tagLoving WivesThe Octopussy Necklace Ch. 08

The Octopussy Necklace Ch. 08


(A very special thanks to Shiree for making this a better read)


It took her some time to adjust back to the daily routine of the Club. The girls were all around her, wanting to know all about her customers. The word had got round that she was entertaining the powers that be. No one had been allowed near her during her days of appointment. Now they wanted to know all.

"Which ones are the better Nikki baby ... the democrats or the republicans?" teased Rita as the other girls broke into a chorus of giggles and laughter.

"Aww c'mon, give her a break, the men are democrats or republicans only up there between their ears ... but down there they are all the same, and I bet Nikki dear here gave their down there her very best services," came a voice from behind. The girls broke into fits of laughter.

Nikki kept a straight face although she was smiling inwards. Little did these girls know that she had been with her husband all these days. Well, what they didn't know would certainly not harm them. Ignorance is bliss they say.

Life soon went back to normal and Nikki found herself once again at the Lounge. But not for long. She was soon back in her boudoir with an accountant who lost no time in undressing her and then taking her on all fours on the bed. In the days to come the accountant was followed by a lawyer, then a shop keeper, some single while some married with family waiting back home. The days passed away one by one but there seemed no sign of anything unusual taking place.

Nikki opened her legs a bit wider and began applying the cream she had borrowed from Gloria. Her last customer had turned out to be a veggie lover. She had to spread her legs wide and then take in a cucumber then a long slender brinjal and other assorted vegetables inside her pussy while the guy sat on a chair placed directly in front of her, letting him have a full view of the proceedings. This had left her feeling a little uncomfortable. The word got around in the morning and Gloria had come by with the tube.

Eva opened the door and stuck her head in. Nikki shut her thighs immediately and pushed the tube under the bed. If Eva saw her applying the cream, she would immediately call for Dr Ambrose, and she was in no mood to entertain Dr Cadaver.

"Nikki, Ollie rang up just now. He wants you to meet his wife Amy tonight," she announced with a wink, and then shut the door. Nikki took a deep breath. Things were moving at last.

She looked at her watch. She had time on her hand, and she was going to use it to her fullest advantage. Nikki stepped out of her boudoir right on time looking like a model from a fashion magazine. She wore a sexy black evening dress with a deep plunging neck line. It fell from her shoulders, barely covering her boobs, and crossed behind her back. A diamond studded golden open heart necklace hung from her neck.

She had expected to meet Ollie in the limo but was surprised to note that she was going to be the only occupant, other than the chauffeur. Nikki shrugged her shoulders nonchantly and made herself comfortable as the limo picked up speed. She lit a cigarette and stared thoughtfully out of the window. Eva had said that she was going to meet Amy, Octopussy's wife and business partner. By all accounts it seemed she was something special ... and yes she was bi. This was going to be her first lesbian experience and she was a bit apprehensive. Ollie would also be there, so by the time the night was over she would have fucked both the husband and wife. She flushed as she realised her panty had become moist, perhaps an indication that her body was looking forward to this first experience. Yes, another experience ... another romp in the bed ... one more satisfied customer and then it would be back to the Club.

She really didn't care though. This really surprised her when she looked back to her initial days in the Club. She had rushed headlong into this, her love and concern for the safety of her husband had blinded her to all other outcomes. The stream of men taking her body ... no her Tom's body every night had shocked her. She had become depressed as the reality of her decision took its toll on her body and mind.

Perhaps seeing her husband back safe changed all that, and the fact that although he did not approve of her decision to join the bordello in search for him, nevertheless his love for her had not diminished even after becoming fully aware of all the facts about her life in Greenwood Country Club. He knew she could be stubborn at times and as facts stood before him, her contribution in his rescue by far outweighed that of all the department guys with their loads of paraphernalia. It was she who had found him out and then sent across the message. She had done everything she could to get her husband back; this had made him love and respect her even more ... and he was going to get even with the people who had caused so much distress to his love, to have forced her to surrender her body for satisfying the hunger of the savage animals that visited the bordellos.

Her mind came back to the present. The limo turned into a driveway and in the distance she could see the palatial residence of Ollie and Amy Meyer.

