The Novelist Pt. 01


Marie couldn't have been more relieved to be three thousand miles from her problems. She very much enjoyed seeing her son for the first time since he had flown to visit her a year ago. There was just something that seemed slightly off. There was clearly a side of his life that he kept hidden from her. It made her sad to think he didn't share everything. She'd had a bit to drink and an emotional last couple of days. She was sure that she was just fragile and overreacting.

Tom strolled back in freshly relieved. He picked up his remote and turned off the music. Taking his mother's hand he guided her up onto her tipsy feet and began a tour of the house. She had been in the spacious living room. She'd noted the bamboo hardwood, the oversized pots with tall, flowing Tiger Palms. The walls were decorated in tasteful art. The sofas and chairs a lovely cream color. The furniture crafted of rich, dark wood. There was a large fireplace on the far wall with a beautiful stone chimney. Marie noticed the pictures that covered the various surfaces. Her son, whom she often thought about, had a much more exciting life than he had ever acknowledged. She noted pictures of him at fancy parties with plenty of friends. He looked confident and commanding in his photos. She admired his disarming smile.

Tom took her through the large dining room. He pointed out the breakfront with an array of crystal and silver. The inlayed dining table was adorned with crystal candlesticks and a large fruit bowl with impeccably arranged produce. The floor covered by an antique Persian rug.

From there he took her to the kitchen, pointing out the powder room on the way. Marie stopped to relieve herself before carrying on. The kitchen itself was warm and well used, but each item was of the utmost quality. Stainless steel appliances balanced the granite counter tops. He told her to help herself to anything in the fridge, which Alexis kept well stocked. He breezed easily through each room adding tidbits of information on where he purchased this or who had given him that.

Marie admired his movements. He was a man. His features looked wiser, his person so mature. Marie had spent so much time in upstate New York worrying about him struggling through an artist's career. In reality, he was living a charmed life built of his own ability. She envied him. She envied the stunning woman on his arm. She watched Alexis follow him so gracefully and so attentive. Marie thought this woman was lucky, not just because she loved her son, but because her son was going to have everything he wanted in this life. The more she watched him, the more she felt it was preordained in his movements and in his modesty and in his taste.

Tom whisked her through the French doors and into the back yard. Marie's eyes widened at the tranquil solitude. She stood on a raised flagstone patio with a small wrought iron breakfast table and plush sitting area. He stepped her down onto the pebble walkway that stretched out in either direction; one leading to the guest house where he worked and the other stretching to a beautiful pool and spa. There was a natural looking rock waterfall that fed the pool with filtered water. The yard was filled with palms and ferns and birds of paradise. Tall, thick bamboo shoots provided a natural cover around the edges of the property offering privacy. Tom had some mature Plumeria trees planted in the yard, and their yellow and white flowers popped with amazing color against the green lawn.

Marie walked to the edge of the pool and dipped her toe into the cool water. The August sun was coming up overhead quickly. It was already warm outside and it would soon be hot. Marie looked off to the side of the pool and saw a separate eating area with a large built-in stone counter with stainless steel barbeques. The intricacy and detail of everything was so foreign to her. This was far from the life that she had been living, and far from the way he had been raised.

"Tom, it's absolutely beautiful." She whispered in awe. "I just don't understand how you can afford it all."

Tom smiled widely. "Haven't I always said not to worry about me? Haven't I always said that I'm doing fine?"

"This is not 'doing fine' this is 'doing exceptionally well'. All this is from writing?" She asked.


"And the guest house is it as stunning as the rest of this place?"

"That is my office. I prefer that no one disturbs me there. It's my sanctuary."

"Oh." She replied. "Not even Alexis goes in there?"

"Mom, Alexis can go anywhere she pleases. Now, let's head back inside and get your bags up to your room. If you'd like you can take a bath, and relax."

Alexis beamed with happiness. She'd never heard Tom speak so approvingly about her. She'd always known that he loved her and that she was important to him, but she wasn't used to hearing him express it so effortlessly. He had once asked her about six months into their relationship if it bothered her that he was training other women. She knew where he was going with it, and she stopped him before he could finish. She'd been his first. That meant enough to her, and she didn't want to take away from the excitement that came with the other women in his life. She thought being monogamous would be an insult to his nature. She didn't want that. She liked this version of him; she preferred it.

