tagLoving WivesThe Octopussy Necklace Ch. 06

The Octopussy Necklace Ch. 06


(A very special thanks to Shiree for making this a better read)

Her heart beat quickened. She knew what was to be done. She went to her wardrobe and selected a black micro mini skirt and tossed it on the bed. Next she chose a bra with half cups and a thong. She thought for a moment then tossed aside the bra.

"Hugo would anyway rip it off her body in no time at all," she thought. He loved her 36D boobs.

Next she opened the small box containing some jewellery pieces she had brought along with herself when she had entered the Greenwood Country Club. She looked at them and then finally picked a ring and then another. Then she sat in front of the mirror and began preparing for the night.

Hugo had sent his Audi to pick her up. The trip was a silent one. The chauffer never once glanced her way. He knew where to take her. She checked her watch to how long it had taken them. Almost forty five minutes. They had left the city behind and were in some thickly wooded area. The road wound up the sides of the long canyon, turning and twisting on itself like a snake in pain. In the far background Nikki caught the silhouette of mountains. Below a threadlike stream tumbled whitely over granite boulders.

The chauffeur abruptly made a right turn. He swung into a dirt road, carpeted with pine needles, which ran back to a cabin so skillfully blended with the trees that it seemed almost to be the work of nature rather than of man. The chauffeur swung the car into the shaded are back of the cabin and parked it.

She stepped out of the car and made way for the door as the car moved out.

"Guess he will be back to pick me up later," she thought with a shiver as a cool breeze picked up.

The sky was overcast with thick clouds. It would rain tonight.

His face lit up on seeing her. She knew that. She was dressed like a slut. Her dress just about managing to cover her thong, her breasts bra less, bouncing in rhythm to her steps.

He put his arm around her waist and took her inside. She looked around. The room was fairly well furnished. There was a Turkish rug on the floor and fire burning in the fireplace.

"Never thought him to be of a romantic type," she thought to herself.

"Hey handsome you sure live up well," she said, making a mental note of the staircase leading up to the first floor.

"You like it, huh?" he asked.

"Like my foot," she thought.

"A bit out of the town though," she said in a carefully cultivated tone of envy.

"Yeah, thirty minutes from the north side ridge," he replied and drew her close to him. Nikki made a quick mental note of the timeline uttered by the bull dog faced giant.

Hugo literally ripped off her dress and pushed her on the Turkish rug.

"Hey handsome, what's the hurry? We got all night to fuck," she said with distaste on having to say the four letter word.

He didn't reply. His mouth was latched on to her right boob while his massive paw began kneading her right boob. Nikki sighed. She closed her eyes and spread her legs. Hugo placed her legs on his broad shoulders and began pounding her.

"Uuunnghh ... ahhhh ..." wailed Nikki in pleasure, in frustration, as Hugo increased his tempo. The rain came splattering down in a torrent accompanied by the sound of a distant thunder. The man continued his humping unrelentlessly.

She thrashed her head from side to side, her hair falling over her face, eyes shut tight. Then with a final thrust he shot his semen inside her and slumped besides her. The two lay silently, her breasts rising and falling to the rhythm of her irregular breathing.

"Get me a drink," he grunted.

Nikki walked over to the drinks cabinet with the empty glasses. Hugo lay with his eyes closed. She turned her back to him so that the drinks were obscured from his sight. Looking closely at the ring she had worn, she gently pressed the crescent design which worked as a lever. The top of the ring opened and she quickly poured its contents into his glass. Making sure it was fully dissolved, she walked back to Hugo and handed him his glass. Hugo looked up at her, his drink in her hand.

This one was the best he had tasted at the Greenwood Country Club. "She had class, no doubt about that," he thought to himself. He drank contently, watching her play with his cock. He grunted as she took him in her mouth, his limp cock responding to her ministrations. He finished his glass and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of her tongue. He would soon roll her over and take her puckered ass hole.

Nikki watched him from between his legs. His snoring was more pronounced now. The drug had done its job! Now she had her job to finish. She spat out his half erect manhood from her mouth and looked up at the staircase.

She made her way up steadily, trying her very best to avoid making any noise. She needn't have bothered. He was in a deep slumber and it would be hours before the effects of the drug wore off. There were four rooms along the corridor, two on each side. She checked them out. The first three had some furniture's but were otherwise bare. The last one seemed to be Hugo's bedroom.

But there was no sign of Tom. She felt disheartened.

Oh she had hoped and hoped.

Nikki looked around. She began opening the drawers, careful not to leave anything behind. She stopped. Something caught her attention. She reached out inside. Her eyes light up with recognition.

It was Tom's wallet! She looked inside. There were some notes and his driving license.

Her breath quickened. "They must have brought him here after his abduction," she surmised.

"Must have kept him here for some time."

She went cold, "Hugo had spoken about finishing off somebody. Could he have?"

Nikki shook her head. She looked out of the window, watching the rain coming down hard. A building! Out there in the distance! It was an outhouse.

