tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Oath Ch. 02

The Oath Ch. 02


It had been more than a week since his birthday, and Justin still hadn't heard anything from his parents. All his father kept saying to his inquiries was "Go ask your mother." Yet he couldn't find the nerve to broach the subject with her.

Tonight when he got home from work, his father was still not home. He never seemed to be home anymore, since he got that new supervisory position at work.

He would rather have talked to his father, but his father probably would have deferred to his mother anyhow. Justin was at the end of his rope and he thought that he was missing out on something that was owed to him, so he decided that he had to talk to his mother tonight.

As he sat at the kitchen table eating dinner, his mother was at the other end of the table immersed in something on her tablet.


"Yeah sweetie?" She said as she took off her reading glasses and looked up at him.

"Have we come up with anything about, you know?"

"No I don't know. What are you referring to?" She feigned ignorance.

"You know."

"You mean your oath?" She said irritated.


"I thought we resolved that situation. I know I did with your father."

"No one has said anything to me."

"Well we're not getting you a woman. If that's what you mean?"

"What the fuck?"

"Watch you language with me young man."

"But why?"

"I don't think that I have to give you any reasons, but I'll humor you. It's barbaric and wrong."

"Mom, I completed the oath, along with all of my friends. They are getting courtesans. It's not fair."

"I don't care about that oath. I never agreed to this oath. In fact we never even discussed it. You just went along with all of your friends, recited some inane oath, and assumed that I would agree to it. Well I don't. And besides the oath is redundant anyhow.

As far as I know, it is illegal for minors to engage in sexual behavior, and they changed the age of consent to eighteen back in 1965. So you, by law, have to be a virgin at eighteen no matter what."


"No one ever brings that up when they are talking about that stupid oath and how they are getting their sons a prostitutes for agreeing to abstinence, when the law commands it anyhow."

Justin put his head in his hands out of frustration. "It's not fair, Mom."

Her heart went out to him. Not because of why he was frustrated, but that he had his mind set on something, and now she was denying him. She had never denied him anything before. He was always such a good boy, and now he was so heartbroken.

Was she being too hard on him? Was she being too prudish, like her husband kept saying? It did seem that every boy in town got a woman on their eighteenth birthday, and their mothers not only agreed to it, but also were active in procuring the woman. She herself had been asked twice to be one, and the mothers took it as an affront when she turned them down. As if she was insulting their sons.

"It's not fair," he repeated pulling on her heartstrings.

"If you really want one, I'll be your courtesan," and as soon as she said it she knew that she had said the wrong thing.

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Well, I just thought that if you wanted it that badly, I could ...ahh." She started back tracking.

"Eww gross, Mom! You're my Mom!

"I know, stupid idea. I just thought that it was an option." She didn't know what else to say. "Am I that gross?" She got up out of her chair and looked at herself in a mirror across the room. Justin looked at her too.

She really wasn't that bad looking, he thought. In fact she had a nice ass, even in dress slacks, and of course she had those big tits that she always showed off. But she's my mom, he thought, and yet after this night he never looked at her the same again.

They were both feeling a little embarrassed since the subject of having sex came up, and so there was an awkward silence in the room.

"I'm going to my room," he said finally as he got up from the table, and noticed that he had an incredible hard on for some reason. He could hardly wait to get up stairs and rub one out.

Katie watched her son exit the room. "I've laid out clothes for you for tomorrow. Don't wrinkle them."

Oh great, she thought, now she had done it. Her suggestion was over the top, but she was that adamant about the subject. She wasn't going to provide a whore for her son's pleasure.

What would have happened if he had accepted her suggestion? What then would she have done? Would she have really had sex with her son to prove a point? But he didn't accept so thank God.

She looked at herself in the mirror. He's right though. I am hideous. I need to go on a diet, and start working out. Tomorrow morning I'm going to start running, she thought and she headed for her own room to get out her workout gear.

Sometimes an idea starts as a germ, a zygote, and then in the right environment it takes root, and finally matures into a full-grown entity with a life of its own.

For the next week or so an idea took hold in Justin's mind. It was another person's idea, but it found fertile ground in the young man's hormone drenched psyche.

He mulled it over, dismissing it entirely, but then it would reappear and he would mull it over some more. He would constantly debate it with himself, and each side of the quarrel would be argued (pro and con, right and wrong, good and evil) until a decision was wrestled out of the chaos.

Yet each time, no matter what the final decision was, it was deemed unacceptable. In the beginning, of the two decisions that were vying for supremacy, the outcome was usually fifty-fifty.

But soon, and with depraved indifference, one decision started to come more to the forefront, until it finally became the decision of choice, and though it was still not acceptable, it was the path that he would ultimately take.

