The O Pair


Marjory was no kind of name for a girl of 20, Greg and Lisa had joked as they discussed the applications. Perhaps she would have a Mary Poppins handbag.

She would have been named long before the recent trend for old fashioned names for kids, so perhaps her parents were blazing that trail. They were blazing something, Greg remarked in one of his quiet jokes, and Lisa chuckled.

She made the shortlist though. She had travelled a bit and she wrote intelligently, and although she didn't have direct au pair experience, she had helped her single mum bring up her two much younger siblings. Marjory had emphasized that she liked playing outside and since Alex (Alexandra, but Alex ever since she could talk) liked that better than anything, that seemed a good fit. They agreed to meet her. "She'd better not be hot though" Lisa said with a mock pout.

Unfortunately she was. She had wavy auburn hair and startling green eyes. As an enthusiastic climber, she had a fairly tanned and sculpted physique that looked accidental. She had a dimpled smile that made her look impish and mischievous, and her eyes sparkled when she spoke about something that she found engaging, which was most things.

However, although she was too gorgeous for Lisa to be happy with, she was also fantastic with Alex, and had her on her shoulders in no time (they were being a giraffe together). She was a delight to be around too, and gave no impression of any awkwardness - clearly she was at ease interacting with people of any age. They chatted about outdoor pursuits they all enjoyed: trail running, mountain biking, kayaking and surfing. Greg and Lisa both (half) forgot the sensible but dull list of questions they prepared, and time flew by as they chatted, drank tea, drew dinosaurs with Alex, made a salad and ate it together. It was Marjory who eventually said that she needed to make a move, and hoped to hear from them. While Alex was giving her a hug (and trying to lead her upstairs to see her crocodile costume) Lisa and Greg gave each other a questioning glance and a nod of agreement.

"We don't want to put you on the spot, but it's yours if you want it." Lisa said, smiling. "Alex is clearly a fan."

"Oh fantastic! Thanks! Ok, I can't wait to start. I can pack up my stuff and be here this weekend then, if that works for you? I'll call to find a time that's best." At the door she added "I'm really pleased - you guys are so nice and this one here (she lifts Alex high into the air) is a superstar!"

It was a busy week that passed for Greg and Lisa in the usual flurry of activity, admin and deadlines. Marjory had a busy week as well, trying to tie up loose ends at her office temp role - handily that had effectively zero notice period, and they knew she was looking for something more permanent. However, since she was bright and capable, she had inevitably ended up with more responsibility than the role would usually involve, and she was keen to leave things in order when she left. So none of the three had much time to dwell on the change it would bring to their lives for Greg and Lisa to share their home with someone.

As such, after a bright and friendly greeting as though between old friends, Marjory was upstairs unpacking by the time Lisa got to thinking about how it would be to have another young woman in her house. Marjory wondered if it would be strange to live with a couple (especially with her room so close to theirs). She had a small and ultra silent bullet vibrator that lived in her washcase and she took it out briefly and turned it on to reassure herself that it was indeed very quiet and unlikely to carry through the wall. She thought it unlikely that Greg and Lisa would have really loud sex, especially with Alex's room also so nearby - but the brief thought of Greg pounding a moaning Lisa from behind did take a second for Marjory to shake.

Greg had close cropped silver hair that he was too young to have, and was well built in a functional and athletic way. Lisa was blonde and had intense blue eyes and skin that seemed to glow softly somehow. She also had fairly large breasts, that in Marjory's briefly imagined scene had been bouncing at each stroke.

"Will you have tea?" Greg called up, startling her.

"Oh... Er, yes please! I'm just coming" she called back, and quickly added "I'll be down in a minute" realising what she'd said and blushing as she knew that he'd be smiling in the kitchen. 'Oh dear', she reproached herself, 'best not to imagine your employers fucking, Marj'.

Greg was indeed smiling in the kitchen, and couldn't help his own imagination wandering at her reply. Lisa muttered "easy, tiger" with a grin as she sipped her tea, although she was now also dwelling on how it would change things on the rare occasion that they did get the chance for sex, to know that this hot girl was in the next room (and maybe also coming).