Nikki whirled around and dashed down the stairs, her boobs bouncing in the air. She grabbed the bunch of keys lying on the side table in the living room and rushed out in the rain.

She ran naked towards the outhouse, oblivious of the rain drops hitting her like liquid bullets, the wet ground covering her feet and ankle in mud. She tried the first key, then the second. The lock snapped open. Nikki pushed hard with all her strength. The wooden door slowly swung open with a creaking sound.

She saw her man in the shadows. Tom was tied to a chair, his hands behind him and handcuffed as a double security. His head was hanging to one side, eyes closed.

Nikki rushed to his side. Gingerly she took his face in both her hands.

"Tom, oh Tom, what have they done to you."

He did not respond. There were bruises on his face, dried blood stuck to the corner of his lips. He had taken some beating in their hands. Her eyes brimmed over with tears. She kissed him softly, brushing away the mud sticking on his face. He was drugged. No doubt about that. She pressed his face to her bosom. She stopped, releasing him. Looking around she picked up a wet piece of cloth and began to wipe her breasts, as though cleaning away the presence of another man on her body. She again took his head and pressed him to her now pure breasts.

Nikki held him tightly. Tom opened his eyes, staring blankly at her face. He was responding.

She cried happily, running her hand over his face like a mother caressing her child. She felt rejuvenated. The pain, suffering, humiliation she had suffered now no longer tormented her. Nothing seemed to matter.

He needed something to eat. She turned and ran back to the house. Hugo was sound asleep on the rug, his cock limp and shriveled. She gave him a look of contempt and dashed into the kitchen. She poured some fruit juice into a flask. She snapped open the hidden latch on the second ring and poured its contents into the juice. She had been given an anti drug formulation, just in case she was exposed to a drug scene. This would help Tom in regaining his senses. Grabbing some bread and biscuits she once again ran out naked in the rain.

Lovingly she fed her man as though he was a child. With one hand she braced his head, then placing the flask on his lips she let the juice trickle down his throat. In between she pushed some mashed pieces of biscuit and bread into his mouth. Then again she poured some more juice down his throat. With a satisfied nod she cleaned up his face, making sure not to leave anything that would arouse suspicion.

She looked back one last time at him.

"I'll get you out baby, even if I have to sell my soul to the devil."

Nikki locked the door and retraced her path. The rain was receding. She rinsed the flask and set it back at its place. Making sure everything was back to normal, she began dressing up, leaving out the semen crusted thong.

Sometime later she heard the engine of the car. As the car came to a halt, she opened the door and stepped out, without even a backward glance at the sleeping giant.


She hardly slept. She kept her room closed as she wanted to remain alone. Tom was alive and well. That's all that mattered. But now she had to think of a way to get him out. She dare not ring up the cops. In fact they may not even be aware of Tom's abduction. It had not been made public. And then it was quite possible that some of them could be on the payroll of the club. After all such a classy set up could not operate without some kind of protection.

She would have to get back to Cyndi who in turn could inform the FBI on the number they had given her.

But how was the question.

She had washed herself clean and was sitting nude on her bed except for a towel wrapped over her hair.

Could she trust one of the girls? Some of them had the liberty to go out alone. No, that was risky. Supposing they informed Eve? Yes something like that must have happened with Greta.

The doctor? Should she confide in him? After all he had expressed his desire to take her away from here and set her up independently. "In other words, make her his mistress," she thought wryly. No, she couldn't trust him either. Everybody seems to have a stake in the well being of the Greenwood Country Club.

But she couldn't wait for long either. It seemed Hugo was personally guarding Tom. That meant something big was going to happen soon and they didn't want to have anything going wrong. But exactly what was going to happen? Something to do with international business? International business! ... hmm ... a smile began to play on her lips.

She got up and went to her wardrobe and began to carefully select her outfit. Once satisfied, she picked up her pen and began writing down some instructions. Then she took an envelope and put the paper inside it, the envelope again being put in a safe place where prying eyes could not see it.

Nikki was early at the Lounge; in fact she was the first one. She seated herself at a corner table from where she had a clear view of the crowd coming in without being noticed. This also ensured that she was not picked up by somebody other than the person she had in mind.

She sipped her drink, waiting patiently. The girls began to trickle in, some alone, others in group, all dressed to kill. One thing for sure, this bordello hired only the most beautiful. They were soon joined by the customers. Men in suit, men in casuals, old, young, all looking for some fun and frolic before going back to their everyday mundane lives.

She felt nervous. "What if he didn't turn up?" she thought. The place was now fairly crowded and it wouldn't be long before one of the men checked her out. And she couldn't refuse either. Then she saw him. He was sitting at the bar, a drink in his hand watching the people on the dance floor, his head shaking to the music.

"Hi Joey," she cried out as she made her way across the room to him.

He looked around and waved.

She came up to him and kissed him on his mouth, pressing her breasts to his chest.

"Already bored of me?" she queried in a husky sexy voice. Joey was completely taken in by the come on sign.

