The Nude Beach


Sanne walked into the kitchen and stood in surprise, watching us for a while, and I got the creeps but Ditte entreated me to fuck on. A couple more pumps into it, Ditte broke out in a proper orgasm which allowed me to finally give her a good pair of deep full thrusts that sucked my entire cock to the hilt. I felt my cum pump into her and fill her pussy so it splashed around her pussy before a light pulse from her pussy pushed me all of the way out. Ditte's heavy breathing started to slow, and we both lay there, huffing and puffing for a minute. While we recovered, Sanne moved closer, and we could see a thousand thoughts flying through her head before Ditte calmly said, "Hi treasure!" Ditte kept me where I was between her legs, as I stood up so that she could half-sit up.

I realized something had made Ditte unashamed to have Sanne see us; nor had Sanne fled to her room. My cock had no chance to slacken due in part to Ditte's clutching pussy and partly by the exciting situation. Not that I am one to run after teenagers, but it was just that the mother and daughter scenario was one of my favorite fantasies. So I could not help but peek at Sanne and appraise her a little. She was.a replica of her mother; through her loose-fitting linen blouse I glimpsed two small conical teen tits. Her nipples were clearly visible and erect, and she had a short skirt that just reached mid-thigh. In other words, she was an incredibly sexy girl.

Again, I adopted a passive attitude so as not to spoil the excitement, as Sanne went over and hugged her mother and gave her a kiss on the mouth. Ditte hugged Sanne and I saw how their kiss was ... a kiss. My cock came alive and I dared to hump Ditte a bit and immediately I felt her pussy hug me back. Sanne saw us, and asked Ditte if it was nice and Ditte nodded and gazed with a horny expression at me. I looked back and caressed her cheek while I humped her a bit more. My cock was now fully stiff again and my horniness in full force. Sanne bent down and started kissing Ditte's breasts and as she suckled her Ditte moaned that it felt so nice. I realized that this could be something extra that I never been experienced before.

Fucked now, Ditte lay with quiet dismay, as Sanne sucked upon her mother's nipple, and I saw that Ditte had her hand under Sanne's linen blouse, caressing her breasts. Ditte whispered something in her ear, to which Sanne responded by pulling off her top and I got to see the gorgeous breasts that were just as sexy as I had imagined them. She then proceeded to take off her skirt and I now saw the sweet sylph entirely naked. I almost had an orgasm right then and there, and with my dick deep in Ditte's pussy it was hard not to spray into her again. I felt that I wanted to wait so with all of my will power I focused on polar bears, ice caps, and frigid seas. Sanne now seemed just as horny as her mother and when Ditte sucked on her breasts she began to moan and whimper for more.

I took courage and put my hand on Sanne's gorgeous little puckered ass. The feeling made me remember my younger days when I managed to date a girl who wanted to fuck anally. I noticed that Sanne liked my caresses, as she pouted more and spread her thighs. The whole time I fucked Ditte and we started to charge up for another mega-orgasm, my fingers glided toward Sanne's pussy and I felt her moisture. I allowed one finger slide in so I could check her readiness, and I pumped my finger gently deeper. Sanne now had her hand on Ditte's mons Veneris, rubbing her clit, and I could felt fingers stroking the base of my cock and balls which got me to increase the pace. Sanne was now completely taken by my fingers as I added more and pulsed them deep into her pussy, and Ditte who was sucking on her breasts. It was she who had her orgasm first followed swiftly by Ditte, and finally I was able to empty my now rather strained cock into Ditte's pussy. Sanne had left her fingers on Ditte's pussy and this time I pulled my spent cock out all of the way. Sanne reached over and with her other hand felt curiously along my sticky dick.

We were now all three completely exhausted. Ditte was probably the one who was most happy, of all of us. We drank a little and sat down on the couch with Ditte in the middle. Ditte began to tell me that I was the first man since she'd become widowed. She had so clearly had the urge to get fucked, but could not find anyone who felt right. Then she came back to a topic I knew was a little embarrassing for her and even Sanne. The grief was the same for both of them and Sanne had moved to Ditte's large double bed. In the beginning, they often cried together there, in an effort to try to comfort each other. The proximity and caresses were normal but then it happened reached a new level when Sanne fell asleep with her hand across Ditte's breasts. Ditte had become so horny that she had to masturbate. Just as she was about to cum, Sanne had woken up and caressed her breasts a little more intensely, even sucking on her nipples, which got Ditte to cum immediately.

Their overtures came gradually, the next time it was Sanne who masturbated and Ditte who explored what made each of them feel good, and later on they masturbated together. In the shower, they fingered each other and explored each other's bodies, pressing against each other, rubbing breasts and pussies together and fondling each other. It was then that Sanne understood where her own big Venus rock came from. Ditte had declared her childhood. And then it evolved to where naturally they wanted to feel each other and so it ended up with that they also licked each other.

