tagLoving WivesThe Nudist Pool Party

The Nudist Pool Party

byDaddyO Wil©

Last week my wife and I were invited to a pool party at my friends house. Lyn and her husband are nudists. Lyn warned me that the party would have several people naked. My wife, Jill, told me that she was not going to run around naked in front of a bunch of people she did not know. I have wanted her to open up sexually for a long time. The thought of watching her being seduced and fucked by another guy or guys, was a long time fantasy. Jill knew of my desire but refused to get excited about, let alone consider another sexual playmate.

The party was going strong when we arrived. There were about twenty people there, half were nude and the guys outnumbered the girls two to one. Jill is not a heavy drinker but after a few glasses of wine and one of Bud's special drinks, she was feeling no pain. Several of the women were in about the same shape as my wife, with one being much heavier. Jill is 5' 6" about 145lbs, 38C x 28 x 38, with a four baby belly. I think she is very beautiful and sexy. As I watched the attention the other naked ladies were getting, I figured my wife would attract as much or more if I could get her clothes off. She tends to dress conservatively and was wearing a one piece swimsuit.

As the night wore on and people left, my wife was pleasantly high. Alcohol makes her a bit amorous and talkative. There were three couples and one guy sitting around the pool talking and listening to music. Jill and I were the only ones with a suit on. My wife was talking to Bud, Lyn's husband and a other guy, Paul, when I heard my wife say.

"You want to bet?"

"Ok, you are on." Bud replied.

Bud was a good looking body builder type guy in his mid 40's. I thought that he might have a chance with her if he played his cards right.

"If I win you have to pull your top down for the rest of the evening and if you win I'll pay you fifty dollars." Bud told her.

"Ok, deal."

"Come on I'll show you." Bud said as he grabbed her hand and led her into the house.

I still don't know what the bet was about, some story in the newspaper I think. When they returned a few minutes later, Jill's breasts were in full view. Paul and Jay whistled when they saw her. Lyn told me that I should join the rest of them sans clothing. It took about fifteen minutes of teasing before Jill decided to drop her inhibitions and join our nakedness. My cock was trying to rise as I watched my naked wife sitting with Bud. Jill asked Lyn if she could take a quick shower to get the chlorine off her. Bud jumped up.

"I'll show you where the shower is and get you a towel."

They walked into the house as Jay and his wife said good bye and left. That left Paul, Lyn and I out by the pool. Paul watched Bud and Jill leave, he was a bit drunk.

"Nice ass."

"Thank you Paul." My wife told him with a little wiggle, but in her condition she all most fell. Bud grabbed her to steady her, she leaned back into him and drunkenly told him.

"Thank you, handsome man for saving me."

I could see her rub against him feeling the muscles of his chest and arms. Bud's hands slid up the front of her and cupped her breasts. My wife did not stop him. He held on to her and ducked walked through the door before she pulled away. I could see that Bud's cock was starting to grow. Jill must have felt it and turned to look. She looked at me with a look that said she liked what she saw. With a smile in my direction, she turned and walked into the house. Bud followed her.

Paul turned to Lyn, "Bud is going to get some of that ass."

My head swivelled toward Lyn as she smiled.

"He is going to try. You don't mind do you Wil?" she asked me.

My cock was starting to rise again as I wondered if Bud was going to succeed. My minds eye quickly pictured Jill on her back with Bud on top of her wide spread legs, his ass rapidly moving up and down.

"Not as long as I get to watch." I replied.

"That could be arranged. Come sit over here there is something I have wanted to do all night." Lyn indicated a lounge chair that would put my back at an angle to the house.

I hoped I knew what she had in mind, but did not say anything and moved to the chair. Lyn winked at Paul then pulled my legs apart before moving between them. She lowered the back of the lounge and slid up my body, dragging her breasts up my chest. After a long sensual kiss, she moved back down.

"This is what I wanted." As her mouth enveloped my cock.

I was enjoying the sensations she was giving me when I heard Paul.

"They are watching from the balcony."

Lyn looked up and smiled, "don't worry she does not look upset. Paul is kissing her neck and his hands are exploring her body."

I started to look but she held me down.

"No not yet."

I decided she was right when her mouth resumed it's attention to my flagpole. Paul was watching all four of us.

"They are going back in. I'll give him a few minutes, then go see if I can help."

Lyn looked at him.

"Help my ass, you want a piece of her too."

My cock jumped and got a little harder. Lyn noticed.

"You would like that wouldn't you?"

I just smiled as Paul got up and ambled into the house.