Justin started noticing her more and more each day. First, a pair of tights and a top that only came to the waist, revealing a cute yet ample ass and thong panty lines. Next a sweater with lacy cleavage bent over in front of him unsuspectingly.

Yesterday a scandalously tiny pair of running shorts paired with a sports bra, and noticeable nipples. Followed by a miniskirt, high heels, and spaghetti strap tank top.

The problem was that the body that filled him with such lust and self-admonishment, was that of a woman who he had spent his whole life with, and had never noticed before, and which he had no right to notice now.

He didn't want to notice. He knew it was wrong, but he noticed anyhow. It was a slippery slope from which he couldn't return. And now that germ of an idea had taken root in him like a cancer that couldn't be cut out. It would grow and grow until one morning he woke up, and heard the usual knock on his bedroom door.

"Honey are you up?"

"Yes," he said as he lay in bed with a huge morning erection. "In more ways than one," he finished under his breath.

His mother came into the room dressed from her morning run. She had on skintight exercise leggings, and an orange spandex, sports bra that hugged every curve.

"Do you notice anything different about me?" She asked as she spun around like she was some kind of model on a catwalk.

He did notice, as she turned her back towards him, the way the seam on her leggings ran up the crack of her ass, which separated and lifted each cheek so that you could see each bun in all of it's glory. "What do you mean?"

"I lost another two pounds," she exclaimed. "That's three in the last nine days."

He looked at her and felt a forbidden, animalistic, lust deep in his gut. "That's some bottom on you Mom," he said tongue in cheek.

"These leggings?" She said totally oblivious. "Yeah, I love them. I get lots of compliments on them. So how do I look?" She was all excited about losing the weight.


"Sexy? Hmmm." She replied with her eyebrows up in mild surprise at such a suggestion from her son, but dismissed it. "Okay. Do you have work today?"

"Yes, Mom. You ask me that every day." He sprawled out on the bed with his hands behind his head, and just a thin sheet covering his bulge. How could she not see it, he wondered.

"Well I don't want you losing this job. It's important that you get some responsibility in your life." He looked at her strangely. "What?" She asked.

"I was thinking." He couldn't believe that he was even broaching the subject, but she looked incredible. Her clothes were painted on, and her cleavage was tormenting him.

"About what?" Her mind started to wander as she spied his clothes left on the floor, and started to pick them up.

"What you said last week."

"Ahuh," she said absentmindedly as she started to think of all of the chores she had to do: the laundry, take a shower, fix her hair and her nails, and then she had to get to the supermarket since there was nothing in the house.

Justin took her hand as she stood next to him by the bed. "Okay," he said

"Okay what?" She asked, realizing that she hadn't been paying much attention to the conversation.

"Okay." He shook her arm in an attempt to prod her memory.

"Okay?" She still didn't get it, and then it all flashed back to her; the talk about his courtesan, the argument, and then her suggestion. "Ohhhh," she said, and then she had to sit down on the edge of his bed, because her knees had suddenly gone weak.

"I'm willing if you're willing." His erection swelled hard in his groin.

"Ummm, okay?" The words came out of her mouth before she knew it. She was in shock, starring off into space, and then she realized that she just had agreed to it.

She wanted to say, "No! Are you kidding. It was just a point I was trying to make," but before she could he pulled the sheet down exposing his rock hard penis, and then he took her hand and wrapped it around his cock.

She didn't say anything, and she could hardly look at him, as she held her young son's cock in her hand and started to stroke it. She wanted to yell –'Stop! What are we doing? This is wrong!' But then she looked at his face and watched as he closed his eyes and bit his lower lip in pleasure.

He's enjoying it so much, she rationalized, what's wrong with giving him a little pleasure? It was a little thing; something she had done for her husband a thousand times.

Justin was enjoying it all right, but he was thinking that he could jerk himself off. He wanted more. He opened his eyes and saw his mom smiling at him awkwardly. "Mom, suck my dick," he pleaded. He saw her shocked reaction.

"I don't know?" She stammered. She starred at his cock thinking, could I really give him a blow job?

"Oh great. I knew you would back out. Just like you backed out of getting me a courtesan. How many promises are you going to break?"

"No, Justin," she defended herself. "It's just that you have to admit, this is going to take some getting used to." But he wouldn't look at her, and she noticed the defeated look on his face.

Something drove her to it. Something forced her to do what she never thought she could ever do. She stood up, ran her fingers nervously through her short blond hair, and straddled him. She then got down on all fours and took his cock in her mouth.

Just then Justin felt something that he had never experienced in his life. It didn't matter at all that it was his mother who had a lip lock on his cock.