Amy was waiting for her at the steps. Nikki looked carefully at the woman as she stepped out of the car. Amy was tall, taller than Ollie by a couple of inches, with a well maintained body. Her brown hair was professionally cut about her shoulders giving her the look of a successful businesswoman. As Nikki stepped forward, Amy's richly painted lips broke into a welcoming smile, the satisfied look in her blue eyes indicating her approval of Nikki. The dress she wore was a striking arrangement of blends of blue silk which highlighted her eyes. Amy was bare to the slope of her breasts; you almost expected to see the edge of her areolas. Her broad shoulders, breasts and narrow hips accentuated her beautiful figure and when she turned, the slit of her dress showed her slim, toned legs.

"Hi Nikki dear, I'm Amy," she said in a controlled, confident but at the same time welcoming tone. Amy hugged her tightly. Nikki could smell her fragrance. Her warmth quelled her fears. Nikki hugged her in return.

"Ollie has spoken a lot about you," she continued as she led Nikki into the living room, hand in hand. As though on cue, Ollie entered with drinks for both the ladies. He gave her a perfunctory kiss and then settled on the other side of Nikki.

"So you wanted to become an actress?" asked Amy with a smile.

Nikki realised that Ollie must have repeated her story to Amy. She nodded her head and once again reeled off her carefully rehearsed story of her life. Amy listened to her attentively, putting in a question or two every now and then. Nikki thanked her stars that she and her friends in her office had prepared a proper storyline, something that was plausible but at the same time difficult to verify, after all there was no dearth of fresh, innocent faces in tinsel town. She now realised that it was high time she did a bit of questioning also.

"I understand you have played a major role in turning around Mid West Corp," asked Nikki as she sipped her drink. It was her second glass. Ollie had dimmed the lights in the living room and there was a CD playing some soft music in the background, making the setting very relaxing and peaceful.

Amy looked over to Ollie with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, my Ollie has been speaking about me has he," she commented in a neutral tone.

Nikki tensed, not sure whether she had done the right thing by bringing up what had transpired between her and Ollie during their fuck session in the limo.

"An absolutely glowing report," replied Nikki with a smile on her lips. Ollie gave her a smile. He had his hand on her bare shoulders and was gently rubbing his sweaty palms over her bare skin, his beady eyes staring at her bosom.

Amy chuckled. "Well I had my very own little business back in Santa Monica while Ollie was running his engineering unit. When he decided to take over Mid West Corp, he wanted to retain a majority holding in the Board. So he asked me if I would take up a certain percentage of shares in Mid West Corp ... and the rest as they say is history. We are now one of the leading exporters in the State."

They continued talking about business and other matters. Her job in the local press had given Nikki a lot of exposure in different fields and she used this knowledge to her full advantage. She could clearly see that Amy was impressed with her opinion on many matters.

By now the drinks were beginning to have their effect. Amy gently held her head in her hands, tilted it to the side and softly placed her luscious lips to hers in a spine tingling kiss. The feel of another woman's soft lips on hers excited the intoxicated Nikki. Amy drew her closer and pressed her face into her bosom. Nikki melted to her touch. The two women opened their mouths, locked in passion, swallowing a massive volume of saliva as their tongues probed, swirled and jabbed.

They ran their hands over each other's back. Nikki found herself holding Amy's perfect ass with both hands. They continued their petting and fondling for some more time before Amy began undressing her. The evening dress was soon rid off, her perfect 36D breasts swung in full view of the husband and wife, the nipples erect with anticipation and arousal. Amy took her boobs in both her hands and gave them an appreciative squeeze before moving down to her satin panty. Nikki flushed as Amy leaned closed and inhaled her scent. She looked up at her face and smiled, "I think the attraction is mutual."

Nikki turned a deep shade of crimson.

Her panty soon joined her evening dress on the floor. Nikki watched as Amy ran her hands over her creamy thighs, her eyes examining every minute details of her body. Amy had pressed her back on the couch and placed herself between her parted legs. Nikki gave an involuntary gasp as Amy's delicate fingers flitted close to her womanly treasure. As though in response Octopussy pushed forward and placed his hungry mouth on hers, his hand kneading her breasts. Then Amy stood up and pulled her up close to herself.

"Undress me."

Nikki's trembling fingers slowly unzipped Amy's dress to reveal a well toned body. Amy's breasts were almost of the same size as hers, although they had a slight slope to them. Her nipples stood out like a child's little finger. Nikki took the right one in her mouth and gave it a gentle squeeze with her lips and then followed up on the other one.

"Oohh ..." murmured Amy softly, her hands playing with Nikki's hair, pulling her face into her breasts.

Then Amy spoke in a husky, aroused tone, "Come, let me show you my bedroom."

