tagLoving WivesThe Office Encounter...

The Office Encounter...


She'd been working as my secretary for the last three months and she seemed to love the job, even though there were some long days. It was 2pm in the afternoon when you walked in to surprise her to take her out to a late lunch. When you arrive she is not at her desk. You keep walking towards my office to ask where she is. As you get there you see that the door is slightly ajar and in an effort to make sure you're not interrupting a meeting or something, you peer through the slot between the door and the frame.

You're jaw drops open as your eyes take in what you're seeing. I am leaning against the front of my desk while she is on all fours in front of me, her arse high in the air. You can't see what she's doing, but the bobbing of her head helps your mind fill in the blanks. Her mini skirt has ridden up to her hips and you can see that she is not wearing any underwear.

You want to burst into the room and stop what is happening but you find yourself frozen still, taking it all in. You see her hand reach back through her legs and her finger slide deep into her wet pussy. You realise you're getting hard, this is turning you on. You can't help but reach into your pants and pull out your cock, which is already growing from watching the show.

You can hear her moaning with a mouth full of cock as her head continues to bob up and down. You watch as I stand her up and bend her over my desk. I lift her skirt up to her waist and squat down behind her. You stroke your cock as you watch me push my face into her pussy. Her back arches as she reaches back to force my head in tighter behind her. Her moans grow louder and my tongue flicks over her clit. She bucks wildly as you see her throw her head back and cum on my face.

Your adrenaline peaks as you watch me turn her over and lay her on the desk, standing between her widely spread legs. In your excitement, you lean too far forward, moving the door which let's out a creak as it opens.

We both look towards the door and see you standing in the doorway with your erect cock in your hand. "Looks like someone is enjoying the show!" I say.

She looks you up and down, biting her lip and says, "I think you're right. Maybe he should come in closer so he can get a better view of your big cock sliding into my pussy?"

She motions for you to come closer with her finger, her eyes never leaving yours. You step into the room and walk over to stand next to her. It's an erotic sight, with her laying on her back, her knees in the air and her legs spread wide apart. You look down to her cleanly shaven pussy, dripping and ready to take my cock, which is poised ready to penetrate her.

"You want to see that big cock fuck my pussy, don't you? You want to see me fucked like a real slut!" she says, with a commanding tone. She reaches her hand up to the back of your neck and, with more strength than you thought she could have, forces your head down to within inches of her pussy. "Watch closely baby!" she growls.

You have a front row seat as you watch me rub the head of my pulsating cock up and down her drenched pussy lips. She groans as her anticipation grows to unbearable levels.

"Your girl is a hot little slut," I say to you "look at her, she's dying for it!"

"Give me that big cock!" she says, "I want it deep in me! Show him how I should be fucked!"

You watch as I pull back from her pussy for just a second before driving my dick all the way into her with one big thrust. Your eyes are fixed as you watch my cock withdraw from her hole, glistening with her juices. I drive it back in again and start fucking her hard, the slapping sounds emanating with every stroke.

She moans wildly as she holds your head in place. "Are you watching?" she asks "Make sure you're taking notes! This is how I like to be fucked." The scent of her juices full your nostrils as you excitedly watch her get fucked hard in extreme close up. "Oh! Fuck me!" she yells, "Fuck me like a dirty little slut!"

I continue to pound away into her, making her moan more and more. "I'm going to cum!" she yells. "I'm going to cum on that big cock baby! Make sure you're watching! Arhhh". Her hips buck wildly as I continue to drive my cock into her, pushing her to orgasm. She cums hard on my cock, with her juices flowing everywhere.

I pull my pulsating cock out of her cunt and take a step backward. She pushes your head down into her pussy. "Taste it baby. Taste my cum," she says. She lays there panting, catching her breath while you eat her pussy.

"Hey, don't keep me waiting you little slut!" you hear me say, "This cock isn't going to suck itself!"

She pushes your head out of the way slides off the desk, onto her knees. "Yes boss," she says with a smile as she takes my juice covered cock in her mouth.

"Fuck she is good at what she does mate," I say to you as she continues to suck, "She's needed a little bit of training but she knows her place now. She knows how I like it, and she likes it just as much as you've seen." You're speechless as you listen to me practically telling you that your girl is servicing me as part of her job!

You should be ropeable, but you find yourself aroused and excited like you've never been before. Could this all really be happening? Are you really seeing this?

While you struggle with why you are not angry about the whole situation, I tell her to bend herself over my desk so I can fuck her from behind. She eagerly does as she's told, waiting for me to mount her. I slowly slide my cock into her pussy and, with my hands on her hips, begin pounding her wet pussy again.

"Does this turn you on?" she asks. "It looks like it does," her eyes drop down to your rock hard cock. "I don't think I've ever seen you this hard," she moans, with jolts in her voice from me pounding her cunt.

She reaches out for your cock and pulls it toward her. She stares straight into your eyes as she takes you into her mouth, sucking you in. Her body is still jolting forward from the force of my hips slamming hard into her. Everything seems to be happening in slow motion as your senses take everything in. The feeling of her hot mouth on your cock, the smell of her juices, the sight of me fucking her pussy hard.

Then it happens. It's like all this arousal has flicked a switch in you. You reach down and grab a hand full of her hair tight in your fist. You start to fuck her face as you say through gritted teeth "God you're a sexy whore! Does it feel good to be pounded by that big cock?" She sucks a few more strokes before mumbling agreement with her mouth still full of cock. "Well, you better keep the boss happy," you tell her "we wouldn't want you to get fired!"

You notice me picking up the pace of my thrusts and you keenly provide a commentary to her, "Looks like he's ready to cum. Make sure you drain his balls baby!"

After hearing your words she starts slamming back harder into me, making sure I'm in as deep as I can go. You see me tense, slam my hips into her arse and hold her tightly in position. I moan loudly as I unload my cum deep inside her.

She continues to suck your cock as I catch my breath, pulling my length from her hole. The thought of what had just happened pushes you to the edge and you feel yourself approaching orgasm. "Get on your knees," you tell her. You're pumping your cock in your fist as she positions herself in front of you. "Get your tongue out," you demand as you push her head back.

As she extends her tongue you unload your jizz all over her face. She swallows all that she can manage, trying not to miss a drop. "Did you like that?" she says to you with a questioning look.

You muster up a nod in reply, "I can see why you love your job so much," you say with a smile. "You'd better keep the boss happy, you'd hate to lose a job as good as this one!"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/05/18

I like your story, gave you a 3.9/5 (78%=B) The story's scenario is my cup of tea.

AnnetteBishop's comment 05/17/18 hit the nail on the head (she likes office sex!).
What happens at work stays at work... unless her husband/boyfriend pays a surprise visit to her at work.

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by Anonymous05/19/18

Well done

Certainly aroused me quite a bit. Many women fantasize about their boss with or without their husband’s consent.

I wish lierotica would let authors delete comments by mischief makers. They are suchmore...

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by Anonymous05/19/18

Nothing beats a sexy shared wife

It's so hot to share your wife with other men. Nothing compares.

I wish this author would delete all the nasty comments by that obnoxious troll with all the different names.

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by Anonymous05/18/18


At least the trolls didn't object to the category that this was in. Nothing upsets them more than women having consensual sex with a husband's approval. If only they were this upset about gun violencemore...

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by AnnetteBishop05/17/18

I love office sex

Cute story xoxoxoxo Annette

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