tagLoving WivesThe Octopussy Necklace Ch. 07

The Octopussy Necklace Ch. 07


(A very special thanks to Shiree for making this a better read)


It was early in the evening and the clients were beginning to roll in. Nikki was worried. She had written to Cyndi to instruct Joey to say to her that "all's well", which would mean that Tom had been rescued. But there was no sign of him.

"Maybe Joey will drop by later in the night," she thought, trying to console herself.

Nikki had begun preparing for the evening well in advance. She intended to catch Joey the moment he entered the Lounge and drag him to her boudoir. The appointed hour came, and Nikki had made her way to the Lounge, hope and trepidation written large on her face. She was dressed in a smart, low cut black dress, a gold pendant hanging between her braless boobs. The Lounge was filling up but there was still no sign of Joey. She began to grow worried. Had something gone wrong?

Suddenly a tall Texan, old enough to be her father, loomed up in front of her.

"Hi, I'm Frank," he said in a self introduction tone, his eyes locked on her ample bosom. Nikki seized up the drunk man struggling to stay erect on his feet in front of her. She was in no mood to leave the Lounge, and if she didn't get to meet Joey tonight then she had half made up her mind to just walk out of this shit hole before the sun came up tomorrow. As far as the Greenwood Country Club and its activities were concerned, her legs were gonna stay closed from this evening onwards. Eva could go to hell.

"Ooh Frank darling I would love to share a drink with you, but there's a fella waiting for me ... uh," she lied in a hurt tone, as though the hungry animal had been the last of the male species on planet earth and she had just turned him out of her life.

She walked past him without waiting for his reply.

"Nikki, there you are darling," she heard Eva cry out over the music.

"I have somebody special to meet you. He comes highly recommended."

Nikki turned and looked across.

"Nikki meet Tom. He is from Washington, Tom this is Nikki," said Eva, completing the introductions.

Her heartbeat skipped a beat.

Her Tom!

There he was standing very politely behind Eva, dressed in a two piece suit, very businesslike. He was looking very handsome. She wanted to rush into his arms, to embrace him, to bury his face in her bosom as though protecting him from the world.

Nikki stepped forward, smiling radiantly, her eyes moistening.

Then she stopped involuntarily, the smile slowly fading from her face, her cheeks turning pale. She was in a whorehouse, she had been fucked by God knows how many men. Before she could say anything, Tom stepped up quickly and planted a kiss on her cheeks, at the same time giving her a quick wink.

"Mademoiselle, I am charmed. Your beauty far surpasses the praises I have heard about you," he said, taking both her hands in his.

Then he turned to Eva, I must thank you for introducing me to the most beautiful and wonderful woman in this world."

Eva beamed happily, "Okay I will leave the two of you now," she said and moved on.

Tom quickly guided his wife out of the Lounge and the two moved towards her boudoir. Nikki clung tightly to her husband's arm as though she would lose him the moment she released him. Tom let his wife enter her boudoir first, then followed her inside and locked the door. They stood looking at each other silently. Tears streaked down Nikki's cheeks.

"They couldn't find you," she sobbed, breathing hard.

"They ... they said you were onto something and that I should get in touch with them if you called ... or anyone else for that matter," she continued haltingly, wringing her hands.

Tom kept silent, watching her intently.

"I didn't know what was happening ... the police officer at the local police station, he and Cyndi are seeing each other, he heard me out politely and informed me that they had orders from higher authorities to not to write down any missing complaint about you ... in fact any sort of complaint about you. Of course I was not to tell anybody about this."

"Then I remembered the call you had received from Greta and you telling me that she was working undercover at one of the classier bordellos. Cyndi and I asked our press contacts for information and we finally zeroed on to the Greenwood Country Club. As the police had been instructed to avoid making your name public in any official records, I knew it would be fruitless to share the information about Greta and the Club with them."

"But I couldn't just sit by, hands on my lap, hoping that one fine day you will walk in the door as though you had been just out on a tour. I knew something serious had happened to you," she continued her bosom heaving, nerves taut with anxiety.

For a moment she remained silent, then mustering all her strength she continued, "It ... it was then that I decided to go in."

