tagIncest/TabooThe Novelist Pt. 08

The Novelist Pt. 08


Author's note: This story contains themes of incest and BDSM. This can't be read as a stand-alone story. I suggest starting with Part 1 to understand the story progression. Please comment and vote. I love all feedback.


Tom stood at the counter in the kitchen letting the events wash over him. He poured himself another glass of wine, but he only sipped at it, not wanting to be caught in the fog of inebriation. He stared out the small bay window above the sink. The other girls had moved down toward the pool. It was a warm, pleasant evening. He watched as they set their high heels and stockings off to the side and dipped their bare feet into the water.

It was Tom's intention to discard his father this evening. There was a nagging thought in the back of his mind, though. Originally he expected his father to fly out for just a day. Now that he knew his plan was to stay the week, it felt like he might be back. It bothered him, and he didn't care to invite any further confrontations.

Tom made his way toward the French doors and stepped out onto the patio to find Frank and Stephen discussing various banal topics. He sat down on the edge of the outdoor sofa.

"I appreciate you guys coming over tonight. I know it probably seemed strange to watch someone dealing with a family matter. But I couldn't have gotten him to sign that paper without your help."

Frank could see that his friend was bothered. Tom seemed to be introspective, instead of elated. "I can always expect an interesting evening here." He replied. "If there's ever a way to help, you know I'll be there. Don't feel bad, Tom. He brought it on himself. Besides, I don't think Marie is heartless. She'll leave him with something."

"Maybe." Tom said quietly.

"Eh, fuck that guy." Stephen added. He didn't have the ability to sense Tom's conflict like Frank had. Stephen just said what was on his mind without much thought of wording or filtering his statements. "I don't have any respect for a man that can sit back while his wife gets fucked. I thought the little pussy would try and fight back."

Tom looked back at him thoughtfully. "So did I. I'm surprised he didn't take a swing at me."

"Anyway," Stephen added, "I think your little subby sluts took the news of our arrangement well."

"What arrangement?" Frank asked.

"I'm not so sure they did." Tom said. "This week has happened fast. They've had a lot thrown at them without much time to think it over. We'll see how they feel when everything slows down and reality sinks in."

"What arrangement?" Frank asked again. "Come on. Keep me in the loop."

"Nothing." Tom said. "Stephen gets to have one of my submissive girls for a year. It's an old debt. Although I'm thinking about reneging on the deal altogether."

"You can't do that." Stephen said quickly. "We had a deal. I know how much you value your word."

"I value the trust these women place in me. If I thought that this deal would damage that then I'd back out in an instant."

"That's fucked!" He huffed.

Tom stared at him for a long moment. "What's fucked is the fact you chose two women that would be particularly difficult to part with. You chose them to prove something. I owe you. That's true. I can always find a way to repay you. Things have changed since we made that deal. Everything in life is negotiable. Those were your words."

Stephen didn't like the sound of it, but he didn't say anything in response. It was true that he had picked Marie and Jane on purpose. It was his own show of dominance over Tom. Now it occurred to him that he might have gone too far.

"Well, it looks like they're lining up at your door these days." Frank responded nodding toward Kimmie who was staring at them from about fifteen feet away.

Tom waved her forward.


Kimmie stared blankly as Tom acknowledged her. She had begged Stephen to tag along and watch them this evening. It had not gone the way she expected it. She was able to put the pieces together slowly. Tom's dad was in town and his parents were getting divorced, and there was some type of agreement signed that didn't seem to be done at the older man's desire. She was fascinated by his emotionless handling of the situation. To her, he seemed to be a calculated, exact individual with an enormous cock and a lot of women.

She walked up the steps toward the three men. They all seemed to be dissecting her with their eyes. It made her nervous, and she felt out of place. The other women hadn't talked to her much. She was the only one that hadn't gotten naked.

"What do you want, Kimmie? You don't want to hang out with the other girls?" Tom said rather coldly as if he were annoyed by her presence.

"No. It's not that. I... um... just wanted to talk to you, Sir." She got down onto her knees thinking this was the best position to address him.

"About what, Peach? Don't dance around the point." Stephen added.

"Um... training, Sir." She responded quietly looking back and forth between the two men. "I... would... um... well I would like you to train me... Sir."

"Me?" Tom asked.