So, when Marjory joined them and took her cup of tea, all three were flushed slightly and made small talk to regain their composure. All were relieved when Alex ran in, barking like a dog and grabbed both Marjory's hands ecstatically. She led her away, both barking together now, and Greg sidled up to Lisa, seizing the opportunity to stand behind her and kiss the side of her neck. He felt Lisa press back against him and they both registered in an instant how horny they were. What electricity this girl had brought! As they kissed, Greg took her breasts in his hands, keeping an eye out in case they were spotted. The barking had changed to whale noises but was returning towards the kitchen so the spell was broken and they day pressed on, bringing other things to do and think about.

They all four enjoyed an autumnal walk together, playing with Alex and planning some activities that Marjory could do with Alex in the local area. Lisa also suggested she and Marjory go running together the next morning and Marjory was glad to have found someone to run with as she did prefer it to running alone.

Later that evening, Marjory helped to get Alex ready for bed, learning the routine and the areas that required negotiation and debate - was a bath necessary and maybe two stories were required.

"Chuck your laundry in here if you like as we end up doing a load every day or two these days" Lisa said, nodding to the basket as Alex showed off for Marjory how good her tooth brushing was. "Ok, great, thanks".

After Alex was in bed, Lisa opened a bottle of wine and Marjory said, if it was ok she'd just jump in the shower. Greg did his level best as Marjory disappeared upstairs not to picture her naked in a cascade of steamy water. Lisa sat on his lap once Marjory was out of sight. That sexual tension had returned and she was enjoying teasing her husband with her arse. He was rock hard - probably thinking about the flame haired girl towelling her tits dry upstairs, she mused. Lisa was squirming in his lap now, and kissing him - rasped by a day's stubble. She was imagining her husband fucking Marjory in the shower, and it was all getting too much, so they hurriedly disentangled themselves when they heard Marjory descending the stairs. She reappeared looking scrubbed, and wearing a soft jersey cotton tracksuit.

Marjory was acutely aware, suddenly, that they had been up to something before she came back in, and also of how visible her tits felt under the jersey fabric - she'd wondered about putting a bra back on but decided that for the time being this was to be her home and they wouldn't mind her being comfortable.

Greg and Lisa both noticed and certainly didn't mind. But it didn't help cool the atmosphere back down, especially when some angled light from a lamp highlighted Marjory's nipples, which had perked up against her wishes like they wanted to perform for her audience. She wished this couple turned her on less - when she'd gone to shower she'd found herself a sticky mess from her earlier daydreams, and she'd rarely felt as naked as she did standing in their bathroom trying to avoid touching her clit. It was no good - she'd washed and dried herself but still she was wet to the touch. Some wine might help, she thought.

It didn't. The three became aware that they were not so much chatting as flirting. Lisa teased Marjory that the younger girl would leave her in the dust when they ran tomorrow, and Marjory protested that Lisa was certainly fitter than her and would school her thoroughly. Greg excused himself, careful to try and hide the bulge the girls had left him with (he failed at that, and both clocked it). Lisa saw Marjory notice, and thought that the girl blushed.

Upstairs in the bathroom, Greg was stopped in his tracks. He'd gone to pee, idly wondering if his semi would wear off enough to allow it, when he noticed that the clothes Marjory had worn that day were in the basket and that peeking from between them were her knickers - a dark colour he couldn't identify from here, with a bit of lace.

His heart was racing. He knew that to step any closer was already invading her privacy, and that certainly, pulling the little slip of fabric free from the basket (as he was) would be totally wrong. 'Fuck, this is hot' is what his cock was telling him, however, as the garment looked tiny in his hands - definitely there was not enough fabric for these to go over her arse cheeks which meant they must slip between them. He was transfixed.

They were a sort of aubergine colour and of a lightweight fabric that didn't feel expensive. The lace fringe was just a nod towards lingerie styling but these were everyday knickers really, from some high street outlet. However, that was all massively irrelevant to Greg, who was staring at the sticky gusset that hung a little heavier than the rest of the fabric.

Before he could dwell on it too much, and deafened by what seemed to be a roaring in his ears, Greg's hands had brought the sodden knickers towards his face. He held them like a butterfly, and gazed at the gleaming paste of excitement Marjory's horny little pussy had left behind less than an hour before.