"Sir," She said softly. "I have an appointment at the spa this afternoon. Would it be alright if I invited Marie to join me?"

"Oh that would be lovely, Alexis! I'd like that very much." Marie chirped.

"That sounds good. Maybe I can get some work done today after all." Tom responded.

With that Tom led his mother up to a guest room on the second floor. She noted that the interior design carried upstairs as well. Tom opened a door at the end hall, and guided his mother into a lovely room. Filling the center of the room was a beautiful four poster bed with sheer drapes that hung down elegantly. The bed was neatly made with all white bedding. He opened a large walk-in closet and placed her bags inside.

"Here you go, mom. You should have everything you need. Feel free to put your stuff away in the closet. You have a private bathroom through that door, and the French doors over there lead out to a patio. Oh, there's a remote on the nightstand. It's pretty self-explanatory. It operates the ceiling fan, the TV, stereo and lights." He walked over and kissed his mom on the cheek and gave her another comforting hug. "I'm sorry about everything. I don't want you to worry about a thing while you're here. You're my guest. I love you." With that Tom turned to leave.

"Tom?" His mom choked out as he got to the door. Her voice was fragile again, and he could tell she was trying hard to keep her emotions in check. He turned around to face her. "I... I just... thank you." It was so sincere. He smiled and then slowly closed the door behind him offering her some privacy.


Tom walked swiftly towards the master bedroom at the opposite end of the hall. Now that he was alone he felt a surge of anger bubbling inside him towards his father. His mind raced to figure out the complications that were inevitably going to reveal themselves over the next month. He entered the bedroom and closed the door. Alexis knelt in the entrance nude with her head tilted down and her hands placed on her knees. He hadn't even gotten a word out before she spoke.

"Sir, I'm certain I must have done something wrong this morning. I deeply apologize for offending you or your mother." She was very pointed about her choice of words and her articulation. "Sir, this girl is ready for her punishment."

Tom flashed his wry smile. His heart swelled for this woman. She had put on her thick padded bondage collar, and placed a narrow, hard, braided leather crop in front of her knees.

He reached out and placing his index finger under her chin and lifted her head until she met his gaze. Her large blue doe eyes looked back at him with admiration.

"Why this one, Alexis?" He asked curiously referring to the crop.

"Sir, I dangled my big titties in your mom's face and embarrassed you. My selfish presence meant that you had to lie to her about how important I am to you. Sir, it's going to be very hard for you to meet your obligations while she's here, and the marks from this crop will remind me to stay on my toes."

Tom reached down and picked up the crop in his hands. Alexis immediately slid forward pressing her breasts into the floor. She spread her knees slightly and pulled her stomach down lifting her ass high into the air. Her arms were bent at the elbows in ninety-degree angles so her forearms pointed straight in front of her with her palms face down.


Marie felt a huge weight lifted off her shoulders. She was glad she had listened to her sister about getting out of town. She felt better having explained her pending divorce to her son. She had worried about it for days. She was certain that her little boy would be shattered by the revelation. All her worries were now gone. She realized she didn't have a little boy any longer. Marie needed a strong man in her life right now. She needed a man that loved her unconditionally. She always assumed her husband was that guiding force, but today she recognized that her own son was a more confident and sympathetic man than her husband could ever be.

She opened the door to the private bathroom. She took in the sight of the Spanish tiled floor. A long granite counter stretched the length of the far wall with dual sinks and framed vanity mirrors. To her right, an oversized Jacuzzi tub sat partially sunken into the floor. The tiled edges of the tub were filled with fragrant floral candles and well-manicured orchids and lilies. To the left was the toilet with its own door for additional privacy. Butted against the water closet was an impressive seamless glass shower.

