tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Nurse's Uniform Pt. 03

The Nurse's Uniform Pt. 03


This is a story about doctors and nurses, and a few other people. It is a long story, a complicated story and a fucking horny story, even if I do say so myself. It was horny to me writing it and I hope it will be as horny for you reading it.

I am planning to present the story to Lit in a series of parts over the next few months, so you will have something to read as we go through autumn. I wonder how far we will have got before winter sets in?

If you have come straight to this part, I would strongly suggest you read the earlier parts first.

The story revolves around sex in many forms. The theme of it is how a doctor treats people who are, in one way or another, sexually dysfunctional, so on one level it is a medical story. All the characters in the story who are not his patients, however, are as equally sexually dysfunctional somehow, so on another level it is pure erotica. On yet another level the story looks at how clothing promotes, influences, affects and conditions sexual behaviour; there are lots of descriptions of sexy nurses uniforms and ladies panties.

I really hope you enjoy what may well be my magnum opus and possibly my last submission to Literotica. Do let me know won't you?

"He's a bit of closed book," Cal said slipping his arm round her waist as they walked to the tube.

"Yes he seems to be," Sammi replied wiggling away.

They turned into a, quiet, dimly lit street near Goodge Street station. It was lined with offices and warehouse type buildings most of which were dark and seemed deserted, even though it was only eleven.

"Anyway why do you want to know?" He asked taking hold of her hand, she pulled that free.

Cal had decided to leave. The long (!), seven hour days just didn't suit his club world, late night lifestyle and he didn't need the money so what was the point of it, he conjectured?

"Do you fancy him?" He went on adding, "Why waste your time with an old boy like Stevens?"

"You mean," Sammi said, "when I could have a young boy like you instead?"

"Exactly," Cal replied, slipping his hand round her waist again. This time she didn't pull away, she knew he was harmless.

The leaving do had been in the basement of the Spaghetti House near the old Middlesex Hospital where Sammi had spent much of her training. There had been plenty to drink and there was dancing. Cal had made a beeline for Sammi and they had flirted with each other. He was quite handsome, was lots of fun and was really the only friend she had made at the consulting rooms. As they danced, with both of them a little tipsy, she had begun thinking, why not? It had been some time she had made love and it was on offer in a very no strings attached way with the handsome, Anglicised Pakistani.

He pulled her into a deep doorway.

"So what do you think then?" Cal said putting both arms round her.

"About what?"


"Us what."

He pulled her against him.

"Well getting it on."

He was hard. He pressed it firmly against her. He badly wanted the blonde girl, he adored blondes, but they were few and far between, at least as visitors to his bed.

"Come on Cal, don't be daft," Sammi said, starting to struggle.

"It's not daft, you know that, I've seen you looking."

"Looking and doing anything are different," she said as he pressed his erection against her from the front and grabbed her arse from behind.

"What about when we were dancing earlier, you were up for it then weren't you?" He went on, his hand slipping from the cheek of her bum, down onto the back of her thighs then up under the denim micro skirt Sammi was wearing, without tights or stockings.

"God her arse is fantastic," Cal thought wiggling his fingers against the masses of bare skin left free from the thong she was wearing.

He bent to kiss her, Sammi turned her face away. She didn't like what he was doing, where he was doing it or the way he was going about it. Had he have been a little less assumptive and shown more subtlety she may well have gone to bed with him. She had thought she might in the restaurant when he had pulled her against his erection and squeezed her bum. Just as the do ended she had felt that they would almost certainly sleep together when he kissed her tenderly and cupped her breast.

He had changed though. He was no longer asking her, he was demanding, he was trying to dominate and control her. He was making the same mistake as many guys in assuming that because Sammi had flirted a bit that she was up for anything and was his for the asking. And that she abhorred.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I want to go."


"Because I do."

He still had one arm round her, his hand about where her bra strap, had she been wearing one, crossed, and the other up her skirt on her, nearly, bare bum. She was still crushed against him. His full erection was pressed hard against her pubic mound and squashed into the softness of her tummy. She couldn't help realising that it was rearing a very long way up and quite some distance across her, he was big she thought to herself as he again bent to kiss her.

