tagLoving WivesThe Old Man and the See Ch. 02

The Old Man and the See Ch. 02


I gotta admit that my wife Thelma and I did some serious rolling around in the hay for a few days after that incident with Charlie.

Thelma and I have been married for some 40-odd years, so we are best described as used to each other. There never has been any real hanky-panky to speak of, except once about 25 years back she caught me going into the local massage parlor.

Dang near lost my pecker over that one, wow was she pissed off for a few days! I got real sneaky after that one, I think she always knew I went in those places. Something about not having to do anything while a cutie works my stuff over is nice, I might be old but I ain't dead.

So I think Thelma just accepted that, hell, it kept me from pestering her for a piece so much. She seemed to even appreciate that.

So it was one hell of a surprise when she let Charlie suck on her big old titties, even more of a surprise when she let Charlie climb on and get a few strokes in.

Of course, when I found it funny as hell, started laughing at his skinny ass, Charlie lost his woodie and was all done, damn. That was even funnier to me.

But Thelma took a sudden interest, we had some good times for a few days, then she returned to normal.

I suppose some folks would think that what we did was awful, but hell, I am 70, Thelma is 69, and Charlie is right in there someplace. What's it going to hurt? It ain't any fun to get old and end up dead, life's pleasures are far enough between as it is without some bluenose looking down at us for getting our rocks off.

So Thelma and I get along, there isn't any real problems of any kind between us. She cooks and keeps the house, I got my Social Security check, a few bucks rolling in from some stocks and a couple of rentals, so with my life insurance she will be fine if I kick the bucket. Comfortable is the word except she keeps trying to get me to do stuff.

So I was hiding out behind the garage sucking on my pint, thinking about things. Sure enough, here came Charlie. The surprise was he was carrying a pint, now that was new. Usually he just sidled up kinda close and grabbed mine. 'Course right off I figured he was up to something.

He plopped down on the couch I kept out there, handed me his jug.

"Got my own." I told him, looking at pint of recycled snot he had in his hand.

Charlie wasn't much for spending money, I didn't drink $4 a pint whiskey much.

"Boy, that was something."

"What was something?" I answered, knowing exactly where he was trying to steer the conversation.

"Do you guys swing like that a lot?"


"Naw, never happened before, no big deal."

"Jeez, I ain't had any for..." His voice trailed off.

I looked at Charlie, hell, he was blushing. I managed to stifle a giggle as the vision of his skinny ass poking away at Thelma, her behind a good four times the size of Charlie's popped in my head.

"Don't think Thelma has been anywhere near any other male in 50 years!"

Charlie took a tug at his pint, I have no idea how he can get that shit down.

"I was thinking...."

Yeah, I knew what he was thinking.

"Charlie, if you can talk her into it, then help yourself." I told him, having a pretty good idea that he would likely just get himself clobbered.

He was silent for quite awhile, we sat there sipping our booze and letting the hot Sun make our bones feel good.

"Hey, I found out who the girl from the beach is."

"Oh?" I was interested.

"Yea, she is married to Terry from down at the Dew Drop."

I knew the Dew Drop, hell, I think about 25% of the taverns on the planet are named that. I sneaked down there from time to time to play nickel to open cards and hide from Thelma.

Terry is a young guy, maybe 30 tops, long hair, pleasent. Homely would be the word. I just couldn't see him with a piece like that hot gal we had seen at the beach, but who knows?

"Her name is Tia."

I digested that, making a mental note to go poke around down there first chance I got.

Charlie made a couple of half hearted attempts to swing the conversation around to Thelma but I just sidestepped that. Last thing I wanted was him sniffing around her while I was off someplace. it had been one of those crazy one time deals, heat of the moment and all that shit. Thelma doesn't have very many heat of the moments, either. 40 plus years of marriage and I still ain't got a clue what sets her off most of the time.

Finally he ambled off, leaving me to my thoughts. The one thought in my head was that little Tia gal, hell, she had almost brazenly given us a show down on the beach a few days before.

I was thinking I wouldn't mind a rerun. Hell, she had laid there and opened her legs, twisted and turned to make damned sure we saw everything. Plus she was getting off on it, I recognized her beaver getting all puffed up and shiny looking. I had seen Thelma in the same state a few times, plus there had been a few other women in my life.

I took a pull at my pint, realizing I had developed a boner at the memory.

What the fuck. I got up and headed down towards the Dew Drop.

Sure enough, Terry was tending bar, I nodded and ordered a brew, sat down at the bar. Looking around, 3 people were at the corner table playing cards, one old lady sat at a video poker machine absentmindedly pushing the button.

Terry seemed happy to have someone to talk to, we lapsed into swapping tales. It was easy and friendly, once in awhile he would step over and serve a drink, then he would come right back to me.

I mentioned that Thelma and I had been married for over 40 years. He mentioned that he just couldn't imagine that, he had only been married for 6 months and it was already a struggle.

I asked him if his wife worked, he said, "Yea, Tia works at Dottie's."

I knew about Dottie's, it was a massage place about a mile away outside of town. I had been there a few times but it had been a few months.

Not sure how he would react, I mentioned I liked the place. He just grinned and told me to give Tia a try.

I wandered on home, Thelma was busy scraping away at the back bedroom walls, wanting me to paint them. Sighing, I went and got the paint and rollers and covered it for her, got a big smile as a reward.

The next day I sneaked away before Thelma could get me started working on something. I got to the little corner store two blocks away, called Dottie's. I asked for Tia, the lady who answered said sure, booked me right away. I went over to the bus stop, showed them my lifetime pass. Since the bus driver and half the people on board knew me I rode past to the shopping mall, then walked back.

