The Nymph's Pool


"Well, let's put it this way," Carol said. "At the age we were back in those days, well, we were a little more hormonally charged."

"That's one way of putting it," Mike said, smiling. Maya and Josh looked at one another, both feeling a little awkward at where this conversation seemed to be headed. "One set of your parents were collectively nicknamed the Bunny-Monkeys," Carol said. "Let's just say that was representative of an nearly insatiable need to do the deed as often and as publicly as possible."

"Oh my god!" Maya said, bursting into giggles.

"I can't see either of our parents being like that," Josh said, floored.

Carol shrugged. "Well, things change as you get older, I suppose. Still it's the truth."

"Believe her," Mike said, laughing. "I saw it. All of it."

"And the other set of your parents, while perhaps a bit more tactful with regard to taking their intimate acts away from the public view, more than made up for it in the volume of their passions."

"Screamer and Grunter," Mike said, confirming his wife's account.

Josh and Maya just stared at each other in open-mouthed disbelief, and then burst into laughture. Josh couldn't imagine his parents being either of the described couples, but neither could he imagine it was something that Carol would make up about them. It must be true, but oh how they must have changed over the years.

"Your parents the screamers?" Maya asked. "'Cuz I don't think I've ever heard a peep out of my parents."

Josh shook his head. "Nope," he said. "Aside from a stray squeeky bedspring that I did my best to pretend I didn't hear, I've never heard a thing."

"And I don't see my parents as the blatant exhibitionist types, either," she said. "Or yours."

"God's honest truth," Carol said. "But, like I said, we all change as we get older. I'm sure there'll be plenty of things about your youths that you probably won't want to share with your children down the road."

Josh sensed that she meant the two of them, Josh and Maya together as a couple, with that statement, though it could be meant in general. Still, the idea had a comfortable feel to it, like it was opening a path that they were meant to walk.

"I think that's enough damage for now," Mike said. "We'll leave it to you two to sort out who was who. And you never heard it from us."

"Okay, fair enough," Maya said. "But what about you two? Did you two have a reputation?"

Josh couldn't believe she was so forward as to ask a question like that. However, Mike and Carol just looked each other and shared a reminiscent smile. In that look, he saw a lot of happy history and all the confirmation he needed that they were not putting them on.

"I guess you could say we were the antagonists," Carol finally said. "We had a habit of goading people into trying new things...usually outside their comfort zones."

"I don't think we'd have any trouble believing that one," Maya said. Josh had to concur.

"Of course, that meant the others gave back as good as we dished out," Mike said. "We ended up doing a lot of creative and surprising things."

"And we won't be sharing those stories," Carol said. "Not this day, anyway."

"Time?" Mike said to Carol, who nodded back. "Well, we must be getting on our way. We've got plans this evening and need time to get cleaned up and such beforehand."

The two climbed onto the shore, and this time neither Josh nor Maya had comfort issues in looking at them or carrying on the conversation. While they were definitely of the same generation as their parents, with bodies that carried the inevitable signs of that age, Josh now saw within them a playfulness and zest for life that he hoped he would be so lucky to have in another twenty-five years.

"Let's go say goodbye," Maya whispered in his ear from where they were hanging out in the middle of the pool. By the way she took his arm, he knew she meant to do so face-to-face rather than from across the water. Together, they came ashore as the older couple finished dressing.

"It was a pleasure to meet you two," Maya said, offering her hand which the other two readily took.

"Absolutely," Josh said, also shaking hands.

"Likewise," Mike said. "Hope you two enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Maybe we'll see you around again sometime."

Carol, after shaking their hands, turned to face the pool. "Thank you, Joella," she said. "And if you arranged for us to help introduce Josh and Maya to you, then it was our honor."

"Thanks Joella," Mike said, giving the pool a short wave goodbye.

Josh and Maya stood side by side, naked and dripping wet, until the older couple disappeared from view in the woods. For the first time since undressing, they could actually see one another, and this time without any sort of audience. Almost shyly, they faced one another and took a few moments to appreciate the sight. His heart swelled in almost unbearable appreciation for how beautiful she looked right now - not just a factor of figure and the way the water drops sparkled on her skin, but in the way he saw her both as the girl he had grown up with and the woman she had become in their time apart. It was a beauty of the soul.

