tagFetishThe Office Visit

The Office Visit


I'm happy right now, walking through the mall next to my best friend. Sunlight beams through the skylights, illuminating the second story, casting these little dick and ball shadows through the guard rails. I'm rocking my boobs in this cute, low-cut, lace camisole that feels so smooth against my skin. I wish I would have left my bra at home.

My friend Yoon and I have money today. We're buying things; we're laughing. I haven't told her yet, but I believe I found my kink, and someone to practice it with, and I think about it all the time now. I should tell her. Yoon would want to know, but I want to see where it goes first. It's dirty. I don't want her talking me out of it yet.

My phone buzzed. It was a text. My kink was calling. "Day got tense," it read, "may need you later."

I texted back. "What time?"

There was no response. I became anxious, put the phone back in my pocket, and continued walking with Yoon. She was talking, and I could hear her, but my mind wasn't listening anymore. I grew excited to see him again. I thought about what he would need this time. What I could do for him. What I should wear. Nineteen painful minutes go by, and Yoon has almost pulled me back, I'm telling her anecdotes about my neighbor's cat when my phone buzzes again.

"Don't know yet."

Another two minutes go by. This time I don't put the phone back in my pocket. I just hold it in my hand. Yoon goes into the dressing room to try on leggings. I sit outside and stare blankly at the screen, trying to decide how to respond, how to anticipate his need.

"Need to get a meeting canceled.

Or moved


I'll let you know later."

I kicked my feet and screamed in joy. I had an hour to get home, get ready, and get to his office. That wasn't much time. I knocked on the stall, and Yoon opened the door. Her pants hung from a hook on the wall. She has sexy legs. "Yoon, so sorry, something came up; I have to go."

My excitement confused her; she could see through my weak excuses. She was curious, but I wouldn't tell her anything, so she pouted at me. It was adorable, her pouting there in her panties. I almost cracked, but I didn't.

We had already rescheduled our shopping trip once before (for the same reason, now that I think about it.) So I know she'll get over it. Someday I might tell her everything.

I stripped off my clothes as soon as I got home and leaped into the shower. Then I applied lotion, so I'd smell nice. My breasts were sensitive when I ran my hands over them. These sudden, uncertain appointments excite me so much. I ran my hands across my belly, and over my thighs. I wanted to run them down between my legs, but the clock was ticking, and I knew I didn't have time. I pinched my inner thighs hard to keep myself moving.

Still no update on my phone. He works so hard.

I opened my drawer to pick out a pair of panties. Oh, what would he like today? Do I have something he hasn't seen before? Yoon and I should have gone to the lingerie store first. I chose a black lace thong. I looked at my bottom in the mirror. He's seen them, but he loves them. For the top I did something I haven't done yet, I pulled out a black satin blouse. The satin should feel good on his cock. It may remind him of the first time we met. I can always take it off. This time, I will leave the bra at home.

My makeup took forever, and I began to get nervous I'd be late. Still no response on the phone. I put on red pumps and my overcoat. I left the house with no pants or skirt. I did this last time and loved it. Walking around, past strangers, knowing you're up to something dirty while they look at you through the lens of their dull lives.

I bought his coffee in the lobby of his office building. The line was long, and now I was sure I was running late. Still no response from him, I began to fear he wasn't able to reschedule.

In the elevator up to the thirty-ninth floor: The music kills me, this jazz would kill erections. The coffee is warm in my hand, and I focus on that. I think I may be wet. I always get wet in the elevator, ascending to the top floor, the corner office. I love these little observations about life. Within the patterns of the marble elevator wall, I look for hidden cocks.

I reach the lobby for his floor. I sit down and wait. I pull out my phone. It's 4:17. I'm late. I can feel the coffee beginning to cool; holding the cup has become more bearable. My stomach becomes a habitat for butterflies. 4:18. 4:19.

Then he texts. "Worked it out. Come now."

I jumped out of my seat and walked through the inner doors. The lady at the front desk eyed me. I held out the coffee. "I'll let him know you're here," she said. Did she know? She probably did. I might even like it if she did. Who knows? Kinks are funny that way. I walked back to his door and knocked.

The door handle turned, and he opened the door. "Come in." He said. "You're quick. I like that."

He had a suit hung up on a hook behind his desk. He was changing his tie.

"I have customers flying in. Surprise visit." He said. "They'll be here any moment."

I knew what this meant. I sat the coffee down on his desk. I wanted to begin, but, I hesitated. I waited. I wanted him to command.

"Take off your coat," he said. I let it drop to the floor. He seemed surprised by the blouse, maybe? He looked at me strangely. I undid one of the buttons on the blouse. He nodded. He nodded again, and I undid them all. I turned around, presenting my ass. I posed for him, making sexy faces. He motioned me over and leaned back against his desk. I touched his chest, spreading my hands along the breadth of his shoulders. He was tall, and I had to reach. While I looked up to graying temples, he looked down at long black hair. What an unlikely pair, I thought. This whole arrangement was a bit of a miracle.

"Assume your position," he said.

