The Nurse


I had a friend in high school who worked as a CNA. She was determined to go to school and become an RN. I asked her if she was going to be a doctor but she said she had no interest. She just wanted to be a nurse.

Amy stood about 5'4" and had beautiful brown hair that fell down over her shoulders. Her brown eyes were big and bright and her face always had a smile on it. She had a curvy frame with about 34C chest and a slender waist that expanded out over her perfect hips and round ass. Her legs were long and always perfectly tanned.

I had met Amy when she started dating a friend of mine that was a regular at the weekly poker games. He was never really that in to her despite them dating for a few years. When they finally broke up, he lost all interest in her and I could never figure out why. She was beautiful, friendly, smart, and even had a good sense of humor. But for some reason he just didn't care for her. After they split up, Amy and I stayed friends. He may have not been in to her, but I was.

Amy and I started hanging out quite often and every time I came back from school to visit, I would always make a point to see her. We stayed pretty close while I was away too. I would call her with any medical question I may have had regarding my frequent first aid needs. I would frequently try and drop hints about my interest in her every time we spoke. She would pick up on my hints and sometimes flirt back but usually kept it friendly.

One weekend, I was back in town visiting friends and called Amy to see what her plans were for the weekend. She had gotten a job at the hospital while she finished her RN training and was working odd hours. She said her week was super busy but she did manage to get Saturday night off. She invited me over for some drinks and a relaxing soak in her hot tub. I agreed and told her I would be over by 7.

I showed up and she showed me around her new place. Her parents were pretty wealthy and helped her put a down payment on a small house. It was nice and she had made it pretty cozy. She was also quick to add the hot tub to the sun room in the back of the house. I wasn't wearing my suit yet but when Amy answered the door, she was wearing short, tight shorts that showed off her legs, and a bikini top. She had a great body and had gems dangling from her bellybutton piercing. It was quite a sight to see.

I entered with her and we had some drinks and she shared some stories from the hospital. We soon decided that we should get in the hot tub and relax a bit. We grabbed our drinks and headed to the sun room. I told her I had to change and would meet her in there. I watched her ass as she led the way. Her shorts rode up and you could see the crease that her perfect ass and legs made when she walked. When I got in the bathroom, I took off my pants and my dick sprung free. I had gotten hard watching her body and had to try my best to hold it back so she wouldn't see how turned on I was.

I managed to meet her in the hot tub and slip in without her noticing my erection. We sat on opposite sides of the hot tub, facing each other. Our feet met in the middle and we played a friendly game of footsie as we talked some more.

"Ok, so I have to admit that this is a little weird." She said, surprising me. I dropped my feet away from hers thinking that it was the source of her statement.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"Oh no! I liked that. It's weird because I normally skinny dip in here so it's weird to be in here with a bikini on."

My feet slipped back to hers and I tried to hide my excitement. "It's your house. I certainly wouldn't mind if you got more comfortable."

"Really? Are you sure? It's fine."

"No, please do." I was practically begging her at this point.

She leaned forward and reached behind her back, unhooking her top. The fabric that held her perfect breasts loosened and she lifted it over her head. They were as perfect as I had imagined them. They were perky and her nipples were slightly hard. She lifted up slightly and slid her bottoms off under the water, tossing her suit over the side.

"You don't have to get naked so don't feel like you do. But if you wanted to, you can too. I won't mind."

I quietly slid my shorts down and tossed my suit by hers.

"I bet it's nice to have this. I would do this every night if I could."

"It's nice. I like having it. I don't do it every night but when work gets super stressful, nothing relaxes me more than the jets."

"In more ways than one!" I said jokingly. She got a guilty look on her face and smiled shyly.

"Well, I can't help it. They feel really good. It's like soaking in a vibrator. I know that's an over share but it is!"

"Was today really stressful?" I said, hoping she could see what I was leading her towards. She smiled and nodded. "You can pretend like I'm not here if you want."

Amy said nothing as she closed her eyes and laid her head back. Her hands were hidden under the bubbling water. She stayed still for a moment. Soon her chest was heaving and she was breathing heavily. In an instant, she rolled over and slid over, in front of one of the jets. She was facing away from me now, leaning over the edge slightly. She moaned quietly at first, but as the jet massaged her clit, she grew louder. She gripped the edge of the hot tub and the jet pummeled her clit. Amy was silent for a moment like the calm before the storm. She let out a loud, long moan as her orgasm hit her with as much force as the jets had. She held her place at the jet until she had subsided from her climax and returned to her seat.

