The Nurse


Matthew took a seat in the waiting room, and then moved to a seat by the window. The room seemed far too warm, but he knew it was really the 100 milligrams of Viagra he'd taken just before he left home. He also knew (or at least thought) that his face was flushed and people would be looking at him wondering what was wrong.

He tried to distract himself with the large screen TV placed there for that purpose. But the minute by minute, in-depth analysis was still all about the continuing America vs China row. And even though the events were taking place 249 million miles away on Mars, it was still a petty dispute about who's solar cells were obscuring who's. For the hundredth time, maybe the thousandth time, he wished he'd just bought his Viagra off the internet. Everyone did it, it was perfectly safe. But there were always the rumours that sometimes the off brand medications were bulked out with whatever came to hand, and Matthew's job called for random drug tests. The first time he took a test, and they found something extra in his blood would be the last time and he'd be out of a job the same day.

A week ago it had all seemed so easy. He'd submitted his regular request for his routine anti-virials, and of course his Viagra. The anti-virials had been approved automatically, but the Viagra was flagged medication review required and rejected. But that was still perfectly normal, and he made an appointment, chatted to the Nurse as she took his blood pressure (and looked away as she took a blood sample). But then the Nurse had frowned at his results and asked him to wait while she downloaded his data to a doctor.

The doctor was male, elderly and didn't look happy. "Your latest blood pressure results were far too high. We'll need to do some more tests before we can approve the Viagra."

"The figures were only a little bit high, can't we let this one slip?"

The doctor pressed his palms together as if praying and then pulled them apart slowly stretching out a hologramatic graph. He turned the sheet of light towards Matthew so he could see the spiky yellow line that ran across it. "These are your results since you became a patient here. And it's been a little bit high every single time." He made a throwing motion, and the graph vanished. "You're 62 now?"

Matthew nodded.

"That's not a good age to have a history of high blood pressure in conjunction with a medication that is known to have a noticeable effect on blood pressure. With an already high reading continued use of Viagra may be inadvisable,"

"Isn't there anything else you could prescribe?"

"Of course! Viagra is the oldest medication available, there are far more recent solutions for erm erectile dysfunction. But they all work in much the same way with much the same effect on the cardiovascular system. And moreover at 62 we really should be checking your prostate at regular intervals. I think we should schedule an in-use-test." He looked meaningfully at Matthew. Saw his blank expression and frowned. "You have had an in-use-test before?"


"No" he echoed with a surprised look and tapped at the Slate that held Matthew's medical records. "Ah, you became a patient here before it became mandatory for new joiners." He looked down at his hands, suddenly fascinated by the way his fingers knit together.

"What we'll need you to do is make an appointment, and about an hour before take your normal dosage of Viagra. When you get here you'll be wired up to collect the required data and shown to a room as private as your bedroom where erm, materials will be provided to help you erm perform. In this way we'll be able to see the effects of Viagra erm in use. As it were,"

"You mean you want me to come here and get an erection!" Matthew said disbelievingly.

"And preferable ejaculate," the doctor said briskly. "So we can really see how the Viagra pushes your blood pressure."

"but ... but can't you wire me up, I'll go home and you can download the data later,"

The doctor looked up. "We used to allow this, but it turned out that some of our patients, particularly our older patients, were so keen to get their prescription that they were going home, taking a brisk walk around the block and then telling us what a wonderful time they'd had. For insurance purposes an in-use-test has to be performed here."

"Isn't there any alternative?"

"You could not have the Viagra,"

A chime sounded and Matthew looked up to see his name on the screen next to the message "Nurse fifteen."

Matthew stood up. Took a deep breath and followed the signs to Nurse Examination rooms.

Room fifteen was right at the end of the corridor and Matthew took another deep breath before he knocked on the door.

"Come in!"

