tagLoving WivesThe Octopussy Necklace Ch. 05

The Octopussy Necklace Ch. 05


(A very special thanks to Shiree for making this a better read)

Nikki slept late. The previous night had been quite punishing. Around mid morning, Rita and some other girls came along. Rita had promised to show her the Conference Room on her first day at the Club.

"Welcome to the Conference Room," said Rita as the girls entered the room.

Nikki's mouth half opened in amazement as she looked around the interior. The entire room had glass work. The floor, the ceiling and the side walls had glass paneling. There were statues placed everywhere showing couples in various forms of sexual postures as depicted in Kama Sutra, the ancient book on love and sex. She could identify some of the erotic positions, but there were many others positions, even groupies, fellatio, cunnilingus.

"Rita," she gasped, staring down on the floor, "I can see what you are wearing underneath, or rather what you are not." Nikki could clearly see up her skirt, getting a clear view of her friend's shaven pussy.

"Well, my dear, it seems you too have decided to go without your knickers for the day," replied back Rita with a chuckle as the girls burst into laughter.

Nikki blushed; she had decided to go without panties for the day, giving her aching pussy as much relief as possible.

Couches were placed all over the floor and there was a rotating dais in the middle of the room with a dance pole.

"Come, sit here," said Rita to Nikki. Nikki sat on the couch, next to Rita who then pressed a button and the couch converted into a spacious bed.

"Rita this is more of an orgy room than a conference room," said Nikki in a hushed voice.

Rita winked at her. "This is quite a popular place. Companies make a booking to bring over their clients and company executives after a conference."

"I bet some of their clients must be closing deals in this room," replied Nikki with a smile.

"That's true," quipped Gloria who had also joined them.

"So the men watch us dance and then pick us up one by one for a fuck?" queried Nikki in a curious tone.

"Yeah, something like that. Some of us are on that dais, while others mingle with the customers, offer them drinks, and sit beside them as the show continues on the dais. Then as they get drunk and get in the mood, they begin fucking us right here, taking turns. It's an open house kinda situation," replied Gina.

"Last time I remember I was sucking the cock of one of the guys on the couch, when I felt a prodding on my rear. I looked back to see this guy who had been sitting on the couch across the room, he had crossed over to join us and was getting ready to take me from the rear," she continued as the other girls started telling about their experiences.

"Eva is a sharp business woman. She has thought about all kinds of settings to make her establishment stand apart from others offering similar services," thought Nikki, "and no doubt she must be having people in the law enforcement department on her payroll."

They trooped over to the gym and spa room. Here again everything was tastefully done up. In fact, in the evening hours the clients had the option to take the girls to the spa or gym, but there would be extra charges.

Later Nikki returned to her room with the images from Kama Sutra fresh and vivid in her mind. Just then the door opened and Eva swept in.

"Hi," said Nikki.

"Hi honey," she replied back as she made herself comfortable on the sofa.

"Nikki, you may be new here, but let me tell you I am getting a real good feedback about you."

"Thank you Eva, I aim to please my customers, just as our motto says," she replied with a smile.

"Good girl."

"Now listen to me carefully. We have some important, well to do customers. Given their reputation, they cannot visit us openly. So we let our girls go to the meeting place set up for a romp."

"And?" queried Nikki.

"Well, I plan to add your name to the list of such escort girls. You will get a higher cut in the earnings. You okay with that?"

"Well, if the money is good, then why not," replied Nikki after a brief pause.

"Great, just what I was hoping for. Believe me gal, you and me will go places, I can assure you of that."

With that she got up and left as swiftly as she had come.

"Now what I have got myself into?" thought Nikki with a wry smile.

"Not that it would make any difference; as it were she was getting fucked by a variety of men on a daily basis. So instead of her bed at the club, it would be at some other place that's all," she reasoned.

The day wore on uneventfully. She mingled with the other girls, basically trying to extract any little information that could be useful to her. But she did learn some more things about the bordello. Cindy, who had been around for some time now, told her that some girls were lucky to bag "overseas assignments."

"You know there is this international network and girls are called for a stint of six months to a year, mostly for the harems of some rich sheikhs," she said in an excited tone.

