tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Nude Nomad Ch. 03: Night Out

The Nude Nomad Ch. 03: Night Out


A few hours after they had gone to sleep, Nina woke up in bed spooning John, both of them still nude. Rubbing her forehead, she turned to notice that it was now forty minutes after midnight and the moon was shining brightly.

"Think tonight might be a good night to go out." Nina muttered to herself before she turned to a still sleeping John. She contemplated on whether she should wake him up and tell him before she decided not to and walked out of the bedroom, picking up a scrunchie from her bag along the way.

Stepping in front of the bathroom mirror, Nina took a moment to examine the killer body she had grown over the years. Her perky, healthy C-cup breasts decorated with light pink nipples received a nice jiggling before looking over the rest of her taut frame.

Nina then examined her flat stomach and her shaven pussy followed by her strong, slender legs, her wide hips and finally her cute butt. Nina felt she had a fantastic ass, round, soft and just the right amount of tightness. There was no doubt about it, one of the reasons she became a nudist was because she looked great naked.

"You're looking like a bombshell tonight babe." Nina said to her reflection before licking her finger and sticking it on her hips while making a sizzling sound. Tying up her hair into a ponytail with the scrunchie, she finally felt she was ready.

After giving Barry a kiss goodnight, she made her way to the door and opened it, with the cool breeze and the moonlight being there to greet her.


Before she could start her naked run, Nina thought it was necessary to do some warmup exercises on John's front lawn. She began with a few basic stretches before moving on with some squats and then a full split.

"Okay then, that should do it." she said to herself before looking around for anyone that might spot her. Since it was so late at night, there was pretty much no one around. On the verge of giggling, Nina finally broke into a jog, making sure her assets bounced with each step.

Nina left the block where John lived and checked again for any people. Thankfully there were still none and she continued on before she spotted town in the distance. "I wonder if there's any opportunities for me there?" she asked herself before racing towards it, her giggle turning into a small laugh.


Running further into town, Nina took in all the sights around her. She could see the restaurant, the coffee shop, the movie theater but the building that caught her eye the most was the fitness center which also had an indoor pool.

"The pool! Oh I just love skinny dipping!" she muttered excitedly before she decided to try and find an entrance. Obviously the main one was locked and she had nothing to open it with, but there was a back door carelessly left open possibly by a janitor.

Stepping inside, Nina carefully navigated the back of the center before she finally came across a locker room that had a lineup of showers and three stacks of towels next to a row of lockers. Smiling to herself, Nina took a towel from one of the stacks and stepped out of the changing room to the main attraction.

Stepping out of the locker room, she looked around at the pool area. It was very large with the underwater lights turned on, a lifeguard chair sat on the side, a diving board perched above the water and a whirlpool close by. Nina set her towel down on a nearby bench and decided to use the diving board.

"Well, here goes nothing." Nina said to herself climbing up the ladder and taking a few steps on the board. Closing her eyes, she leaped off swan-dived into the water below with a graceful splash. The water's cool temperature felt like absolute paradise covering every last corner of her naked frame.

Upon coming back up for air and resting on the edge of the pool, Nina began laughing at herself in joy. She had always loved skinny dipping, but she hadn't found time to do so in a long time. Yet here she was, with goosebumps all over her sexy body from the chilly water.

"I've done it before, but it feels like my first time I've swam nude!" Nina cried before she dove back in and started doing a few laps around the pool.

After a while, Nina just simply floated on her back with her head resting in her hands. She took a deep breath and let out a quiet, cheerful sigh before looking down at her front. Her boobs were floating, water droplets adorned her stomach and her clit felt like the water was tickling it.

After another few minutes in the pool, she finally decided to get out and hit the showers to wash off the chlorine. Nina slithered out, the dripping water cascading down her hot form as she picked up her towel and made her way to the locker room.


Undoing her scrunchie and stepping under the nearest showerhead, Nina moaned as the hot water poured down on her. Taking a bottle of shampoo from the bag of toiletries she had grabbed along the way, she scrubbed it into her hair with some of it dripping down her body. "I don't think I ever masturbated in the shower before."

Curious, Nina brought two of her fingers to her clit and slowly began stroking it. She moaned lightly before going faster and began to moan louder while her hips started bucking. When the nudist finally came, she dropped to the shower floor and fingered herself faster while the shower continued sprinkling water, making her even more horny.