Her chin was held up high, in defiance to any criticism she expected to come her way, But shame and fear of rejection was writ all over her posture. She was trembling, nervously clasping unclasping her hands while she looked straight and honestly into her husband's eyes.

Finally she stood silent. She had nothing more to add. They stood watching each other for some moments before Tom spoke in his low, baritone voice.

"Last night I had a dream of the most beautiful vision appearing before me in all her beauty. The vision spoke to me, consoled me, and told me everything would be fine now that she was there with me, that she would not let anything in the world harm me. The vision then fed me, gave me strength, and ... and just when I was going to speak to her, to ask her to stay with me, the vision faded way with a promise to come back again," his voice choked as he said those last words, eyes moistening.

Nikki smiled.

"That vision also had a tough time feeding the naughty brat who had vanished into the thin air. She had to cajole the naughty boy into taking his broth to once again become the superman he really was. The vision also gave you some special stuff to bring you out of your drugged stupor," she finished with tears. The two embraced each other; he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her.

Time stood still.

Tom then scooped up his wife and placed her gently on the bed. He made their drinks and sat beside her.

He raised his glass and said, "To the lovely vision."

To which Nikki raised her glass and said, "To my superman brat."

Just like in their courtship days, they crossed their hands holding the drinks and drank from each other's glass. Tom ran his fingers over her cheeks, pulling back the strands of hair falling across her face.

"Well, how do you like my boudoir?"

"Let me show you just how much," replied her husband. He took their empty glasses and placed them on the bedside table.

She watched him unbutton his shirt and toss it on the floor, exposing his well maintained, muscular body. He was a fitness freak since his army days. Her eyes travelled from his hairy chest to his abs and then down to his narrow chest. She sighed, enjoying the buildup of the warm sensation in her erogenous zones. Tom unbuckled his trouser.

Nikki licked her lips as her gaze went down to the bulge in his jockeys. She reached forward and pulled down his jockey. Her husband's manhood sprung out free, thick and hard. She continued gazing lovingly.

"My man," she said softly. Nikki let her right hands palm slide below his shaft, as though it were resting on it. Then she placed her other palm on the top, as though hugging his cock with both her hands.

"Where were you my darling," she softly addressed his cock, rather than her hubby. Nikki squeezed his cock, letting her hand slide up and down his shaft, kissing his knob, giving gentle flicks of her tongue to the sensitive underside. With her other hand she grasped his sac, weighing it in her hands, thinking of his seeds inside the sac impatiently waiting to enter her womb, their womb. She began trembling, her body afire with passion, with lust, wanting to mate with her man. This was no fuck, no sex ... just two souls yearning to be one. Nikki lay back on the bed, her eyes sending an unsaid message to her mate.

She watched him take her feet in his strong hands. He bent forward, his lips beginning to caress her. She gasped as his tongue made contact with her skin. He moved up, his hands stroking her calf muscles. He pressed them, gently but yet firmly. Her pussy tingled with anticipation. His tongue was now licking her shapely legs leaving a trail of wet saliva. Tom pushed up his wife's dress to reveal her creamy thighs. He burrowed his head between them, rubbing his cheeks on her soft thighs.

Nikki closed her eyes, allowing her body to float free in the sea of emotions enveloping her. Her husband had spread her legs wide and was kissing her inner thighs. His strong hands pulled down her wet thong. He pushed forward and inhaled her scent. He did not touch her treasure; instead his tongue began to explore her inner thighs.

Nikki whimpered, spreading her legs wider to give more access to her mate. This was his body to explore and enjoy and she wanted to give, to give everything to him. She felt him stop. Nikki looked down.

His hands were moving over the bite marks her many customers had left behind as a reminder of their tryst with her. Nikki turned crimson. She turned her head away, unable to meet her husband's gaze. He didn't speak, he did not ask for any explanation. Instead he ran his tongue over them, kissing the marks his wife bore in her fight to free her mate.

Tears flowed down her cheek as Tom explored her body, searching out the grim reminders of the humiliation and trauma his wife had been thru. He didn't ask for any explanation. In fact no explanations were asked for. He wanted to comfort her, let her know it was now okay, her pain and sufferings had come to an end. He sucked on the marks, as though he were pulling out the anguish and trauma from inside his wife's body and soul and taking it all inside him, healing her body and mind.

