tagErotic HorrorThe Oily Man

The Oily Man


The sisters Kate and Megan Burrows were enjoying their stay in Malaysia. The Malaysian people seemed mostly friendly, and their work with a Christian mission had been rewarding. The young women had grown-up in Wisconsin, in the United States of America, and thought they were blessed because God had called them to serve in this manner. They felt even more blessed that their parents had agreed to let them go, because Kate is nineteen, and Megan is eighteen.

It took much reassurance from the Mission and their Pastor back home that the girls would be safe, and considerable begging from the girls too. Once the parents relented, the girls arrived in Malaysia less than two weeks later, and have now been there four months. They worked at a mission/church in Rawang called 'The Holy Trinity Mission', spreading the Gospel, and serving the community. Although the dominant religion in Malaysia is Islam, they tolerate many other religions being present.

Today they had taken some parishioner's to Kuala Lumpur that needed medical treatment in the Missions station wagon. Kate had a license, and the Pastor at the Mission thought it would be a pleasant trip for them after all the work they had done. Megan especially had impressed him, as she seemed to develop a sincere rapport with people. As if she understood their suffering and needs, a child of God in innocence and beauty, the Pastor often thought of her. Megan had an elf-like face, almost translucent pale skin, long black hair, and a small frame standing one-hundred-and-sixty-five-centimetres tall. The locals often called her, "Muka malaikat," which means 'Angel face'.

Her older sister Kate, had an inner-strength that belied her age. The locals caller her, "Jiwa lama," which means 'old soul'. She also had black hair but she kept it shorter, shoulder length. Kate had developed a tan since being in Malaysia, where Megan hadn't. She stood at one-hundred-and-seventy-five-centimetres tall, had a larger frame, and seemed more adept at physical labour. Both had a glow about them that made them pleasing to be near.

"It's starting to get late," Megan said, looking at her watch.

Kate had turned the headlights on already as the forest near Gombak had made the road dark once the sun began to get low in the sky. "Well, you wanted to stop and have McDonald's," Kate said, rolling her eyes.

Megan giggled. "Oh, what a treat, you enjoyed it." Kate screwed her face for a moment, trying to decide whether she enjoyed it. Megan giggled again. "You had two Big Mac's, for heaven's sake."

Kate smiled at her sister. "It's not cool to admit you like MacDonald's, you have to pretend you don't like it. Didn't anyone ever tell you that?"

"Pretend you don't like it while shovelling it down your throat? That's stupid, why lie about something you like?"

Kate shrugged. "Don't know, that's how people are back home."

"We're not home, though."

Kate sighed. "No, but going to McDonald's has made me feel homesick. Do you miss home?"

Megan thought for a moment. In truth, she didn't miss home as much as she thought she would. People at the Mission had good to her, and it made the transition much easier. She decided that her sisters confession gave her more ammunition to tease her. "All you miss is kissy-kissy time with Ralph Pederson," she said in petulant way.

"Oh, you little bitch," Kate said with a frown. "One day when you meet a boy you like, you'll remember this day."

"Why would I want a smelly boy slobbering all over me?" Megan said with a pout.

Kate sighed, she sometimes forgets that her sister is still immature. "You want it, even if you won't admit it."

They travelled along in silence for a while. Megan had been thinking about what Kate said about her wanting to be with a man. It troubled her that those feelings indeed lurked under the surface, making it harder to stay true to her Lord. Sometimes in the darkness, alone in her bed, she'd enjoy rubbing her moist little pussy while thinking of men. Several guys that came to the Mission around her age had sparked her interest too. However much she prayed, the feelings wouldn't go away.

Megan turned to Kate, and asked, "Kate, is it bad to want it?"

Now Kate laughed. "I knew it, you naughty girl," she teased.

"Kate, I'm serious," Megan said, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Relax, will ya," Kate said, shaking her head. "It's natural, it's how God made us. So we'll fall in love, marry, and have kids."

"So I'm not bad for having these... feelings?"

"No, you save yourself for marriage, and don't become a slut, you'll be fine."

"KATE! Don't use that word, it's bad," Megan admonished her, making Kate smile broadly.

"Stop acting like a twelve-year-old."

The car went silent again for several minutes. "So are you going to marry Ralph?"