"I am dying to hear some more of your sexy lyrics, you naughty boy," she continued teasingly, pulling at his cheeks. Her hand glided up his thighs, desperately seeking out his pee wee. Finding it, she began to manipulate with her thumb and forefinger.

"That is if you are not planning on reciting them to some other lucky girl," she finished in a sorrowful tone.

"Let's go to your room," was all that he could say.

She undressed him, then turned her back to him so that he could pull down her zip and strip her naked. She clapped in glee to his warbled lyrics egging him on with faked admiration. He penetrated her with his pee wee and she responded with some well disguised moans.

By now the bottle of whisky specially ordered by her was almost empty. Joey lay on the body with a stupid, happy grin on his face. With his sexual prowess he had made Nikki orgasm more than once, or so he thought.

She snuggled up close to him. "You're a great guy, a real man," she said sweetly.

"I like you too," said Joey.

He turned to her side and began sucking her boob.

"Ooh ...," gasped Nikki.

"Hey Joey, could you do me a small favor?"

"Sure," he mumbled.

"There's this friend of mine, I want to tell her all about you, your lovely poems. Like, I have written a letter for her. But I don't want her to know where I am. You understand don't you?"

"Uummm ..," was the only response she got.

"I was wondering if you could give the letter to her. I will give you her number and you can call her up. She will meet you personally. I want her to meet you," she continued earnestly.

"No problem," he mumbled as he began to straddle her.

Nikki smiled and prepared herself for another faked orgasm.


The next day passed very slowly. The anxiety was killing her. She hoped her plan would succeed.

"What if he didn't ring up Cindy as planned?" she thought to herself.

She really hadn't thought of any back up plan. "Guess I will just run out of here and call her up myself," she reasoned. They didn't have that much of a time for a backup plan to take shape, the way Hugo had talked it was evident they didn't plan to keep Tom alive for long. They were just waiting for their plan to go thru. Exactly what was planned, she herself was not aware.

Frankly she didn't really care about it, as long as they got back Tome safe.


Thirty minutes outside the town, up the North Ridge road, Hugo rubbed the stubble on his face. He glanced at the empty beer can and shuffled across the room to get a fresh can from the kitchen.

"They have made me a fucking baby sitter," he grumbled. If he had had his way, he would have done away with the cop fella a long time back. No, they wanted to wait for some more days, till their fuckin' deal went thru.

Well here he was, sitting on his ass, feeding that cop fella to ensure that he remains alive. He began playing his favorite porno CD. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock and began playing with himself.

"And I can't go to the fucking Greenwood Country Club," he muttered, his eyes glued on the TV screen, his hand moving in rhythm to the scene unrolling.

"Guess, I will call over that Nikki bitch over tonight, and fuck her ass ... yeah love the way she screams," he thought with a glint in his eyes.

The knock on the interrupted his thinking.

He scowled. Nobody normally came up here. He zipped up his jeans and made for the door.

His eyes bulged out in amazement, "How did you ..."

That was all he could utter before the man's right fist connected with his jaw. He staggered back into the room, falling on his back in the process. The man strode in and towered above him.

"I should have bumped you off ..." he snarled with rage in his eyes.

Nobody hit Hugo and lived to talk about it. He didn't see the foot slamming into his mid riff, or the next which smashed his nose. He tried to drag himself away. Then he saw the other men silently filling into the room with shotguns and 0.45. Hugo looked back towards the man just as his next kick smashed his jaws. The man stood silently as the men searched the house, listening carefully to the details pouring in. Then he gestured towards the unconscious Hugo lying on the Turkish rug, blood flowing from the battered nose and mouth.

"Throw some water on his face. I wanna talk to him, now."

He then drew up a chair and lit up a cigarette as his men went about trying to bring Hugo back to this world.

In the outhouse Joey stood trembling in a corner. He wanted to pee. But he was shit scared to ask the man standing next to him as his fellow team members silently searched every nook and corner. What they were searching for he didn't know, but he knew that he was in deep trouble, no deep, deep, trouble. He had just kept his word ... rung up the number given by Nikki. When his doorbell rang he expected to see Cyndi. But there were these big, silent guys who just picked him up without a word and brought him here while some others began ransacking his place.

And they had guns.

"Oh shit, I should have stayed clear of that woman," he thought to himself with a groan.

Just then another of them beckoned to him, "The chief wants to see you."

He almost collapsed.

Hugo cried in pain as the man broke his right arm without much ado, as though it was his daily fucking routine ... breaking arms and legs. For the first time in his life Hugo felt fear, raw, undiluted fear. He lay on the Turkish rug propped up on his left arm, the rug soaked with his blood and sweat.

"You're no cop," he mumbled, spitting out pieces of broken tooth, blood dribbling down his chin.

"You're right, I am no cop," the man replied, patiently waiting for Hugo to lift up his head after the last hit.

"I have license to kill," he continued softly, his cold, emotionless stare making contact with Hugo's bloodied eyes.

"We have him here Chief, he's the guy who rung up."

The man turned to face Joey.

Joey went wide eyed ... the future looked bleak and scary.

To Be Continued ...


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