"And after that a gal has earned enough to go in for a retirement," she continued with a wink.

"I have put up my kid in a boarding school, and if I get a chance, then perhaps I can move on in life, start a boutique, have my kid with me and who knows meet a guy who really likes me and not just my body," she ended wistfully.

"The middle east, harem ... what next," Nikki thought to herself.


Her outing to the Lounge that evening proved to be a short one. Hugo was waiting for her. His face brightened up on seeing her and he quickly made his way towards her.

"Hi baby," he growled and grabbed her by her waist. He pulled her close and planted his thick lips on her. She squirmed. Her body was pressed tight against his, her boobs squashed against his muscular chest. He groped her, fondled her, his hands running freely over her ass. Then he grabbed her by her hand.

"Let's go and fuck," he said.

The bed creaked under the weight of the couple. The rhythm increasing as the man increased his pace. Once again Nikki lay impaled by the mammoth phallus tearing into her body, her soul. She moaned softly, more in pain than anything else. But the huge man straddling her mistook it for pleasure. His frenzied pace attained new heights, until, unable to control anymore he plunged deep inside her and emptied his load. She knew this was not the end of her ordeal. There was more to come. She bit her lips, her hand travelling down to her gaping pussy. His invasion had been hard, no foreplay, no playing around.

Hugo was on the sofa, making his drink.

Then he would roll her over and her ordeal would commence once again. She knew his fuck routine pretty well by now. She rolled to one side and pushed her hand beneath the mattress and clasped her wedding ring in her hand. Tears rolled down her cheeks, hidden from the huge man by the strands of hair falling across her face.

She heard his mobile ring.

"Yeah," growled Hugo then straightened up on hearing the voice from the other end.

"You mean I will have to play baby sitter for that goon for some more days?"

He remained silent as the person on the other side spoke to him.

"Oh, give me a break. We know he is a cop, what's there left to confirm? Just let me do the job. Nobody will ever hear from him again."

Nikki's heart skipped a beat. "There is somebody in his custody that may or may not be a cop! Was it possible that it was her Tom? After all he was working closely with the Feds, almost a cop himself so to say, and that fits the description of the man Hugo was just talking about!"

She was now fully alert. Her mind was racing.

"C'mon girl, think of something," she said to herself.

She watched Hugo down his second drink. With his other hand he was playing with himself, but his mind was elsewhere.

"Hey handsome what's holding you back?" she purred lazily. She propped herself against the headstand and invitingly spread her legs.

"You are so strong, I love strong men," she continued, her tongue playing over her lips.

Hugo stood up and staggered towards her.

"On your knees babe," he commanded.

He began lubricating her ass hole. Her body stiffened in anticipation of the onslaught that was to follow, like many times before.

"Uum ... ahh..." she whimpered as his phallus rammed inside her. Again and again he savagely tore into her ass hole. He gripped her firmly with both his arms as he gained speed.

Grimacing under the duress her body was going thru, she finally blurted, "Yes, yes ... do it to me ... harder."

"You like it, uh? ... okay I am gonna take you apart," he replied hoarsely.

The next few minutes seemed like eternity. Hugo ravaged her soft body. The room was filled with the smell of two aroused bodies thrashing madly on the bed. Finally her ordeal came to an end as Hugo shot his load inside her. With a satisfied grunt he let go of her and lay down besides her. Neither spoke as their breath slowly came back to normal.

"I'm gonna miss you baby," he finally said.

"What! ... you tired of me already?" she asked in an innocent, hurt tone.

"Naw, some matter has come up that needs my attention. Won't be coming around for a while."

"It gets so lonely out here. I don't get to move out of the club much. I always look forward to meeting you," she said in a small childish voice, playing up to his ego.

He lay silent for some moments then said, "Look here, I will set up with Eva to have you brought over to my place. You happy now?"

Nikki clapped her hands in glee, "Oh that will be marvelous."

Hugo nodded then rolled over and shut his eyes. Nikki silently watched the giant form snoring besides her. Her body ached all over from the pounding it had received.

She felt ashamed and humiliated.

"I hope it works out for the better," she thought to herself before turning her back to the sleeping giant.


The next morning Gina strolled into her room.

"So how did it go?" she asked.