"God that felt good. I'm so sorry. I'm sure that's really too personal for you."

"Not at all. Actually, speaking of personal, I have something personal I wanted you to take a look at and give me your opinion on."

"Yeah, of course! Let's see it."

I lifted myself out of the water and stood in the middle. I was rock hard watching Amy pleasure herself on the jets and my dick now stood firmly out of the water in front of her.

"I've had some recent swelling and wasn't sure what to do about it"

"Oh you're lucky you showed this to me. How long has it been like this?"

"Pretty much since I got here."

"Well the good news is that you can cure it with a cold shower."

The disappointment almost crushed my spirits completely. It was as if my pumped up cock just got an anvil dropped on it.

"Even better news is that I know a better way to cure it that feels a lot better. Let me take a closer look."

My spirits lifted the anvil like I was Popeye as I moved in front of Amy. She took my stiff cock in her hand and inspected it. She lifted it, looked at it from either side, and lifted it, inspecting the vein that ran down my shaft. She gave me a squeeze and smiled.

"Just as I suspected. It looks like it's big enough to cure."

Amy opened her mouth and leaned into me, taking half my shaft into her mouth. She licked my shaft and moved further down onto my cock. Trying to take me all in, she slid further down me shaft but gagged as I felt myself at the entrance to her throat. She withdrew and working me as deep as she could. Her mouth felt amazing. She could practically wrap her tongue around my cock as she sucked. Amy took my cock out of her mouth and stroked me.

"Looks like it's too big for that treatment. Don't worry though, we have a few more tests to run."

She reached around behind me and grabbed my ass, pulling me into her chest. I lifted my cock and rested it on her chest. She reached up and pressed her beasts around my cock. I pressed my cock up her chest as her tits firmly gripped me. The warm water allowed me to slide through the tight opening as she fucked my cock with her tits. I worked her breasts, holding her shoulders as I stood in front of her, thrusting my cock into her tits. Amy played with her nipples, rolling them between her fingers as she tightened her grasp on my cock. It felt incredible and I could imagine shooting my load up her tits, splashing her chin but I held back wanting to see what other tricks she may have in store for me.

I slid my cock out from between her prefect tits and she again took it in her hand, stroking it as she inspected it.

"It seems like we made the situation worse. Things always get worse before they get better though. I have one last bit of therapy that might help."

Amy stood up out of the water allowing me to fully see her naked body for the first time. I watched her body as it rose out of hiding under the water. The gems from her piercing glimmered as the prequel to what I was anticipating. Her bare skin emerged as her bald pussy dripped just above the surface of the water. She turned her back to me and my eyes gazed at her flawless ass. She knelt on the seat before her and leaned forward, arching her back. She flipped her hair to the side and looked back at me. I was already right behind her, placing one hand on her hip. I slid the other up her back before reaching her shoulder. Amy reached down between her legs, clasping the base of my shaft. I pressed my hips forward as she aimed my cock towards her dripping pussy.

I forced the head of my cock into her. She was tight and I struggled to fit myself into her. She let out a loud gas as I entered her. With every inch I sunk into her she moaned and squirmed, her pussy stretching as she took me in. As the last inch of my cock pressed into her and my hips held tight to her ass, I had completely filled her pussy and she had started cumming. She screamed out as she came.

"Oh fuck, your cock feels so good! God I'm cumming!"

Amy's pussy was now soaked with her juice. My friend was unfortunately endowed and Amy had never been filled like this before. Her pussy had stretched to fit my cock and the feeling had already overwhelmed her but she wanted more. I pulled out slightly before thrusting myself back into her tight hole. She let out another scream and it only encouraged me to go faster and harder. I slammed my cock into her fucking her faster and faster.

"Oh fuck me! Fuck my pussy with that big cock! Make me cum again!"

The feeling of her tight pussy clamping down on my cock as it pumped into her was beginning to overpower me. I pulled myself back before one last powerful thrust into her. My hand gripped her hip and shoulder as I forced myself as deep into her as I could. I reached my peak, deep in her pussy and began unloading forceful streams of hot cum into her. Amy's back arched and her mouth dropped letting out a loud deep groaning scream as my cum pumped into her.

I held her into me until we had both started to calm our bodies. My cock slid out of her and we sank back into the warm water. I closed my eyes for a moment and let the jets take me away.

"My god nurse, you did it. You cured me."

"Holy shit, you cured me. I have never cum like that in my life."

She moved over on to my lap and wrapped her arms around me. I didn't ever want to leave that hot tub.

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