tagErotic HorrorThe Old Gothic Mansion Ch. 01

The Old Gothic Mansion Ch. 01


The place is for real, its description perhaps a little bit over the top, as for the rest...?

It's been threatening to rain for days, making the current place I was sitting very eerie, for it was an old gothic mansion. When I first saw it, it reminded me a bit of 'Mandalay' from Daphne Du Maurier story 'Rebecca'.

My living quarters are the old servant's quarters and an even older conservatory, towards the rear of the building; for the main part was currently being converted into apartments. During the day the place is OK for there were plenty of workmen around to cheer the place up, it's the evenings and nights that worried me, for all I hear are the creaking of disturbed walls and floors or the slapping of 'poly' sheeting when the wind got up. You may ask why I was here. The truth is to save money on storage fees etc; for its owner has stored all his possessions in the old wine cellars and it is my job to prevent any form of theft.

With the weather so oppressive, once the workmen had left I would basically strip down to my underwear which today are a flimsy chemise and French knickers, in my attempt to keep cool, with this part of the building facing due west, the conservatory soon warmed up my living quarters. Now, for those who know me, I love hot weather, and if left alone I would prefer to walk around naked, but since I never know if I'm going to get visitors, I must keep some decency. That's not to say that I'm ashamed of my body -- I may be only 5' 4" tall, but I keep in great shape, I dress modestly, my hair's blond and falls almost waist-length and hold a nice 32 B/C cup, and my legs hold a very nice shape.

As I was saying, the weather was killing me and I'm not really sure what to do about it at this point. The airs that thick you could cut it with a knife. Earlier I tried going outside to read in the gazebo, but there was a mass of spider webs all over its interior and whilst I'm not averse to spiders, just the sight of one would make my whole body begin to flush and itch all over.

With the weather so heavy and finding little relief in the house I decided to go for a walk around the grounds; for attached to the house is a substantial estate and it was this that first attracted me to this posting. I continued walking slowly into the woods, God where am I going to get relief from this heat, for the trees only served to trap the humidity beneath them. I shook my head, "You stupid cow. What were you thinking? Cursing, I kept walking; the serenity of the woods was still preferred to the silence and the oppressive heat of the house. As I walked, I started to appreciate the beauty of these woods and its natural sound. And then...

Splat...... Splat...... Splat...... heavy drops of rain started landing on nearby leaves. This was quickly followed by further splats until a mini shower was falling; with the freedom of the woods totally to myself I stripped off completely, luxuriating as the warm droplets refreshed my naked body. Like a wood nymph I twisted and spun like a possessed demon doing some form of rain dance, and then as if on cue, the heavens opened and the rain came down in torrents, I hung my head down and swore, for within seconds, the rain had turned to hailstones, each of which hit my body like tiny bullets, my whole body now stung and shook with cold; stopping only to put on my clothing, what little there was, for now it clung to my body like a second skin, I looked for shelter, but around me there were trees, trees, nothing but fucking trees. Turning I started running towards the house.

Flash.....Bang.....Crackle ....." Oh! Fuck...lightning" I muttered as I ran faster towards the house and its shelter.

Blindly I followed the woodland path, the onslaught of rain and hailstones not offering much a chance for me to direct myself towards anything in particular. I tripped over branches as I ran clear of the trees. Flash.....Bang.....Crackle ....." Oh! Fuck. Suddenly I saw the gazebo, surely that would offer me some protection.

Not bothering to slow down and forgetting the small step at its threshold I tumbled into its depths, crashed against its furthest wall, gathering a mass of cuts and scratches as I tangled with the thorny undergrowth. I managed to cover and protect my face from the thorns, but my clothing was a different matter that was all but ripped from my body, as I fell to the ground, my landing was much different to that I expected for my chin hit the cross bench and I was knocked senseless.

Sub-consciously my fall was broken by something hard. I had landed in a supine position, dazed, confused and stared upwards. Many feet above me I saw black stars slowly circling as they descended. Closer and closer they got, until I could make out their shapes.

My mind told me I was screaming but my ears told me different, for not a sound could be heard.

Spiders were very slowly descending; they were of various sizes and seemed to be fighting each other. Several of the species I recognised, there was the small Money spider, the Harvestmen with their long gangly legs and the Common Garden spider which dwarf the rest. As scared as I was I just lay there fascinated by the ongoing battle in front of me, for one minute it seemed that the smaller ones would win the battle then the Harvestmen would rush in and take over, only to be bullied away by the 'big fuckers', as the battle progress; the distance between them and me grew less and less.

With the tangle of spiders within hitting distance I went to lash out, but nothing happened, again I tried to hit out and again nothing happened. What the fuck was happening. I screamed again

Soon I felt something soft touching what was left of my clothing. Looking down I saw the ball of insects disappear under the fabric. I couldn't see what was happening, but I could feel a thousand or more legs and feelers explore my body, some were exploring my ass and pussy, some were treating my nipples as mountains but the thing which scared me most, was the army slowly advancing towards my head; for if there was anything I feared, it is bugs in my ears.

Soon I encountered that fear; a spider had invaded my aural passage and began making its way towards my eardrum. I was about to scream, when suddenly I hear a voice.

