tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Not So Typical Week

The Not So Typical Week


As a twenty five year old husband of one year, my wife and I are pretty consistently having sex on a daily basis. It is the dream of all men as they get into marriage, that their wife will continue to fuck them as often as she did on those wild nights through college, when she would get drunk and come home begging for your cock. Well, luckily my marriage has been a year of continued hot sex, and hopefully it will remain the same as the years continue.

In my mind, and in the mind of most other men, my wife is very attractive. She has long, curly brown hair with the slightest blonde highlights. She has a very fit body that she works hard on a daily basis to maintain. My wife is always working out at the local fitness center, or if the weather is nice running several miles around the neighborhood that we live in. My wife was gifted with the most perfect sets of breasts that my two eyes have ever seen. Not only do they fit perfectly in my hand, but they are as firm and perky as those twenty year old college girls that we all dream of fondling.

My wife and I have a weekly Thursday routine where we leave immediately after work and head home to get ready for a night together. We made Thursday our 'special' night immediately after we were married, and to this date we have yet to break our routine. Thursdays include a night of eating an expensive, well cooked dinner at one of the many fine restaurants in our area, followed by a night filled with one act of sex after another.

This week everything followed routine. We met at home after work; then we both showered and put on outfits to look our best for each other. Once we were dressed, we got in the car and headed to the Italian restaurant several miles from the house, that we tended to visit nearly twice a month. This week my wife was dressed in a skirt that showed a large amount of her nicely toned legs, and a shirt that allowed you to see how large her breasts were without showing too much cleavage.

As we walked through the front door of the restaurant, we were greeted by the bus boy that knew both of our names. He sat us in our favorite corner table, away from the main traffic of the restaurant. My wife and I, and one other couple were the only people sitting in that part of the restaurant. The couple was younger than my wife and I, and as hard as I tried I couldn't stop staring at the girl sitting at the table. She was young and every bit as fine as any of the greatest looking girls that I have seen in my life. I couldn't help but think to myself that she must have been a model of some sort. From the angle that I was sitting at I could tell that she was sitting next to a guy, but I couldn't get much detail of what the guy looked like.

Throughout dinner, every time my wife would look down to take a bite of food off her plate, I would take the opportunity to stare at the girl at the other table. After doing this continually for about twenty minutes, the girl from the other table began to notice what I was doing! She started to make it very apparent that she knew that I was staring at her. She started by smiling at me, and then came a little laughter and finally she even went as far as to wave to me. I was caught off guard by the wave because I didn't want my wife to realize what was going on, so rather than waving back I chose to ignore the girl the remainder of the evening.

As we came to the end of the dinner, and as we paid the bill, I saw the girl from the other table stand up. As the guy she was with began to slide out of the booth I realized how massive this guy was. He had to be about six to seven inches taller than I was, and at least twice as built as me. As the two of them walked near the table I tried not to make eye contact, but suddenly the large guy that this amazing girl was with stopped at our table. He then looked my beautiful wife directly in the eyes and started to laugh. Then the two of them just walked away from the table as though nothing ever happened. My wife looked at me totally confused at what had just happened, but I just looked at her and shrugged my shoulders, in a manner that showed her I had no idea what the guy was doing.

My wife and I finally left after several minutes of discussion over why that guy may have laughed in her face. We didn't draw any conclusions other than the fact that some people are just idiots. As we left the restaurant I couldn't help notice how hot my wife was beginning to look to me again, now that the amazing girl from the table across from me was no longer an option. As we approached the car I began to fondle her ass cheeks and slightly nudge her breasts. My wife just kept looking at me with her innocent smile, but I could tell that she was enjoying all of the attention. At the car, I made the extra effort to open the car door for her and help her into the car. To my surprise she reached down and slightly rubbed my already hard cock as she sat down in the car, in an appreciative manner. I then closed the door and excitedly walked around the car and got in.

As we drove home my wife relentlessly teased me. She started the teasing by showing me a large amount of cleavage, then she raised her skirt around her waist so that I could see her sitting there in her white thong, that was ever so slightly buried in between her swollen lips. At this point I could barely concentrate on the road, but she wasn't turning back; she next began to rub my hardened cock through my pants and then she started telling me how badly she wanted me when we walked in the door. I didn't look, but I was so excited by this point that I am sure that the pre-cum had already soaked my boxers and was making its move to penetrate my pants.

By the time that we pulled in the driveway I was so focused on fucking my wife that I had failed to notice the car that had pulled in the driveway directly next to our driveway. As I put the car into park, I attacked my wife trying to get a hand on her breasts or a hand under the skirt in which she had pulled back down once we had pulled into the driveway. My wife was enjoying teasing me so much, that instead of allowing me to touch her she opened the car door and stepped out. She made one statement and it was very clear, "Tonight you need to be patient."