Her scent was already noticeable, but he brought them closer to his face, his head reeling as he inhaled the powerful aroma of her cunt directly from the wet patch, and he pictured her sitting a floor below him, chatting with his wife on the sofa. His cock was already in his hand by this time, and almost painfully hard.

He let the fabric move through his hands and inhaled again, knowing that he didn't have long. 'Fuuuck - she smells incredible' - Greg was now breathing in the intoxicating scent of the fabric that had spent the day trapped between the cheeks of Marjory's arse. He realised he had been breathing in for so long he was at risk of passing out if he didn't remember to breathe out again. Travelling the fabric he toured her various fragrances - the sweet spice of her excited leakings tinged with notes of her pee and further back, the punchy musk of her arsehole that made his knees weak.

He had only been holding them for seconds, but he felt as though he'd been gone for hours. He was also aware that any second he would fire a torrent of cum across the room if he wasn't careful (he pictured catching it in the knickers and then putting them back).

It was just a scrap of fabric really, but with it pressed to his nose - her cum was on his face by now but he was glad of it - he felt as though he'd licked her clean after a long day, in an obscene 69 with her anus spread millimetres above him. That was the imagery that accompanied the scent, and he was struggling to tear himself away.

When he finally did, and forced himself to put them back just as he had found them, he felt a strong sense of shame and remorse, but also a feeling of secret intimacy.

When he managed to compose himself enough to rejoin the others, he couldn't for a few minutes meet Marjory's eye. And it absolutely wasn't helping that she was bra-less, or that Lisa was now sitting in a more carefree manner with her legs folded up on the sofa with her, so that the dress she wore was no longer covering a great deal. Not so much as to be actually indecent, but enough that it would be considered provocative in a public setting.

Greg watched Lisa watching his eyes on her. She made no move to cover herself. He sat at an angle that gave him a good view between his wife's legs, and his mind kept flitting back to the smell of Marjory's pussy - it was distracting him from what she was saying, her face beautiful and animated and slightly flushed from a second glass of wine.

Marjory was distracted herself by Lisa's thighs and the way her toes were curling now and again - she was cat-like, Marjory thought, and very sexy. For a moment she pictured Greg's strong hands holding Lisa's thighs apart right there on the sofa, for her to gaze between them.

It was Marjory's turn to need the loo and she excused herself and climbed the stairs. She peed as quietly as she could, suddenly self conscious about the sound in the otherwise silent house.

As she stood washing her hands, she glanced at the laundry basket, sheepishly recalling her sopping knickers tucked away in there. Looking now though, they didn't seem as tucked away as she was certain she had left them.

She stepped closer. They nearly were, but without a doubt they had moved. Nothing new was in the basket... Greg had been in here earlier, and reappeared looking rattled. She pondered that for a minute, pulling the knickers from the basket.

Her cunt juice was smeared across them and if he had held them there's no way he wouldn't have seen that. She noticed she was shaking slightly. She ought to be furious, but the thought of Greg seeing her wet secretions was turning her on. Did it get him hard to think of her wet pussy? Did he have a big cock, she wondered, and was he pumping it in his fist as he held her little wet cum-stained knickers? Did he smell them while he came?

She was playing with her clit now, and her legs were trembling. Before she lost the nerve, she stepped out of what she was wearing, her weeping pussy loving the sudden exposure, and pulled those knickers back on.

She pressed them against herself, quickly soaking through them again, and trying to push her fingers into her cunt through the fabric, stifling a moan. She told herself, if he wanted to enjoy her knickers, she would make sure they were drenched with her cum for him, and leave them here for him to find.

What would Lisa think, she wondered as she continued to finger her sopping hole, the fabric pushed aside now and her cunt sloshing gently. She steadied herself against the sink with her other hand and imagined kneeling in the bathroom in front of Greg and giving him her knickers, then kissing his stomach while he wanked furiously.

She'd let Lisa watch as she licked his balls and he would erupt in thick ropes on her lips and chin as he sucked her cum from her knickers. She'd kiss Lisa with it, letting her lick her husband's cum off her face. This line of thinking had her on the edge, and her hand slipped in quick busy circles on her clit.