"Yes, Sir." She said looking down feeling uncomfortable returning his gaze which felt piercing.

"Why not Stephen? He's perfectly capable. Or Frank here. I'm sure he'd love to take on the challenge."

"But... I...." She stammered.

Tom sighed. "How old are you, Kimmie."

"Twenty, Sir."

He stood up taking in her form and walking around her. "What do you do? Work? School?"

"School." She replied. "At Cal State Northridge, Sir."

"I don't think I can take you on. I'm not sure I have the time." Tom said still looking her over. "Do you fuck a lot?"

She was put off by the stream of questions. "Uh, not really, Sir."

He looked annoyed by the answer. "Do you fuck at all? Have you fucked a lot of guys? Come on, let's hear it."

"Just two, Sir."

"Why are you so nervous?" He snipped. "Do you see the other girls wearing clothes?"

The way he questioned her had her shaking with nervousness. She saw Frank and Stephen looking on quietly. "I didn't know if I should take them off..."

"Stop." He said cutting her off. "You're young. You don't really pay attention. I'm not sure you know what you want at all." He leaned forward pushing her onto her hands and knees. He reached down slipping his fingers into the waist of her cut off jean shorts and lifted her up. "Shit." He said looking at her hanging from his hand. "What are you a buck? Not even?"

Kimmie had never been picked up like this before. It didn't seem to require much effort on his part. "I'm...um... ninety five pounds."

"Five feet? Five-one?" He asked.

"Just under five feet." She said timidly.

Tom set her body down on the outdoor table in front of the sofa. "You're just a wisp of a thing. You should put on a few pounds. Wait here." He walked to the door and stepped in grabbing the kitchen shears from the knife block. "Let's see how you look."

Tom stuck the end of the scissors under one leg of her jean shorts and began to snip through material. He felt the little girl tense and freeze. He cut up over her ass cheeks letting the cold end of the blade slide over her skin. Finally her shorts fell away as he continued up through her shirt. She sat there naked with her clothes minced underneath her.

"Hmm." Tom said. He couldn't deny that she was a tiny piece of ass. She had perky little breasts. Tom dropped his pants and grabbed onto her short brunette hair lifting her head. "Let's try your mouth."

She opened wide as he fed his cock into her. He had gotten the tip inside when the girth of his cock lodged between her teeth. She couldn't fit anymore. Kimmie did her best to pleasure the portion he squeezed into her, but she could see the disappointment in his face.

"Well that's just not going to do." Tom said removing himself. He walked around behind her feeling her pussy. "Shaved already. That's good. You're wet. You like this?"

"Yes, Sir. I like your cock."

"Let's see if it fits in this hole." Tom said before he pushed the head between her thin pussy lips. He pressed in and then pulled out just a little before pushing in again. He took a minute or two to try and stretch her open. Then he got tired of waiting, and used his weight to lunge forward.

"Ummmmmph." Kimmie gasped. She closed her eyes tight having never quite felt so stretched open.

Tom pressed her chest down and grabbed her hips to pull her back onto him. He worked himself forward and back doing his best to squeeze in the last few inches. It just didn't work. He had gotten a little over two-thirds of his shaft into her before he bottomed out in the back of her pussy eliciting a strange sounding squeal from the little girl. Tom just fucked her with whatever portion she could take and watched as she squeaked and squealed beneath him.

"You're just too tiny." Tom replied as he thrust deep into her. "I'm going to break you if I try and fuck you any harder." Still he pushed her back and forth with ease.

"Eeeeehgooaah. Ohhhh. Hmmmmmmff." The sounds coming from her were both lustful and distressing. "OhhohhhUngh. Hermph."

Tom pulled back seeing her thick creamy cum all over his shaft. He pulled himself out and wiped it off on her ass. Then he reached down lifted her up to her feet and standing her in front of him.

"Give me a good reason why I should train you." He asked.

Kimmie just stared back at him awestruck and speechless having never quite cum that quickly before in her life. Tom waited, watching her.

"Stephen might be better for you. I'm just not sure this will work out." Then he turned grabbing his tablet and heading down toward the pool.

Tom didn't cum. He didn't want to give her the satisfaction. It left her wanting more. Tom knew that it didn't matter whether he wanted to train her or not. She had a certain determination in her eyes. He'd seen that look before.