Ditte wondered of course if I thought they were too perverted but I replied that it was up to them, I was open-minded but I felt in no way that I was being pressured by them to feel that way. Sanne was the first to react. She pounced on Ditte, and then hugged me. It was like a heavy burden had lifted and Sanne now started talking about how nice it was with a "real man" in the house. She explained that she was not a virgin, but only had been with boys of her age and they were not as well equipped.

I realized that I would soon get to fuck the young horny girl. My cock responded by getting semi-erect despite all of my previous ejaculations. Sanne sought out my cock, she grabbed it like a handle and lifted it up a little; my whole cock shiny with semen and Ditte's pussy juice. She tried to jerk me off a little as she gazed fixedly on my glans. While she considered what she would do next, Ditte lay low and looked on, curious to see what would happen. She sought my hand and we lay and cuddled a bit. I felt like it was a good sign that now desire was the ruling emotion.

I could feel Sanne's breath against the glans, my cock was now stiff and I hoped that she would dare to taste it. The hand movements stayed up a bit and she did it against her mouth. For anyone who has had a blow job you know the feeling when you feel lips enveloping the glans. With Sanne this feeling was twice as strong. Had I not had ejaculations before I would have sprayed directly. Sanne tasted and licked me like a lollipop, and it was so fantastic to see her discover that it was nice to suck on a big cock. Ditte stroked her head and in the end she could not keep herself quiet, and asked if it was nice. Sanne just nodded in reply and continued to suck, Ditte continued to help her by telling how she should proceed.

Ditte leaned over and started stroking Sanne while my hands caressed Ditte's butt that stuck out at a wonderful angle. My finger slid into her slot and I took the opportunity to rub her ass a little. Apparently, it ignited her as my true beauty sighed and pressed her ass against my finger. I felt that her anus had to wait a little for more attention, since Ditte now also had her attention on my stiff cock and now she was lying so she closely she could watch Sanne sucking me. Sanne wriggled to where she got her ass toward me. I felt a strong desire to explore her pussy up close, so I grabbed her and showed her how to position herself in a 69. Sanne understood what was going on. She did a little show and stood over my head and lowered her pussy down. Is such a great feeling to see a pussy in that position and I became impatient to have her that way, so I grabbed her butt and steered her right. Even Sanne was excited and it made my lust even greater.

Sanne had such a pussy that I loved where the inner labia were small, the hood of her clit parted clearly in front and her clit standing stiff. Her juices tasted wonderful and they gave my horniness an extra boost. Sanne lay down to get back to sucking my dick but I also knew that I was too big for her mouth. It was wonderfully beautiful when both of them licked my cock, and I was close. As I licked Sanne I stuck a finger in her and she then touched me lightly on my hip. She pressed her pussy down against me as if to tell me she wanted more. Then suddenly she lifted herself off, and spun around one turn. She squatted over my cock and I realized it now it was going to happen. Ditte held my cock and guided it towards Sanne's pussy, until the glans arrived at her pussy lips; and when she knew it was in place she was comfortable and slid down to envelope half of my cock.

Her moans were loud and testified to how much she was enjoyed it. Ditte sat and watched my big cock going in and leaned forward and licked Sanna's clit and down against my cock. Sanna felt tight but not so tight as I had guessed she would, and she was not a virgin. She now began a ride that was so lovely, and each time my cock entered her a little further, she began wondering when it would bottom out. As her mother had, so also did Sanne have lovely moans, yet different from her mother's. Ditte realized that there was a vacant mouth and she settled her big tush on me so I could lick her. The whole sight made me so clearly even harder and hornier. My tongue swirled around her clit before I dove in as far as I could go deep into her hole.

I found I could roughly fuck her, which she apparently liked, and her pressure on me increased. I licked up against her anal bow and I tested the situation to see how sensitive she was there. My tongue played and licked there, and I took one finger and started pressing. My thumb rubbed her clit while one finger delved into her anus, and one pumped into her pussy; Ditte could not keep up. Her orgasm washed over her and her juices flowed. My whole face was soaked with pussy juice. Sanne was close too, and I grabbed her hips humping into her, knowing it was bigger and harder and rougher than any of her other guys, and it felt so wonderful as we came together. Ditte and Sanne held each other and I heard them rather than saw them kissing.

They slid down on either side of me and we lay and caressed and snuggled. It was not the best time to realize this, but I now began to contemplate that I had drained myself without protection into two gorgeous pussies; and so then began the anxiety of it all. I asked Ditte, whose answer was to simply smile. Then she let me know that she and Sanne were on the pill. The beauty of this announcement meant that I could relax, and I felt a little drowsy. Even Ditte was a little tired by now, so we decided to take a little nap. However, Sanne's hands were apparently not tired. It felt so nice to be dozing off with two lovely girls on each arm. The whole experience was an early event for me during a very happy period of my life, with lots of wonderful encounters to follow.

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