tagInterracial LoveThe Office Christmas Party

The Office Christmas Party


Hi its me again Steve, and I’m to tell you what at last years Christmas party, and my exploits with a temp called Suki who was an exchange student from Japan, let me describe Suki for you, she is 4’10, a petit frame, long jet black hair, (when she wears it down, and brown eyes, (26-18-26).

Suki arrived a week before our office Christmas party, she had come from our London branch highly recommended, she was told to report to me as she was a trainee, she arrived on the Monday morning, wearing a red kimono, and her hair up, I felt a twinge in my groin when I first saw her, I walked towards her, and she greeted me with a bow, allowing me a good view of her small breasts.

She then introduced herself as Suki Kim-Tung a 23 year old exchange student and hoped to learn much from our company, she asked me what the company did for Christmas, I said we always held a office party, starting at local Italian across the road from the office, plenty of food and wine, then to the wine bar, for a few more drinks, then back to the office, where the big boss liked to play Santa, and give everyone a gift.

Suki seemed to look sexier every day she arrived for work, and it was either my imagination or the clothes were getting tighter day by day, on the Friday Monday she arrived wear a tight black mini skirt, high heels and a tight fitting white blouse, and it didn’t look like she was wearing a bra, I have never seem anyone wear a skirt that short before. (Even the slappers from the typing pool never wore anything that short)

I help her on with her long coat as we were about to leave for the party, with that coat on it looked like she was wearing nothing, some time later, we arrived back at the office, and invited Suki into my office saying I had something for her, I handed her a small box with a gold chain with the letter S on, she looked at me with tears in her eyes, and dropped her coat to the floor.

She sat on my chair, and uncrossed her legs slowly, showing me she wasn’t wearing much, my eyes widened in surprise, I turned and quickly locked the office door so we would be disturbed, I turned back I noticed she had let her hair down, it reached to her waist, she told me to sit on my desk facing her, she then slowly unzipped me gently pulling out my semi-hard cock, she took a sip of wine, and without swallowing it she took my cock into her mouth, I closed my eyes and moaned in pleasure.

I gently pulled her head away and said I wanted to taste her pussy before we went any further, she jumped onto my desk and spread her legs wide for me, she had the smallest, cutest pussy I had ever seen, I wondered if it tasted as sweet as it looked, I licked along the split, exciting her, then gently parting her lips, pushed my tongue in further, finding her clit and making her softly scream, I licked from her ass to clit, then slowly inserted a finger and she was rather tight, I was going to have to gentle or I could hurt her.

I slid she to the edge of the desk, then teasingly pushed my cock against her arse, please no not there, so I stood finished removing my pants, as she removed my tie and unbuttoned my shirt, after I removed my pants I reached across and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, pause to suck her nipples as I did so, then kiss slowly down her body towards her pussy, I could now see she was more relaxed as she was wetter than before, and as I inserted a finger, I noticed she wasn’t as tight.

She looked me in the eyes, and said she wanted me to take her like a dog, so I asked her to kneel, on my sheepskin rug, I used my cock to tease the bit of skin between her arse and pussy, which caused me to leak a little pre-cum lubricating my cock, I slowly penetrated her, she asked me to stop, she pushed back into me, and tightened her muscles round me, I screamed in pain as it felt like someone had put my cock into a vice, she then relaxed and I felt her grown wet round me, as I started to thrust inside her.

She was screaming like a banshee, as I thrusted deeper and harder into her, I felt myself cum deep inside as she was so tight, as I pulled out, she turned and licked my cock clean, she said if I took it slowly I could take her up her arse, I slid my finger back into her now very wet pussy, then when I had got it nice and wet, I slowly pushed it into her arse, and pushed my semi erect cock back into her pussy, to lubricate it, it hardened instantly, I pulled out of her pussy and removed my finger from her arse, parting her cheeks with one hand, I positioned my cock against her arse hole.

Pushing slowly it slid it, she yelped as the tip went in, and I stopped to allow her body to adjust, I ask her if for me to continue, she moaned yes, so I carried on pushing, until I could feel my balls resting against her, I slowly pulled out and began to thrust, she started to moan softly, she moaned oh god yes, don’t stop, it feels great, so I thrust a bit harder wishing Claire my wife was here to help me, then fired all over her arse, I gently rubbed it in, suddenly there was a knock on the door, a voice said everything ok Steve, I replied yes, just working on some final figures.

As the footsteps Suki went bright red then burst into tears, I helped her dress, dressed myself quickly then cuddled her to comfort her, and told her everything would be ok, no-one would ever find out, she left with a smile on her face.

I had told Suki the New Years party was at my house, and gave her the details of how to get there, as most of the partners would be there with their wives, and would she please come in the outfit she first arrived in.

Three months later, Suki moved on to another branch within the company, it happened to be our American branch, I sent her a glowing reference, and said on it the she was eager and willing to learn, and enjoyed extra duties.

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