The Office Mates Ch. 02


"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

"Sorry? Sorry about what?"

"I'm sorry about the way I treated you."

"Treated me?" she said still unclear at what he was talking about. "Are you talking about the other night? The night at the hotel?"

John nodded.

"I thought we talked about this already. I thought we came to an understanding."

"I can't get over the way I treated you. You know? The way I manhandled you. Not only did I allow myself to have sex with you I did it as if you were like some back alley prostitute."

She stroked his soft brown hair and spoke quiet and tenderly, "Hey. I told you I was okay with it, remember?"

"I remember. But I'm your bro too. I can't let that happen to my sis. Not even by me."

She smiled sweetly feeling a warmth in her heart. "I'm the one that wanted it, Johnny. Remember? There's nothing to feel sorry for."

"But I do. I let you down. I'm your brother first, remember?" He said lying back on the lounger.

"Of course you are. You think I forgot about that? Why do you think I'm okay with it?"

John looked at her unsure of the answer.

"Because I knew it was you, stupid. I'm safe with you. I'm always safe around my brother."

John smiled and brushed a finger across Sue's smooth cheek. She smiled back letting out a little girlish giggle.

"I'm still sorry though." he said.

"Then I forgive you wholeheartedly."

"So we're good? We can put this behind us?"

"Wait. What are we talking about here?"

"You know, the night at the hotel. No unresolved issues." He said with an unsure shrug.

Susan looked at him for a moment equally unsure, "What issues are we talking about exactly?"

"The stuff we were just talking about. I'm sorry for treating you so rough and for having sex with you."

Susan lowered her head and placed her thumb and middle finger on her temples covering her face with her hand and shook her head. "Damn it, Johnny. I never liked this wishy washy crap you always pull."

She raised her head and sighed with frustration looking him straight in the eyes, "What's the problem? What are you hung up on? Are you feeling guilty that you fucked me?"

"Well I feel guilty how I did it."

"Fine." Susan said quickly and waved her hand in the air, "I get it. I understand. Apology accepted. Now that the way you fucked me is out of the way, are you guilty that you fucked me?"

John was taken aback. Susan's gaze was piercing, stern and unrelenting. He blinked and looked away rubbing his neck to try to deflect the scrutiny.

"I...I'm just saying...I want to be your brother."

"And you are! You always have and you always will be." She said slowly letting the frustration dissipate from her voice.

"I love you." she said calm again.

They shared an awkward silence together not looking at each other.

"If there's anybody that should feel guilty, it's me." Susan said. "I'm the one that wanted it. I'm the one that enticed you. It's my fault, so you shouldn't feel any guilt."

"I should've been stronger. Especially for you."

"Give me some credit, Johnny. Was I not the sexiest girl you've ever met, that night?"

John smiled, "Yes, you were."

"Then what's the problem?"

John took Susan's hands and gave them a tender squeeze, "I-I love you. And I loved being with you. It was a wonderful night. Magical as you said. Maybe it would be best if we keep it just like it is. They're memories that will last us for the rest of our lives."

"Is that what you want?" Susan said.

"I think it would be best." he said with a wincing shrug.

"Well then. I guess that's that."

John nodded.

"Hmph." she said with a pouty grunt and rose to her feet.

She stood in front of him looking down on to her robe and slowly undid the knot on her belt. She opened the robe to reveal her completely naked body for his eyes to feast upon. Her B cupped breasts were full with her nipples erect and aroused. Her pussy looked as smooth as her cheek with only the cleft of skin for him to see covering the pink folds within.

She let the robe fall off her shoulders and down to the white carpet and brought her hands to her hips.

"Is there any way I can change your mind, babe?" she said.

John sat there speechless with his jaw dropping like an anvil. He felt his heart skip a beat and the blood rushing toward his cock. He slowly raised his head and looked at Susan with regret over what he had just said.

"Oh Susie. That's so unfair."

She smiled coy and playfully. "I've got some business to tend to in the bedroom." She said turning and walking off before stopping and turned to look at John, "Would you like to join me?" she said beckoning, practically goading him to follow her as he stared at her ass crease back and forth as she walked out of sight.