Cal was not used to girls turning his advances down, and he was not that familiar with being rejected. He didn't really accept the concept of a girl who had let him touch her tits and who he had kissed, later saying no. It had happened a few times, but he had persuaded them round to his way of thinking. After all, he knew they really meant yes, they were only saying no to tease him and build up the sexual tension. He was convinced that all girls were gagging for it most of the time and were always up for it if treated properly, and he knew how to do that.

He pulled his hand up Sammi's back and got hold of the back of her head. Holding that he bent his face forward, but she turned hers away. There was no way she wanted to kiss him, but his mouth found her neck. He kissed and licked it as he tried to get his hand between her legs from behind.

"Look Cal, stop now before this goes too far," Sammi managed to blurt out, sounding far calmer than she felt.

"What do you mean too far?" He grunted as they looked at each other.

"You know exactly what I mean."

"No I don't. Can there be too far between a guy and a chickl?" Cal asked pushing himself harder against her.

The base of his cock, that part just above where his balls start, was wedged firmly against the lower part of Sammi's pubic mound. It was perilously close to where her clit lie covered by her smooth, thin lips. It was so close she could feel pressure on that stalk of, usually, such arousal. In fact, it was so near that she felt a surge of pleasure as he thrust at her. That made her panic a bit, for she was now worried that she might give in.

"Yes there fuckingwell can be," she snarled.

"When's that then?" he replied again trying to kiss her and once more gripping the soft flesh of the cheek of her arse.

"When the girl doesn't want to. Now stop it."

"Stop it? Don't be stupid Sam, you know you want it."

He managed to slide his fingers downwards and then between her legs as again he thrust his cock against her mound and stomach.

Sammi's panic, or was it frustration, increased when the slight feelings of pleasure gave way to a rush of excitement. She panicked even more when she felt the familiar sensations of her pussy starting to get wet.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck again," she said to herself

"I don't Cal, I don't," she said pretty sure, but now not totally convinced she meant it.

Somehow, he had bunched the short skirt round her waist so that his jeans covered cock was pressing against the cotton and satin of her blue thong. She was effectively naked from the waist down. He was kissing her neck for her head was thrown back and to one side. He was manhandling her backwards, further into the deep doorway, further into the darkness, further away from where anyone passing might see them, further into a position where he could fuck her and nobody would see.

Sammi was struggling, she wanted to get away, yet at the same time she wanted to be fucked.

Cal knew her resistance was reducing. They always did, she was just like the rest. When she said no the first time she meant maybe, when she said no again, she meant yes. It was all a game, just the girls trying to pretend they were not really gagging for it. Just the slags trying to pretend they weren't slags and making out they were high moralled. Ignore their stupid playacting and go for it was his motto and that had served him well so far.

He got the hand that wasn't on her arse up the front of the pink top that was not tucked into the skirt. That was easy, he knew it would be and assumed the blonde was wearing it like that to make it easy for him. As he knew from when he'd touched her tits at the do, she wasn't wearing a bra. His view from the moment Sammi had walked down the stairs to the restaurant was that she was up for it tonight. Not just up for being shagged, but being fucked royally by him. It was, he had smiled when they had danced and he had first pressed his erection against her, Sammi's leaving present to him.

The feel of his hand on her tit made her jerk.

"No, no, stop," she whined as Cal rubbed and cupped her small, but nicely shaped tits, squashing and squeezing the soft, pliant flesh. He ignored her and simply continued caressing her breasts and squeezing her bum.

"Stop, let me go," Sammi pleaded, now though recognising that her struggles and objections were probably sounding somewhat half-hearted, for in reality that is what they were.

Cal could tell he was winning, well had won really he smiled to himself moving his hand from Sammi's bum and sliding it round her body to the front. He looked down. Her skirt was already hitched up and his throbbing erection was pressed against her thong. His other hand was up her pink, long sleeved tee squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. Again, he could hardly stop himself from smiling for at the moment he was doing nothing to stop her getting away. Nothing, that is except arousing her. Nothing, apart from exciting her, no not a thing other than giving the slag exactly what she wanted.

