tagLesbian SexThe Not-So-Lonely Cabin Retreat

The Not-So-Lonely Cabin Retreat


Libby had just put her husband on the plane for his six month tour to Iraq. She was heart broken. The fear was running through her. The thoughts, "What if he doesn't come home?" "How will I cope alone?" Her mind racing as she drove home. Denver International Airport was such a big place. It took her longer to get out of the airport than it did to actually drive home. She sat at home the rest of the evening in total confusion of what she was supposed to do alone. She cleaned up the house and put away their clothes from the laundry she had just done. He was only going overseas, why did it feel like she was grieving the loss of a loved one. She could barely stand the sight of his clothes without crying. "That's it; I need to escape all this! I can't deal with it right now!" She exclaimed. She loved skiing, so she decided a nice weekend retreat to the mountains would be a great release for her. I'll leave in the morning she thought. She packed her bag that night and loaded the car with her bag and her skis so she was ready to just jump in the car and go in the morning.

She awoke to a beautiful sunshine and got herself ready to go. She had her make up on and hair done and already had the car warming. She was on her way. This was her time to sort her thoughts. Get away from real life for a while. She drove to a small retreat that she had called a few weeks back when scheduling a trip for her parents. "Excuse me, miss, do you have a cabin available?" she asked the beautiful young girl at the front desk.

"Why, yes we do ma'am. The only thing is, if you don't mind, I'd be sharing it with you at night when I'm done working here for the day. Does that bother you?" The girl at the desk asked.

"Well," she thought for a minute, "No, I don't suppose it will." Libby responded.

"My name's Angie, by the way" stated the girl at the desk.

"Hi Angie, I'm Libby." The girls exchanged the key for the money to rent part of the cabin.

"There you go Libby, I'll see you later then." smiled Angie.

Libby went to the cabin and unloaded her things. It was so peaceful up here. Like a fairytale. She felt she was actually leaving the stresses she had so shortly encountered behind. She wasted no time unpacking and then grabbed her skis. She didn't want to waste any daylight. Skiing was her release. Libby was gone most of the day on the slopes when she finally decided she'd better head for the cabin before it got dark. To her surprise, it had started snowing on her way back. The snowflakes were huge, beautiful flakes. She felt as if she was in a beautiful snow globe. The peace of this place and now the peaceful freshly fallen snow, what more could she ask for.

Libby returned to find Angie already back at the cabin with hot cocoa waiting. "There's a huge snow storm coming. It popped up out of nowhere!" She stated.

"I love watching the snow fall. It's absolutely beautiful." Libby softly said as she watched out the window.

"As are you" replied Angie.

"Excuse me?" Libby said.

"Oh I'm sorry if I've overstepped my boundaries, but I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you are. Why are you here alone?"

"My husband just left for overseas and I needed a place to relax." Libby replied looking a little upset.

"Well, let's not talk about that then sweetie. Would you like me to run you a bath to warm up a little?" Asked Angie.

"Yeah, yeah I think that would be a great idea" smiled Libby. Off Angie went to the bathroom to run a nice hot bubble bath for Libby.

Libby shed her clothes and wrapped up in a nice, white, five star resort type of towel. I have to get me one of these, she thought. She walked to the bathroom where Angie was still getting her bath ready. "Thanks again for being so kind to me" Libby stated graciously.

"No problem, customer service is my specialty" she grinned. "Go ahead, hop in" she said invitingly. Libby wasn't sure of exposing herself to a stranger but the bath looked so welcoming that she did as she was told. Oh, it felt so nice. It was a nice deep claw foot tub that stood in the center of the room. The bubbles were up to her chin. She was so relaxed. "Care for a back rub?" Angie asked politely.

"Sure, why not" replied Libby. It'll probably be the last one for a long time, she figured, so why not! Angie sat behind her on a stool as she began to rub Libby's shoulders and neck. Libby began to moan lightly, as it felt so good. Angie had amazing hands. The moans were so deep that Angie couldn't help but get a little turned on by them.

Angie leaned it and whispered in Libby's ear, "Does this feel good?" Libby moaned. "How about this?" as she began to kiss Libby's neck from behind. Libby's moan was louder. It wasn't long and Angie was rolling Libby's earlobe around in her mouth, as Libby got louder. Angie's skin was crawling with anticipation. "Can I join you?" Angie asked.

"Please!" Libby looked up with seducing eyes, "Please" she whispered.

Angie dropped her clothes to the floor, revealing her beautiful silhouette in the candlelight. She made her way into the bath with Libby. Libby was softly kissing Angie's hand and arms as she steadied herself while getting into the tub. Angie lowered herself into Libby's open arms. The two embraced in a soft, long kiss. The two girls loved the way their bodies moved together. Like the two beautiful bodies had become one. Their moans grew louder with every touch. The water and bubbles surrounded them, sliding up and down over the girls' breasts. Both of their hands gliding smoothing down each other bodies, oh it was amazing.

Angie's hand made it down the beautiful curves of Libby's body, to her shaven pussy. Libby moaned louder than she had before as she dropped her head back with delight. Angie's fingers slide gently around her pussy. She began rubbing her pussy with small circles around her clit. Libby's moans were entrancing. "Bite my nipples," she softly whispered. Angie slid her mouth onto her heaping breasts. She took Libby's nipple into her teeth. Angie's movements on her clit grew faster and faster. Libby's body arched in pleasure. She was nearly at her peak! With no warning Angie slid her fingers inside Libby's quivering pussy. "OHH!" screamed Libby. "I'm cumming" her body lurked forward in bliss.

"Cum for me baby!" Angie demanded. She could feel Libby's throbbing pussy pulsating around her fingers. She grinned in satisfaction. "Ooooo yeah." She whispered.

Libby's back came to rest on the back of the tub. "That was absolutely amazing!" she softly sputtered. It was all she had left to actually say those words.

The girls finished their bath in each others arms, softly caressing each other. The thought of her husband in the back of her mind, Libby slowly leaned into Angie and asked, "Can I taste you on my lips too?" she asked.

Angie grinned and grabbed Libby's hand, then led her to the bed. Angie sat while Libby knelt on the floor on her knees. "Lie down, enjoy this." Libby ordered. Angie did just that. Libby played and licked and sucked until Angie reached her peak. She came with such power; she couldn't keep herself on the bed. Her back arched and she screamed in pleasure! As Libby licked up every drop of Angie's juice the two found each others arms. "I've never done that before, but I intend on being back every weekend for the next six months. Will you still be here?" she asked Angie.

"Of course, same room every time" she said softly.

That is exactly what happened. For the next six months, Libby drove up to the cabin to find Angie already waiting for her. The separation from her husband's deployment was so much easier having such a great lover as Angie.

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