"Do not be afraid, we mean you no harm; we are here to give you only pleasure." With that the spider turned and exited my ear then gently bit into my earlobe.

"What the fuck was that all about, how the hell can a fucking spider give me pleasure?" I asked myself.

A euphoria of feelings soon begin to invade my body, it started with the gentle closing of my eyes, immediately followed by a brilliant display of coloured clouds. Then it felt as if a thousand fingertips were circling, biting and nibbling at my clit, this plus the visual images only served to heighten my desires.

Soon I felt my pussy lips being held open as an army of spiders invaded my cunt, here their movement was such it resembled fucking, but this couldn't be for I was alone. During all this a smaller army had advanced down my perineum and tantalisingly circled my anus.

A few seconds passed, when I felt something probe past my sphincter. I couldn't determine what it was, but it shot into my rectum. I could barely feel it but something now was also circling my cervix seeking the entrance to my uterus. Oh god when was this going to stop, my mind was screaming out for relief yet my body and voice were as if they were paralysed.

A multitude of spiders once again moved about my body, enough to cause my abdomen to physically move. I struggled to open my eyes but was still unable; soon I felt an inrush of spiders as they breached my cervix. "Oh! Fuck" They continued rushing past its barrier, causing my body to arch in a shriek of delight as my first orgasm shot through me.

Soon they were in my womb and beyond, leaving me shaking in an arched position, unable to move. Then everything suddenly stopped. No movement, no coloured clouds, nothing.

Suddenly as it stopped, movement began again, but my womb stayed stationary. This time I felt the pressure within my rectum, something was fucking me. It was only slight at first, but it grew within my at a snail's pace, causing the dull ache to rise to pain. I could feel the rapid pressure building then suddenly it came to a stop.

There was now just a dull throbbing throughout my body, oh how I wish I could see what was happening but it was impossible, it was just as if my eyelids were glued together: On and on the tiny pricks continued and then everything as before abruptly stopped. Soon I felt this action repeat itself around my clit.

And so the cycle continued, their movements kept bringing me to a sexual peak and then at the point of climaxing nothing. Just what the fuck was going on.


Suddenly everything within me stirred; a thousand tiny pinpricks was hitting the walls of my intimate female parts and then without warning, it was as if I was menstruating, a flood broke loose from me as a multitude of spiders emerged hastily from my body. I felt countless numbers of tiny pricks all over my outer body. It was then a spider invaded my aural passage and made its way towards my eardrum. I was about to scream, when suddenly I heard its voice again.

"See, we meant you no harm; we have finished our work here, but use it wisely." With that the spider turned and exited my ear just as before but this time I felt the tickle of its legs as it made for my pelvic region, there it stopped and nipped my clit; god it feel wonderful.

With the spiders now gone, I could look down at my body again; no there was nothing different, then I felt something at my ankle; a slight sting my eyelids slowly closed then losing control I drifted off to sleep.

I felt myself being transported to a distant land where the earth was soft, then with my arms trapped in front of me, it felt as if I was being cocooned, everything within my was becoming numb, and soon I couldn't even feel the scratches or pain anymore.

Flash.....Bang.....Crackle. It woke me up with a start. I tried to move but my whole body felt trapped, with slowly focussing eyes I made out I was lying in my own bed starring up at the ceiling, still trapped I froze, for there slowly descending towards me was a spider, my whole body began to flush and itch all over, with my hand trapped the only place to scratch was my clit and so it began.

At first it was a gentle sensation then as I bucked harder and harder against my hand, I uncontrollably bite my lip which seemed to only heighten my desire, then groaning and moaning like a possessed woman, I began to lose all control. Finally I arched my back, raised my pert ass off the bed and fucked my cunt like nothing else before; YES YES, FUCK ME!...FUCK ME! I shouted; my breasts taut with the exertion, my nipples being pulled by some imaginary force now stood out like coconut cones; for there were no other words to describe them. HARDER!.... HARDER! I cried out again and again.

"OHHHH GODDDDD!!! OHHHHH GODDDDD!" I cried as I sensed my imminent orgasm.

Whilst the first fiery waves of my orgasm raged through my body, hot sticky juices poured out of my spasming pussy. It spewed out in hot gushes, coating my wrist with thick warm honey as I came and came, my whole body convulsing with delight. I cried out with satisfaction as more and more waves of delight swept over me until it became too painful to continue; but continue it did until I lost all consciousness.


The noise of the workmen woke me up with a start. I tried to move but my whole body felt tired and trapped, I began to panic until, with slowly focussing eyes I made out I was lying in my own bed with the bed sheet wound tightly around me; with great difficulty I freed myself, turning to get out of bed, I shudder, for walking towards me was a huge spider, my whole body began to flush, desperately I grabbed my dressing gown and headed for the shower; still thinking of the spider as I stood before the mirror, I slowly began to play with myself for things seemed a little different; my clit was now sticky, hypersensitive and constantly erect, my nipples seemed harder, and.......'WHAT THE FUCKS THAT!......." for there, buried amongst the gossamer of my pubes was a tattoo, the tattoo of a spider.

My whole body begin to flush and itch all over and so it began. At first it was a gentle sensation..........

Sweet dreams Heh-heh

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