"Oh fuck yes, faster! This is just so hot!" Nina screamed before she orgasmed again. After cumming five more times, Nina laid there glowing and tweaking her nipples. After a few more minutes of sensuality, she finally stood up and finished her shower by washing off her sweat and cum.

Returning her towel and shampoo to where they belonged, Nina opened the backdoor and set off back outside.

When she finally returned to the feeling of the cool night air, she decided to do some more stretching. Nina started again with some squats, showing off her sexy legs to an invisible audience. Then she moved on to some jumping jacks which once again made her tits & ass jiggle. Finally she did some basic arms stretches before tying up her ponytail again and got down on the ground like a champion runner, launching into a sprint while laughing loudly.


By 2:00am, Nina had basically toured the entire town in the buff but there was only one place left she planned on going to, and that was the beach. The thought of spending the rest of the night laying in the soft sand felt so invigorating.

Taking her first step on the beach, Nina gazed in awe at how beautiful it looked at night, especially with the moon dangling over the ocean. "Now where can I rest?" she asked herself just as she found the perfect spot on the beach, marked by moonbeams as if it was reserved just for her.

Finally walking over and laying down, Nina moaned in pleasure feeling the sand tickle her back, legs & ass while the moon shined on her front before closing her eyes to nap the rest of the night away.

Midway through her nap however she heard a sound coming from the ocean followed by footsteps on the sand. Nina fearfully covered her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other, checking around for any intruders that might either gawk at her hobby or recognize her from the news and report her.

Luckily for her, she was wrong when she turned to discover her mystery guest. It was another nude woman but she was in her late thirties, had short brunette hair, larger boobs with what she assumed to be a small four leaf clover tattoo between them, a much more toned & tanned body and a slightly hairier pussy. "It's alright miss. You can drop your hands, we're both naked women alone on this beach?"

"Who are you? And where did you come from?" Nina asked uncovering her lady parts and tilting her head at the other naked woman.

"Oh pardon me for startling you! My name's Blake White." she introduced herself to Nina. "And you are?"

"My name's Nina. Very nice to meet you." Nina greeted Blake, who began to give her a good once-over of her body.

"I see you're a nudist as well Nina." Blake commented putting her hands on her hips. "I usually wear clothes in the daytime, but whenever I get naked it's when I'm alone or out here on the beach."

"When I became a nudist, I pretty much sworn off clothes entirely." Nina stated. "Is that so sweetie?" Blake remarked sitting down on the sand and patting a spot next to her for Nina to sit down on. "Come on, let's talk."

"If you say so Blake." Nina complied sitting down beside her new acquaintance. "So tell me Nina, when and why did you become a nudist?" Blake asked her.

"Well, it started toward the summer after my senior year of high school on the hottest day of the year, July 2nd to be precise last I recall." Nina began. "Me and some of my girlfriends were sweating like crazy until one of them got the crazy idea of skinny dipping in her pool. All of them agreed to it except me. I felt a bit nervous about showing off my body at the time."

"So classic teenage tomfoolery combined with shyness? But look at you now, you've got a great body and obviously you love showing it off!" Blake complimented her with a pat on the back. "So what happened next?"

"Well after like an hour of staying in the shade while the other girls splashed around, I decided I didn't want to be left out and finally joined in." Nina continued on. "Feeling the water on my naked body felt great and I was happy to finally include myself. After a while, my friends & I started hanging out at nude beaches and resorts, basically embracing nudism."

"So what happened next?" Blake pegged her for more, much to Nina's chagrin.

"I feel really uncomfortable when bringing this up. We can just say goodbye, exchange numbers and then go home if you want." she said somberly. "Aw come on Nina, you can trust me!"

"Okay then. It wasn't long before I decided to come out to my family about being a nudist and it didn't go over well. They thought I became a slut because they believed nudists were obsessed with fucking. So they just kicked me out of the house with only a bag full of clothes, condoms and dildos."

"Damn girl, so sorry about that." Blake frowned at the thought of Nina's family kicking her out.

"Thank you Blake for empathizing." Nina thanked her before going back to her story. "Anyway, I've traveled around this part of Minnesota for seven years staying at people's houses until I felt like I needed to go. But now my current housemate is a really sweet man named John who was accepting of my nudity and let me stay, then we became a couple."