The silent moment between them stretched until they both felt a little uncomfortable with thoughts and feelings they weren't quite ready to express in words. Maya flinched first, smiling and looking down at the ground for a moment. Josh took the moment to breathe and step back, stretching his arms.

"Well," he said, "you wanna stay a little longer?"

"Frankly, I'm starving," Maya said.

"Yeah, me too," he said, and he was.

"But, I'm sure planning on coming back here soon and often," she said.

"Like this afternoon?" Josh said it with humor, but he meant it with a bit of hope. He knew that after this experience, the only swimming they would do here in the future would be in the nude. And with Maya, that would never be a bad thing.

"Maybe," she said, playfully. "I think I'm gonna take advantage of that big rock to dry off a bit before we head out."

They climbed back onto the large flat rock from which they had jumped into the pool. Though little sun made it through the canopy above, there were a few patches of light that dotted the rock and kept it a touch warmer than the ambient air. Maya sat cross-legged and then changed her mind and laid on her back. Josh sat next to her, politely trying to keep his eyes more on their surroundings, until she started talking to him.

"Well, was skinny dipping everything you thought it would be?" Maya said.

"Not sure what I expected, but yeah, it was fun," Josh said. "So, does this make us nudists?"

"Don't they prefer 'naturists' now?"

"How about 'strippers'?" They both laughed at that.

"I think that only applies if you're more interested in the removal of the clothing than in enjoying the naked experience," she said. "Or if you get paid for it."

"Well, if this is supposed to be Nude Day, then I guess I'm good with nudists...or nudies...or nudites," Josh said.

"So, which parents do you think were which?" Maya said.

Josh leaned back on his elbows and looked back at her, eyes pausing at her breasts where the nipples stretched for the sky. She grinned at him, though he couldn't quite figure out what she was thinking. For his part, he was a still a little uncomfortable with the idea of his parents being either of the couples described.

"I think I'd be a little more comfortable imagining them being the noisy ones," he said. "But, I still can't actually see them as either."

"Same here," she said. She used her toes to brush a leaf off the other foot, the act catching Josh's attention. Damn, she has cute feet, he thought to himself.

"Still, can you imagine what it must have been like back in their day here?" she said. "I mean...wide-open, public sex? Even if it is just in front of friends. Must have been really good friends."

"Yeah, hard to imagine," Josh said, even as pictures flickered through his mind.

"Like this rock we're sitting on," she said, patting the stone between them. "Whichever of our parents were the Bunny-Monkeys, they probably had a lot of sex right here. Perfect spot that pretty much everyone in the pool or on the beach couldn't help but see."

"God, they'd kill us if they found out we'd heard about what they were like," Josh said.

"Kind of exciting to think about it, though," she said. "Who knew they were so open-minded?"

Josh noticed as Maya's eyes drifted down toward his waist while her eyes and smile widened. "Speaking of excited...," she said.

To his horror and embarrassment, Josh realized that all the talk of sex had taken hold of his subconscious and his cock was almost fully engorged where it laid across his leg. He jerked back up to a sitting position so that his back shielded him from her view. His face flushed and he felt his chances of coming back here for more skinny dipping would be dashed if she knew he had any such thoughts about her.

"Sorry," he mumbled.

"Why?" Maya said, sitting up beside and just behind him. She touched his shoulder gently and leaned her head in over his shoulder. "There's nothing to be sorry about."

Her sincerity helped, but he was still embarrassed. "Just, kinda embarrassing."

"Did I have anything to do with that?"

"Sorta. Kinda."

"Then I'm flattered," she whispered in his ear. She leaned in closer, her cheek brushing his ear and her breath warm on his cheek. He shuddered involuntarily at the contact. With her fingers on his chin, she softly rotated his head to face her.

"Flattered?" he whispered back.

His eyes remained locked with hers as she leaned forward the remaining inch until their lips met. It was soft, tender, and just a little hesitant. After a few seconds, they retreated back that inch, again searching in one another's eyes. He saw reflected in hers what he felt in himself. He leaned into her and they kissed again, longer and harder, eyes closed and breaths held.