He eased his body away from her a little and slid his hand between them. He slid it onto her, against her thong and down. He slid his hand over her mound with the patch of crinkly hairs, he pushed it a little way between her legs, and he slid it inside the gusset of her panties.

"No, no Cal, no," Sammi said aloud as she mouthed "fuck, fuck fuck," to herself." She mouthed that for she knew she was wet, knew she was aroused and excited and she knew that Cal would realise it.

Still he was fumbling with his hand in her knickers. Just what he was doing she didn't know until he slid it further. Until he found what he was after, until his fingers arrived where he wanted them to be, until he got them just where Sammi didn't want them, but did want them. Yes until he got his fingers right on her cunt lips.

"Fuck me, she's soaked," he thought feeling massively pleased with himself.

As she felt his hand on her soft, soaked lips, Sammi inwardly groaned. It felt so good, it felt, she had to admit, fucking brilliant. It felt wonderful to have fingers running along and inside her lips. She knew now that she was gone, that there was no way she would be able to resist his advances.

Her body shook, she couldn't help it, she groaned and a low moan slipped from her mouth.

Cal, the sadistic sod that he was, turned the screw. He had won, they both now knew that, but still he had to gloat.

"You dirty, little bitch," he whispered, his mouth against her ear, two of his fingers sliding effortlessly inside her. "You're fucking soaked."

"Fuck off," Sammi replied intent on not giving him any more satisfaction than was essential from her humiliating and total capitulation.

Cal smiled and went on. "I knew you were fucking gagging for it" he said pushing his fingers right into Sammi. That made her grunt and quite involuntarily open her legs a little. She didn't reply, but then there was nothing she could say was there?

Cal unzipped himself. Taking her hand he pushed it inside his jeans, right onto his cock, as usual he wasn't wearing anything under the jeans.

As Sammi's hand closed round his long, sturdy, hot and throbbing cock, she felt a wave of revulsion. Not at what was in her hand, for that felt awesome, but at herself. She let go of it and moved away trying to get past Cal. He was taken by surprise for he was sure that he had beaten her. Sammi started to run down the doorway, but Cal was quick, he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back.

"Let go you arsehole," she said struggling to break free.

"Shut up bitch," he responded pulling hard on her arm, hurting her.

Sammi's skirt was still round her waist, her tee was pushed up above her tits as Cal shoved her against the door at the back of the large entrance hall. Her face slapped against the cold glass her boobs were squashed to it. He had his forearm against the back of her neck restraining her. There was nothing she could do as he ran his hand over her bum and shoved his knee between her thighs.

"Stop fucking me about Sammi, you know you want it."

Sammi was caught up in a combination of feelings. Fear, concern, frustration, guilt and, she couldn't help admitting, extreme excitement. It wasn't the excitement of being sexually aroused, or that of being in a place where they could be caught. It was not an excitement brought about by Cal's big cock or by the prospect of shortly being fucked by it. It was none of those things for it was an excitement caused by the fact that this was all happening against her will, that she was being forced, that she was almost being raped. That was the buzz, the thrill, the excitement.

"Get off me you turd," she said wriggling as she felt his hand on her bum running along the string of her thong, just where it was engulfed by her cheeks.

"Yeah, yeah," Cal replied, digging his nails into her flesh and pinching her hard.

"Ouch, that hurt, you sod."

"It was supposed to and if you don't shut I'll spank your fucking arse."

"Piss off." Sammi moaned as she felt his fingers pulling on the waist band of her thong forcing the gusset firstly hard against and then inside the cheeks of her pussy.

Cal was now so into this that his cock, if anything, got even harder. He undid his belt and pushed the flies of his jeans open and the waist down a bit. He grabbed Sammi's hand again.

"Feel this."

"What?" She asked, not thinking for the answer was obvious really.

"This." He repeated pressing her hand against his erection. "My cock."

She couldn't help saying to herself how good it felt.

"Like it?"

She didn't reply and went to take her hand away, but he stopped her. He put his hand round hers so that both her hand and his was gripping his cock. He then started thrusting in and out of the cavity they created.

"Like your hand being fucked do you nurse?"

"Don't be stupid, you cretin," she replied, actually enjoying his firm flesh surging in and out of the surrogate pussy created by the palm of her hand.