In fact if Medusa herself, snakes and all, was sucking his cock at that point, all he would know was that he wanted more.

"Ohhh," he moaned as her soft lush lips wrapped exquisitely around his prick. "That feels so good."

"Mmm-hhmm," she answered wordlessly.

"Faster Mom," he pleaded as he opened his eyes and saw the top of his mother's head, black roots and all, working him.

He thrust more and more into her face as she tirelessly went down on him. The pleasure built higher and higher until he was violently fucking her face.

He was eighteen, horny, and he hadn't masturbated in a day or two, so it didn't take long. Before Katie felt her muscles begin to tire, he exploded into her mouth.

It was actually a bit of a surprise to her, even though she knew he was close, he ejaculated before he orgasmed. His cries of pleasure coming as the second and third hot jets of jism erupted into her mouth.

Swallowing the last of it, she sat back on her legs. He was still breathing hard and lying exhausted on his bed.

"Don't fall back asleep honey. You still have to go to work." Always the mother she thought. Even after performing fellatio on him.

"I know. I know," he said still with his eyes closed.

She started to get up off of him and headed for the door. She felt a little embarrassed and she also felt like she was leaving a one-night stand.

"Mom," he said as she got to the door, and she turned around to see him looking at her with affection.

"Yes honey?"

"I'm glad that you are going to be my courtesan."

"Me too honey," she said amazed at the conversation she was now having with her son. She left his room and when she got downstairs to the kitchen she sat down on a chair and asked herself, "What the hell have I just done?"

Linda Teller sat at her desk in the classroom that she taught summer school in. The last of her students had left for the day, and she sat looking out the window as the kids and parents milled about in front of the school.

She daydreamed about Timmy. That's what she called him now; not Tim or Timothy. She couldn't help it. She knew she was starting to develop a crush on the boy, and there was little that she could do to stop it.

She knew it was wrong, and stupid, for in two months he would be off to college forgetting about her, and she would be left to forlornly pick up the pieces of her marriage.

She had heard of courtesans getting emotionally attached to the boys that they were asked to initiate. They were pitiful creatures that returned to their marriages forever hoping that their young men would return. But they never did. They were too busy starting their lives.

A knock on the classroom door brought Linda back to reality, and she turned to see her friend Harriet walk into the room. Harriet was a woman of color that taught math to eighth graders.

"Hi Linda." Harriet greeted her. "Are you busy?"

"No just thinking."

"Not about that boy, I hope?"

Linda didn't say anything. She just put her hand to her mouth and smiled.

"How many times have you seen him?"

"Three, but the third time doesn't really count. It was a quickie in the back seat of his car."

"And you are starting to feel about him like this?"

Again Linda didn't say anything. She just shook her head.

"I personally don't abide by this tradition," Harriet preached. "Young people have waited for marriage in the past. I don't see why they can't now."

"They didn't wait. Young people think that they will live forever, and they don't always worry about a STD that has a six-month dormancy period. You of all people should know the history of the sixties."

"It's just not right. It's legitimized debauchery."

Linda loved Harriet, but she was a Baptist, and she tended to be sanctimonious. "Don't you think that the people who started this tradition struggled with those issues? These people were desperate. Their children were dying."

"Please," Harriet shook her head.

"The Federal government raised the age of consent to eighteen, they sexually segregated the high schools and middle schools, they banned all unsupervised social activities between teenage boys and girls, and still the kids were dying. They started the Oath program, and still the kids were dying."

"Adults died too."

"But they are adults, and hopefully mature enough, but if they are irresponsible enough to have sex with a partner who hasn't been tested or is abstinent, then there is nothing the government can do.

A fifteen or sixteen year old, even though they are physically mature, isn't intellectually mature enough to make those decisions, and since it is illegal for minors to have sex, they don't have access to testing or condoms."

"In my church, the kids take the oath without promising them a prostitute."

"Not everyone is a religious as you and your kids are, Harriet," Harriet just dismissed her whole argument. Some people only see one side of things. "All I know is that since the Courtesan tradition has been augmented, the death rate amongst teenagers has dropped precipitously. If I can be a part of that, then I do so without reservation."

Harriet realized too late, that she had insulted Linda. "Oh Linda, I'm sorry. I wasn't judging you. I respect the reasons why you do this. Besides it's none of my business. Listen I have to go and pick up my kids. Are we all right?"

"Yeah, no problem," Linda said for the sake of their friendship, but Harriet could be such a pompous ass sometimes. Fuck her, she thought, I'm glad that I am meeting Timmy tonight. Anyway, she's probably jealous that she's not getting it from some young stud. Though who would want her?

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