle screamed out every time as it impacted the back walls of her cunt.

"OOhhhhhh!!!... OOhhhhh!!!..."Ohhhhh Fuck me!!... Yes...Fuck me"

During the whole ordeal of being bottle fucked, Nicolle didn't orgasm even once. They had her on the brink many times but just kept her there; on the edge, begging and moaning; delirious; pleading that she desperately wanted to cum.

They seemed to obtain a tremendous amount of pleasure stuffing her fuckhole and keeping her so close to an orgasm. A couple guys began probing their fingers into her ass at the same time. Then they tried stretching her anal ring by pulling in opposite directions. "This slut sure has a nice ass, one of them commented. "She sure does," the other replied. "I've love to open her wide and get a good like inside that tight shithole."

That gave John another brilliant idea. He removed the bottle and then took a beer can and starting grinding it against her asshole. Her anus was already stretched from those two guys and it was dripping with cum too. So he pushed hard trying to get it in. Nicolle was whimpering when she realized what he was attempting to do. It hurt. "I think it's too big," Nicolle whispered almost out of breath. "Naaa," John answered. "A slut like you can handle this."

He kept pushing and twisting it harder and harder. Nicolle knelt there letting him violate her ass. She was so hot and aroused and needing to cum that she was at the point of allowing anything to be done to her body.

Finally Nicolle could feel her asshole stretching wider and wider. Then she heard, "Oh Fuck!!! It's going in." She felt the can sliding deeper and deeper as it penetrated her back hole. Her asshole was stretched so wide she thought they had ripped her open. She listened to them. "Keep going... go ahead... all of it... she can take it." It was going further into her rectum. Her ass felt so full. Then she could feel John's fingers in her asscrack and touching her stretched anal ring. He pushed again. It went deeper yet. Then in a second Nicolle felt her sphincter relax. What happened? Her ass still felt full.

"Oh Fuck!!!... The dirty bitch!!!..," she heard a couple of them remark. "It's all in. She took the whole can up her ass."

Nicolle was surprised too that she actually had the whole thing in her rectum. The she was told, "okay slut, push it out. We know what kind of girl you are. A dirty whore, right? So give us a show and let's see you shit that can out of your ass."

Nicolle knew that if she wanted it out, then she would have to comply with their nasty request and perform for them. The can was lodged in her rectum pretty deep. Nicolle had to place her hands on her asscheeks and pull herself open as much as she could. Some of the men were slapping her ass. "C'mon whore. Let's see that ass open up." She pushed hard a couple times trying to expel the can, but it was in so deep. Her asshole had completely closed around it. She forced herself again attempting to expel it. This time, finally, she could feel it begin to open her anal orifice. It got wider and wider.

"That's it slut. C'mon... More... Open that dirty ass."

She kept grunting and trying to force it through her anal ring. The bottom of can appeared. Her asshole felt like it was on fire. "Ohhhh, Ohhhhh Fuck....," she cried out. "It's so big." Her groaning was that of desperation wanting this object out of her ass. Then the can began sliding faster and suddenly just popped out onto the floor. The men cheered and clapped. Comments were flying throughout the room. "What a slut... she's got some hot ass. I've never seen a whore do that."

Eventually they tired of her in that position on the barstool, so they stuffed the bottle back in her cunt and left it buried there. John grabbed Nicolle's leash again and led her over to the entrance door. What a filthy display seeing her crawl across the dirty barroom floor with this bottle sticking out of her cunt. He hooked the leash on the coat rack making her kneel up and stay there. "Okay guys, until 2 o'clock anyone needing the slut, there she is."

For the next two hours Nicolle was used as nothing more than a cheap slut. All ten guys fucked her, some for the second time. Some fucked her ass remarking how incredibly tight she was with the bottle in her cunt. And some yanked the bottle out, fucked her, and then shoved it back in. Nicolle got to the point of pleading with each guy to make her cum. She wanted to orgasm so badly, but they continued to leave her on the edge moaning like a used whore.

One guy became rather sadistic hearing her constant begging. "You disgusting dirty whore," he yelled. "Just look at yourself... begging like a slut. Bitches like you need to taught some control." Then he removed his belt from his trousers and began wiping Nicolle's ass. He gave her eight or maybe ten good wallops across her asscheeks and with every impact had a comment. "you slut... you fuckin' whore... need to cum huh?..." SMACCKK!!! The belt kept connecting with her ass. "I'll help make you cum... I'll beat it out of you..." "SMACCKKK!!!!" ...or maybe you need it across your slutty cunt.... "SMACCKK!!! ...how about it you little bitch?".... want me to slap this belt right across your throbbing clit and make you scream for me?..." SMACCKK!!... "You disgusting filthy cunt...." SMACCKK!!!... SMACCKK!!!...

Nicolle was screaming by the time he finished. And not from being whipped because it really wasn't done that hard. Her sounds were more of a deep groan every time the leather belt struck her ass. The way he was talking to her was amplifying the sting and elevating her need to cum. I really think if her nipples weren't still attached to the leash, she would have willingly spread her legs and demanded he whip her cunt.

During the course of the last couple hours they had been drinking so much beer I believe each one them pissed on her at least once. It took one guy to start what pretty much became a pissfest. This black guy walked over to Nicolle while she was attached to the coat rack, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He looked down at Nicolle asking, "When you came in here John said he had pissed all over you. Are you a little pisswhore too? Do you get off letting men piss on you?" Nicolle simply opened her mouth.

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