John sat there as his cock grew harder and harder each passing second. He rose to his feet feeling his erection full on pressing against is slacks. He could've easily turned and walked out into the cool night sky and drove off, but that option never passed through his mind. The sexual energy pumped and tingled all the way down to his toes and walked into the bedroom.

John stopped at the doorway and saw Susan sitting on her king sized bed with her back against the white leather headboard. She looked up and saw him and felt a shot of tingly excitement rush across her body.

"I was just going to masturbate." she said opening her legs wide letting the air touch her pink folds.

She saw him staring at her pussy intently, "Want to help me?"

John took two quick and determined steps towards her then stopped and caught and checked his libido and looked at Susan. She saw the indecision in his face and immediately sat up and blurted out, "No, it's okay."

Susan's body was aching as well. Her heart was thumping in overdrive engorging her clitoris and lubricating her pussy for the inevitable plunge. The anticipation was all but complete, but Susan, nor her body wanted to back down now.

"Once more? Just one more time? Please?" she said not wanting this opportunity to pass away.

"It's okay? I mean really okay?"

"It's okay. It's always okay, Johnny."

His eyes went back down to her pussy and she felt the heat of her anticipation swelling. John stepped forward climbing onto the bed. He crawled up to her on his knees and looked at Susan. She smiled bit down one of her fingers breathing heavy. John put a hand on each of Susan's thighs and his touch sent shivers up her body eliciting a soft pleasurable purr from her mouth. John brought his head down between her legs smelling a combination of the perfume scented soap from her body as well as the hot and raw sex coming from her wet pussy.

John opened Susan's legs wide and dabbed the tip of his tongue on her already aroused clitoris making her writhe and giggle in bliss. She closed her eyes and covered her mouth hiding the joyful smile and stifling the playful laugh a bit feeling such an intense and wonderful sensation fill her body.

Susan giggled and moaned as John spread her lips open licking the wet tangy juice from her pussy only to finishing with a flick of tongue on her clitoris. She closed her legs on his head and reached down grabbing his hair nudging him to lick just at the right spot. Her body rolled side to side and arching her back off the bed feeling the tender tickle from his tongue followed by a deep and intense pleasure when it bumped against her clitoris.

"Ooohhhhh...ooohhhh..." Susan moaned and moaned the closer she came.

She gripped John's hair like a hand grip on a roller coaster. With his fingers probing deep inside her wet folds, Susan could feel she was fast approaching the edge.

"N-nooooo..." she said with only a wisp of sound coming from her mouth. She shook her head side to side and tried to push John's hungry face off her pussy.

John resisted and pushed himself deeper into her hearing moans come from deep inside her and feeling her body trembling with eagerness.


Susan began to pant hard feeling she had already passed the edge and felt her orgasm quietly swelling just before the inevitable blissful burst.

Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open silently moaning. Her body was rigid as a board as she felt little tingly specks of pleasure like tiny bubbles popping filled with joy until the big bubble burst and released all of her sexual energy at once.

"Aaaauuuuaaaaggghhhhhh..." Susan moaned long and hard convulsing uncontrollably on the bed.

John bore down on her eating her and prodding and poking her deeper feeding off her orgasmic release. She pushed against his forehead trying to pry him off her oversensitive clitoris, but he gripped her thighs tight pulling her into his mouth.


She pushed and struggling until he finally stopped. Susan relaxed her entire body with her chest rising and falling in quick succession.

"Did that feel as good as it sounded?" John said.

Susan covered her face and laughed like a shy little girl. John scooted up next Susan and cuddled up beside her. He looked at her with a smile and she smiled back glowing from her orgasm.

"That was wonderful." she said.

"I know."

Susan reached down and felt his solid erection under his slacks.

"Yes. You do know." She said with a big smile.

John came down on her and brought his mouth to hers and kissed her long and deep. Her tongue quickly popped out of her mouth to meet his as she felt her eyes roll back and her thoughts fluttering with ecstasy.

Susan felt his hand on top of her pussy gently rubbing her clitoris back and forth and the closeness of his body next to hers. She had come to desire his brother intimately for quite some time now. The night at the hotel was a culmination of her desire, but there was also nervousness and fright from not knowing his reaction. Although that night turned out well, this time she felt comfortable. She felt absolutely blissful.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned while they kissed opening her eyes for peek just to make sure it really was her Johnny kissing her.