Amy slid her arm across Nikki's waist and the two walked over to the bedroom. They fell on to Amy's waterbed covered with red silk linens. Nikki had never lain in such comfort. Amy lay besides her. They hugged, kissed, and rolled from one side of her bed to the other, the sheets trapping their sweat-covered bodies in a silk cocoon. Their boobs smashed each other, their pussies dripping their womanly juices. Nikki returned on to her back with Amy on her side next to her. She leaned into Amy pressing her right breast into her left and tenderly kissed her. Her lips were full and succulent, her kissing tender and unforced. Amy urgently returned her kiss softly pecking at her lips.

Nikki knelt over Amy's body and caressed her ripe, succulent breasts. "I love your boobs," she moaned, "so full, so soft. God you are so hot, my love."

Nikki began sucking and tweaking Amy's nipples as she moved her head side to side. Nikki's tit play continued until Amy could take no more. She then lifted her head and began kissing Amy all over her face and ears. She licked her neck and shoulders, and gently grasped her luscious boobs, licking down the valley to her navel, an extremely sensitive part of her body. Amy tucked in her tummy hard as Nikki's probing tongue sent pleasurable spasms throughout her groin. The spasms grew to lengthy tremors and Amy swooned in ecstasy.

Nikki gave Amy's areolas a final lick and a kiss and then moved between her spread legs. She gazed at her shaved pussy with just a landing strip concealing her womanliness from prying, hungry eyes. By now juices slowly and steadily flowed from Amy's cunt. Nikki lapped up and drank a mouthful. She smiled and licked her lips, enjoying the taste. Nikki moved closer and licked Amy's slit softly from her asshole to clitoral sheath repeatedly, rubbing it from side to side, exploring every little nook and cranny of Amy's pussy, finding sensitive spots aplenty, judging by her shaky breathing and little gasps of pleasure. Nikki's heavenly touch fuelled her lust.

Amy's heart pounded as Nikki inserted two fingers into her vaginal opening. She screeched as her first orgasm of the night tore thru her body. Hot frothy pussy juice covered Nikki's sweet face. Time seemed to stand still. Amy returned to reality and found Nikki again at her pussy. Her nerves were still on edge as Nikki's fingers returned to her vagina. She expertly located her G-spot. Amy forced herself to relax as Para- urethral liquid filled her special ejaculate gland.

Nikki gently rubbed Amy's G-spot and flicked at her clit. Amy lost control of her urethra as a tremendous orgasm launched long clear streams of clear ejaculate fluids soaking Nikki and her beautiful silk sheets. Liquid turned Nikki's hair into a tangled mess dripping off her chin and tits. Amy lay on the soiled sheet and pulled Nikki on top of her. Their breasts tingled as they fell besides each other. Their pussies fell on their spread thighs. The two meshed perfectly, kissing deeply, flaming their passion to new heights.

"Oh Nikki, you have incredible lips," moaned Amy. "I love kissing you. Your lips are so soft. You are so tender." She planted her lips around Nikki's open mouth and ran her tongue around her lips and teeth. Nikki stayed still never wanting her kiss to end. Nikki lay back as Amy moved besides her and began fondling her perfect breasts. She held her left breast with both hands, squeezing softly, Nikki moaned with pleasure. Amy then began licking her dark brown areola and sucked the nipple into her mouth. Nikki moaned and shrugged her shoulders as an ecstatic spasm jolted her body.

"You are magnificent," praised Amy.

Amy lifted Nikki's globe and lightly licked the underside paying particular attention to the fatty tissue where the breast flesh extends down and out from the chest. A stunned Nikki panted and looked at Amy, who smiled back at her reaction. Amy then knelt between her lover's legs and licked her way to her honey pot driving Nikki crazy with her special belly licking. Nikki twisted and rolled in ecstasy, her pussy releasing a continuous flow of her delicious cream. Amy bathed her face in the flow, drinking and swallowing the unending river of nectar. She then used the juice as lube and thrust a finger in Nikki's freshly cleaned ass. Amy fingered her ass and licked her pussy slit. She then opened playmate's outer lips and gently and began licking the inner pink flesh.

Amy heard Nikki's taking deep breaths. She moaned and groaned music to Amy's ears. Nikki's juices were flow flowing thick and fast. She began humping against Amy's tongue, enjoying the sexual release she was giving her. Her orgasm was building now and she began to scream out, arching her back as she gripped the headboard tightly. She was wet and slippery. Amy moved her fingers in and out with ease while her thumb continued to torment Nikki's clit.