Room fifteen was a simple oblong with easy wipe green walls, an examination bed in one corner and a desk in the other. The Nurse sat at the desk was very pretty and smiled pleasantly at Matthew. "Take a seat." She was very slim and wore a knee length black skirt and a crisp white shirt. Her face was almost doll like with high chiselled cheekbones that framed vivid green eyes. She turned to point at the seat next to her and Matthew got to see her long firm legs and just how pleasantly her full soft breasts moved.

"Matthew Dogan?" she said

He nodded.

"And you're here for an in-use-test." She frowned. "I see this is your first time? So you're probably 50% nervous, 25% anxious and 30% ready to just walk out of here." She leaned towards Matthew conspiratorially. "I know that adds up to more than 100% but that's probably just how you feel right now. Am I right?" She touched his arm and Matthew relaxed just the slightest amount.

"You'll be fine. Trust me, I'm a professional. If you pop your shirt off I can place the sensors so we can get all the data we need. It's all wireless so they won't get in your way as you ... move." She blushed just the slightest amount.

Matthew turned away from her as he undid his shirt. The room seemed much colder now and the small hairs on his arms stood up. She pressed a sticky pad under his left nipple and three more across his chest. As she placed the last pad her finger briefly touched his nipple, and he shivered. If she noticed she didn't say anything. The blood pressure monitor was a length of jelly like material that she just draped on his arm and it flowed into a band around his bicep.

"There you go! You're all set now. If you pop over to the examination bed you can pull the privacy screen and get undressed. There's a console preloaded with various categories of erm entertainment." she blushed prettily.

There was a curtain he could pull around the examination bed, but it only shielded the end of the bed and he only had to look a little to one side to see the Nurse pointedly not looking in his direction. He undressed slowly and sat on the bed. The console was a small six inch screen that showed a grid of icons and after a moment's thought he touched the lesbian category. The screen lit up with a blurry 3D of two thirty year old schoolgirls alternately pretending to touch each other and looking off screen for prompts for what to do next. It was the most un-erotic thing he'd ever seen.

He tried to pretend that he was not in a cold doctors room, that there was not a pretty Nurse just the other side of the curtain. He kneaded his penis trying to get some interest out of it, changed categories but despite the 100mg of Viagra he remained disappointingly soft. He closed his eyes and thought of Linda. He'd met her on the New York sub-orbital shuttle when he'd taken her seat by mistake. She had dressed like a spinster librarian, but in bed she had been wild and completely uninhibited. He felt the first stirrings of life in his groin. He remembered how she had licked from the base of his penis to his asshole and back again. Definitely getting hard now. How she had pressed her breasts around his erection and every time he thrust she had licked the head of his penis. He made his thumb and forefinger into a circle and began to move it around the head of his stiffening penis.

He heard a gasp.

He opened his eyes and looked at the console, but the figures there moved in complete silence. He looked up and saw that he had moved just enough so he could see across the room, and across the room the Nurse had slid down low in her chair, her legs splayed out in front of her. Her hand was in her lap moving quickly and urgently. Her eyes were wide and staring at his crotch. Her shirt was pressed tight by her arms and he could see that her nipples were stiff and erect.

She moved lower in the chair and her hand slipped under her waistband. Then she stopped and looked at him as he looked at her. She chewed her lower lip as her hand moved under her dress. Then she nodded.

He came off the examination bed and across the room, knelt between her legs and pushed her skirt up around her waist. Under the skirt her panties were plain white cotton with a large wet spot over her crotch. He ran his tongue along the wetness and tasted her warm musky secretions. He pressed his tongue flat to the spot and felt the muffled folds of her sex. He bobbed his head, stroking the front of her panties and traced the shape of her labia, pressing his tongue into the gap between. Her breathing was very fast now, and she knotted her hands in his hair pressing him hard against her pussy. He moved his tongue up until he felt her swollen clit between soft folds of skin.

Her skirt flopped down from above and suddenly everything went dark. He reached up and around her waist, groped for, then found, the zip at the back of her dress. She lifted away from the chair and he pulled it over her hips, down her long long legs until it puddled on the floor. He expected her to sit back down, and when she didn't he looked up. They held eye contact for a long breath and then he gripped the waistband of her panties and pulled. The crotch was completely soaked by her juices and they pulled away with a soft ripping sound.