Marie just couldn't wrap her head around it. The last two weeks had been a rollercoaster of epiphanies and intense emotions. She lost her husband and best friend. Now, she discovered that she didn't even know her own son. His life seemed unreal. She was a simple girl from the northeast that raised a good boy. How could she know so little about him? She twisted the faucet on the tub and stopped the drain filling it with hot water.

She looked for a towel and wash cloth, and found none. She padded down the hall toward the master bedroom. Before she could raise her hand to knock, she heard voices coming through the other side. Marie had always been a nosy woman when it came to those around her. She couldn't help herself most of the time. She liked to be in the know, and if she thought a little eavesdropping might garner any juicy gossip then she would certainly try.

She heard Alexis talking to her son. It was a bit muffled, so she pressed her ear to the door. She believed that she heard a reference to 'dangling big titties' and something about his obligations. Marie assumed she was apologizing for her rather indecent display earlier. That made sense, but still something seemed odd about this relationship. The woman was stunning, though. She had never been one to admire other women, but even Marie had to admit that Alexis had an amazing body. She thought about walking around the house in lingerie. The thought of walking around so confidently while being so exposed was exciting to her. She didn't know why but she was turned on by Alexis. She was turned on by her beauty, but also her effortless ability to take care of her man. 'Her man' she thought, wasn't she supposed to say her son? But he was a man.

The voices quieted on the other side of the door, and Marie was getting ready to search for the towels on her own. Better to not disturb them as she already felt like a nuisance. She was startled by a loud thwack, and she carefully placed her ear back against the door. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. She caught her breathe and kept herself from making a sound. It sounded like Tom was whipping her. Marie's mind was reeling at the thought. She wondered what exactly was going on between them.


Tom stood back after the last blow. The streaks across her ass were darkening slowly. He hadn't hit her too hard, but she had chosen his most painful crop. Alexis remained absolutely still waiting until she was given permission to move. Tom took a moment to admire her. He loved to watch her in a submissive pose. She looked incredibly natural and beautiful when she presented herself to him. He watched the lines darken to a light a bruise. He was content. The bruising was light and it would fade away by the next morning. Tom hadn't wanted to punish her. She hadn't done anything wrong in his eyes. She was a victim of poor timing. He knew in part, that she had presented the crop because she needed the punishment. It made her feel alive and more submissive when she was punished and Tom always knew just how far to push her with the strength of each blow.

He stepped back and began removing his clothing. He sat on the edge of the bed with his legs parted.

"Bring me your mouth." He requested.

"Yes, Sir."

Alexis pulled herself up from the floor and crawled between his legs. She stopped and stared at his cock as it twitched in front of her. She smiled.

He saw the look on her face. It wasn't like her to pause before taking him into her mouth.

"What is it?" He asked. "Tell me."

"I... I just thought of the first time I knelt before you, Sir. The first time I saw your cock. Sir, I don't think I've ever talked to you about that day. The first time I saw this cock I knew I could never be happy without it. It's amazing, Sir. It's just so big and thick and the way it twitches when it's hard and how completely full it makes me feel when you're inside me. I just want to say thank you, Sir. All the girls thank you. They've all told me in private that you satisfy them in ways they've never experienced before." She looked up at him with watery eyes. "Sir, the things you said today to your mom... the things about me... you don't have to treat me differently from the other girls... I..."

"Shhh." He stopped her for a moment and cupped her cheek in his hand wiping away the tears forming in her eyes. "You are different from the other girls, Alexis. The things I said about you were all true. I've never said it out loud to you before. I never thought I had to. You are the most important person in my life."

The tears overwhelmed her eyes and ran down her cheeks. She placed one hand on each of his knees as she knelt in front of him. They were tears of joy and happiness. She didn't say anything. He knew how she felt about him. She never had to say it. She said it every action and breath and movement. Her life was about showing him how much she cared.

Alexis tilted her head down to his cock. She opened her mouth wide and slid it all the way back into her throat. She gurgled as she forced the last few inches into her airway, and then pulled back slowly with tight lips until it popped out of her mouth. It had taken her months to control her reflexes and take him all the way. She loved it. She began licking his shaft up and down holding the heavy length of it in her hand.