Maya pulled back after another minute or two, far enough back to look him in the face easily but too far for him to lean in for another kiss without getting up from where he sat. The hand she had placed on his chin worked its way around his neck, the thumb caressing his earlobe. She then slid the hand down his neck and over his chest, briefly teasing the sparse hairs on his sternum, eliciting a smile from both. Her hand continued its journey lower, across his abs and navel, triggering a cascade of nerves that made it nearly impossible to breathe. Finally, mercifully, those fingertips reached his groin, weaving through the curly hair like snakes through grass and, ultimately, like constrictors around his cock.

"Flattered," she said, smiling. "Yes, very."

He turned his body enough into hers that he could wrap his arms around her, pulling her into a tighter embrace. They kissed passionately, mouths opening eager to taste one another. While Maya maintained her hold on his cock, ever so slightly beginning to stroke it while exploring its size and shape, Josh brought a hand around to cup one of those magnificent breasts. He slowly closed his thumb around her nipple, eliciting a small gasp from her at the contact.

Both getting a little sore from the awkward position, Maya finally laid back on the smooth rock, bringing Josh alongside her. As she laid on her back looking up at him, he snuggled up beside her on his side, propped up on an elbow and looking down at her. With the fingertips of his free hand, he roamed across her bare stomach and breasts, teasing the peach fuzz hairs. She let him do as he wanted, merely looking up at him with a content smile.

"You know what?" Maya said.


"I think Joella must be a voyeur."

"Makes sense," he said. "Place like this, plus her rules. Pretty hard for a person not to get in a good mood."

"You're in a good mood, then?"

"The best," he said, leaning in to kiss her some more.

"Know what else?" she said, coming up for breath.


"I'm getting totally turned on at the thought of being watched. Even if it's by an invisible spirit."

Josh slid his free hand back down over her belly and across her pubic hair. By the feel of it, she must have kept it somewhat trimmed, though only the bikini line itself was shaved. Her legs were pressed together, but as his fingers probed further she spread them invitingly. His fingers slide lengthwise along her slit, easily lubricated by her own moisture. As her drew his fingers slowly back across her clit, she closed her eyes and gasped raggedly, even letting a short whimper escape.

"You weren't kidding," he said softly. "I think you might be an exhibitionist. Taking after your parents, perhaps?"

She opened her eyes. "Perhaps," she said. "Perhaps."

He continued to slide his fingers back and forth, along her lips and across her clit, generating a slow and easy rhythm. As she lapsed back into helplessness, he leaned over and took a hard nipple between his lips, letting his tongue play gently across the tip. She writhed at the touch, moaning even louder. As he peppered the breast with kisses, licks, and even a playful bite, Maya brought a hand up to her other breast and played with her own nipple...pinching and teasing it almost in a mirror performance to his.

Josh finally slid a finger inside her pussy, easily gliding down the warm pathway. Encouraged by the rising intensity of her moaning and breathing to continue, began to finger fuck her - first one digit and then two. He rocked his palm against her clit with each penetration and she began to move her pelvis in time, trying to increase the pressure. With her building to a climax, he removed his fingers and played them quickly and lightly across her clit in a fluttering pattern, slowing for a moment every now and then only to resume the intensity.

Maya's moans became vocal as Josh brought her to a powerful climax. She had grasped his cock with one hand, not to stimulate him, but simply for something on which to hold. Her other hand played spasmodically across her stomach and chest, clenching and releasing, while her breathing was quick and shallow. Sensing she had passed the point, Josh eased up the motion of his fingers, slowing dramatically and then moving them so they contacted around her lips rather than directly across her clit.

"Oh my," she said, all the taut muscles in her body finally letting go at once. "I sure hope the nymph liked that as much as I did."

"Glad you enjoyed it," Josh said.

"You've had practice," she said.

"Just a little," he said. "Very little." He'd only been physically intimate with two girls before and his experience in that area was rather limited and something he hoped would improve with the change to the college setting.

"Well, then you're either a natural or a quick learner," she said.