"Now that was nice of him! I actually knew John a long time ago." Blake said. "As for me, I'm a wife and mother of two daughters & a son that decided to go here naked at night after privately looking at a few exhibitionist sites. In fact, my clothes and purse are still somewhere around here."

"So what do you like to do at the beach at night?" Nina wondered.

"Well I usually like to swim, run and just lie down on the sand." Blake replied. "Speaking of which, you wanna have a race?"

"Okay, but I have to warn you I'm pretty fast!" Nina bragged dropping into a running start position. "Oh it is on!" Blake challenged and the two nudists began running across the sand, giggling loudly as the night went on.


Two hours later, Nina & Blake were lying on the sand panting. "I totally won that race!" Blake gasped to her new friend. "No, I was much faster!" Nina replied and they both laughed. "Wow, we've been running for hours! Think we should go for a swim?"

"Yeah, I'm feeling pretty sweaty. Besides, it's getting pretty close to morning anyway." Blake stated looking at her watch, the only piece of clothing she wore right now. "See, 3:50am."

"I've been out for that long? Hopefully I can get back before anybody wakes up and sees me naked." Nina said before she got and took a few steps into the tide when Blake happened to startle her. "You got a cute butt there."

"Oh, uh thank you. I like your tan and that tattoo between your tits." Nina complimented back embarrassed. "I really love my body too. I often find myself admiring how I've become so curvy in all the right places and I really want to show it off in front of other nudists."

"Maybe I could take you to a nude beach or resort sometime. I know a few people who can show you around." Blake suggested standing beside Nina on the shoreline with an arm on her hip. "And who knows, maybe you could bring John along too. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let's get wet!"

"I was wondering when you'd say that! Race you!" Nina shouted charging into the sea and diving headfirst. "C'mon in, the water's great!"

"I'm comin' babe!" Blake shouted running as well before splashing some water on Nina with a kick. The two nudist babes then started laughing while splashing each other in the ocean.


After an hour of splashing around in the buff, it was time for the two of them to part ways. Sharing a towel to dry off from the water, Blake began putting on a change of clothes which were a simple white tanktop, a pair of tight jeans and sandals before she handed Nina a small piece of paper. "That's my number, if you want to see me again."

"Oh thank you Nina, I'll just stick in my scrunchie for safe keeping." Nina thanked her before doing just that, making sure her scrunchie was extra tight so that it wouldn't get lost. "I had such a fun time with you Blake, I really hope we can do this again sometime."

"It was nice to meet you too Nina." Blake replied lovingly before bringing Nina in for a passionate kiss that seemed like it lasted forever. When they finally broke, Blake waved goodbye and walked toward her car, a blue Honda Civic. "I can give you a ride if you want."

"Thanks, but no thanks. I think I'm just gonna run back home and feel the air all over me." Nina said preparing to make another run for it. "And it seems I better get back before sunrise."

"Well good luck there honey. I'll see you again soon!" Blake shouted finally driving away from the beach just as Nina ran from the beach and back to John's house.


Meanwhile, John had finally woken up with a dry mouth and bleary eyes. "Oh, how much did I sleep last night? And where's Nina?" he asked himself before looking down to notice he was naked under the covers and already had morning wood. "Dammit!"

Frustrated, John got out of bed and put on boxers & a T-shirt before stepping out of his bedroom. "Nina, where are you?" he called for his naked roommate around the house. "C'mon, you can't be far!"

Stepping into the kitchen, he noticed Nina calmly sipping some coffee before she noticed John staring at her. "Good morning John! Sorry for getting you worried." she greeted him putting down her mug.

"Where were you? I didn't see you in bed when I got up." John asked rubbing the back of his head. "Oh, I simply went out for a run last night, then I snuck into the pool and masturbated." Nina replied proudly. "And then I went to the beach where I made friends with a nice lady named Blake who's a nudist just like me."

"Okay then Nina, but why did you go outside?" John pressed her for more answers. "I just really like running around naked at night. It's so revealing, even if there's no one around." Nina stated. "Are you mad at me?"

"No, well kinda. You should really tell me next time if you want to go streaking at night." John answered with a tender smile. "You can do what you want, you just gotta warn me first."

"I promise I will Johnny." Nina said before the two of them hugged.

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