"Bud is going to try to fuck your wife, if you don't want it to happen, you better say so right now. If he does, then Paul will probably fuck her too."

I had to grab her hand that was slowly stroking my cock. The thought of Bud and Paul having sex with my wife was about to make me cum.

"Is there a way to watch, without her seeing us at first? Would you mind? I really would like to see her seduced."

"Sure that will be fun. I like watching those two in action. I have been the one in the middle before and she is in for a treat. Come on."

Lyn lead me to a small circular stair that took us to the balcony. The were lights on in the bedroom and the curtains were open.

"Don't worry they can not see out with the lights on, the windows of the sliding door create a mirror effect from the inside."

Jill and Bud appeared to be dancing as we approached the window. He had one hand around her back holding her close while the other hand strayed between her legs. My wife had her feet slightly spread giving him enough room to roam. Bud's hand glided over her pussy and stroked her clit a few times before his finger began to dip into the folds of her pussy. My cock was rock hard as I watched my wife of 30 years respond. Her nipples hardened and her breathing quickened. The sliding door was open a couple of inches, allowing us to hear what was said.

"Lyn loves to suck cock. I surprised that she waited this long."

Bud was saying as he slowly moved her back toward an overstuffed chair that was sitting in the corner of the room. Paul was peaking in through the bed room door but Jill was not paying much attention to anything other than the things Bud was saying and doing to her. Her legs touched the edge of the chair and Bud gently pushed her into it.

"Now it's your turn."

From her seated position, she watched Bud standing in front of her, he was looking at her while slowly stroking his cock. Jill had a lustful drunken look in her eyes as she looked over Bud's body. He knelt in front of her and she allowed him to slowly pull her legs apart and lay them on the arms of the chair. Lyn whispered in my ear.

"She's fucked. Once Bud gets his mouth on her pussy it's all over."

Lyn's hand found my cock.

"Looks like you are enjoying this."

Bud moved forward, kissing her belly button and sliding down. As his mouth closed on her clit, my wife sighed. We watched for the next ten minutes as Bud slowly brought my wife to her first orgasm of the evening. When she came, he had two fingers in her as he licked her clit. A few minutes before she came Paul had walked into the room and stood along side the chair. After she came, Bud straightened up but kept one hand on her pussy slowly stroking her. His other was stroking his cock, which was pointing straight up.

"Now." I directed my thoughts toward Bud. "Is your best chance to fuck her. Do it, just put it in."

My wife had her eyes closed as she enjoyed her orgasm. She did not know that Paul was standing next to her and that Bud's hard cock was only inches from penetrating her pussy. Bud signaled Paul to be quiet, Paul nodded. Bud must have heard my thoughts. With one hand guiding his cock and the other still stroking her clit he moved forward. The second his cock head touched her pussy, he pushed his cock all the way in and grabbed her hips. Jill's startled eyes flew open in fear. Bud smiled and held on to her.


She pushed Bud back a few inches but he pushed his cock back in. My wife moaned as she felt his cock in her and his finger stroking her clit.

"Please I'm married. Ohhh!! Please don't....."

I opened the door and was going to stop Bud, when she saw me and stopped talking. Bud started to slowly fuck her as she looked at me. She stopped trying to push him off her and I could see her begin to relax. Lyn smiled at her and knelt before me. She took my cock in her mouth as my wife and I locked eyes for what seemed like hours. I smiled and allowed my eyes to travel down her body to where Bud's cock was slowly sliding in and out of her pussy. Her eyes moved to where Lyn was sucking my cock. We smiled at each other. Bud sensing the change in my wife's attitude.

"Don't what?" He asked, pulling his cock almost out of her.

"Is this what you wanted to see?" My wife asked me.

I nodded. Her eyes left mine and looked at Bud's cock which was resting just inside her. We all waited in silence for Jill to answer Bud's question.

"Don't stop fucking me."

Bud's cock slid back into her as he began to fuck her, slowly increasing the speed of his long strokes. My wife and I continued to watch each other until her orgasm began to build. Her breathing began to increase, her eyes rolled back, and her legs opened wide, as Bud began to hammer his cock into her clutching pussy.

"Finally," I though, "she is being fucked by another cock and I'm watching her."

Jill's hands were clutching the fabric of the chair as her orgasm approached. She spread her legs and thrust her pussy up and out, toward Bud's invading cock. The noise of their bodies slapping together was punctuated by her moans of pleasure. Paul leaned over and began to caress her breasts and nipples. Jill looked at him with a lustful smile that said, I'm going to cum. Her hands put a death grip on the fabric of the chair as she lifted her pussy up to Bud's cock.