Naked from the waist now she slipped further down in her seat pressing his face between her thighs. Below the brief exclamation point of her public hair, long inner lips were squeezed between fat outer lips. Her juices ran down the strip of skin between pussy and asshole and Matthew lapped his way down their slick trail until his tongue was darting at the tight muscle of her anus. Her thighs clenched, and he was briefly deaf. He ran his tongue up her hot slit and circled the stiff button of her clitoris as he pressed one finger deep into the warm tunnel of her pussy. He pulled his tongue away and waited a breath and moved his finger down until it was pressing on her asshole. He flicked the very tip of her clitoris with his tongue as he pushed his finger deep into her bowel. Her gasp of pleasure was very loud in the still room.

Above the smooth plateau of her stomach he saw her hands drop down towards him. He expected them to grind his face against her pussy, but instead they stopped and began to work at something on her shirt. He sat up on his knees, his stiff erection bumping not unpleasantly against the seat of her chair and reached around her thighs. He pulled her hands away and undid the shirt button she had been fumbling at. Her grip on his head relaxed and now he could bring his hands up between her legs and undo the next button, and the next. Each time his fingers touched her taut stomach she jumped as if electricity flowed from his fingers.

She undid the last button herself and pulled the shirt away and tossed it to one side. Under the shirt she wore a lacy bra that he lifted over her breasts and along her outstretched arms without any attempt to undo it. Her breasts were soft and heavy, tipped with brown nipples as hard as stone chips. Matthew sat up higher on his knees, his erection smearing pre-cum over the black leather of her chair. He kissed her left nipple, ran his tongue around its stiffness and then sucked it into his mouth. She moved under him, her legs thrashing as if she were swimming, her hands clawing across his back. He could feel the sweat running down her chest, her breathing fast and hard now. He trapped her nipple between his teeth and rolled his jaw from side to side. Her arms wrapped themselves around his chest and crushed the air from him. He released her nipple and slipped his mouth across her chest. But before he could latch onto her right nipple she pushed him away from him. Wrapped both arms around his neck and camped herself to him like ivy as she stood up.

She was shorter than him and held him very close. Her face pressed into his chest, his thighs against hers. Her leg slipped behind his, holding him tight against her. His stiff erection pressing at the midpoint of her thighs. He began to slowly pump against her as he flicked her nipple. She looked up at him appraisingly as she ran a finger from the cleft of his buttocks to his neck. Then she pulled away, took one step and reached back and held his hand, pulling him across the room to the examination bed.

At the bed she released his hand, but instead of climbing on its thinly padded surface she faced the bed and bowed very low from her waist until her torso was lying across it. At the same time she began to slip her legs apart into an A shape. The long muscles of her back moved under skin shining with sweat as she brought her arms up over her head. He could see the smooth heart shape of her ass, but between them there was the glistening wetness of her pussy and the dark shape of her asshole.

She looked over her shoulder, reached back between her legs and found the stiff rod of his erection and guided him to her. Guided him into her.

She was so very hot and tight and he slid into her until his full length was deep inside her. He bent down, kissed the back of her neck. She shivered and the hot velvet of her pussy clenched his erection like a soft hand. He pulled out of her until only the very tip of his hardness was touching her and she mewed like a cat. He pushed back inside her as she moved back against him. They moved together like the tide, slowly and yet urgently. The musky smell of her sex filling the room. The slapping sound of their bodies together. A drop of sweat ran down his face and dropped on to her back. Her head thrashing back and forth, her back arched. He felt his balls clench, suddenly heavy now.

She pulled away from him so suddenly that he pumped at the air for a moment. He tried to push back into her but she had both hands covering her sex. She waited until his breathing had slowed and held the base of his erection and guided it between her ass cheeks until it was touching the tight rosebud of her asshole. Her hands released him, clamped onto his hips and pulled his stiff erection into her. He was slick with her juices but she was so very tight that only the head of his penis pushed passed her sphincter. Her hands pulled at him again and he slid into her rectum.