"Oh, yes." He groaned as she pleasured him. "And the balls, Alexis. You know how I enjoy that."

"Yes, Sir."

Alexis was more attentive than ever in her effort to thank him for saying those words to her. She sucked him like a proper slut -- jerking, stroking, sucking, licking -- until she knew he was ready to explode.

"Where would Sir like to put his cum?"

Tom didn't answer. He stood and aimed his cock towards her breasts and exploded. His load was big and thick covering her thoroughly. She knelt perfectly still enjoying the feel of the hot liquid hitting her flushed skin.

When he was finished, he leaned in close and whispered in her ear. "Let that dry. When you go to the spa be sure to tell Abby that I left it there just for her and to clean you off."

"Yes, Sir." She replied with a wide grin.


Marie rushed back toward her room as fast as she could. She closed the door and leaned her back against it breathing heavily. Her world was spinning out of control. She rushed into the bathroom and turned off the water just before it crested the top of the tub. Sitting in a chair in the corner of the room was a stack of fresh towels. How had she missed that? She wished she had seen them there earlier and hadn't walked down to her son's room. She wished she hadn't overheard the two of them. Or did she? She was so confused.

She felt the water and thought a good soak would help her nerves. She began to disrobe placing her clothes on the counter. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the door. She sighed heavily. She was self-conscious about her age. She wasn't overweight, but her once taut stomach showed a hint of extra padding. Her breasts hung down lower on her chest. She cupped them, lifted them up, and held them where they used to sit when she was younger, like Alexis' had looked earlier. They weren't soft and saggy, she noted. They just hung lower. The perils of growing older when you're a big chested woman. She turned sideways and looked at her profile. Her ass was still firm, but it had gotten fuller over the years. She glanced at her legs and smiled. She was proud of her legs. They always looked great. Her skin was still smooth thanks to her careful use of creams and moisturizers. She faced the mirror again and stepped closer seeing the hints of gray in the roots of her hair. She could fix that at the salon. Lastly, she ran her hand down into the nest of pubic hair over her pussy. The thick blonde curls seemed awfully passé in the new dating world. She'd never shaved in her entire life. Perhaps she'd have to reconsider her old ways.

As her hand moved over her pussy she could feel that she was soaking wet. She felt her heart racing again. What had she heard again? Spanking? Whipping? She thought of the book she'd been reading on the plane. She had thought when reading it that no one actually lived that way. Maybe she had misunderstood what she thought she heard. Perhaps she had the book fresh in her mind and she was making assumptions.

Her mind moved to the conversation she heard after the strange sounds. That was something she certainly didn't misconstrue. Alexis had thanked her son. She had recounted the first time she knelt in front of him. The thought of it sent shivers through Marie's body. Alexis could easily have any man. She was a statuesque, graceful beauty. Why would she kneel before her son? He was a sweet boy, wasn't he? The day had already provided so many new surprises about his life. Was this just another one?

She recounted the rest of what she'd heard and it sent her into a frenzy. Alexis had described her son's cock. The words she used created such a vivid image in Marie's mind. What was it again? So big and thick? She said it made her feel so full when he's inside her. "How big could it be," Marie whispered to herself. She hadn't yet realized her hand was rubbing her clit furiously and her eyes were screwed shut. She was lost in thought. Alexis had called it amazing. What makes a cock amazing? Was he some sort of amazing lover? And there was more. What on earth did she mean by "all the girls"? How many women was he sleeping with? Did they know about each other? Maybe just Alexis knew that there were others. Maybe she just misunderstood everything. The questions were killing Marie, but every question she asked herself made her pussy drip a little more.

Marie was moaning loudly now. Her fingers worked her pussy with deft precision. The sound of Alexis slurping her son's cock playing over and over in her mind. What did her son say again right before that? "Bring me your mouth". Bring me your mouth! Marie was so confused. She didn't know why these crass words were turning her on. Maybe it was the hot blonde's willingness to kneel and suck that made her so horny. Bring me your mouth! Yes, Sir. Marie's legs began to give way as she repeated the statements out loud. She slid to the floor as she began to cum.

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