"Yes fuck me I'm cumming."

With a loud moaning scream, she opened her pussy wide and convulsed into her climax. I do not know how Bud kept from cumming but her stayed deep inside her, riding her through her orgasm. My cock leaped in Lyn's mouth as I came with the moans of my wife in my ears. A few minutes later Bud began to fuck her again.

"Damn Jill, you cum good. You ready to cum again?"

Jill looked at Bud's smiling face and then at Paul with his very hard cock.

"Do I have a choice?"

"Of course you do, I hope you are not upset with me. I really thought I was doing what you wanted. My cock feels very good where it is. " He rocked back and forth a few times. "But I will stop if you say so."

"Mmm your cock does feel good in my," she looked at me, "husband's pussy. Do you want him to fuck me some more?"

I nodded as I struggled to find my voice.

"Yes, I want Bud to fuck your pussy some more. I want to see him cum in your pussy. I want you to be a wanton woman tonight."

Bud's cock was steadily fucking her. I loved the way it looked sliding in and out, all wet a shinny. Paul took her hand and placed it on his cock. She began to stroke him.

"What about this cock? You want me to fuck this one too?"

"Yes, fuck that one as well. I want that one to cum in you too and if any other cocks show up you can fuck them too."

"Good! Cuz I was going to act like a slut and fuck them anyway."

Bud pulled out of her as Paul sat back on the bed.

"Suck Paul while I fuck you from the back."

My wife moved to the bed and began to suck Paul's cock. Bud positioned himself behind Jill's beautiful ass and thrust back into her pussy. This time he was fucking her for his own pleasure. He fucked her hard and fast, then slow and easy and every thing in between. After about tens minutes, he began to hump her ass with short jerky moves. He was driving deep into her as his cock began to swell with his cum.

"I'm almost there. I'm going to cum in your pussy. Are you ready?"

"Yes, fuck me. Your cock feels so good, I want it to explode in my slutty pussy."

Bud's face was a mask of pleasure and pain as her tried to prolong the pleasure of cumming in my wife's pussy. His hips were jerking into her with a mind of their own.

"Damn what a nice fucking pussy you have. Here cums. Oh sheeeeeeeet. Yea!!!!"

Bud's hips slammed against her as his hands grabbed her hips, pushing his cock as far as he could in to my wife's climaxing pussy. Jill had her head down and her pussy wide open allowing Bud's cock complete access to fuck her. Paul was stroking her breasts while playing with his cock. Bud stayed locked in her pussy for several minutes, while he caught his breath. He and Paul exchanged looks. Bud slowly pulled out, as Paul moved to the side of the bed.

"Your turn buddy. This is some fine pussy."

Bud moved off the bed as Paul maneuvered Jill's body onto her back. He placed a pillow under her hips and moved between her legs.

"Open your pussy for me slut. Show me where you want me to put my hard cock."

Jill spread her legs wide and put a finger on either side of her pussy. She spread it open.

"Put it right here Paul. I want you to fuck your hard cock into my pussy."

He moved forward, her hands grabbed him and centered his cock in her pussy.

"Now fuck me, stick you cock in there."

Paul thrust forward, driving his cock into her. She moaned as his length buried it's self deep inside her. My wife's knees came up and she locked her heels around his ass. She was meeting his thrusts with her open pussy. Her heels urging him in and out. Lyn's voice spoke in my ear.

"I called Jay and he will be here in 5 minutes."

I was embarrassed, I had totally forgotten her. I was so caught up in watching my wife get fucked, that she slipped out and called another guy and I didn't know it.

"The black guy with the oriental wife?"

"Yes, he has a very big cock and the way your wife has been acting I thought you might like to see her take a really big black cock."

"Yea I would, but I wonder if she would fuck a black man."

"They seemed to get along when he was here besides he is a nice guy and really knows his way around a pussy. Believe me I know."

I looked her up and down.

"I believe I would like to nose around your pussy. Are you available?"

Lyn climbed on the bed next to Jill, pointing to her pussy.

"Put your nose right here."

My mouth closed over her clit as my eyes watched Jill fuck Paul's cock. I did not think that he could last long the way he was pounded her. Suddenly he slowed and pulled back. He moved off the bed and stood along side.

"Turn over and bring your ass over here so I can get my cock back into your sweet pussy."

Jill turned and moved back toward him. Her eyes caught mine as Paul pushed back into her.

"Fuck her for me. I want to see your cock fuck Lyn's pussy while Paul is fucking mine."