That's something Kate had been asking herself. Ralph wrote to her often since she arrived in Malaysia, begging her to come home. Ralph's letters made her feel bad, because the last thing she wanted is to hurt his feelings. Things have gotten too intense in our romance, too real, and this trip has been a blessing in disguise, she told herself. Turning to her sister, she said, "I don't..."

"LOOK OUT!" Megan suddenly screamed while grabbing the dashboard firmly.

Kate looked and spotted what looked like a large black puddle on the road. Is that water, she wondered?

As the front tyres entered the black substance they slid in the slippery, greasy substance. The front of the car swerved out of control, throwing the back of the car around. The car began to spin in the oil slick, it felt like slow motion inside the car. The tyres suddenly found traction and the car burst forward over the side of the road, and down a steep bank. The girls screamed in terror as the car careened into the forest. Suddenly, the car came to stop, hitting a tree. The last thing Megan heard is the sound of crunching metal, smashing glass, and her sister screaming in pain. Everything went black.


While Megan lay unconscious, she had some strange dreams. The first involved feeling as if she were being dragged over the ground. Opening her eyes, she could make out the canopy above and some stars. The next involved her sister Kate. Megan felt herself being lifted, and opened her eyes to see Kate's face scrunched like she's exerting effort. Her face looked dirty, and a black substance dripped off it. Even her hair seemed covered in the same black substance. Kate released her and she fell backward, hitting her head again and falling unconscious. When Megan eventually woke, the silence and darkness scared her. She tried to move, to find herself locked inside a box of some sort. Pulling her phone from her pocket and activating the screen, the inside of the box lit in a ghostly blue light.

She remembered the wagon had a large trunk the mission used to lock certain supplies in, so they wouldn't get stolen. Sometimes it also had tools in it, which she felt beneath her. Pushing on the lid it wouldn't open, and despite how hard she tried the trunk wouldn't open. Why would Kate lock me inside this smelly trunk, she wondered? Taking a deep breath, she yelled, "KATE! KATE! LET ME OUT! KATE!"

She went silent and listened for a response, and all she heard is silence. Suddenly, a feeling of coldness passed over her making her shiver. Not actual coldness, but a spiritual coldness. The atmosphere in the trunk seemed heavy, and it pressed on her like a weight. Megan dialled Kate's phone, and heard it ring outside and on her own phone. It rang out. Panting, as the darkness seemed to claw at her soul, she tried the number of the mission. The phone rang, and a male voice answered, "Hello?"

"Pastor John, it's me Megan. We've had an accident on the road to Gombak," she yelled.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" The Pastor said again.

She yelled again, "Pastor, it's Megan!"


After waiting for an answer, Pastor John hung up. Megan trembled all over, wondering why he couldn't hear her. She dialled the number again and suddenly her phone went dark. "No! Not now, don't die on me now," she said in exasperation.

Try as she may, the phone wouldn't turn on. Eventually, in frustration she threw it, and lay in the darkness panting. The coldness crept over her slowly, until eventually she began to become aware that isn't alone. Getting excited for a moment, thinking maybe it's someone who could help, she started banging on the trunk, and shouting for help as loud as she could. All she received for her efforts was more silence, the kind of silence that makes you scared. She slowed her breathing and concentrated on what she felt. She didn't know how she knew, but an evil presence lingered over her, almost enveloping her. The trunk her only protection from a malevolent force that wanted her badly.

"Who's out there? Speak to me," she said in a trembling voice.

A deep voice suddenly spoke, "Come out, and let me help you."

Megan didn't know why, but something about the voice made her shiver. The darkness that lay beneath it, a cruelty born of anger and bitterness, and she knew that whomever this is, he didn't want to help her. He wanted to hurt her. "Where's my sister?"

"She's here, she wants to help you."

"Why doesn't she speak to me?"

"She cannot speak."

Tears streamed down Megan's face. "Kate," she whispered fearfully. Kate. Kate, she concentrated. The feeling of drowning came over her, drowning in a black oily ooze, and she felt pain. This thing... This monster is hurting her, she thought angrily. "LEAVE HER ALONE," Megan screamed at the monster.

It sounded surprised when it asked, "How can you know I have her?"

"I can feel it."

"Do you know why I have her?"

"There's no reason, other than to amuse yourself," Megan said hitting the wall of the trunk with her fist.

"Exactly, to amuse myself," the monster said smugly.