She slid a hand below her pyjama top to tease and pinch her nipples and came hard and urgently, her pussy seeping around her fingers into the knickers. She peeled them off, still excited at the thought of him finding them now.

With her slippery hands trembling a little, she laid them back in the laundry basket, neither fully on display nor hidden enough that her slick of cum couldn't be seen by a glance in the right direction. She pulled her pyjamas back on, and checked herself in the mirror. She had a wild look in her eyes.

Downstairs, Lisa had been teasing Greg by flashing him casually. She'd let the dress ride up further still, and opened her legs for him so he could see the little wet patch between them, and he couldn't take his eyes off it.

Then Lisa had an idea, so she hovered waiting for the bathroom to carry out her plan, and when Marjory emerged the poor girl nearly had a heart attack to find Lisa there in the dark hall. She blushed a deep red and they brushed closely past each other as Marjory made her way back downstairs.

She was cursing herself - in the fog of lust she had only been imagining Greg finding the sticky mess she had left, rather than Lisa who would now no doubt see her soaking knickers and think her a total slut.

Lisa was distracted by her own plan though, which was to lose her own underwear swiftly and then reappear and continue to tease her husband by flashing him.

She'd watch him trying to maintain some decorum talking to their hot house-guest and trying to hide a hard-on, while his wife played with her cunt in front of him.

She peeled her knickers down her legs and kicked them off, and went to put them in the basket, when she stopped suddenly.

Marjory's lace-trimmed knickers shone with her juices and were quite visibly still very wet. They could only just have come off, to still be dark and glistening with it. 'What a horny little slut' Lisa purred to herself, gazing at them in wonder. Had they gotten that nicely-mannered girl so excited?

Lisa's plan for Greg gradually became more elaborate. She had intended to tease him with only her own wet pussy, but now she could get their au-pair's involved too. Silencing the objections of her rational self, she quickly stepped into the younger girl's knickers and pulled them up - still slightly warm, the slick fabric kissed against her lips, and Lisa pondered the new and remarkable feeling of another woman's cunt-juice mingling with her own.

Lisa would sometimes wear a thong for sport or tight fitting outfits, so the fact that these slipped between her cheeks as she pulled them on didn't feel completely unusual - except for the thought that they had been between Marjory's until very recently.

She felt they smelled quite strongly of arousal, and she could feel her heartbeat in her clit as she put her own damp knickers into the basket in the same place these had come from, wondering if Marjory would notice that. 'You're not the only girl with a horny little pussy' Lisa thought with a mischievous smile.

She descended the stairs smoothing her dress down- the perfect crime! Greg would certainly know these weren't hers, and would reach the right conclusion, she was sure. She couldn't wait to see his face - he might come on the spot.

Greg and Marjory were chatting about climbing when Lisa came in and took up her seat opposite Greg again. Marjory was looking at Greg's hands and arms as they did, picturing them holding her down, or wrapped around Lisa.

Lisa suggested they take Alex bouldering at a climbing wall as an introduction to it, and at the same time she brought her feet up onto the wide armchair as she had been sitting before, and caught Greg's eye. He wondered if his wife was going to continue to flash him as she had been, but with Marjory adjacent to her like that. Probably Marjory wouldn't be able to see between his wife's legs from that angle. Probably.

Lisa leaned over to reach her wine glass and shifted her weight, making sure to expose the wet mess between her thighs to her husband as she did so, leaving just enough of a gap afterwards that there was still a glimpse available. It honestly did feel a little as though she'd pissed herself, Lisa thought as she watched Marjory taking a sip of wine, oblivious that her boss (which she was, Lisa remembered) was wearing her cum-soaked knickers.

Greg had been part way through a sentence but had a apparently become lost in it, and stammered an ending that didn't make a lot of sense- as though profoundly and suddenly distracted. (Marjory of course was aware of the game, or at least some parts of it, and her eyes smiled encouragingly at him).

Greg had seen what Lisa had intended him to see, and instantly recognised the knickers as Marjory's - though they now looked even wetter as they clung to his wife's open lips. 'What the fuck?' was what interrupted whatever it was he was saying as he struggled to compute several things at once while his cock was sending him crude imperatives about fucking both girls on the floor immediately.

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