Marie and Jane were still kneeling in the living room alone. Alexis had left them there. She had been too emotional at the thought of Marie's departure. They didn't really know what to say to one another. For the first time they both knelt collared and owned, and concerned over the recent conversation.

Jane tried to lighten the mood. "I didn't think it would be so satisfying to watch John squirm. I wonder how it feels to have your ass handed to you by your own son." She commented and paused waiting for her sister to respond. "Marie?"

Marie just looked back at her sadly. "It's not funny, Jane."

"Cheer up!" She said. "You got the settlement signed. You have the upper hand now. You can split things anyway you want."

"God, Jane, you're so oblivious sometimes. I don't care about John. I'm worried about Tom." She couldn't call him Sir in this moment. "You don't have kids. It's hard watching them suffer. Don't you think it was hard for him to do that? Didn't you see the look in his eyes?"

"Oh." Jane said quietly. She hadn't noticed any particular look. Maybe it was an intuition only a mother could sense. "Sorry."

Jane didn't know how else to respond. Marie just wanted to stop worrying about it altogether. It didn't matter whether Tom was affected or unaffected by the task of settling her issues. He wouldn't discuss it. It was part of what made him a complicated individual. There was a stubbornness to him that often made him suffer quietly instead of looking for a sympathetic ear.

Marie finally looked up and smiled. She was getting used to brushing off her worries, and surrendering to her new purpose of servitude. "Needy slut." She said mischievously. "Looks like someone got their collar personalized. It looks good on you. Welcome to 'all the girls'?"

"All the girls?" Jane asked confused at the reference.

"It's a long story. It's how I referred to his life last Wednesday. I overheard Alexis reference 'all the girls' when I eavesdropped, and I was so curious what she meant. Once I found out I just needed to be a part of it. Anyway, you're a part of it now too."

"Yes I am." She said smiling.

"Hey. How did you get so good at licking pussy anyway?" Marie asked.

"College." She replied.

"Jane! How did I not know about that?"

"Yeah. Miss 'get married-settle down – have kids- I'm quietly judging you'. I wasn't about to share my exploits with you." She chided. "I had my fun in college." Then she changed the subject. "You know I'm really thinking about moving out. I'm serious, Marie. I need a change anyway."

"Well I guess it's like a fresh start for the both of us then." Marie responded. "Although, the Stephen thing..."

"I just want to pretend like I didn't hear that. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm not sure about much anymore. This is a lot to process. I was so in control of my life a few days ago... and... well look at me now."

Marie knew exactly what she meant as she gave her sister another once over. Her body was bruised and defiled. She smelled of cum. The collar hugged her neck tightly. And she wore a smile that seemed to be in stark contrast to her appearance. Marie considered her sister's statement about being in control up until now. It was the lack of control that drove her to fall into this mess. It was the enjoyment of not needing to be in control any longer that seemed to bind them to this new life. It went against everything society required from upstanding women and mothers. It made them both feel young and careless in some way.


Splash! Tom sank beneath water in the pool holding his breath and finding his moment of solitude. He had put on Janis Joplin's White Rabbit, which poured out of the speakers around the pool. It seemed to match the odd, surreal feeling in his heart. He opened his eyes and watched the legs dangling in the water near the other end. And then he pushed off the bottom moving in their direction as he came up for a breath.

If nothing else, Tom liked seeing his women here together. He was still adjusting to the newness of having them comingle. He stretched out a hand coming to the side of the pool and pulled Ybeth forward into the water near the small artificial waterfall.

She feigned shock as her body submerged. And then she came up seeing his playful nature and felt comfortable wrapping her arms around his neck as she hung off him.

"My little Colombian slut." He whispered smiling at her. "Thank you for being on your best behavior."

"Siempre, Papi." She responded knowing that he liked it when she played up her Latina background. He leaned in and kissed her.

Tom lifted her back up onto the ledge of the pool before thrusting himself upward onto the flagstone. He reached down and lifted Ybeth and threw her over his shoulder wrapping his right arm around her knees. Then he extended his left hand toward Anne and toted her along behind him back toward the house.


Alexis stepped out of the powder room into the kitchen feeling slightly better. She was still saddened to think that Marie would ever leave this house. She watched Tom stroll into the kitchen with Ybeth dangling helplessly over his shoulder and Anne following close behind.

"Alexis." Tom said. "I need you to do me a favor."