Megan shook her head. "No, you thought it would amuse you, but it doesn't. Your sins give you no satisfaction. They'll never fill your great need."

"I need nothing," the monster said defensively.

"Let her go, she hasn't harmed you," Megan demanded.

"Come out, and I'll let her go."

It occurred to Megan that the monster didn't know that Kate had locked her in the trunk. Somehow, it didn't know it could merely open the trunk and take her. She decided that she had better keep that to herself. Kate is alive, she could sense it, and this monster wanted Megan more than anything, she could sense that too. It used Kate to try to coerce her into cooperating with it.

"You can't hide your emptiness from me," Megan said.

The monster laughed, a low guttural laugh. "Your suffering amuses me."

"Yet the emptiness remains, and you're so alone," Megan said, feeling it react and knowing it's her way to fight the monster.

The monster though seemed indifferent to her comment, and said, "I am alone."

"Is this why you do this? Why you..." A vision filled her mind of this creature raping and torturing young women. The women were virgins, attacked by this oily creature, and sometimes killed. The realisation of what this creature wanted from her made her tremble even harder. She swallowed hard, and said, "Is this why you rape virgins?"

"He cast me down and left me to endure alone. It's his fault that these women suffer," the monster said.

"God has punished you?"


"He punished you with loneliness?"

"Yet here I am."

"I pity you," Megan said with genuine care. To be so cut-off from God that it has driven this creature to do unspeakable sins. Something she's seen repeatedly in her short life.

The trunk began to shake violently, causing her to gasp and hold on to the sides with both hands. "Save your pity for yourself," the monster shouted in anger.

Megan felt a surge of pain, however, the pain didn't come from her, and it came from Kate. She let out a loud sob as images of the demon torturing her sister filled her mind. She clasped her hands to her head, and screamed. Trying to free herself from the horrifying images of the demon mauling her sister, scratching, cutting, and beating her. As her fear and torment grew, Megan screamed, "LEAVE HER ALONE!"

The torment stopped, causing Megan's body to relax, and she lay panting in mental exhaustion. The demon finally asked, "Why should I let her go?"

Megan said in defeat, "I can only offer myself so you'll spare her."

"Would you give yourself for her? Could you give that much?"

"Yes, without hesitation. She's my sister, if you leave her alone I'll give myself to you," Megan said wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Come out," the demon demanded.

Megan felt for her phone again, thinking maybe she could call someone once she left the trunk. Feeling around in the dark she came across a long, round, cylindrical object and her instincts told her to keep it. Placing it on her chest, she felt again for her phone and found it. Turning it on, she used the light to look at the cylindrical object to discover it's a road flare. She immediately had an idea, and thanked God for the inspiration. She put the flare inside her pants waist at her back, and slid the phone into her pocket. Taking a moment to pray once more, she called out, "OK, I'll come out now. You have to unlock the trunk, though. Slide the bolt across on the side."

A silence hung in the air, she sensed the demons frustration as it realised it could have released her all this time. Megan heard the bolt slide across, and after taking a deep breath, she pushed the lid and sat up looking out. The darkness of the night made it difficult to see much. She put her hand on the edge feeling the slimy ooze from where the demon had touched. Pushing herself, she climbed out and stood looking around frantically for her sister. A body moved, and moaned near her and she ran to it. "Kate! Kate!" She called, falling to her knees.

The body looked covered in the same slimy ooze that the trunk had on it, and she cleaned the face and held her phone to illuminate it. With relief, she said, "Oh Kate, Praise the Lord."

The presence of the demon grabbed her attention again. Looking toward the trees, she noticed a dark outline of a figure. Not exactly like a man, but tall, easily more than six feet. Two red-eyes, like lights stared at her malevolently, unblinking. The oily substance that covered everything around her hung off it like a black cloak, constantly running down to its feet like an endless fountain. Her body trembled, even her chin shook, as she realised the magnitude of what she promised the demon. Trying to delay it, she asked, "W-Why d-did G-God b-banish you?"

Megan sensed its anger grow to rage. "I was fooled by Lucifer. He told me we would unite and confront God to discover why human beings had been given higher status than angels in his kingdom."

"But Lucifer's plan was to overthrow God, and rule," Megan said.

"So I discovered later, but God punished me just the same, and here I am," the demon said with palpable bitterness.

