tagLoving WivesThe Octopussy Necklace Ch. 04

The Octopussy Necklace Ch. 04


(A very special thanks to Shiree for making this a better read)

The evening found her back at the Lounge, dressed in a body hugging dress which showed off her body to its fullest advantage, the pearl necklace around her neck adding to her elegance.

"Nikki," she thought she heard her name being called out over the music.

She looked around. It was Rita. She was accompanied by a thin, spectacled guy. His thin brown hair was swept behind in a pony tail.

"Nikki, meet Joey. He is a writer. He's been dying to meet you."

"Hi," said Joey.

He was shorter than her, his eyes more or less at level with her ample bosom. His eyes behind his spectacles were big and round as they gazed admiringly at her cleavage.

Nikki felt amused.

"Wow a writer! Always wanted to meet one of them," she exclaimed, enjoying the adoration his eyes were bestowing upon her.

"Come let's take our drinks to the table. You must tell me all about yourself," she continued. She took his arm in his and the two made way to the nearest table.

"So what do you write about?" she enquired, leaning forward with a faked look of admiration on her face.

"Uh ... er, about movies, art, literature," he stuttered, his eyes hungrily feasting upon her boobs.

They continued chatting about the coverage's he had done, the articles he had written and which had been published. Being from the press line herself, Nikki was able to engage him in a variety of topics.

The drinks flowed freely as Joey happily rattled on, encouraged by a few words of appreciation put in by Nikki every now and then. By now, she had snuggled close to him. Their thighs were pressed together. Joey placed his hand on her knees, then began moving it upwards, savoring the feel of her soft, creamy thighs. They had by now run out of entertainment topics to discuss, and silently finished off the last of their crepes.

Nikki touched her napkin to her mouth and murmured, "Yum that was good."

"Very good," Joey agreed his hand not very far from her crotch.

"I should thank you for a marvelous meal," she said. "I want to thank you."

She leaned over, across him, her breasts pressing like twin cushions against his arms, and planted a delicious kiss on his open lips. Her tongue darted out to find his and then teased against his tongue.

Joey could feel an immediate erection. Nikki reached down and patted his stomach.

"How does it feel?"

"Have you had all you want?" Before he could reply, her hand slid down his stomach, and reached his crotch and curled around his erection.

"Withdrawing her hand slowly, she gave him a seductive smile."Or would you like more?"

"More ... much more. I want you Nikki," he replied his confidence growing with the size of his arousal.

"You have me," she simply said taking his hand in hers. "It's only a short walk."

They walked silently to her boudoir. Stepping inside she turned towards him.

"Here we are Joey. I'm all yours."

Joey stepped closer and put his arm around her waist, pulling her close to him and kissed her. He ran his tongue over her lips, enjoying her feel. Nikki flinched. She did not consider it necessary to fake any emotions. Her customer was too drunk and hungry for her body to notice anything. His hands went to her zipper and her dress was soon at her feet. Her bra and panty soon followed suit.

She now stood naked before him.

Joey stepped back to admire her. His eyes moved from her breasts to her flat tummy, to her neatly trimmed bush. He then moved around her. She could feel his hungry eyes on her body, her buttocks.

"Like what you see?" she casually asked as he came back to stand in front of her.

He nodded his head, licking his lips in anticipation and then began undressing hurriedly.

Nikki almost gasped in surprise. His erect pecker was no bigger than her Tom's forefinger. He kneeled down and buried his face into her pubic hair, inhaling her scent. She felt herself moistening, that familiar feeling building up inside her. Then he began to recite,

"Oh lovely Nikki,

Thy beauty is second to none,

Your breasts, two lovely, big watermelons,

Love to suckle them, fondle them,

Thy scent enthrals me,

Nectar sweet and invigorating,"

Nikki looked on bemused.

"Hey I didn't know you were a poet as well," said Nikki in a charitable tone.

Joey happily lapped up the praises coming his way.

He took her by her hand and led her to the bed, then clambered on top of her and buried his head between her boobs. He took her taut nipples in his mouth and began to suckle them, licking her breasts, then suckling her again. Finally he adjusted his position to enter her.

She didn't feel a thing.

He continued jabbing inside her, his eyes having a glazed look about them. Finally with a shudder he let shot his cum inside her and collapsed.

"Oh Joey, you are so, so different," said Nikki after counting a slow fifty inside her head so as to allow Joey to get some breathe back.