She wrapped her arms and legs around her and pulled him down on top of her then she began unbuttoning his shirt. John quickly caught on and kicked off his shoes and began undoing his belt and loosening his slacks.

John peeled off his shirt then quickly reached down and pulled his boxers and slacks off his hips. He pulled off Susan's lips snapping strings of spittle between their tongues and pulled his undershirt over his head. Susan grabbed the shaft of his cock feeling the strong firmness in her grip while John finished removing his slacks and boxers completely. He leaned over her and they both smiled before John pushed his cock inside her.

Susan's mouth parted with a long and silent exhale. Her eyes closed and felt his body upon hers. The warm skin on skin contact gave off a sensation reminding them they were both completely naked to one another in this intimate moment.

John plunged his hips down upon Susan letting her feel his cock sink deep within her. She arched her back and let out a moan that gave off a faint tinge of pain and surprise, but at the same time, sounding an arousing pleasure. John grunted holding Susan's body close to his placing his besides Susan's. He smelled the flowery scented shampoo from her damp hair as he plunged in and out of her hot and wet pussy. The feelings, the smells, the sights, the sounds and the taste of her pussy that still lingered in his mouth were everywhere around him. The touch of her warm skin on his and her tight pussy around his cock was enough to overwhelm him, but there was also scented of her soap that smelled like femininity and the soft constant moaning that purred past her lips. Then there was of course her shapely body and her attractive face with the expression of bliss for him to see.

"Oh, Susie!" he groaned feeling his orgasm building.

"Yeah, babe. Come on." Susan said between pants.

Susan opened her legs wider feeling John pounding her faster and faster. She knew he was close and it only made her more aroused. She gripped his cheeks digging her nails down onto his skin with a firm grip. She felt her body zing with pleasure at each plunge and was glad she already came, letting her mind focus on each wonderful thrust. The image of a cock spewing uncontrollably like an unmanned fire hose made her eager and wanting it to happen.

Her body became rigid once again as she took a deep breath and wrapped her legs around John's ass. His body picked up on the signals and brought his orgasm out into the light.

"Uuunnnggghhh..." John moaned with one last deep and long plunge before pulling his cock out and shooting his load all over Susan's body.

"Oh, yeaaahhhhh..." Susan said and stroked her clitoris and followed his orgasm with another of her own.

The hot globs of come splotched all over her body splashing on her tits and stomach mostly, but one splashed just below her chin and slowly oozed down along the side of her neck.

John jacked his cock letting his orgasm go through his body fully before stopping to let his slick cock rest. His heavy breathing began to calm and he lied down on his side next to Susan. She reached over and took his sack into her hand caressing them gently. John let out a long relaxing grunt and smiled comfortably.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" Susan said.

"Tease." he said with a laugh, "You were never like this before."

"Do you mind?"

John said nothing, but the expression on his face was clear he was thinking about it.

"Well, do you?" she said.

"I should, with you being my sis, right?"

"I don't know. I'm not you." she said.

Her caressing stopped and took her hand off his sack, stopping the warm pulses of joy rippling over his body that he immediately noticed.

Susan gave no signs of resentment, but John sensed a touch of bitter coldness in her words. He looked at her lying next to her peaceful and comfortably naked. She was pretty in his eyes. Not a pretty sister, sweet and cute, but a pretty woman, sexy and feminine. He felt the attraction to her in his eyes and felt his lust growing once again.

"Babe," he said brushing the hairs off her forehead and she looked at him with a warm tenderness.

"Where can we go with this?" he said.

"Where ever we want to take it, baby." She said placing her hand on his cheek.

"I don't know how long or how far this could go, but I do know that I'll enjoy it. I'll cherish every second of it because...because it feels good."

"Yes, it does." John said.

"It does?"

"Yes. Very much." he said with a smile and lowered his head for a deep and passionate kiss.

He broke off and lifted his body above her, "You know if this," he said wagging his finger between himself and her, "is going to work, there are certain...duties that your position must fill."

"You know me. Do I tend to shirk my duties?" she said giving a wicked smile.

"No, you don't." he said smiling back, "But it'll be a lot of fun trying to find out."

He kissed her again fondling her breasts in both his hands before lying beside her.