Being no fool and all ways doing what my wife tells me to. I moved up between Lyn's spread legs and eagerly pushed my cock into her shaved pussy. Her pussy felt very different that my wife's hairy one, so soft and smooth. My head was inches from Jill's as I fucked Lyn. I could hear her grunts and moans as Paul's cock filled her over and over again. I saw Jay enter and begin to take off his clothes. When his cock came into view, I was amazed at it's size. He was stroking it and it had to be at least 9 or 10 inches long and very thick. I pulled out of Lyn and asked her to get next to Jill so I could fuck her from behind. Paul was moaning that he was about ready to cum, but my wife wasn't.

"No, not yet." She muttered.

Paul had lost the battle with my wife's pussy. His hips became a blur as he power fucked her through his orgasm. I knew that she did not cum and was a bit frustrated. When Paul began to soften and pull back, Jill began to move forward.

"No stay where you are. Don't move, there is another hard cock waiting for you, my slut."

She began to turn as she could see who.

"No, put your head down and close your eyes. Let him fuck you for awhile without you knowing who it is."

To my surprise, Jill did what I told her to do. Jay moved up behind her and centered his cock in the middle of her pussy. My cock was rock hard from Lyn's pussy and the thrill of watching my wife open herself up to a stranger. Jill's pussy was wet with cum. Jay's cock nudged her opening. Grabbing her hips he applied some pressure. Her hole dilated as his cock head popped into her. Jill tried to move away from the invasion but Jay held her still and waited. Since I had cum all ready with Lyn's blow job, I was able to control my urge to cum. Lyn and I were both watching Jay's big black cock work it's way into my wife's white pussy. We were slowly fucking each other. Jay slid another couple of inches into her. Jill's eyes opened in surprise and looked at me with a questioning expression.

"Just close your eyes and relax. This guy has a really big cock and I want to see it all the way in you. You look so beautifully slutty with his big cock part way in my pussy."

Jill looked at me for a few seconds, before taking a deep breath and letting her body relax as she exhaled. Her hips moved a few inches toward Jay, sliding his cock in farther, as she opened herself up. Jay took advantage of her accommodating attitude by pushing all but an inch or so into her. Jill moaned.

"No more. Please, it's too big."

Jay slowly pulled out six or seven inches and slid back in. He began to fuck her, using long slow strokes. Jill's hands were clutching the bed covers as he assaulted her. The contrast between her pink and white pussy and his black cock was incredibly sexy. As my wife grew accustomed to his size, she began to fuck him back. Within a few minutes Jay was balls deep in my wife's pussy and she was loving it. She was pushing back, driving his cock into her. Their bodies were slapping together. The noise was getting louder as they strained against each other. Jay's cock was a black blur as he pistoned in and out of Jill's stretched pussy. He looked at Lyn on the end of my cock.

"Damn Lyn, your are right, this is some fine white pussy."

Jill eyes grew wide as she realized who was fucking her. Jay slowed and stopped with his cock buried in her. He wiggled his cock in her.

"You like my black cock in your white pussy, slut?"

Jill moaned but did not say anything. Jay humped her hard fifteen or twenty times and stopped again.

"Well slut, do you like my black cock in your white pussy?"

Jill's lust filled eyes gazed at me, but she still did not say anything or look at him.

"Answer him." I commanded her.

"Yes. I love you big black cock in my married white pussy. I want you to fuck me with it. Use my pussy for your cock's pleasure."

Jay laughed and began to fuck her again.

"You want to see my cock?"


"Turn over and spread your legs for me."

Jay pulled out as my wife turned to her back. She looked at his monster cock as her legs moved apart. He moved into position.

"Put it in for me."

My wife's hands caressed his cock before centering it in her pussy and humping her hips toward him. He slid all the way back in. She moaned.

"Fuck me. Make me cum. Fuck me hard with your black cock. I want to feel your cock when you cum inside me."

Jay could take it no more and neither could I. There is something about a woman begging to be fucked that bring out the animal in guys. We both lost it. Our cocks took control as they burrowed deep into their cunts, seeking the trigger of their release. The girls sensing our impending orgasm opened their pussies to us. Each cunt seeking to pull the trigger. My cock exploded deep in Lyn's cunt. She rocked with her climax when she felt my cum boiling into her. As I relaxed back onto my knees, Bud began to cum in my wife's well used pussy. Jill was boiling over as Bud's ass clenched, driving his cock deep. His balls resting on her ass, lifted with each eruption of his cock. Jill was pushing her cunt against Jay each time he ejaculated, driving his cock as deep as possible. No one was talking, but the room was noisy with loud grunts and moans, and bodies slapping together. Bud broke the mood.

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