Cal laughed, partly in triumph, partly with excitement but mainly because he had taken his hand away and Sammi hadn't realised.

"I'm going to fuck you Sammi."

It was now exactly what she wanted, but she needed to continue the façade of being forced.

"No you aren't, you're not gonna fuck me."

"Oh yes I am," Cal retorted pushing himself forward so that his cock, still in her hand, was pressed against the top of her leg, right where that became her bum. "I'm gonna fuck you hard and dirty, just as you want it."

And that was precisely what Sammi did want, but couldn't admit.

Although it was almost dark in the entranceway, her arse looked magnificent, especially as her face had slid down the glass door a little making her body bend and her bum stick out.

"You've got a great arse, Sammi, I might just fuck that."

That was something she had never done and had a fear of doing.

"No, no, not that, not my bum, not anal."

"Ok, it'll just have to be your cunt then won't it?"

She had no reply to that.

Cal was now really worked up. Pakistani guys, no matter how well off, didn't get that many chances with young, blonde beauties like Sammi and that excited him enormously, as Sammi had done since that first morning some three weeks ago when they first met. He loved thongs, he loved them almost as much as the bums they didn't cover but snuggled up to. And both Sammi's thong and bum looked great to him. He was stroking both almost reverently, almost absent mindedly.

Sammi was now in a trance-like state. Still a little scared, still concerned, still excited and aroused but now resigned and anticipatory of what was about to happen. And that was her being raped; well nearly she smiled ruefully, in an office doorway. It was that prospect that was putting her into the trance.

His hands felt good on her super-sensitive arse and his cock felt even better squashed against her left leg. Without really thinking, she bent her body a little more, she opened her legs wider and she stuck her butt out more provocatively. Silently she was saying, "take me Cal, have me, fuck me, rape me."

He was again holding and pulling on her thong. It was nearly hurting her as the gusset slid between her lips, but the front of it pressing right against her clit, created sensations that easily overcame any pain. The pressure increased, he was now tugging at the waistband, pulling it, stretching it. It dawned on her just as what he wanted to do. It still came as a surprise to both of them, though, when the doorway was filled with the sound of her thong tearing.

"Fucking hell, he's ripped my panties off," she moaned to herself, the extremity of the gesture taking away any lingering doubts she may have been harbouring. A deep moan and a series of low grunts slipped from her mouth.

She felt his cock slip between her legs. She did nothing to stop it.

"You want it now don't you," he said surprisingly softly and without the gloating tone of earlier.

Sammi still couldn't admit that to him so she said nothing. Cal grabbed her hair and pulled her face round. He leaned forward and clamped his mouth to hers shoving his tongue deep inside. He was tugging on her hair, hurting her, making her feel that he might tear it out by its roots. But that was ok, it sort of went with the territory, it was part of the rape scenario and, if anything it turned her on even more.

"Say it Sammi," he grunted against her lips.

"Fuck off, I wont,"

Cal was enjoying the teasing and the challenge. He pressed the tip of his cock right against her pussy.

"This is what you want isn't it?"

"Yes, no, no I don't"

He pulled it away.

"Really Sam, really, you don't want it?"

"No, yes, fuck off."

He slid it right along her slit and then took it away again.

"That what you want? Ask for it."

"No, I won't, I won't ask."

"You will Sammi or you won't get it at all."

"Then fuck off and leave me alone."

"If I don't fuck you, I'm going to strip you naked and leave you here, just like the slapper you are."

"You bastard" she said feeling terrified that he might actually do that.

"You've got it Sammi, that's what I am, a right bastard." Cal smiled taking his erection in his hand and running the tip of his cock down the crease of her bum, along her pussy lips and right onto her clit. He pressed that hard and her body jolted, so severe were the sensations.

"Oh fuck," she couldn't help groaning.

"Say it, say it."

"Say what?"

"What you want."


"Yes, fucking say it," he snarled pinching her nipple hard, tugging her hair and pressing his cock even harder against her throbbing clit.

The sensations were even more acute this time.

"Oh God, oh shit," Sammi groaned pretty much all of her resistance now replaced by a burning need to be shagged. She wanted that so badly her body was shaking with need.

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