The Octopussy Necklace Ch. 07


"Nikki," his voice was excited, "Octopussy told Greta that the overseas guys were expected in town in a couple of weeks and that if Greta wished he could arrange for her to join their harem!"

"Next couple of weeks! ... Tom, assuming she wrote this letter around the time she went missing, this means that the party at the Club is due any day!" exclaimed Nikki.

Tom nodded grimly, "It's gonna be their last hurrah for a long time to come. I am going to place this place under twenty four hours surveillance."

"But those stones, she doesn't say to whom Octopussy has handed them over to in the Club."

"Perhaps he has yet to pick a girl. He had selected Greta remember," replied Tom.

She grinned back at him.

"So my husband is one of those Men in Black kinda guys?" she asked, looking worshippingly at him.

"Sort of," he replied.

"Anyway you have to get out this bordello fast. It's gonna be dangerous around here. I will book you for one of these escort services in my name. I will send a car for you and you can head for home pronto."

Nikki looked steadily at her husband and said, "No, Tom."


"Nikki these guys are dangerous, you have no business to hang around here any longer."

"Those stones," she said softly, "Everything hinges around them but you have no idea of their whereabouts. Octopussy had asked Greta if she would be interested to join a harem for some time, which means she was the chosen carrier."


She hesitated briefly then continued, "Eva had informed me that, well ... um ... that Octopussy looked forward to meeting me, er ... again."

Nikki kept her eyes on her husband's face as she continued, "Tom, I stand a good chance being selected. This means I will be given the jewellery. Then all you have to do is to bust this place and get me out."

"You really don't have to do this."

"It's my country too honey," she replied, her jaw sticking out, eyes level. Tom stared at the determined look on his wife's face.

"I still don't want you around when we bust this place ... I don't want anything happening to you." Nikki shook her head, her eyes holding on to her husband's.

His face turned soft as he continued, "Nikki what you have told me fits with the information gathered by us. Now we can zero down our investigation to a certain group of people whom you have already met. You getting my point love."

"So far I'm with you," she replied affirmatively.

Tom looked steadily into her eyes before continuing, "This means that in a way you have already accomplished a lot for us by being at the Club, and ... and I don't want you to, umm ... fraternize with the crowd there anymore than is necessary."

Nikki looked fondly at her husband, "but isn't that a difficult proposition? I mean I cannot be selective in my customers. I have to, uhh ... go along know," she replied back in a low tone, her face and neck turning a crimson red. She looked down at her hands on her lap. She couldn't bear to look into her husband's face.

Tom smoked in silence for a few moments, and then he said, "Now listen carefully to me."

"Yes Chief," said Nikki as she snuggled close to her husband and began listening carefully to what he had to say.

The next morning Tom spoke to Eva and booked Nikki exclusively for the next couple of days for, as what he said, was entertainment of some government guests from Washington.

Eva swallowed the story hook, line and sinker. She was on cloud nine. Her Club was going places. Her carefully selected and well groomed girls were in demand with the big wigs that ran the country. Perhaps, perhaps if all went well, she would be able to open up a branch at the capital too. That girl Nikki was turning out to be a lucky charm for her. She would take extra care of her, perhaps make her a partner too, a working partner so to say, thought Eva with a happy, wicked smile.

A car would arrive promptly at noon at the Greenwood Country Club to pick up Nikki and take her to an "undisclosed location for entertaining government people" only to return in the early morning hours of the next day. Eva never bothered to ask just where she was being taken. As far as she was concerned, the money was good and the connections being forged would come in handy in the future.

In reality it was a house in one of the quieter localities of the town. Tom had converted it into his control room from where he was monitoring all the surveillance activities. Nikki was in for a surprise. One of the rooms was exclusively reserved for her. Tom even brought over some of the clothes she normally wore at home.

"Honey, strip off those sexy, duty dresses and put on the something I have brought along from our home," was what he told her on the first day.

She opened the closet and checked out the stuff he was talking about. Her eyes filled with tears. They were her ordinary clothing's, faded jeans, and loose, comfortable tops, just what a girl would prefer to lounge about in on a day off at home.

Tom did not meet her throughout the day as he was busy with the assignment on hand. He refused to divulge any information. He just told her that he would let her know when the time was right. That was okay with her, she was not the prying type.

At the same time he instructed her to keep her door locked. He had a key to the room so there was no problem. The room had a secure internet connection and she could open her office mails and in general catch up with her real world.

Deep down she knew her husband was doing all he could to heal the wounds, to help her overcome the shock of her body being abused. Most of the items in the room were from their house. There was her iPod; latest issues of some of the magazines she liked to read, a book on Yoga exercises for the mind and even her baby doll on the pillow. Her parents had gifted the doll when she was ten years old. Since then she had never gone to sleep without it. Even after marriage, her doll was always there on the bedside table. In a way he had created a home away from home in this room for her to recuperate.

Nikki smiled as she clicked open her office mail. She was one damn lucky girl. She soon adjusted into the new routine. She would catch up with her office work, then take a break or work out on the cycling machine her husband had specially installed for her. She would then take a nap or watch the cable.

Tom would return by eight or nine in the evening and the two would then watch some of their favorite serials together. After a long time she was beginning to feel herself again. The two of them would make tender love, expressing their feelings for each other as only a man and a woman can. She would welcome him inside her, her body responding to his needs, his demands, until finally he was satisfied, his seeds ensconced deep inside the womb of his chosen woman, just as Mother Nature desired.

He would wake her up before dawn, bath her and then dress her back in clothes she now had to wear. She would be back in her boudoir before sunrise, only to be ready to return by noon.

Eva watched the going on with utmost satisfaction. It seemed that her dream of making it big in the oldest trade in the history of mankind was going to turn into reality much sooner than she thought. She decided that she would soon speak to that tall, handsome looking gentleman who had been the first to taste Nikki. He seemed to be a man of power, no doubt he knew the right persons in the right place in the complex maze of power that was Washington. After all it was he who had spread the word around about Nikki. Maybe she would give him a commission with an additional bonus of free visiting rights to her bordello in the capital. And yes, Nikki would be the girl in charge there, no doubt about that as she seemed to have that correct mix of beauty and intellect to entertain the big and powerful, not an easy task for sure. She looked on condescendingly through her office window as Nikki sped off in her car to meet her "government customers" for the umpteenth time.

Nikki walked in to find her husband in a thoughtful mood.

"Hi honey, what's up?" she asked, planting a wet kiss on his mouth.

"Nikki baby, the crowds coming in," he replied.


"Well, we have been monitoring the movements of some of the people we suspect to be involved. Now as per the information coming from our embassy, four of the suspects had applied for a visa to come to this country on business trip."

"And guess the name of one the companies they will be visiting!"

"Let me take a shot," shot back Nikki, "Mid West Corp Inc?"

"Right on baby."

"In fact they are scheduled to touch the country in a couple of days. So any day we can expect them to show up in this town."

Tom moved closer and put his arms across his wife. "And that means that ... that you will have to ... uh ... you know rejoin the Club ..."

Nikki looked up into his eyes and nodded understandingly and slowly walked over to her room. Tom switched off his mobile. He did not have any further work planned for the day. If anything did come up, it would bloody well have to wait. He opened the door to his wife's room and then locked it behind him.


The car rolled up at sharp five in the morning. They watched in silence through the window as the driver shut off the headlights. It was still dark outside. As per ritual he had bathed his lovely woman and then helped her dress up in her chosen dress.

She turned to look at him one last time. The two embraced each other tightly.

Nikki then stepped back and opened the door and walked out towards the car.

To Be Continued ...


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