Joey looked up from between her boobs; "You know I thought Greta was the ultimate in this house, but now having met you ..." he didn't finish and went back to his suckling.

Nikki picked up her ears.


"You were fond of her?" she asked in a casual tone, her hand ruffling his hair.

"Yes, yes she was the best," he mumbled between his suckling.

"Was?" she inquired.

"Yeah, ran off with one of her customers, at least that's what we all think."

"Nice bubbly girl, and very knowledgeable too. Especially about business matters. Mid West Corp., yeah that company interested her a lot."

"Mid West Corp.?" queried Nikki as she made a mental note of that name.

"Yeah, you know with me being a writer and so worldly knowledgeable, she asked me to tell her about international business and how in particular local companies like Mid West Corp. could grow in size in such a short span of time."

"This was getting interesting. Perhaps Greta was into something about this company, like illegal trade or something like that," thought Nikki with a puzzled frown. She would have to work on Joey some more to get all the information she needed.

"Ooh, but you are indeed very knowledgeable. Ask me, I have met guys and I can tell and, and so nice too," she added demurely.

Joey grinned happily, his manly ego pumped up to the hilt. Nikki filled up his glass for him.

"So what exactly is this international business connection? And how does Mid West Corp fit into this?"

She listened to him closely as the night wore on.


The next morning found her in a somber mood. She stared out of the big French window, running over what she had gleaned from Joey.

Mid West Corp was set up seven to eight years back by some local promoters. Its main business was dealing in electronic items. They had the regional rights to sell the products of some major manufacturers. Business was good. Then a couple of years back the company changed hands. It now became a subsidiary of a Houston based unit. They bagged some good export orders and the sales volume increased exponentially. But the new owners kept pretty much to themselves. Not much was known about them, just that the unit was being looked after by a couple.

"So, a company changes hands and begins to do wonderfully well," thought Nikki. "Now what's so special about that? Why would Greta be interested in it?"

Nikki stubbed out the cigarette in her hand. Perhaps she would have to link up with Joey again. He wouldn't mind. The blow job she had given his little pecker before he left had really perked him up.

She watched on as the chamber maid cleared the spider webs from the ceiling with the help of a couple of co workers. Eva had been surprised when she came to know that it was Nikki who had spotted the spider webs. Normally the girls really didn't bother with the tidiness of their boudoir. As far as they were concerned it was something best left for the cleaning staff to deal with.

Nikki smiled sardonically. The only reason she had spotted the spider webs was that there was nothing else to do while on your back with a man on top of you.

She hated it, though her body had responded to the sex part with shameful wantonness.

She had lost count of the number of men who had enjoyed her, sometimes two of them together. Eva had paid her extra for those threesomes. Joey had bedded her again and she had been able to extract some more. The other guys were just nameless faces, as it is she had been more engrossed at looking at the ceiling of her boudoir.

But she didn't seem to be making any headway.

She looked at the clock ... soon it would be time for her to earn her stay for the day. Nikki opened her wardrobe and began selecting her clothing's.

She sat with the other girls, sipping her drink, passing time till one of the men picked her up for a fucking session at her boudoir. She looked at their faces. They all seemed to be the moneyed or influential type. You can tell that by their demeanor. And they definitely had a wife or girlfriend back a home.

"A business trip out of town, work done, a romp in the bed with a new face, a fresh body, and then it's back home to the missus or girlfriend," she mused.

A fifty something man walked up to her and started making idle talk. She replied back with a smile, watching him peering down the front of her dress. She flushed. The guy soon staggered off, his eyes locked on the ample bosom of another of the girls.

"Our very own peeping Tom," whispered Samantha to Nikki, a green eyed, curvaceous brunette. "He will check out the boobs of all the girls, continue to get drunk and then finally grab the one whose boobies he liked the best and head for her room."

"Men," said Nikki with a shake of her head.

"Nikki!" she heard Gina call out to her. She was sitting with a pot belied, middle aged guy with a thick old chain around his neck.

Nikki moved over to their table. "I was just telling Fred here what a sweet girl you were, and intelligent too," drawled Gina. She was tipsy. "He was hoping that you could join us."

Fred, the pot belied guy, gave her a small, friendly wave, more as a way of an introductory hello.

Nikki flashed him a smile. As she made way to sit besides Fred, she happened to look at Gina. She had her legs spread apart and Fred's other hand was under the tablecloth. He grinned back at her. Nikki brushed her lips against his cheeks and sat close to him.