Nikki made a wry face.

"I know," she replied sympathetically, "That's one guy the girls love to avoid. He goes after any fresh meat he sees over here. Don't worry; I heard that a couple of new girls will be soon joining us. He is bound to go after them."

They continued chatting for some more time, till it was time to start freshening up for the day. Nikki filled up the bath tub with hot water. She slipped off her gown and examined herself in the mirror. Red splotches on her breasts and buttocks bore testimony to the ravaging she had undergone the previous night. She winced as her fingers ran gently over her mound. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Oh Tom," she said softly, as she stepped inside the tub.

Nikki closed her eyes and let the warmth of the water sooth her battered body. But the mental ordeal she was going thru would take more than that to alleviate. Images of her numerous customers fucking her in every imaginable way, and more flashed across her eyes. Jake, Thomas, and Mike ... some of their names she could not even recall. Guys with big cocks, normal size, droopy cocks, thick cocks and yes Joey. They all wanted her body, to play with it, enjoy her like as though she were a new toy to fuck, fuck and fuck again.

She shuddered. She did get aroused at times, she hated to admit that, but after all she was a woman. But all along it was her fierce longing to be with her Tom again that was somehow holding her thru this torment. Nikki was shaken out of her reverie by the sound of the intercom bell. It was Eva and she sounded pretty excited.

"Nikki you are on tonight."

"Aren't I every evening?" she queried in a wicked tone, quickly resuming her role of Nikki the Bordello girl.

Eva gave a hearty laugh.

"I like your sense of humor gal,"

"What I meant was that you have your first escort date tonight."

Nikki felt a tightening in her stomach.

"You mean ..."

"Yeah baby, you needn't bother to come down to the Lounge in the evening. Just be good and ready by eight."

"Er ... whom will I be entertaining?" Nikki asked tentatively.

"He's a high profile businessman Nikki, and so he has to be discreet. Oliver Meyer is his name."

"These are our most esteemed clients. I will send over some dresses and jewellery for you to pick from."

Nikki remained silent. Till now she had been whoring within the confines of the Greenwood Country Club. But now it seemed as though her horizons were about to expand.

"Dr Ambrose will be over in the afternoon for a quick check up. Ollie likes to be sure."

She shrugged her shoulders, "whatever."

Dr Ambrose was right on time. A perfunctory knock on her door was followed by the entry of his cadaverous form.

"Hi," he called out.

"Hi Ambrose, how's my doctor?"

"As ever ready to serve my lovely ladies," he replied already undressing her with his eyes.

Nikki looked steadily at him, not missing his double innuendo. Her stint at the bordello had taught her many new things, insights into the human nature which she would carry with her forever. This scumbag just wanted to fuck anything in skirts. She wouldn't be surprised to know that he was offering his service free to the club, fucking some of the best looking whores in the neighborhood was more than a compensation for him.

"Yeah doctor, this girl can sure use some servicing," she said as she spread her legs invitingly, untying the knot of her silk, transparent robe.

She knew what he wanted and it was best not to waste any more time than necessary. Dr Ambrose locked the door then quickly undressed. She watched him approach her. He was thin and pale; his manhood thin and straight just like the rest of him.

He settled on top of her, his bony fingers began squeezing her boobs, alternatively playing with her nipples, pulling at them then pressing them down. Her body began to respond to the ministrations of a man's hand. Dr Ambrose inserted his middle finger inside her pussy, and then withdrew it. He looked at his juice coated finger for a moment.

"Well lubricated down there," he said in a satisfied smile.

He straddled her once more and pushed his thin, long manhood inside her and began humping her.

"Hey Doc, you must have tasted most of us gals inhere. Who's the best?" she asked in a teasing tone, her hips moving in rhythm to his thrusts.

"You my dear Nikki" he panted, "Never seen a more beautiful creature before."

The doctor stiffened and shot his load inside her womb. He lay atop her for some moments as their breathing slowly came back to normal.

"I like you Nikki. You are the most beautiful of them all here."

She blushed at the compliment.

"Well Nikki," continued the Doc with a slight hesitancy in his voice, "Like I said earlier, you are very attractive and I really think it's a shame that you get only half of what you earn."