Nikki pulled her husband down on his back and rolled on top of him. She cupped his head in her hands and stared into his eyes. She kissed his eyes, then his cheeks, teasingly slipping her tongue into his mouth. Her hands moved across his muscular chest, feeling him, pressing her bosom to his, feeling his heartbeat. Nikki rested her head on his chest.

Tom wrapped his arms around her and the two remained motionless. His hand sought out her pussy. Letting his fingers glide along her narrow "landing strip" above her slit, he let his middle finger slide into the very top of her pussy. Pressing deeper, he found his wife was already soaked. Her vagina was already blossoming open; her pussy juices were flowing. He pressed the base of his fingers and palm against her clit while two fingertips probed for that small, raised area on the front wall of her vagina that was her G-spot. When he touched it, Nikki sucked in a deep breath. She hunched her pussy into his hand, joyful at his knowledge of how and where to touch her for her maximizing pleasure.

After a few minutes of intense stimulation, Nikki tugged his hand away. She smiled down at him, holding his eyes with hers. An unwritten wish passed between the husband and wife.

Tom rolled his wife on her back. Nikki smiled and invitingly spread her legs. She had been waiting for this union for so long. Nikki shivered as he placed his tip on her lips. He didn't want to hurt her; gently he guided his shaft inside. Nikki sobbed in happiness as she felt her husband's manhood inside her, her sweet nectar lubricating him, encouraging him in his powerful thrusts. She began rotating her hips in rhythm to his demands.

She felt as though she was floating, not a care in the world. "Yes ... oohhh ... never gonna let you outta my sight ... aahhh," screamed Nikki as her orgasm engulfed her body. Finally, exhausted, Nikki laid her head on Tom's muscular arm, her hand across his chest, playing with his hair.

She began telling him about all that happened at the Greenwood County Club. She didn't withhold anything from him. He listened to her uninterruptedly. John, Joey, Ambrose, Octopussy, Hugo, the special escort services ... everything.

Her body became tense when she spoke about Hugo; the onslaught she had born was still vivid in her mind.

"I guess he is at this very moment in one of the rooms, I feel sorry for the girl, whoever she is," she said.

"I really don't think so," replied her husband.

"Why so?" asked Nikki quizzically.

"Um ... let me see now," said her husband, "two broken arms, one broken leg, two black eyes, a couple of broken teeth, smashed groin and a swollen head ... no, I don't think he will be really up to it for a long, long time to come," he completed as he finished counting the number of bodily damages on his fingers.

Nikki sat up on her elbow and stared at her husband with big round eyes.

"Tom, what do you mean ... how do you know?"

Then realisation hit her. "Tom, you didn't?" she asked her hand going to her mouth. Then she giggled.

Tom didn't reply. Instead he poured a drink for the two of them.

"Nikki," he said, looking at her intently, "I work for the government."

"Like taking up some work for some department," she queried, trying to decipher what her husband was telling her.

"Nikki, you know I served in the army. Well, it was in the intelligence unit to be precise. It was my job to develop contacts, follow up leads, to come up with reliable information about the enemies' strength, their position so that our boys could go in for the kill without taking too many casualties."

Nikki nodded, listening in rapt attention, eyes wide open.

"For security purpose I could not tell anyone in which unit I had served. Sometimes you had asked me, but I always side stepped from giving you an honest answer. Sorry about that."

In response Nikki kissed him on his lip.

Tom continued with a thank you look on his face. "Some time after I had started my security agency, I got a visit from these guys, Nikki, here again, please don't ask me their department," he said with a pleading look. "It seems that due to the right to privacy laws and all that, they were at times unable to follow up on their leads as the law forbade them."

"Infringement of privacy," said Nikki sympathetically, being in the press, she was aware of such sensitive issues.

"Yes, but a private agency could go in where they couldn't, as long as they were smart enough to cover their ass."

"Well, they checked out my army record and asked me if I would accept their offer on matters concerning national security."

