tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Office- Pam's Wedding Day Ch. 08

The Office- Pam's Wedding Day Ch. 08


Pam headed to Toby's house with a smile on her face. All she had coming for her trouble was as simple shower with Toby which was nothing compared to what they have already done together. She figured that she had now leveled the playing field with Jim and that no longer could he use when he saw against her. She pulled in to Toby's yard ready to go ahead and get the shower over with so she could go back and see the look on Jim's face. When she was greeted by Toby and walked into his living room though, she was surprised to say the least though for who was standing in front of her.

Sitting on the couch was Penny and Isabel, penny being Pam's sister and Isabel being her close friend. Toby had looked up their numbers after he was finished with using his camera against Jim for Pam, and asked them to meet him at his house for Pam would be coming over and they had important matters to discuss. All three of the ladies were surprised and curious as to exactly what was going on and why Toby had asked all of them to join him today.

Toby had bigger plans than just showering with Pam today, he had much bigger plans indeed. "Well ladies thanks for joining me here today, Pam I have more than enough stacking evidence against you towards Jim and towards work, and Isabel I caught you on camera a few months ago with Dwight in the office when you thought you were alone. Now seeing as though you are a friend of Pam's and I'm head of human resources, I have justifiable cause to have Pam fired and you arrested for indecent exposure in the workplace. Don't worry Penny you will find out why you are here as well. "

"So unless Pam you want to be fired and have Jim have overwhelming evidence to take everything in a divorce since he and I are the only with pictures if him cheating, and Isabel I'm sure you don't want to go to jail, we are going to play a little game here together today. "

All the girls sat side by side on the couch in shock and disbelief to this side of Toby. When you look at him all this time in the past he is seen as shy, quiet, even dorky, but here he is in complete control of these girls and they have nothing to match up against him. "Toby, after everything that we have been through, please, don't do anything crazy here." Pam said. However, Toby just stared at her laughing away.

Toby then looked to Penny and proclaimed, "Penny, you are here because if you refuse to participate in today's activities and help out your sister and friend, then you are basically my accomplice to putting one through a brutal termination and divorce and the other one in prison." Pam stood up with strong fierce and a nasty look at Toby and shouted, "do not get my sister involved in this at all! Just let her leave and we can deal with this together."

Toby told her to sit down with a very stern look, and she hesitated, but then did. Toby went on and said, "Now the game we are going to play is simple, I'm going to ask you 3 ladies each to roll a die, and depending on what you roll, will determine your fate, good luck." Toby laughed as he handed each girl a die and they all took it unwillingly and looked at each other in distress."we'll not all at once ladies, haha, go on roll it." All of them basically rolled their eyes and rolled the die to just get this ridiculous task over with. Penny rolled a 5, Pam a 2, Isabel a 3.

"Ohh Penny, you got the highest roll and get to choose what you want to do. So here are your options, you can either go down on me, Isabel, or Pam." Pam had to be held down by Isabel as she was about to go after Toby for what he was going to make her sister do. "Ohh there is that attitude I like so much. So Penny, what will it be? Some dick, pussy, or incest. Haha." Pam began telling Toby to fuck off and was getting ridiculously pissed off with good reason.

Penny knew she had no choice. She hated Toby for what he was doing to them, but he was holding all the cards and didn't want to see her sister and friend get in trouble. Penny pointed at Toby, as if to say that she chose Toby. "Penny, what are you doing? Don't listen to him, fuck my job I don't care just don't do this." Pam said as she was trying to convince her sister to just let it go and not give in but Penny knew with Pam being married and planning a family that she couldn't listen to her regardless. Penny got up and started walking to Toby.

Pam was still being held down by Isabel as penny reached arms length of Toby. " Isabel, since you rolled 2nd highest you can choose for Pam to go down on you or you go down on her." Pam almost broke through her friend, but Isabel was bigger and was able to hold on tight enough. Penny got down on her knees as Toby undid his pants and now revealed to her his cock, and she grabbed it and put it in her mouth as Pam tried to stop her from doing so.

At this point, Isabel realized that Pam needed to really calm down, and knew that Toby told her to make a choice as they weren't out of the clear yet from Toby confessing. She unbuttoned Pam's pants and catching Pam off guard to what Isabel was doing she stopped moving around and was in disbelief to what her friend was about to do. Isabel removed Pam's pants and began kissing her legs up to her knees and up her thighs. Pam never thought about this before with Isabel, and especially not while watching her sister go down on Toby, but at this point she was exhausted from fighting her these past few minutes and kind of went with the flow. Pam felt Isabel's tongue go over her panties as she laid there and watched Toby pushing her sisters head deep down on his cock as she moaned while she did so.

"Mmm you like this cock don't ya penny, say it. Say you like this cock." Penny was licking the sides of his cock and massaging the tip as well. " I like your cock." Penny exclaimed as she then put the cock back in her mouth and began sucking it furiously now. Meanwhile Isabel continued to lick Pam's pussy through her panties as Pam now stared at her while she did so while through her peripheral vision still saw her sister going down on Toby. Isabel pushed Pam's panties to the side and now began licking her pussy nice and slow as their eyes matched up. Toby stared as Penny sucked his cock and Isabel went down on Pam loving every second of it.

Isabel was ordered to remove her clothes and penny's clothes and she did so. Pam laid there on the couch completely drained and calm. Standing there naked in front of her was her own sister, and her best friend. Penny climbed on top of Toby reverse cowgirl as he was now laying on the floor, another Beesly ass now right there for him to grab and see. Isabel sat in front of penny by Toby's knees and made out with penny as she fucked him and shakes around her nice little ass for him to see. Toby then signaled with his finger for Pam to come to him, and it was as if she was under a spell as she obeyed his command. She walked over by his face and removed her panties as she now sat on top of his face.

Toby had Pam riding his face eyes locked as Pam straddled his tongue and stared down at him, and Pam was shocked when she felt penny's hands on her ass as penny leaned back on Toby's cock which positioned her hands on Pam's ass. Pam was in shock as it was like penny gave it no thought and just went with it. Penny got off his cock and let Isabel ride on it now, as Toby also had Pam turn around on his face so now her ass was right there in his face and Pam was face to face with Isabel as she fucked his cock.

Pam and Isabel began making out as Isabel was bumping really hard and fast on Toby's cock, as penny moved Isabel's ass up and down with her hands as she was on the side of her helping her straddle and suffocate that cock.

Toby got them off and grabbed Penny hard and turned her around to fuck her doggystyle. Isabel went to lay down by Penny's mouth as now sweet little Pam's sister was now getting rammed and going down on Isabel. "Fuck yeah eat that pussy mmmmm yessss." Penny was moaning loudly as she went down on Isabel and Pam and Toby were side to side as they made out while Toby fucked the brains out of her sister.

"Spank her ass." Toby told Pam as she sit there shocked. Spank her own sisters ass? She couldn't, even with Penny touching her ass earlier. "Spank my ass Pam just do it." Pam was in shock when she heard her own sister tell her to spank her ass as she was fucked. Pam did it, giving it nice firm smacks, and Penny let out a loud "yes" each time she did so. Toby then screamed as he came all over Penny's ass and fell over flat as he was in shock himself to what had just happened.

How will the girls respond as they are now out of the "horny" moments of their brains and are now shooting daggers with their eyes at a defenseless Toby?

Comments and suggestions please thanks to all who have commented, favorited and voted

Chapter 9 coming soon, then the conclusion chapter 10...

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