Megan suddenly had a revelation, the demon lied to itself about the reasons for its punishment. "You can't blame Lucifer for this, it's your own fault."

"Nooooo," the demon screamed. "He lied, the morning star lied."

"You were blessed above all creation. You saw his face, heard his voice, and felt his love and power. Yet you had no faith, that's why God punished you," Megan accused.

The demon lunged at her, screaming, "LIAR! LIAR! LIAR!"

Megan reached for the flare and activated it making a bright yellow plume of light and heat appear from the end. However, the demon moved with a speed that surprised her, and she felt a hand slap her face with so much force she went flying through the air with the flare. She hit her head hard on the ground and passed out.


Through the haze of semi-consciousness she felt her clothes ripping from her body, and it brought her back to her senses. The oily man stood above her clawing at her clothes, ripping them, and discarding them. Megan felt around her with her hands, but her pants were gone, so were her panties. The oily man loomed, no longer a blob of black slime, he had taken a near human form. The eyes still glowed a cold unblinking redness that pierced her soul, making her turn away in fear. "You are mine," he whispered in a deep, raspy voice.

She looked at his face, covered in a dark oily substance but she could see his nose and mouth. He had pointy ears, sharp-looking teeth, and a bald head covered in black oil. His body looked muscular, and his cock looked enormous to her. He still looked covered in a thin coating of black oil. "Why are you doing this? It won't make you happy and you know it," Megan said.

"Revenge," the oily man whispered.

A long tongue snaked out of his mouth, licking her nipple. "How is raping me revenge?"

The oily man snapped his head back in a laugh. "He'll suffer knowing one of his beloved is defiled. I'll drink your purity like fine wine, and fill you with vileness in its place."

"And stack punishment on yourself. Why not repent, and ask him for forgiveness?"

"I'm beyond salvation, my legacy will be destruction," the oily man said.

"But..." she began, however, he pulled her to a sitting position and his large penis startled her again. The penis looked erect to her, and though she had seen pictures of a man's penis before this one looked slightly different. The shape of it reminded her more like a horse's penis she had seen on her Uncle's farm.

"Suck my cock, you slut," the demon barked, pushing his member against her lips.

Megan pulled her head back, and asked, "What is your name, demon?"

"People here call me Orang Minyak, but my real name I won't tell the likes of you. Now suck my cock, bitch," he said pushing his cock head to her mouth firmly. "Open your mouth and take my cock, whore!"

Lord, help me, Megan prayed. The oily man pushed his cock against her lips hard and eventually it entered her mouth. He pushed it deep down her throat, making her gag and cough. Hid cock tasted rank, the odour of his body filled her senses too, making her stomach churn and bile rise. Orang Minyak didn't care for her discomfort. He wanted Megan to taste and feel his defilement of her, and to experience her fear. Oily hands grabbed her by the back of the head and he began to slow fuck her mouth with his horse-like cock. Each time going deeper as she began to adjust to the size. Megan took quick breaths as his penis withdrew. Large globules of saliva obscenely hung from her chin as Orang Minyak raped her mouth, his large balls slapping her chin with each thrust.

He pulled his cock out, pulling it back and dropped his ball sack into her mouth. "Suck my balls, like a good whore," Orang Minyak cooed enthusiastically.

If she thought his cock tasted rank, words may not describe the vileness of his balls. He looked down at her pretty face as she took them in her mouth grimacing, and sucked on them. Suddenly, she bit hard on his testicles in an act of defiance. Orang Minyak laughed at her attempt to hurt him. "Bite it some more, slut. I like it rough, and I'm glad you do too, because that's what I have planned for you."

She bit harder, but it didn't seem to hurt him. If anything, it made his dick squirt precum on her face. He pulled his balls out of her mouth and slid his thick cock inside, and began to fuck her head less gently than before. Megan found it harder to get a breath this time as he moved too quickly. He even managed to get all nine-inches of his cock down her throat, holding it there so she couldn't breath. Megan squirmed and as she looked ready to pass out, he pulled his cock out making her take a deep gasp of air. He fucked her mouth again, and repeated, holding his cock inside her. Once he pulled out, she coughed and vomited at his feet making him laugh. Again he started fucking her mouth, holding her head firmly between his hands. Once he had worked all nine-inches of his cock down her throat, he stopped and grunted loudly.

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