"Wow," said Nikki, her eyes going round in amazement.

"How do Greta and the Greenwood Country Club fit into this?"

Tom nodded and continued, "Intelligence units were getting information from reliable sources that terror groups were planning something big, along 9/11. But what was it going to be, nobody knew for sure. An attack on the metro or poisoning the water supplies of some major city, nobody was certain."

Nikki sat cross legged, listening to her husband intently with an occasional sip of her drink.

"A body of a woman was found buried in the sand in one of them mid east countries. Investigation linked her to the Greenwood Country Club. Apparently she had been working at the Club before being offered a stint at one of the harems of an influential and rich person. The money offered was good."


"We checked at the Club. Nobody had heard of her after she left. Everyone assumed that she had made a pile of money and then retired."

Nikki nodded her head.

"I had a hunch and did some digging on other missing girls and guess what? There were two more such cases in the last year or so. In all the cases the girls had been last known to working in the Greenwood Country Club before moving over to the Middle East."

"And never heard of again with everyone assuming they had retired," summed up Nikki in a serious tone.

"That's right."

"What was the last one's name?"

"Julie," replied Tom.

Nikki went cold. She had heard the girls talking about her.

"She had a kid in a boarding, wanted to come out of this business and have him with her," she whispered.

"It seems logical that they were offered the stint in the Middle East thru somebody at the Club. Perhaps one of the clients."

"But what does this have to do with national security?"

"I was coming to that. We ran a check on the companies doing business with the Middle East, while most of them had a good, sound background, there was this company which seems to have done exceedingly well in the past few years."

"Which company?"

"Mid West Corp."

Nikki looked on in disbelief.

"Until a few years back, it was a normal local business house with a respectable turnover. Then the company changed hands. And then it really started to go places. Now its export business accounted for almost its entire turnover. All of it is to the Middle East. That made me suspicious. We then investigated into the background of its new owners."

"Oliver & Amy Meyer," she said softly.

Tom looked at her. "How do you know?"

Nikki flushed. She stared at her drink.

Tom nodded.

"The two had a shady background. Had trouble with the customs authorities in the past. But now everything seems to be above board, that rose my heckles."

"That's when we decided to send in Greta, one of our best operatives."

As per her reports she had been to Oliver's palatial bungalow, for er ... meetings," he said giving a quick glance at her, not wishing to hurt her.

Nikki turned crimson.

"As per her reports, the place seemed to be heavily guarded. Some of the rooms had a lot of sophisticated electronic items. Not your usual set up for a millionaire's house."

"Before she could send in something concrete, I got that call from her. After that she just seems to have vanished," he ended in a somber mood.

"The Octopussy Necklace," whispered Nikki, "those were her last words."

Tom nodded. "Other departments have been notified of our suspicions and they are keeping a close tap of the electronic merchandise being exported by Mid West Corp. Till now we have not got hold of any unusual consignment."

Just then Nikki remembered about the piece of paper she had taken from Greta's boudoir. She went to the closet and took it out from where she had carefully hidden it.

"I wonder if this is of any use to you. It was in the room occupied by Greta."

Tom's eye lit up. "It's in her shorthand code." He let out a low whistle s he carefully went thru the details.

"This is big man, real big."

"What did she find out?"

"She writes that she had got him real drunk during one of their meetings. It seems that the earnings he was raking in thru exports was basically a sort of a kick back he was receiving for sending across some precious stones to some of the Middle East companies."

"Why don't these companies purchase them over here? After all they have the money to do so. Or perhaps they are pieces of jewellery which have been stolen and now are being illegally shipped abroad."

"That explains the dead girls who had travelled across with some real heavy stuff on them," replied Tom.

"But where's the security angle?"

"Only those stones can tell us," he replied.

"Greta goes on to say that the people from those foreign companies come to town on an inspection visit. They inspect the products at Mid West Corp before placing their orders. Octopussy then throws a party for them at the Greenwood County Club. It's a big event for the girls as some of them get selected for a trip overseas. This means big bucks for the girls. Some of them even think in terms of retiring from the business."

"But they eventually land up dead and buried under the hot desert sands," summed up Nikki.

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