I knelt down before him, smiling, excited. He remained stern.

"Pull it out." He said, "and start sucking."

I undid his belt and the slide to his slacks; I unzipped the fly. Through his boxers, I pulled out his cock and reached my hand inside to cradle his balls. I kissed the underside of his penis, and with a deep breath inhaled his scent while the tip of his penis pressed right under my nose. This is what I came for. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick.

The phone rang. "Oh shit," he said, picking up his phone. "I don't have time to romance around here, put it in your mouth," he barked. I lovingly obeyed, wrapping my lips around the head of his cock. Pressing my tongue against his shaft, I began to slide my head back and forth.

He answered the phone, received some bad news, and grew angry. He also grew hard. He yelled at the person on the phone--why weren't they prepared? Why didn't they show up on time? Why don't they know how to do their job? Why won't they just do what I tell them? His erection was firm now, which made me happy. I was here for him. I was none of those things. He needed this, and I was going to make him cum.

I challenged myself to go deeper, swallowing as much of his penis as I could. When I broke for air, I worked his shaft with my hand. Sometimes I'd look up at him. But he never looked down at me. He was busy. Breathing heavy. On the phone. Barking orders. Then he hung up.

"Oh baby, just what I needed," he said. "I wish I could hide you under the desk in the boardroom." I squeezed his balls. I swirled my tongue against the head of his cock. I pulled his penis out of my mouth and risked an embrace. I pressed it against my face, against my cheek, my eye, I kissed his shaft. I looked up at him, and this time he looked down at me. He smiled.

"Where would it please you to cum?" I asked. I rubbed his cock along my neck, against the collar of my blouse. I opened my shirt to reveal my breasts. He pondered.

His phone rang. He became distracted. He looked back at me and said flippantly, "See if you can get some in your hair this time."

He answered his phone as I lifted his cock back up to my cheek. My hair, I thought. I rubbed his cock across my face again, with my mouth open, licking, exploring, calculating trajectories. Then I knew how to please him. I took his penis back into my mouth and furiously began to suck. I used both hands on his shaft.

His voice cracked into the phone, and I knew I was doing well. He ended his conversation abruptly, then gripped the edge of his desk. I could feel his muscles begin to contract. When I felt him grow close, I pulled him out of my mouth and bowed my head before him. I rubbed his cock with my hands above my head and maintained this posture of reverence. He was the great man, making deals, making money, but a god is a nobody without acolytes. I held him in my hands. He entrusted me with his deepest need, and I would never fail him.

He came, groaning under his breath. I felt two squirts anoint my head. I took him into my mouth again, carefully sucking through his final contractions of pleasure.

He sighed deeply, after a moment. "Dammit, baby, I'm late." He said. "Grab your coat."

My service had ended. I stood up and walked from him, bending at the waist to pick up my overcoat. I could feel the semen drip through my hair as I moved. I looked back at him, hoping, but he had turned away from me. I put on my overcoat and made for his door. When I reached for the handle, he commanded, "Stop."

I froze. He walked over to me, took my chin in his hand, and inspected his handiwork. "You're going to walk out of my office like this?" He asked. Cum dripped down my forehead now, and down into the nape of my neck. I had not even buttoned my overcoat. He reached his other hand inside my coat and groped my ass.

"I like you," he said, smiling. "Now I'm distracted as well as late. But if things go well tonight, I'll text you. I may need to celebrate."

Then he slapped me on the ass and sent me out his door. I should tell Yoon this story, but not tonight. Tonight he may need me, and I need to be ready for him. It's an odd kink, I suppose. I'm not sure what it's even called yet. Yoon would know. She knows all the kinks.

I'm closing up my overcoat and walking back past the lady at the front desk with cum in my hair, and it occurs to me that I'm anxious. I will spend my evening waiting by the phone, waiting for his booty call. I don't know where he'll want me, or what I'll need to wear. I don't know how to prepare. Should I wash my hair? Or will he like it crusty? What is this front desk lady thinking about when she sees me walk out?

I have a sudden urge that I'm fooling myself. That I secretly, unconsciously desire the promotion to girlfriend or wife. I want the reassurance that what we have can be stable, and permanent. I say I want to worship his cock forever, but there's no institutional role for that anymore. The priestesses are all dead.

These thoughts all flash through my mind and for a brief moment I know the truth: this isn't going to last, and it's going to break my heart. Not because of him, but because I love what I'm doing. Yoon wouldn't understand that.

By the time I press the elevator button this web of thoughts has passed. I leave them all up there on the thirty-ninth floor. I'll go through with it tonight, of course. I'll go through with it every time. I'll squeeze the last bit of cum out of every opportunity he gives me. I don't want to do his laundry. I don't want to hear his problems. I don't want to know or even see his fucking kids. I just want to suck his cock, and I want to do it better than anyone.

Barely out of the building, my phone buzzes in my pocket. It's him.

"You know what, fuck these guys. Dinner?"

Now I'm thankful for the little chat I had with myself. I know just what to say. I write back, "Sorry, I only do blowjobs."

He accepts this. We make plans.

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