He pulled out of her slowly and carefully trying to make the moment last and she pushed back into him and away. Back into him and away. Her internal muscles pulling rhythmically at him. His balls felt like stone. Small shocks of pleasure began to ripple through him. Every nerve ending was on fire. Moving faster, slamming his length into her, feeling her muscles grip his hardness. Breathing fast, gasping for air. Heart banging like a machine. Then he erupted and pumped his cum deep into her ass.

Matthew pulled out of her and stood dripping with sweat. She reached up with one arm and pulled herself around to face him.

She ran her lips over his neck, felt the swift pulse of blood below his skin. Pressed her head to his chest and listened to the roar of his breathing. She held his shoulders and ran her hands down the sweat soaked hair on his chest to his groin. She looked up at him appraisingly and then dropped to her knees. She took his softening erection in her mouth and began to run her tongue around its swollen head. He rested his hands on her head, started to tell her that she was wasting her time, and then felt the Viagra work its magic. He started to get hard as she gently cupped his balls, running her fingernails down their wrinkled skin. Definitely hard now. Her lips pushed down the length of his shaft as her hand slipped down the clef of his buttocks. He felt her tongue massaging the sensitive head of his penis, her lips slipping up and down his length as she pushed one slick finger inside his anus. He closed his eyes and there was only light and the roaring of his pulse that he floated in forever. No sense of self, only pleasure like a tidal wave rolling over him. He felt her mouth pull away from him and her teeth scraped over the sensitive head of his penis. He thrust back into her mouth and he came and he came and he came.

In a distant galaxy he felt her finger slip out of him as she pulled away. He opened his eyes. The room seemed far too bright and swam as if underwater. She looked up at him, a line of cum running down her chin.

"Are you ok?"

He wiped the sweat from his face and nodded, unable to find any words.

"Good. Sit back on the bed and take a few minutes. When you are ready you can get dressed."

She turned away and Matthew admired the slow rhythmic switch of her ass as she walked. As she slid back in her chair cum leaking from her ass smeared white on the black leather between her wide spread thighs.

"That was all quite satisfactory. Prostate function seemed good with no abnormalities or enlargement. Your breathing was noticeably laterally asymmetric during exertion. This can be perfectly normal, particularly at your age, but it's something I'll flag up for review. Blood pressure and heart rate were high throughout, but still within safe limits. You'll have to wait for a doctor to review your data set, but I don't think you'll have anything to worry worry worry worry worry."

Matthew looked up quickly. The Nurse had slipped sideways in her chair and was staring blankly at the wall. He waved his hand in front of her face but her eyes never tracked. He shook her shoulder and the silicon flesh was cool and clammy.

He pressed the red call button on the wall and pulled his underpants over his erection while the burr of a ring tone filled the room.

"Hello? How can I help you?" The voice from the intercom was young, male and far too enthusiastic.

"I'm with Nurse fifteen and it seems to have crashed."

"Well I'm sorry about that. Let's see what we can do."

There was the high speed rattle of keystrokes from the speaker while Matthew finished getting dressed.

"Ok, I can see that the whole system has locked up. Let me stop that verbalization loop while we see what can be done."

The Nurse stopped its single word repetition and was silent.

The voice from the speaker said "Oh dear." very quietly. "Well it looks like she's crashed and I'm sorry to say taken all your data with her. You'll have to make another appointment for your procedure."

Matthew looked down at the doll slumped sideways in her chair. Her thighs had slid open and he could see her gaping sex, the pool of cum between her thighs. He reached down and felt the soft weight of her breasts.

"That's ok, I'll manage somehow."

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Great content, trouble with grammar

This story was /so/ good; except, the parts where grammar was off really distracted.

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Great job

I liked the sex. The story. The ending

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Love Surprise Endings!

Wonderful story line wit the unexpected twist at the end. :-)

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