"So it's gonna be two on one tonight," she thought to herself, as she felt Fred's other hand slide up her thigh, pushing up her dress.

Fred flirted with the two ladies with him. Nikki played along till Fred said he would like to take the ladies to bed. Gina giggled and winked at Nikki.

Once in Gina's room, he hugged them one by one, kissing them, pressing their body close to his, and feeling them up.

"Girls undress each other," he instructed, as he made himself comfortable on the couch, refilling his empty glass.

Nikki felt awkward. She had never been into bi stuff before. Gina saw her hesitate and understood what was going on in her mind.

She stepped closer to her and kissed her on her cheek, "Just relax, everything will work out fine."

Nikki nodded. Gina's hand went to her zipper. Soon her dress was at her feet. Gina turned around expectantly. With trembling hands Nikki unzipped her dress.

"There we are," said Gina as she pushed aside her dress. Both the women were now in their bra, panty and stilettos.

His eyes gave his next command.

Their hands went behind to unclasp their bra, then down to their panty. Now were just in their stilettos.

Nikki glanced at Gina. She was a couple of inches shorter than her with nice, bouncy boobs, their ruby colored nipples in a state of complete arousal. Her broad hips tapered down to smooth legs, pussy clean shaven and wet with her oozing juices. Nikki felt her own tits harden with arousal, her womanly scent filling the room.

The two stood provocatively in front of Fred.

"Like what you see?" queried Gina suggestively.

Fred began to undress, his eyes hungrily feeding upon the two beautiful, naked bodies awaiting his attention.

He stood naked in front of Nikki, his manhood strong and aroused. He had, Nikki noted, a thin but longish cock, now in full excitement. Fred placed both his hands on her boobs, pressing them, squeezing. He bent down to take her taut nipples into his mouth one by one, his hands trailing down lazily to her belly. She gasped as Fred pushed his nose into her mound, inhaling her scent.

Satisfied he stood up, then bent his knees slightly and inserted his tip inside her. He placed his hands on her shoulder and the two stood in an erotic copulation posture for a few moments. Then he withdrew is cock from her and moved on to Gina and began teasing her taut nipples.

Uummm ... "moaned Gina, placing her hand on his shoulders, drawing him close to her. He inserted his middle finger inside her, then withdrew it and licked her juices.

"Okay my beauties time to take a shower," he announced, emptying his glass in one quick motion.

Nikki was aghast. Fred put his arms around the waist of the two naked women and began leading them to the bathroom, his thin, long cock swinging to and fro.

He closed the toilet head and sat on it with a fresh drink in his hand. He was now in a fairly drunken mood. Gina took a sip from his glass and then stepped under the shower. Nikki pressed his face on her boobs and followed her friend.

Nikki stood under the shower and watched the water run down with its full gravitational force over her pierced belly button before its speed was temporarily arrested by her pubic hair and then finally having made its way out it again regained the same force to finally fall at her bare feet where it made little puddles before being drained away.

The two girls began soaping each other.

By now the drinks were having their effect on Fred who became more and more vocal.

"Oh yes, Nikki you little darling, he slurred, as Nikki's hands moved over Gina's boobs."

"Don't touch those nipples, that's a good girl; soap her boobs nice and proper."

He was now standing, staring at them drunkenly.

"Come on Gina, rub her pussy, feel her clit, there's a good girl."

"Oh yes, good girl, Nikki play with her tits, show me your tits darling."

He was now stroking himself furiously.

"Shit, turn round you little bitch, show me your fucking tits."

The shocking language had started.

"Ohh yes, that's it, stay there Nikki, what beautiful tits darling."

"That's it Nikki, wash those big smooth tits of Gina, feel those lovely pink nipples, and stroke that sexy cunt of yours."

"Pull the curtain back a bit so I can watch you darling, come on you horny little bitch let me see you, you know you want to."

"Come on Gina."

"Come on girl show Fred what you've got."

The rubbing speed accelerated.

"Oh yes, good girl, show me your tits darling, let Fred see your big clean wet titties darling."

"Oh yes, hold it there, hold it there, no, oh you fucking bitch Nikki."

"That's it, come on get closer, get closer. What are you doing, I bet your rubbing your sexy little cunt, aren't you, ummm ... I'd love to rub it for you, slipping my fingers into your wet pussy you sexy little slut, making you beg me to put my cock up you."

"You'd like that wouldn't you Nikki."