As I chased my lovely wife into the house I once again failed to notice the car that was in the driveway next to ours. I was also so excited by all of the teasing that locking the door to the house didn't even cross my mind. So it was of the greatest surprise to me when I felt a large hand grab my shoulder as I was making desperate attempts to get my hand inside my wives shirt to get a feel of her amazing breasts. The large hand gripped my shoulder and rolled me over onto the couch into the sitting position that most people would be in, if they were watching TV. I struggled to get free from the large hand that suddenly I realized belonged to the large gentleman that had laughed in my wife's face at dinner. I desperately struggled to get free from this guy that was definitely much stronger than I, but despite my efforts I was unable to get away from his powerful, controlling grip.

As I continued to struggle, I noticed the girl from the restaurant beginning to tie my arms to the posts on the backside of the couch. I managed to keep struggling, but despite all of my efforts I was unable to move from the grasp of this massive guy. Within about a minute I was no longer able to move my arms because they were both securely tied to the couch. With my last hopes I tried to kick my legs and free myself, but that too was to no avail. To my surprise I noticed my wife holding onto the rope connected to my left leg, and to even more of my surprise she was assisting in tying my left leg to the couch. Within seconds I was no longer kicking or even attempting to break free. I knew I was stuck and no matter how hard I tried I was going no where. At this point I was no longer worried about why I was being tied, but how my wife played a role in this situation.

The whole idea of the situation-being tied up, controlled and deceived by my wife was making me very excited, excited to the point that the cock inside my pants was again hardening. I looked down to see if it was noticeable, and to my embarrassment the beautiful girl who was at dinner that now my wife was calling Jean, was staring at my cock too. She walked over to me at the same time I noticed my wife undoing the button on the pants of the other man in the room. My wife was already naked bearing her amazing breast as she unzipped his pants. At the same time Jean bent over and bit the head of my cock through my pants. I could feel the head of my cock swelling as I saw my wife wrap her glossy lips around the head of that massive cock across the room. Not only were those glossy lips wrapped around the cock but that huge member was threatening to reach her throat. I knew the instant it did because I could hear my wife begin to gag. Knowing how much she loved to gag on cock made me nervous for her because of the length and width of that cock. I knew she was going to take every inch of that cock down her throat even if it killed her and I was sure that it was going to.

Jean now knelt down between my tied up legs, unzipped my pants and let my cock spring free. She moved her head over my cock and spit. It was now shining with saliva and ready for Jean to use. She looked me in the eyes and continued to stare as she began stroking just the tip of my spit covered cock. Jean started slow, but before long she began to stroke much faster. This got my breathing much faster and I noticed my wife begin to suck the cock in her mouth faster and deeper causing her to gag continually. As Jean slowed down so did my breathing, and did the rate of speed that my wife was sucking that massive cock. I realized that in a weird way I was in control, but a twisted control. If I started to breathe faster my wife sucked faster and gagged constantly. If my breathing got slower, in turn, my wife sucked slower. I knew that if I wanted to cum I was going to either contain my breathing or watch my wife gag on that cock.

My breathing had slowed almost to a whisper when I saw Jean spit on my cock again. I knew this is where I was going to be tested. She started stroking faster and faster, now working her way the entire way down the shaft bouncing her hand off my balls. I was able to control my breathing for long enough to feel in control, but then Jean stopped. I heard the man face fucking my wife say words that I didn't think I would ever hear that night, "If you want to fuck that beauty you can, but only if you breathe loud and fast." He looked at me smiling, fully aware of what was going to take place and fully aware of what I was going to choose. He knew quite well that he was going to have my wife gagging, and that is how he wanted it.

As he predicted I chose to fuck this beauty and as I well expected my wife was gagging and drooling all over herself. She had a mixture of saliva and cum all over her breasts and stomach and face. I had no choice if I wanted to get fucked I had to moan loud and fast, so I did. As I was about to cum and as my breathing could get no faster Jean stood up and walked over by my wife. I got to watch my wife and Jean fuck and suck this massive cock together. As he was about to cum my wife was told to spread her legs wide. Jean then sat on the face of my wife and the massive cock fucked my wife until he came deep inside of her. Jean then told my wife to go and sit on my cock and fuck me until I came. I did not believe this was happening.

My wife stood up and walked towards me. She was covered with cum and saliva. Her nipples were swollen and I could see her swollen lips dripping the cum that had just been released inside of her. Without stopping she walked right over to me and spread her pussy around my cock. She fucked me hard and fast until I too filled her up with cum. Then she stood up and walked over to Jean who was lying on her back on the floor. My wife squatted over her face and let our mixture of cum drip out of her pussy and onto Jean's face and in her mouth. As the last drop of cum came from her pussy, the massive man lead both my wife and Jean to the bedroom. Without any answers or explanations I was left on the couch tied and helpless.

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