I was greeted by Brenda, she is a chunky dishwater blonde who I have had several sessions with.

"Looking for the new gal today, huh?" she asked, offering me a big knowing grin. I smiled, nodded.

"Well, don't forget me honey for another day." Then she opened the door and called for Tia.

Tia stepped out, she was wearing snug shorts and a loose white pullover, an absolute vision. She smiled and led me into one of the rooms.

Then she stepped out, I undressed and climbed up on the table, laying the towel she offered over my bare fanny.

She was back in moments, adjusted the towel, tucking it snugly in around my behind which disappointed me some. Her hands were nice, though, I soon relaxed into that dreamy state I get into when the massage is good.

She was just starting in on my behind and legs when she mentioned that she thought she knew me.

"Yes, I saw you at the beach a few days ago."

She was quiet for a moment, then laughed.

"You were with another older man?"

I didn't like the "older" part even if it was true but I let it slide.

"Yes, that was Charlie."

"I thought so, Charlie always sees Brenda, I have seen him here a couple of times."

That was a surprise, I could just imagine how hard it would be for Charlie to part with seventy-five bucks.

She was quiet for a few minutes, her hands seemed to get softer.

"Well, what did you think?"

"Hottest thing I have ever seen in my life!"

Tia giggled, her hands worked high up my thighs, I was starting to react.

"Did I give you a good enough peek?" Her voice took a little catch.

"That was more than a peek." Her fingers were now brushing my balls, my cock reacted nicely.

"I think you were enjoying that." I told her.

Tia didn't say anything, her fingers found my erection, slid over the end of it, then down the side. She repeated the motion, I was straining now.

"Flip over?" she asked.

I rolled over, the little towel fell aside. She looked at my cock, hard as a rock.

"Wow, you work just fine, don't you?" Then she reached out, wrapped both hands around my erection, and began to stroke it.

"Usually I don't do this the first session but Brenda said you were OK."

I basked in the feeling, soon I blasted off like a dang teenager, her hands didn't stop. I stayed pretty firm, then I was building again. The 2nd one was more powerful than the first, she even squeezed just as I came to increase the sensations.

I hated the idea that the session was over. Finally I sat up, she was smiling at me.

"Pretty good!"


"Come see me again....or maybe I will see you at the lake?" Her grin was huge.

"I will make a point of it." I left, thinking damn! Best session I could remember, even topped Brenda dropping her top and using her titties on me sometimes.

I rode the bus back to a couple of blocks from my house. Thelma was waiting, I could tell she was pissed off.

"Where the hell have you been?" she demanded.

"I went over to talk to Charlie."

"Bullshit, Charlie was over here pretending to look for you, the little bastard."

"Oh, no wonder I couldn't find him!" I cleverly sidestepped.

She glared at me, I could tell she was thinking of yelling at me some more. Then she sighed.

"Come help me move the couch."

I went in and managed to get the damn thing moved, 2nd time in a goddam week. I will never know why women can't leave things the hell alone.

I asked Thelma what Charlie wanted.

"You know damn good and well what he wanted!"

"Well, yea. Hey, I am sorry about......"

"Don't worry about it, I could have stopped that. But then his pecker was so damned small..." Her voice trailed off.

Then I realized she had that look in her eyes that I knew so well. Next thing I know she is overly close, expecting. Trapped, I decided to go with the flow, so I snuggled and played with her big boobs for awhile. She pushed me back on the couch, managed to get my jeans undone, next thing I know she has my cock in her mouth.

Thelma almost never does that.

"I thought so you cocksucker!" she yells at me.

"Who is she?"

I stammered a denial, getting nowhere, finally I told her.


"That fucking cathouse? You asshole!"

"It's not a cathouse, it's a massa..." I managed to duck as she unloaded a roundhouse at me. I tried to scurry away, that ain't easy to do when you are 70 years old and your pants are down around your ankles.

Thelma tripped me up, I went down on my back, she grabbed my balls, I thought she was going to try and yank them off. Then she changed, started to rub me pretty firmly. That had the expected result, next thing I know she was on top of me and I was in her. Her top was gone, her big boobs hanging down rubbing against my face as she humped me without mercy.

She flooded so much when she went off that I was laying there thinking I was going to have to go wash my ass.

Then she got up, stood over me, naked as a Jaybird, her big old pussy lips hanging down dripping on me as she stood there, hands on her hips.

"If I catch you in Dottie's again I will go fuck your buddy Charlie blind!" Then she turned and walked up the stairs. I watched her go up the steps, her big behind swinging in victory.

I went into the downstairs bathroom and washed up, thinking Thelma never ceased to surprise me. I noticed my dick was a bit sore, too, from all the extra attention lately.

It was about 3 days later, I sneaked off and went down to the Dew Drop. Terry was behind the bar, he nodded and served me a brew as I settled at the bar.

"Went to see Tia, huh?" he said.

"Uh, yea." Hell, I was sure he knew.

"Well, how was she?"

"Probably the best of all." I admitted.

He wandered off, wiped at the bar for awhile, then came back.

"I was thinking..."

I just looked at him.

"I seem to have some troubles with Tia, you know...in the bedroom?"

"What kind of troubles?" I asked.

"She doesn't get off..climax for some reason. At least not often."


"But after the beach.."

Now I knew he knew about that.

"Then again after you were there..."

I smiled, interested.

"We were thinking you might drop by the house some evening..say, tomorrow?"

"I could do that. What for?"

"She likes to be looked at...she...she likes older men." He actually turned red getting it out.

"I think I would like that."

Terry beamed.

"See you tomorrow," off down the bar he went.

This was starting to get to be an interesting Summer.


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