"Yes, Sir." She replied.

"I need you to bring Jane back to her room. Take Marie back to her room and get Angie settled in yours. Then have Abby and Fran help you straighten up."

Tom didn't wait for her reply. He just leaned forward and kissed her before he continued upstairs. He walked into the bathroom and set Ybeth down.

"Oh god, I have to pee." She exclaimed sitting on the toilet and relieving herself in front of them unabashedly.

Tom chuckled. "Anne, would you start the shower for us?" He asked.

Anne stepped into the shower and turned the handles letting the water warm up. The shock of cold water felt liberating. She leaned forward pressing her tits against the glass shower wall giving Tom a little show. He swigged some mouthwash before stepping in to join her with Ybeth. He leaned against the side of the shower as both women began kissing his body and washing him down with soapy washcloths. It was Anne who settled between his legs and let his heavy sack dip into her mouth. Ybeth wrapped her thin fingers around his shaft and stroked him slowly enjoying the veiny contour of his cock.


Angie was seated on the bed in Alexis' room still in a bit of shock after all was said and done. This place felt so foreign to her. She curled up pulling the soft comforter over her and wondered what she would do tomorrow. Tom was a far more intriguing person than she originally thought. She wondered how he managed it all. It seemed so complicated. She rubbed a hand down her naked chest and over her pussy. He had fucked her so well. It wasn't as complete as their encounter back home. Despite the embarrassment tonight, she still felt horny and a bit unsatisfied.


The house was quiet and clean. Francesca and Abby had already left. Alexis showed Frank and Stephen to the door. She made her way back through the kitchen to the patio. Kimmie was sitting on the ground all alone next to her shredded clothes.

"I thought you left already." Alexis said slightly startled.

"I don't have any clothes." The little girl whined. "I... I thought that he'd let me stay. I thought he'd be happy that I offered myself to him."

Alexis felt sorry for her. "It doesn't work like that, Kimmie. He has to choose you, not the other way around."

"But..." She started still unclear what she wanted to say. "He saved me from a bad person. I thought... well... like... I thought he wanted me."

"Maybe under different circumstances it would have worked out. Things are very hectic in his life right now. Do you want me to get you something to wear? Should I call you a taxi?"

"Can I stay here tonight? I can sleep on the couch. I don't mind."

Alexis didn't want to force her out. It was already midnight. "You have to be gone first thing in the morning. No exceptions."

"I promise!" She said gathering the remnants of her clothes and heading inside to the living room.

Alexis took Sir's tablet remote and finished turning off the lights on the lower level. She stepped into the backyard and padded down to the pool.


"Si! Si! Yes, Papi! Aye, que rico! Fuck it, Sir!" Ybeth screamed into the covers as Tom fucked her from behind. Anne was kneeling by her side pushing the girl's brown bubble butt back onto his rigid length. "Oh! Oh! Aye. Ayeeee. I'm cumming!"

Tom grunted as he tossed her aside and flipped Anne onto her back sinking his cock into her. He reached out and slapped her big tit. It elicited a yelp followed by a satisfied groan. Ybeth was cupping her pussy with both hands overcome by the sensitivity she felt when he fucked her. Anne grabbed the Latina girl's legs and pulled her closer so she could taste her wet slit. It caused Ybeth to grind back into her face searching for another climax.

"I love those nipples." Tom said as he leaned forward and bit the nub on her large areola. She moaned into Ybeth's pussy, and the young girl responded by pressing harder into her face.

Anne needed his cock so badly. It wasn't that she disliked fucking her husband. Tom's cock was just so long and fat that it reached places Frank's couldn't. She was finally reaching her climax and she screamed into the girl's pussy again muffling her voice as she came. Tom pulled out and then laid down while Anne licked his shaft savoring her taste. Ybeth straddled his body pushing backward while Anne held his cock guiding it into her.


Jane reeked of sex, body odor, cum and urine. Her body was weak and bruised. Her hair was matted and frazzled. She knelt in front of the mirror in her room and noted every bruise on her body recounting the feeling each time the crop had connected with her skin. She never thought she'd seen someone look like such a whore. Not just a whore, but a well-used whore. The thing that stood out most of all was the collar wrapped tightly around her neck. "I'm owned." She said to her reflection adjusting herself to the whole concept. "I'm an owned whore."

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