"Do you have anything to eat?" John said.

"What. Do I need to leave you a trail of breadcrumbs, Hansel?" she said propping up her legs and spreading them wide.

"No. I mean food. I haven't eaten anything since lunch."

"Oh. Oh yeah." She said lowering her legs, "I'm sure there's something in the fridge." She said and slid off the bed.

She went over toward the kitchen and John followed slipping on his boxers.

"Breadcrumbs. Stupid!" he said.

"Oh shut up! How should I know your stomach was talking and not your cock?"

"What? I'm always in control. Except when I'm being beckoned and teased." He said following her.

"Oh please." Susan said and picked up her robe on the floor and wrapping it around her body, "You were never in control when you met your ex."

She walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door glancing over at John with a look as cold and hard as the butter in the door shelf.

John's shoulders slumped down and admitted that his sister was right. He still harbored much regret over a relationship and a marriage that never had a chance of success from the beginning. He sighed and sat down on a stool next to the kitchen island remembering those ill fated times.

"I mean we tried to warn you. Mom. Dad." She said trying to sound compassionate, "But we couldn't get through that thick head of yours."

"All right. All right. Don't you think I feel bad enough already?"

Susan pulled out some cold cuts and vegetables and slammed them down on the countertop, "I mean, you would think that someone would listen to their family's advice because they have your best interests and well being at heart. But no! You had to be the stubborn little brat and marry that trampy bitch just to spite us!"

"All right already! I get it! You were right and I was wrong! Are you happy now?!"

"Happy? Why would letting that cheating bitch take advantage of you, make me happy?" Susan said.

"I'm sorry...Mom. I'm sorry for being a big disappointment."

"Fuck you." she said throwing a tomato at him that sailed past his left ear. "You're not the only one that suffered because of your stubbornness." she said and turned her back on him turning her attention to the food in front of her.

John's frustration quickly subsided and went over to Susan. He stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I'm sorry. You were right. Mom. Dad. And you. I know you warned me and yes, I didn't listen. I thought you didn't know her the way I did and I could make it work. When I look back now, it's all clear. And believe me, I feel stupid for the choices I made and I regret not taking...not listening to the advice you guys gave me."

Susan smiled just a bit hearing the sincerity in his voice. "I'm guilty too." She said turning to face him, "I should've told you all of this flat out before you got married. I've regretted not doing it. I'm your sister and I'm supposed to protect you from people like her, but you seemed so happy so I held most of it back hoping for the best. I'll never do that again."

"Thank you, sis. Even if you said what you said, I probably still wouldn't have listened anyway."

"Yeah, but maybe you would've realized it much sooner."

"Maybe." He shrugged. "But what's done is done, so there's no use worrying about it anymore. I'll have to live with the regret, but I hope you can turn the page on that part of my life."

"It was a tough lesson to learn, but I think you've got it."

"So you won't beat me up about it anymore?"

"That depends."

"On what?"

"On you letting your cock think for you."

"You'll help me with that, won't you?"

"That depends also."

"On what?"

"If we are alone or not." She said with a sly smile.

"We're alone now."

"Yes we are."

"So it's okay."

"But I thought you were hungry?"

"My cock doesn't care about my stomach." He said and opened Susan's robe.

John lifted her and laid her down on the granite island countertop and quickly dropped his boxers revealing his fully erect cock. He held her legs and leaned them against his body as he pushed his cock into her pussy once again.

"UUmmmmm..." she moaned sliding her body away from him but he held her close and continued thrusting himself into her.

Susan closed her eyes and purred in delight feeling her body rocked back and forth feeling his cock penetrating her. She was fully aroused enjoying the spontaneity of the situation. They both felt the tingles of sex at the same time and both wanted the same thing. She knew she was being fucked on a cold hard slab of granite in the middle of her kitchen, but that only added a touch of adventure to something she already enjoyed doing.

Her mind wandered to other places. She pictured them totally naked in front of her fireplace as she rode him with a blissful expression on her face and feeling the warm orange flames licking the air. Then she thought about being taken from behind in her walk-in closet. She would fall down to her knees as he would steadily increase his pounding up to a loud guttural orgasm. The thoughts could have gravitated towards any man she found attractive, but they were all of John.

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