"It's not fair," continued the Doc vehemently.

Nikki shook her pretty head in agreement, playing along with the doctor.

"I really think you should be getting to keep all of it."

"But that cannot happen," she lamented.

"Nikki," said Doc, taking her hand in his, "will you come with me?"

"I have a big house. You can run your own show with nobody cutting into your fair earnings. And ... and I will be always there with you."

Nikki's heart skipped a beat. She looked at him seriously. "You are not kidding me, are you?"

Doctor Ambrose placed her hand on his heart.

"I cherish you."

"Oh Doc, you are a wonderful man," said Nikki, restraining herself with all her will power from kneeing him where he would hurt the most.

"But how will we work it out?"

"I have a plan," said the Doc and he drew her closer to him and began briefing her.

Giving her a perfunctory peck on the cheeks, he then dressed up and left with a nod.


Nikki pulled her robe tightly around her body. Her medical checkup completed, she began preparing for her first night outside the club. She selected a pair of red lacy bra and panty from the selection sent over to her by Eva. Then after going thru the dresses, she decided to go for a low neckline dress that came to just her thighs. Finally she wore a gold necklace with a big stone, emerald she was sure.

Rita walked in just as she was giving herself a final look over in front of her mirror.

"Ready for our night show?"

"I'm on escort duty tonight," she replied with a wink.

"Cool, that would mean you will be earning something extra tonight," she said as she lighted a cigarette.

"What's his name?"

"Oliver Meyer."

Rita took a deep drag on her cigarette and slowly exhaled.

"My, my we are going places."

"Something I should know?"

"Well, he is the President of one of the bigger companies down here, and a regular one for escort services. Word has it that his wife is a bi, and he is always on the lookout for some fresh girls for her."

"We call him Octopussy," she finished with a giggle.

Nikki turned cold.

"The Octopussy Necklace! ... Those were Greta's last words to Tom."

With trembling hands, Nikki poured out a drink for herself.

"What is his company's name?"

"Um .. Let me see, yeah, Mid West Corp Inc."

Nikki's face turned pale. She was shaking inside.

"Okay gal, I gotta go. See you tomorrow," said Rita as she made way for the door.

She made another drink for herself, her nerves on the edge. Oliver Meyer ... Octopussy ... Mid West Corp.... Nikki recollected Joey telling her that Greta had been interested in the history of Mid West Corp. But Greta had mentioned a necklace to Tom. But as per Joey the company did not deal in precious stones, just electronic items.

"There must be a link to all this," Nikki thought to herself, "perhaps they were involved in smuggling stolen stones by hiding them inside their electronic items," she surmised.

Just then there was a discreet knock on the door and the chamber maid stepped in.

"Nikki, the car has arrived."

Nikki nodded. She stepped into her stilettos and briskly walked out.

It was a big, black limousine that was waiting for her at the entrance. It had black windows which totally hid the interiors.

The chauffer opened the back door and Nikki slid in with a thank you smile on her lips. Sitting at the other end was one of the fattest, obese men she had ever laid her eyes upon. His fat cheeks gave his eyes an almost a permanent closed look. His black hair was slickly combed down.

"Hi Nikki, I'm Oliver," he said.

She flashed a smile and offered her cheek to him.

Oliver leaned forward to kiss her, letting his thick hand to rest on her smooth, creamy thigh.

As the limousine moved forward, he opened the drink cabinet and made a drink for both of them.

"Your photograph does injustice to you," he said in a complimentary tone, his hand coming back on her thighs.

"Thank you, Oliver, you are most kind," she replied back.

"Tell me about yourself Nikki, I heard you are new here," he said, his gaze travelling all over her body.

"Oh nothing to write home about," she said in an apologetic tone.

"Went to college, thought international commerce was a good field," she started, deliberately choosing the international scene. "Then half way thru the acting bug got into me real hard. So I dropped out to try my luck in the movies," she faked with a wry smile.

"Oh so you have been to college," he said, his interest perking up in her.

She looked down to her thighs before continuing, where Oliver's hand was now feeling her up freely, riding up her dress as he enjoyed the softness of her body.

"Then, well I got a couple of, er, you know proposals and here I am," she finished, accepting her refilled glass.

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