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The Nurse


It was time for my annual breast exam, the only day where groping and prodding is most unwelcome and extremely uncomfortable. It is weird having professional hands upon your body, not seducing or tempting one to enjoy another's human touch. One body claiming another.

I lay cold upon the examining table, paper crinkling beneath me. A thin white sheet was carelessly thrown across my waist, the ugly robe pushed up past my belly as was instructed.

The door opened and a stunning nurse waltzed in, hair swaying in sexy movements behind her, loose strands draping like a curtain around her slim shoulders. Her eyes sparkled as her gaze traveled slowly over my body, lips curving in female approval. "Hello Ms....I am your nurse, how are you today?"

"I feel fine, thank you." I answered as she pulled my robe down my arms, breasts bared to her full exposure, nipples hardening. I wasn't sure if it was from the cold air or the nurses drifting looks. I shivered in sexual excitement as her hands warmed my goose bumped skin. Her fingers rotated from the outer globe and closed in on my peaked nipple. "Where is the doctor?"

The nurse laughed softly as she went on examining me, my body swaying towards her touch as she answered, "He is on his way. There was a delay with the birth of a child."

I closed my eyes, breathing gently as her touch closed in, my back arching without any thought, my globes straining for more attention, a firmer grip, anything. The pinch of my nipples caused a hiss to escape past my parted lips, the pressure a pleasure-pain that blew apart my nerves, thighs clenching. The continuous chafing of soft feminine skin against aroused flesh, engorged peaks beckoning for more.

Nurse leaned down, soft husky pants drenching my nipples, just before she took one into her hot mouth, sucking gently as I moaned. Another mini orgasm ripped through my partially exposed body. The urgent suction milked my pussy empty, immediately ready for a second round. I silently begged for her to move down and give me more releases. I wanted, no needed to feel her soft puffy lips cupping my throbbing clit, to sigh as her tongue drove into my dripping cunt, drooling over her innocent face.

My dream came true as she draped my legs within the stirrups, my thighs parted, glistening proudly though I was her sacrifice, the main feast for my master or rather my mistress. Her thick tongue plunged deep, forming a tight bond, lover to lover. It was a unique female bond only we women knew. As the muscle snaked in and out, I struggled against the straps holding me down, her tactics for longing the ultimate release, spearing through my body.

After many minutes of being brought to the brink and denied explosive pleasure, I felt the light tickle of metal rolling along my inner thigh, towards the crease where my leg connect to my body. A Pinwheel, made for doctors to test the nerves and patients senses, made its way over my mound, sweet kisses soothing the prickles roving its way to my swollen clit, and around the petals blooming like a flower embracing the world. It was enjoying the attention of a lover. My hips arched as the Pinwheel traveled slowly over my navel to the constant erection of my nipples, eager for the repetitive suckling.

Moaning loudly, I tilted my head back, opening my mouth as a freezing gel was smoothed onto the bud of womanhood, around the entrance of a body's hidden treasure, warming on my skin with each stroke. Gazing at the mirror above my head, I saw a packet carelessly tossed on the tray, Liquid Silk, a gel used to enhance a slick feeling when a large male member slides deep within a woman's pussy, my passion searing higher by the minute. Her tongue finished what her fingers had started, the taste of the gel not bothering her, coating that wonderful mouth and mixing with my nectar as I explode a second time in what seemed like hours.

Minutes later, as I regained my focus, I noticed the nurse hitching up her dress, a dildo strapped around her hips. It was a home made dildo by the looks of it. I studied her closely, a nipple pump covering her clit to give her pleasure along with her partners. A cyber sleeve slipped over the nipple pump's cylinder only held together by a leather cock ring to make us both combust in complete ecstasy. My legs quaked, my pussy clenching and unclenching with absolute excitement of being filled to the hilt. A soft sigh escaped my quivering lips as my nurse stepped between the stirrups, holding her man-made cock, stroking it slowly as her sparkling eyes roved over my exposed womanhood.

In slow motion, I watched in the overhead mirror as she entered my body, probing gently, widening my opening for the tight contact. Penis to vagina. I groaned, struggling against my bonds, wanting to wrap her tight within my grip, claiming her as boldly as she did me, when she was in my pussy all the way. I came, hard, shaking from my head to toes, ignorant of her continuing thrusts until I cream again.

Withdrawing slowly, the nurse moved to stand by my head, protruding cock less then an inch from my relaxed face. I flushed harder as I realized what she truly wanted...me to clean the fake dick. I took the rubber covered penis deep within my mouth, relishing in my taste, the sweetness of my juices coating the male like toy that had just given me the most wonderful release in days. When I had completely cleaned the toy, she straddled my face, man-made cock sliding between my blushing tits, my firm lady-like hands cupping my globes, squeezing them around her member. Slowly my nurse began to fuck my breasts, pinching my nipples causing my trembling mouth to fall open more.

My torturer sat roughly onto my face, her pussy covering up my loud gasp, my eyes bugging out of my sleep filled head. She quickly grabbed the side of my head, ordering me fiercely, "Eat me!"

I fought her grip, trying to tear my face away from capture, making my quivering body to settle down as her juices trickle down my face, a few drops coating my eyes, going up my flaring nostrils and the rest sneaking into my mouth. I growled attempting to bit her, make her pay for this attempted seduction gone bad. She cried out as I bit into a plump ass cheek, holding on tightly until she slapped me across the face smartly. I froze, stunned.

"Like it rough do you whore?" The nurse snarled, her white teeth gleaming with menace as she stabbed her fake dick into my mouth, laughing with glee as I choked trying a second time to get away. I whimpered in embarrassment and lust as she pried my now dry pussy lips apart, my clit trembling in awe as my mistress, without any subtleness, plunge her fist into my opening. I screamed around the protruding member blocking my vocal way, passing out a little as the closed fist snaked its way up my channel, no gentleness needed.

I was not sure how much time passed as she stabbed my aching cunt time and time again turning my dryness into a flowing river of cum, the feel of her nails piercing my inner walls when I stopped sucking her penis. I was so close to another orgasm as I closed my eyes, letting my mind finally obey my body, my hips giving up on its fight as it begins a love dance with her arm, the only part of her body now pounding into me. I did not notice that my nurse had withdrawn her large meat from my sore mouth until she again, for the second time, sat on my face, her cream rushing down my throat just as mine was covering her arm.

With a plop, she withdrew from my hole, which was now extended and opened for all to see, the air cooled my heated insides, eyes misting as she licked her arm clean, my scent still lingering in to room. I watched as she slipped back into her blood red panties, trying to hide her organ, sighing as her lower body released one last quiver. She patted down her hair and licked her lips, savoring my taste one last time before uncuffing my legs and tossing a wet washcloth while ordering me to clean myself, finally disappearing through the door.

"Nurse...I didn't know you were working today. How is your husband?"

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