Sitting up, Maya kissed him hard and then rolled him over onto his back. She sat cross-legged beside him and ran her hands over his chest and stomach, tracing lines in the sheen of sweat. Keeping one hand on his chest, she ran the other over his waist and down his thigh before bringing it slowly back up until it cupped his balls. He felt his cock twitch involuntarily as more blood tried to surge into that which was already full.

After rolling his balls gently between her fingers and palm, she ran the flat of her hand up along his cock and then lifted it upright in a salute to the sky. Her index finger touched the tip and lifted back off, trailing a thin line of pre-cum which she then wiped around the engorged head. Josh felt like he would blow at any moment under those deft fingers.

Maya bent over him, flipping her hair off to one side; whether it was for his benefit or simply to get it out of the way, it afforded him a clear view of her face as she licked her lips and then licked his cock. Her pink tongue at first just flicked out straight, making tentative contact before disappearing. The next taste was longer, with her tongue circling around the entire head, lapping up the liquid she had just spread with her finger. Then she guided the tip inside her mouth, encircling the head while her tongue flitted back and forth across him inside. Josh shuddered uncontrollably.

Maya continued to alternate between licking, sucking, and kissing his cock, each time taking it a little deeper into her mouth and teasing him closer and closer to orgasm before she would back off again. Surely she had some experience at this, he realized with a small twang of jealousy, but at the moment he was the beneficiary and he wouldn't trade places with anyone for anything. She broke off her attention, sitting back up and matched his smile with her own.

"You like that?" she said.

"Fuckin' awesome," he said. "Sorry, language."

She giggled. "Well, no, I'd say that was more 'suckin' awesome," she said. "But, if you want to see 'fuckin,' well...I think that can be arranged."

His heart, already beating a hundred miles an hour, leapt. Against all he had dared to hope, he realized they were actually going to do it. And, in spite of years of being out of one anothers' lives, with her it felt like the most natural thing to want to do.

Maya got up to her hands and knees and leaned over him, her breasts hanging enticingly above his chest. She kissed him with passion and ferocity, and he kissed back with everything he had. His hands roved unconsciously over her body - across her breasts, face, back, and ass. His body felt like a bomb trying to unleash its energy upon her.

She swung a leg over him and straddled his groin without breaking their kiss. With all her weight settled on top of him, bodies pressed together, she moved her head to the side and nibbled on his earlobe, causing him to squirm in his ticklishness.

"Know what?" she whispered in his ear.

"What?" he whispered back, his voice so raspy the word barely came out.

"I want you to cum inside me," she said, and then devoured his earlobe again.

"Is that...are you...?" The last shred of sensible thought left in his head tried to ask.

"Yeah, I am," she simply said.

Maya slid back and forth along his erection, the rough hairs mixed tantalizingly with her natural lubrication further arousing him. He was desperate to get inside her, but she controlled everything from this angle. Finally, she reached back and guided him to her pussy, and rotated her hips back just enough to hold the head of his cock inside her.

Slowly, brutally slowly, she eased back onto him, letting him penetrate millimeter by millimeter. They broke off their kissing as his breathing became ragged gasps with each motion. She was reading his reaction and teasing him to the end. Mercifully, after she had taken just over half his length into her, she lifted nearly off and then plunged back onto him, taking him as deep as he could go. He almost came right there, the feeling of sliding down her hot pussy so intense on his overly sensitive member.

She held him in place for a long minute with only light kisses for stimulation. Josh simply kissed back and let his hands gently caress her body. Much as he wanted to fuck her wantonly, the pure act of having his cock engulfed within her provided just enough stimulation through subtle motions and the slight twitching of her inner muscles that he continued to get ever closer to orgasm without the crass thrusting. Was it the pulse of her heartbeat through her pussy that was driving him to the edge?

Maya finally sat upright over him, adjusting her knees enough to get leverage from the new angle. Her chest glistened with their combined perspiration and her hair and eyes were wild with primal energy. With her hands firmly on his chest, she began to ride his cock with long, slow, deep strokes. Josh matched her rhythm with thrusts of his own. In moments, far quicker than he'd have liked but far later than his hormones had demanded, he erupted deep inside his old friend...and the world lingered in that moment of blissful perfection.

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