"Oh yes, lift your head up a bit darling, show me your tits again, come on sweetheart."

The torrent of abuse and self-gratification continued to spill out from the drunken man.

"I bet you'd love me to come up behind you and ram my cock up you from behind wouldn't you, cunt or ass I don't mind which you sexy little fucker, while I squeeze them two beauties of yours, slamming my cock into you Gina, giving you it hard just how you like it you sexy little bitch, hearing your sexy voice begging me to fuck you, you horny little fucker."

"Oh, I saw how you like bending down Nikki, the same way you'd bend down to suck my cock, suck it you fucking bitch, swallow it all Nikki."

He then motioned them to step out of the shower.

Nikki was drunk and horny. She had never experienced this before. The three made their way to the bed, droplets of water rolling down their smooth, nude bodies.

"Come over here girls," said Fred as he propped up himself on the bed. The two smiled and climbed up.

"Put up a show girls. I assure you won't be disappointed," said Fred and he suggestively pulled up his cock.

Gina grinned and settled down besides Fred.

Nikki smiled seductively at Gina and began massaging her flat tummy with her palms. Gina drank from her glass and smiled. Then Nikki poured the lotion given by Fred on Gina's breasts and stomach and began to massage the lotion over her large breasts, rolling them in her hands, feeling the contours, giving special attention to Gina's nipples.

Gina felt the rush of wanton pleasure in her body.

"Ooh ..., go on Nikki, touch me, feel the weight of my breasts," moaned Gina. She closed her eyes and raised her arms above her head. Her breasts were thrust out, dominating; Nikki looked at them, completely tantalized.

Fred stared at the girls, furiously massaging his cock at the same time.

Gina's breasts swung to and fro to the rhythm of the massage. Nikki gently pressed her hands across the soft orbs of her flesh, before taking the weight of each in the palms of her hands and continuing to massage them. They were big and plump though not as big and ripe as hers. Gina shivered. She stretched out her arms and pulled Nikki against her big breasts, enveloping her with her soft thighs. Her hand stroked her back as she kissed her lovingly and deeply.

"God, you've made me so hot. I love your young slim body. I want to make love to every inch of you. I want to show you what a woman's tongue can do," said Gina and she lowered pulled her mouth to hers and started kissing her deeply.

As they kissed Gina's hand rested on Nikki's arse and she firmly squeezed her arse-cheek. She began to stroke Nikki's arse with her finger nails. Nikki groaned, pushing back her arse to meet her fingers. Gina took the hint and pressed her finger into her arsehole.

"Urgghh ... aahh...yes, Gina I love this, I love what you're doing to me, don't stop, please!" groaned Nikki.

Gina pushed her fingers deeper and deeper into her ass hole until she was fully accommodated. At first Gina did not move content to enjoy the hot wet pressure of Nikki's butt hole. Then she began a slight motion, easing her finger back and forth, driving Nikki to the limit of womanly pleasure.

At this point Gina slid down the bed a little and at the same time pulled Nikki up towards her, pushing her forward till Nikki's hands were gripping the headboard and her cunt was directly over her face. As a woman Gina knew just how to please Nikki. She honed in on Nikki's clit, probing it with her tongue and gently sucking and teasing it, encouraging it to grow from her ministrations. Nikki began to grind her cunt against Gina's face, clutching the bed head for support.

"Yes, honey, yes, love my cunt. Give me your woman's love. Ummm ... I love what you're doing to me, I've needed this for so long, and I want it. Oh Gina you're making me so wet, Uh ...oh, yes, aahhh ..., yes, oh yes ... ahh ..., ahh ..." wailed Nikki.

Fred watched in awe as the two women made passionate love.

Gina's tongue was now jabbing into Nikki's cunt again and again, deep into her wet and open hole. Her hands were on her arse, squeezing the cheeks, pulling Nikki open for her greedy mouth. Nikki's juices were flow flowing thick and fast. She began humping against Gina's tongue, enjoying the sexual release she was giving her. Her orgasm was building now and she began to scream out, arching her back as she gripped the headboard tightly. Gina moved her fingers in and out with ease while her thumb continued to torment Nikki's clit. Fred furiously played with his elongating cock. He came up behind Nikki. He grabbed her by her hips and pulled her to him. Nikki felt a prodding behind her. She looked behind. Fred had his cock pressed to her buttocks. He began moving it over her firm round ass, then over her crack.

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