Octopussy furiously played with his elongating cock, watching the two ladies at play thru his beady eyes.

Amy stopped finger fucking Nikki and crawled across to the side of the large bed. She eased herself off and walked across to the bathroom. Octopussy watched longingly at the swing of her ample hips and arse. Nikki lay on the bed stroking her pussy, yearning for her lover to return.

Nikki saw her at the door of the bathroom. She was leaning against the doorframe in a seductive pose, her hips jutting out. And there, strapped around her hips was a large black cock. Nikki bit her lip, as the head of the toy grazed her slit. Amy gently rocked her hips, letting the head rub up and down very lightly.

"It's okay," Amy whispered to her, "you'll love this even more." Amy eased forward, the head parting Nikki's slick lips, pushing down toward her opening. She shivered, finally glancing down - and her eyes went as wide as they could go, her face paling slightly and her body tensing.

"Amy," murmured Nikki uncertainly.

Amy didn't give her the chance to over-think. Her hips eased forward, and the head slid inside her. Nikki gasped loudly, arching up and grabbing Amy's arm with one hand in reflex. Amy resisted the urge to push deep; knowing that she could pleasure her with this the way the real thing could not. Instead, she swirled her hips, letting the soft, ridged toy stretch and rub Nikki's opening, even letting it pop out once or twice and re-penetrating her. Again and again Amy thrust her black fat cock into her as Nikki wantonly spread herself for her, taking the ten inches of thick-veined manhood toy deep within her hot little cunt.

Octopussy watched hypnotized by the sight of Amy's huge cock invading Nikki's pussy. The sight of Amy plunging her thick member deep into Nikki's cunt, stretching her, filling her to capacity , then withdrawing, wet with her juices, only to plunge again, driving deep into her excited pussy was erotic.

Oh he always loved it whenever he brought over a new partner for his bi wife. He knew she would like Nikki. He grunted in satisfaction as Amy slid the toy out of her lover for the night and filled her free hand with one soft, round breast, squeezing just enough to get Nikki to arch higher, her thumb swirling on the nipple, and then slid it back in, letting the head of the toy glide in and out with little pumping motions of her hips.

Nikki whimpered at the touch on her breast, and then cried out softly as Amy entered her.

"Oh, god, Amy...yes, God, please..."

That was all Amy was waiting for. She reached down, gripped her hip, and pushed her way deep inside her, moving slowly and gently, little thrusts matched by longer outward movements. Every ounce of self-control went into not burying it all at once, but even as she nudged her way deeper into Nikki's body, she heard a soft, slick noise as the friction with Nikki's wetness increased.

Nikki cried out, arching up higher than ever, throwing her head back.

"Oh my god," gasped Nikki breathlessly, and then slumped back into the bed, relaxing and reaching back up to grip the headboard, opening her legs wide. The tightness of her pussy eased slightly, and Amy pushed deep into her body, finally melting her hips with hers, shuddering at the stimulation of the nub of the toy teasing her own slit as she savored her long, throaty cry of pleasure.

Nikki cried out helplessly, feeling her orgasm rushing unstoppably toward her. Her hands gripped Amy's back, and her legs tightened around her as her muscles locked, the bed frantically squeaking under them as their bodies bucked together, the wet slick sounds of the toy squirming inside her filling their ears. The two women moaned again and again, as if in harmony, answering each other's ecstasy - until Nikki's body arched up higher still, and her body went rigid as her breathing stopped. As she did, her soft breasts brushed Amy's.

That was enough for Amy. She screamed her name, lunging against her to maximize the contact, and going into spasms that seemed to fire every nerve in her body and ever neuron in her brain, her body jerking and thrashing, skin lit up with the heat of Nikki under her. She could dimly hear Nikki screaming as well, her nails digging painfully into her shoulder blades, their bodies plastered together as her legs, still tightly wrapped around Amy's hips, jerked wildly out of control. Amy could feel her pussy pulsating and quivering right up the length of the toy buried inside her. Amy buried her face in Nikki's neck, sobbing with pleasure. The smell of Nikki's skin, the feel of it against her face, her own sounds in her ear extended her orgasm far beyond the normal limits. After several more hard spasms and short cries from her combined with gasping squeals from Nikki, Amy finally went limp, collapsing on top of Nikki, out of breath. Slowly Amy slid off her. She laid next to Nikki, her black cock hanging in the air.

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